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  2. Thanks for the laugh, his post will be on cringe compilations very soon. Welp his post was really cringey!
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  4. Anyway, sounds like he doesn't have the money so this is likely a pass. Too bad. Haven't heard of Ghost recon before so that game doesn't mean much to me.
  5. glad you got the info you needed phil also i watched the end of youre playthough it was fun to watch great video lol i cant type
  6. Okay, send me enough money to pay all of my monthly bills as well as buy all of the supplies for my business, and I can be your personal go-to guy for what games YOU want to see, playing them exactly how YOU want me to play them! Good christ, do you even read the stuff you're about to post before you post it? How do you not cringe? It's a complete lack of self-awareness.
  7. Just saw your DSP tries it. I'm definitely with you on the overpriced Big Mac, so here's a tip I use when I have a craving for a Big Mac: Order a McDouble and tell them to substitute ketchup and mustard for Mac sauce. If you got a legit McDonalds, they will only charge you for the McDouble (some do charge around $.30 for the sauce) and you get the same basic burger. The only ingredients missing are the sesame seed bun, shredded lettuce, and the middle bun but you pay a couple of bucks less. Youtubers have since copied my style :)
  8. Well,they are mentally ill
  9. If you like someone, you dedicate time for him/her. If you do not, why would you??
  10. David Blaine gets shit for being a shock value magician, but the reactions he gets from his tricks can still be pretty funny. Also:
  11. Welp, looks like i was wrong in my guess. I swear, with you claiming that ur a real gamer and shit, you definitely do not think like one. At this point I alrdy give up convincing you to play it and you shouldnt play it unless you want ur image to look worse. However, I want to point out a few flaws in ur thinking and mindset that will make u more respectable and credible as a gamer, a lets player and a game reviewer in the future if u fix it. starting with what you said here. 1. No idea why u will like GRW if u dislike The Division but whatever. If u changed ur opinion u should probably provide reasons why so that ur consistent in ur opinions and not a flipflop lord. 2. You are a gamer AND a lets player. Gaming news is directly related to ur job and its also what you like, yet one of the most anticipated and GOTY contender game just went over your head. WHY? its not like its a genre that ur not used to and u also claim u love these genres (action, jrpg). WORST GAMING RADAR EVER. So stop waiting for fans to tell u news and do some research yourself. 3. From a business perspective, this have no effect on them. Hardcore fans who cant wait will buy the jp ones while those who can wait will wait. If anything, it made the cash flow into japan more if it requires u to convert money to YEN and buy from jp store. Gamers will not refuse to buy the game just bcos they have seen them, especially when its one of the most anticipated game in 2017. This only effects you. However, your putting too much importance in day1 views while ur not even that competitive to begin with. Most who get the day1 views are those who dedicated their youtube channels in providing it as fast as possible (usually with no commentaries) or a marathon of 8+ hrs twitch streamers camping day1 releases. When you get lots of views, mostly its bcos of u playing the game (dark souls, bloodborne, mgs series etc.) and not bcos ur one of the first who uploads (at the present time). Just bcos u cant get day1 views u completely ignore a potential GOTY candidate, ur passion in gaming to experience the game and ur fans. U guaranteeing is just a speculation. I also can speculate that altho u wont get dark souls level of attention, it will not be as bad as Yakuza 0 and probably be abt ur average stream if not better just bcos how much hype the game has and its from platinum games. Additional Advice: - Ur "i can get thru the game with only 1 weapon 1 stance" mindset in Nioh is stupid and boring. STOP IT. Normal gamers, not even mentioning a lets player, would try out different weapons, stances and skill combos then uses the ones that they like in COMBINATIONS to raise their efficiency and skills. A gamer, a lets player AND a game reviewer who wants to attract ppl to watch his gameplay, choosing to not explore what the game has to offer. WHY? The only reason I can think of is not enough skill to utilize them and that is what I usually see from boob showing girl streamers. This is an example of an interesting and skillful gamer playing Nioh. Pls dont have that mindset again in future games.
  12. Nier automata is pretty cool, just played through the opening segment which was from the demo. It won't let me play further than that since I don't have all the data downloaded.
