• Another week, another set of Ultra SF4 matches! Starting to learn slowly...

  • DSP returns to Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2! Leon's side is alreayd complete!

  • I dig deep into the Destiny beta! Can I come up with gold???

  • With more sith lords, lightsabers and graphical bugs than you can shake a stick at! It's Knights of the Old Republic!

  • FG-style action meets platforming and RPG elements when I try out Abyss Odyssey

  • An amazing homage to RETRO platforming, the Shovel Knight playthrough is live!

  • The conclusion of The Wolf Among Us is here and it's full on beast-mode! Check it out!

  • Ubisoft hits high notes with its historic WWI epic, Valiant Hearts! Now complete!

Tuesday July 22nd 2014:

IF AVAILABLE, Dark Souls II DLC - 2:30pm EDT

If not available, then it will be Oddworld!

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep. 4 - 9pm EDT

July 22nd 2014

On DSPGaming: (All Times EDT)

Ultra SF4 1080p - 4pm

EITHER Dark Souls II DLC or Oddworld - 7:30pm

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ep.4 - 11:30pm


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