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  2. Yes, and that's one of the designs I left, when I was experimenting with some things on the Forum. I think there are a couple more, which are just a different palette, but I know the design can be overwhelming to some people. I was thinking of changing it when I got time, but not yet. The fact that some people would try to be nasty over this, is very funny to me.
  3. ...moramoria's forum...? So he is talking about you.
  4. This is hilarious. Trying to get into a meaningless Internet fight over one of the designs in my Forum.
  5. Found a pretty eye-bleeding and stroke inducing forum: http://moramoria.boards.net/
  6. I just pointed out how you tried to lecture people on reading, but turns out you were the one who didn't read. You're welcome.
  7. What are you going to do? Send them a fake message telling them they're banned? That would be pretty funny.
  8. And you attributed nothing to the conversation about PC or games. just about movies that nobody cares about you watching. Please don't bother replying because I not only won but you are derailing which is against the rules. Please don't do that again. Thanks.
  9. Today
  10. Shit happens. If one day he says he cant sustain it or no longer needs it. So what?
  11. i need a way to replace my Screen on my Nintendo Switch, taking it apart looks like a nightmare.
  12. Not only I answer the main question by saying: "I don't.", but I also elaborate on what "stops me from downloading it/why I don't have", a question posted by the OP. You're the one who didn't read.
  13. The topic is "do you have the epic games client on PC". not "Why you don't have the Epic Games Client." Read.
  14. I know that. My post explains why I wouldn't download "Epic Games client", and it also elaborates on other relevant-to-the-topic issue. You're welcome.
  15. Omg the post is about the Epic game client. Not about emulators or movies. Stay on topic. Thanks.
  16. I don't. I used to have an entire library of games and emulators, but now I can't spend so much time on entertainment that would require me to continue over the course of days/weeks to complete it. I'll just watch a movie.
  17. All the free games, I had to. I got the entire Batman Arkham series for free so that kept me. Then Borderlands 3 I bought on Epic but... that's a dead game now. I just open it to find any free games now and then. They'll stop one day for sure but for now its really cool.
  18. "Saturday Looks Good to Me" Now, that's actually not that bad, but still.
  19. Report me you little bitch. You're an asshole anyway. This is you trying to cling to some power thinking I won't respond. Go fuck yourself.
  20. If either of you do it again i'll just report your post and thread as irrelevant and that will be that. Don't bother replying because I won't respond with words, just with a click on the button labeled "report" and just prove how big of an idiot you are. Okay then.
  21. Please stop being so negative. Thanks
  22. I'll bump whichever thread I want, you're welcome.
  23. xstabxyouxinxthexheadxandxeatxyourxfacexoffx - Killin' Toys Sometimes I do enjoy Punk/Anarcho-punk.
  24. Please stop bumping up old threads for no reason. Thanks.
  25. "Xstabxyouxinxthexheadxandxeatxyourxfacexoffx" But I'd like the name if it was written without the "X"s.
  26. nope. i checked when the Cursor went down on it's own, by the Switch Setting menu. and no drift.
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