  13. Same devs that made Bayonetta, first game had a huge following because of Yoko Taro and it looks like it could be a GOTY contender. You'll be missing out on an amazing game if you just worry about views. GRW isn't even that great and most people are saying it's just The Division 2.0 from playing the beta.
  14. Visual novels are great like Ace Attorney series, the Zero Virtue series, Steins;Gate series and this. Phil doesn't play enough of them if anything. Danganronpa is batshit crazy, wacky fun and is something different than what Phil usually plays. Gravity Rush 2 is a solid AAA Release yet that is coined "niche", Nier is not on the level of Horizon Zero Dawn nor is it treated by Sony as that as well. Heck Yakuza is coined as niche by DSP and that is bigger than Nier Automata.
  15. It's a dumb visual novel, nothing like Persona or Nier. Automata is a solid AAA release, not an unknown niche title.
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  17. I wasn't comparing anything, Phil will be locked into the Patreon's choice playthrough of the month. Danganronpa will be his niche game of the month. And it's not shit anyway but I guess you must be one of those people who think Persona is shit too since it's Japanese teens saving the world and there's social links galore....
  18. You could say that about any game with a japanese release. Your call, pretty sure it's one of the top contenders for 2017. It's a platinum game by the same folks that created Bayonetta. It has similar level of polish. From what I've seen so far on twitch streams, it might be one of my favorite games this year alongside Nioh. Already bought the japanese version and I'm downloading it now. You can't seriously be comparing that shit to Nier.
  19. I think Phil has his niche Japanese game slot filled with Danganronpa anyhow and he's going to be locked into having to play that for obvious reasons. His patreon rep took a hit(Fair or unfair) last time with Persona 3 so Phil is really going to be inclined to play Danganronpa throughout so that's a lot of games juggling in March especially with Mass Effect and Dark Souls 3 coming out later the month. Nier might be a game to go back to by maybe June though?
  20. FYI I've received fanart from 2 people with permission to use it on shirts, and I know at least 2 other people are working on some right now. Going to take some time tomorrow night to sort through it and maybe even share the artwork ahead of time, we'll see.
  21. At this point, I don't even think I'm going to play it. Why? 1. Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda BOTW and Ghost Recon: Wildlands release within ONE WEEK of each other. Nier Automata releases the same day as GRW. There's no freaking way I'm going to be done with ALL THREE games in time, and juggling 4 new releases at the same time is a horrendous idea. 2. I have no idea what Nier Automata is, and if people hadn't told me to play it, I wouldn't have ever put it on my schedule. Just real talk, it's not on my gaming radar, while the other 3 above releases very much are. 3. Pretty much everyone has already seen the game, thanks to the Japanese version having a full 100% english dub etc. WHY DID THIS GAME NOT HAVE A WORLDWIDE RELEASE??? Answer: the game publishers are complete fucking morons. From a business perspective, it makes no sense whatsoever to play this game a good 3 weeks after everyone who was HARDCORE waiting for it either 1. played it already themselves, 2. watched a playthrough of it already on the internet or 3. will be playing the USA version when it releases and won't want to watch my playthrough. I'd GUARANTEE that if I played Nier Automata in March, nobody would care. Abysmal views, nobody on streams and people yelling that I'm not giving enough attention to the other games they want to see. Unless anyone can convince me otherwise, this game is DOA.
  22. Thats cool, wish i had the dough to do that.
  23. Thx, I don't live in Japan tho Just downloaded Nier automata on the JPN store, downloading it now. Getting really hyped. Looks like it's 60GB.
  24. He dosnt he just takes trips all the time to Japan.
  25. I love your avatar man. Don't you live in Japan and how are you doing with learning the language?
  26. Nier automata is already out in Japan, and apparently it comes with full english translation. If Phil downloaded and started a playthrough he'd be ahead of the curb in the lets play community right now. There are some people just playing the japanese version instead of waiting.
  27. So the japanese version of Nier automata comes with fully translated english. Contemplating just downloading it with my PSN account and playing it tonight.
  28. Lol Logan has a 96% on RT so pretty sure people are loving it plus its a more stand alone story away from the X-Men world its basically Fox telling the director do what ever you want and I can't wait to see it. And plus King Kong is gonna be fighting Godzilla lol And we do have new Ideas like Split which did amazingly And Get Out is set to do good this weekend But last year no one saw some original films like The Nice Guys or Sing Street.
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