• I've started a weekly stream of Tomodachi Life! Here is my very first batch!

  • Return to days past as DSP RETURNS to the world of Phoenix Wright in this epic crossover event on the 3DS! It's his first handheld playthrough and Voice-acted by Phil himself!

  • The epic, disturbing ending of the Walking Dead Season 2 is LIVE! Who survives?!

  • Can this Dark Souls II DLC be even tougher than the last? YUP. Check it out now!

  • The stand-alone DLC for inFamous Second Son is finally live! Get lit up here!

  • The sequel to last year's JRPG hit is here! IT's Tales of Xillia 2!

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Monday September 1 2014

On DSPGaming:

Prof. Layton vs. Phoenix Wright - 7:30pm EDT
Tales of Xillia 2 - 11:30pm EDT


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Monday September 1st 2014

Prof. Layton vs. Phoenix Wright - 2:30-3pm EDT
Tales of Xillia 2 - 9pm EDT

Stream Chat rules are now in effect. Failure to abide by these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban. Rules are as follows:

1.No spamming (excessive repetition of the same statement, posting of excessive faces etc.)

2.No caps abuse (turn off your caps lock)

3.No advertisement (promotion of other things, spamming of links etc.)

4.No trolling (it's OK to say Phil is sucking at a game if he is. It's not OK to troll the stream chat with massive hate)

5.No excessive memes (if it's on-topic it's OK, but spamming something about nyancat and benoit just because you feel like it is considered off-topic)

6.No links to outside pages (too much of a liability that people get viruses etc.)

7.No spoilers for new playthroughs/games (if it's an older game it's OK, but a game that's relatively new should NOT be spoiled regardless if it's the game being currently played on the stream)

8.No impersonation of mods, Phil etc.

9.NO DISCUSSION OF HATERS AND/OR HATER VIDS. Discussion of this on stream chat derails the entire chat and distracts everyone. These people do not need promotion and therefore discussion of this topic is not allowed on the stream.

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