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  2. Don't stay up late worrying about it and get sick again, there's really nothing you can do except wait for them to respond and that could be a few days or more. For all anyone knows, they may just say it was a mistake and drop it. That would be the ideal situation for you, that is. Also I doubt Curse will drop someone just for having a copyright strike. Even the best people on youtube get copyright strikes from time to time, and there's plenty of false ones out there.
  3. It's classified as a manual match, not an automated one, in the notification stating that it was a full copyright strike. But it says "Atlus CO., Ltd." which I believe is the parent company, not the US division, so it could be a misunderstanding (I hope). FYI I just found their PR email for English speakers and sent them a very professional request to remove the strike. Did that almost immediately, but you have to understand, yet again I may lose my MCN partnership and be unable to pay my bills. I can't sell this house in a matter of days/weeks. So this is quite an awful situation.
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  5. Dunno if anyone noticed, but steam sales started today. I kinda feel like I have most of the good stuff already.
  6. Just dispute the claims and move on.
  7. Ever have random cringe moments remembering stuff you did or views you've held in the past? One moment you're cutting onions, the next, you're thinking "How did I fall for that shit back then?" Ever dislike it when people appear to hard-line their views, but when confronted, they said "Lighten up, I was just joking the whole time"?
  8. Havent watch the vid yet will watch later, but have u tried contacting atlus professionally via email yet? A monster hunter channel i followed got id claimed from doing mh e3 news cover. He contacted them if they could consider whitelisting him and he succeeded. It just might be an automated system messing up. Just be professional in ur wording tho. This is important. Ps: other channels doing p5 that i watched doesnt seem to have any problem
  9. It'd be nice if this discussion could actually be about the topic at hand, and not about the reaction of the same idiots who react to everything the same way: negatively. My video on the subject:
  10. Newest MLP episode makes me glad I watched this series, definitely one of the best in the series. My only complaint...
  11. This dude could move back into a small condo and he'd be able to continue doing youtube stuff for years. Those people really have nothing to win in this, and likely won't ever "beat" DSP. It's funny though that they waste their free time on this stuff. I'll just laugh while I sit here playing fun games and watching pony cartoons. The jokes on them.
  12. It makes me so furious to see other people laughing and celebrating because Phil got a copyright strike.
  13. I just find it so sad that Atlus would do this to Phil. I can see absolutely no reason for it. I see some people claim it could be because he have said some things that would critique their policy against let's players. And I can remember a fan art that was a bit derogatory. But they are a company that is supposed to be professional. They are not supposed to hold grudges over bullshit. And another thing. I see some people almost celebrating what has happened. Who in the fuck has anything to gain out of a gaming company going after a streamer for copyright reasons? If you think that is a good think you have lost the fucking plot. If this sticks Atlus have done something that in the long run can be bad for all Lets Players. Even if you don't like DSP this is not the route you want to go. I don't know if some people get this. But Phil isn't that extraordinary in a let's play sense. What affects him will affect others as well. I don't know if you agree with me. But to me it seem clear cut that this is a sad thing to have happened.
  14. All Eyez on Me Review (2017) The Good Demetrius Shipp Jr.'s Performance as Tupac was fine. He's just not as Charismatic asTupac. The other performances are good like Danai Gurira as his mother The guy who played Surge Knight was good he looked and spoke like a asshole. The Music of course The Bad This movie does not feel like a Biopic this like Benny Boom made a Documentary with a Biopic covered over it but just looked at Wikipedia for certain events It also feels this movie was made for the 90's not with all the jump cuts in 2017 Speaking of jump cuts it gets annoying going back and forth from flashback to current day luckily this stops half way through. The Pacing is horrible you don't get to focus on a certain scene for too long. The script is men Laurie Cohan is not even in the movie Overall: I felt with a different director like F. Gary Gray or John Singleton this could of made better instead of Benny Boom who is a shitty director. Other than that I'm more excited for the Documentary from Steve Mqueen. Overall Grade: C-
  15. I made an intro video for your DS2 SOTFS playthrough. Took quite a bit of time and effort to make. I don't expect this to wind up on your youtube uploads, but as part of the prestream I don't think it will be a problem, at best they will mute this portion for the archived version.
  16. Pretty funny. Just wonder why it was uploaded to Vimeo.
  17. Oh E3 wars
  18. I mean, it's possible. At least one person from Atlus knows about Phil ("The charm salt is real") and probably isn't a fan of him. It most likely is a mistake since I have no clue how persona fusing spoils anything xD
  19. It's clearly a mistake, you really don't think they targeted his videos for any reason do you? This likely has nothing to do with their prior takedown threats. Overreacting is my first assumption, especially since he says nothing happened in the videos.
  20. I havent had any problems either
  21. Ok, so my brother was having issues trying to play Persona 5 on my PS4 today. Turned out that the firmware update 4.71 is messed up and can potentially brick ps4's. Luckily it didn't happen to mine, but I'm looking for a usb download now to get that update. Hopefully I don't get fucked over doing this.
  22. Well before this it didn't seem like anyone was having issues, so I thought that they weren't enforcing it at all. You can see all the spoilery videos out there, so nobody seems to be getting copyright striked except for Phil now. I do hope that this was just a mistake or it could be another Splinter Cell situation which would be pretty messed up, because I really wanted him to beat the game.
  23. You really think he would finish it? He couldn't play past a certain date anyway and had like 3 dungeons left. It's too bad, that game gets pretty epic after the casino dungeon where shit gets real.
  24. Well, rip the Persona 5 playthrough since Phil just got a copyright strike by Atlus for 2 persona fusion videos. This is the only time I've heard anything happening in months about anyone getting striked or anything of the sort. Which is total bullshit because there are plenty of videos that go beyond 11/19 that aren't affected one bit. I even watched a persona awakening video today that went beyond the date and nothing is wrong with it. And others have posted every boss fight, even ones that go past that date and aren't affected. So wtf.
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  26. Uhh... integration has nothing to do with interrogation dude. Lol. DogGuy is a long time fan so no need to question.
  27. is that a name for a new Cereal?
  28. you can't be serious with this question can you? its just a yes or no question about a youtuber that we using his forums. what integration are you talking about?
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