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  2. DSP is missing the point why lootboxes in SoW are bad

    This may be a wake up call to game developers that the consumers don’t want this. The government getting involved may be a good thing. The government in the 1900’s prevent three monoplies to get bigger and protected the consumer.
  3. DSP is missing the point why lootboxes in SoW are bad

    As much as I hate loot boxes, having the government get involved is not what we want. Whoever writes the laws will most likely be clueless about gaming and the rules will most likely be overly broad. The chances that any laws will only effect loot boxes and the shitty practices they represent are incredibly slim.
  4. Moderation Concerns

    @Phil, given the stream chat from last night I think it might be good to look into adding more moderators from your regulars. Or adding a lot of extra configuration to NightBot. I would hazard a guess that most, if not all, of your moderators are in time zones ahead of you. So there is a chance that when you stream at night that you will have none of them be available. Even with the smaller attendance compared to the earlier stream in the afternoon, the chat can get a little out of hand. Since moving your stream schedule is more than likely out of the question, I'd suggest more mods that might be available at night or lots of extra rules to NightBot. Also, some extra rules for the channel in general wouldn't hurt. I don't know if you can go and view the logs of the chat as a whole from that stream but there was a lot of stuff going on. Trolls and regulars/subscribers alike were running rampant and it would be better to have rules in place for everyone.
  5. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    A well constructed bot will most likely mask its IP while you are running it and mask the IPs of the "viewers" who are watching. It would probably be pretty hard to track down who bought the bot because even if you strong arm for the IP address, you can't tell if that is the real IP of a person who bought it. As far as trusting the streamer when they say it isn't them, it probably comes down to their rapport with Twitch and if they feel it could be harmful to Twitch in some capacity. Since Phil is already partnered, has a history of being on Twitch before the viewbots appear and told them about the sharp uptick in views then they would most likely have no trouble believing he isn't doing it. So whether it is a detractor trying a method to take him out or a fan making him more popular, I doubt it matters to Twitch that much since it doesn't hurt them in any great capacity.
  6. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    I dont think it's Phil, there's no way he would jeopardize his Twitch especially now after it's doing better than his YouTube. My guess it's a troll trying to get him in trouble.
  7. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    This is the community so I don't see where... do you mean detractor community? It's perfectly possible stream numbers can go up suddenly, I don't see the issue at all. Besides, Twitch are responsible for protection against viewbots right? If this is a big issue Twitch would have enabled "I am not a robot" validation.
  8. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    Thats what I was wondering, I have no clue how they would track down who purchased viewbots unless Twitch just strongarms the company that "makes" viewbots and they demand the purchasers information such as an IP address. But I have no clue, im sure Twitch has their methods.
  9. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    But my question is how would twitch know phil isnt tho? To play devil’s advocate here whats to say dsp is just telling twitch “im getting viewbotted idk whats going on” twitch tells him not to worry but then dsp goes on and buy view bots? Not saying dsp is buying viewbots or anything but how would twitch know outside if dsp saying its not him? Would twitch really just trust a person on their site they aren’t viewbotting? Idk.
  10. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    Well I didn't know. I don't view your Twitch streams because im quite busy during the day and simply don't have time, I catch your Youtube videos in my freetime. I was just echoing what I was hearing and wanted to see if anyone found the source to this problem since your channel could be taken down if Twitch recognized any foul play on your end. But if you say Twitch has contacted you and do not blame you for purchasing viewbots then I guess the issue is just waiting to be resolved while you reap the benefits of having a thousand more viewers than what you'd normally get.
  11. 2017 MLB Postseason (ALCS/NLCS)

    Yankees-Astros Game 4 - The Astros take a 4-0 lead after 6 innings on a bases clearing double by Yuli Gurriel. However, the Astros bullpen faltered in the 7th and the 8th when Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez rallied the Yankees with a 4-run 8th inning as the Yankees tie the ALCS 2-2 with a 6-4 win. Cubs-Dodgers Game 3 - Once again, Yu Darvish performs well as he fooled the Cubs hitters in 6 1/3 1-run innings. Chris A. Taylor and Andre Either led the offense as both of them had a home run in a Dodgers 6-1 win and put Los Angeles within a win of going to the 2017 World Series.
  12. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    Perhaps instead of posting up threads like this, you should actually attend the streams where it's been addressed tons of times in the last week? Just saying, there was even a thread ON THESE FORUMS about this last week that was resolved already....yeesh.
  13. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    I’m willing to believe its a fan who view bots dsp out of trying to help dsp get noticed on twitch. Which is kinda pointless because even with bots he doesnt get much attention.
  14. improving commentary

    I am already a fan of his vlogs but when i watch his gameplay its like he gets lobotomized his commentary is just him pointing out the obvious or just saying one off nonsense. He doesnt bring anything to the table he could talk to us about some original ideas of his or something the game might bring out of him. But instead we get “ok im gonna open the door oh look another door. Oh shout out to derich with the 10 bit cheer appreciate that. Oh mike subbed to the channel i appreciate that” you can watch just about any streamer and they feel more natural and relaxed while dsp’s commentary is dull and robotic. But you got a point i should watch the vlog channel exclusively and not watch his gaming vids since he is a uncharismatic robot that points out the obvious and makes forced jokes that arent even funny.
  15. Free South Park: Stick Of Truth Code.

    Has it been taken yet?
  16. 2017 NFL Season

    I agree unless Brett wins us a few games
  17. 2017 NFL Season

    Without Aaron Rodgers, Packers look to lose.
  18. 2017 MLB Postseason (ALCS/NLCS)

    With the swing of his gavel, the Judge rules in favor of the Yankees and ties the game in the 8th. Sanchez follows that up with a 2 run RBI and the Yankees tie up the series at 2. What a series.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    According to Phil, Twitch already knows and isn't going to punish Phil for it.
  21. Viewbots on Phil's Twitch

    There is some massive speculation amongst the community that DSP's Twitch channel has known viewbots that are inflating his channel popularity. People are reporting some fluctuations of "viewers" from the average 300 viewers to 1,500 viewers in the matter of minutes and at random. I know DSP wouldn't sacrifice his most growing and profitable new channel just for a few looks at the top of the search criteria for whatever game he's playing, so who would do this? Trolls? Maybe fans wanting Phil to get more popular? And how will Twitch handle this situation once they find out? Interested in everyone elses thoughts.
  22. DSP is missing the point why lootboxes in SoW are bad

    Well, in regards to loot boxes, the UK government is doing an official investigation on loot boxes in general. So we'll see what happens with that. Note this video was before the official investigation started, this is what started it.
  23. Best and Worst Movies for each Month and Predictions for each month so far

    January: Split
    February: Get Out
    March: Logan 
    April: Your Name (For America)
    May: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    June: Baby Driver
    July: War for the Planet of the Apes
    August: Wind River
    September: It: Chapter One

    January: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
    February: 50 Shades of Shit Part 2
    March: CHiPs 
    April: Unforgettable
    May: Baywatch 
    June: Transformers: The Last Knight 
    July: The Emoji Movie 
    August: Kidnap
    September: Flatliners

    1. MDCFAN101


      Not a bad selection my friend.

  24. Comic Book Talk

  25. DSP is missing the point why lootboxes in SoW are bad

    So, EA shut down Visceral Games, overhauling Star Wars single player game. I smell micro transaction and loot boxes incoming.......
  26. Comic Book Talk

    9 Reasons DC TV Shows Are Better Than The Movies 1. The Universe Is Well-Established 2. The Know How To Use Humour 3. More Emotional Heft 4. Can Deliver On Spectacle 5. Time To Tell The Stories 6. They've Nailed The Casting 7. Better Villains 8. The Crossovers Are Great Fun 9. Doing More With Less
  27. Movie Review Thread 4.0: The Unnecessary Reboot

    Flatliners "Sequel, Remake, or Reboot" - Who the Fuck Cares Review (2017) The Good There's A Surprise Twist That Actually Works The Performances are fine I guess Ellen Page being the best in the movie, idk why Diego Luna is in this after doing Rouge One. The Bad Its a Remake pretending to be a sequel it basically almost the same movie as the Original The Visual Effects are God Awful Lame Jump Scares Character Logic? Terrible Pacing - with numerous pointless scenes (such as the students all getting drunk, taking their clothes off, making out and destroying a wall in Courtney's apartment) grinding things to a halt. Some of the new Ideas in the movie don't work It's Full Of Unintentional Comedy (if you can call that comedy) Why was Kiefer Sutherland in this HE DOESNT DO SHIT Overall: This movie did not need to exist, but its fine after this year is done people won't remember it except for being in Worst Movies list of 2017, Good Job Sony you have another shit pile this year. Overall Grade: F
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