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  3. If Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany dont get Emmy Consideration Np even fucking nominated Then fuck the Emmys
  4. Safer At Home - Short Review (2021) This is fucking awful enough said another shitty Covid movie. Giant waste of time The ending is just wow..... Overall Grade: Fuck You
  5. P5S is so awesome, I just can't stop smiling when I play this game. Going on a road trip around Japan with the phantom thieves. I'm in the second dungeon now and it's just quality af.
  6. https://www.cbr.com/arrowverse-green-lantern-diggle-the-flash-storyline/amp/ Something to look forward this season
  7. New Five Nights at Freddy's looks fun
  8. The full stream, couple of FF games announced. That Yuffie side story seems pretty cool.
  9. While I am interested in his cut of Justice League, this definitely looks interesting.
  10. Current tally, at date of posting: Complete: Top: Notes: The games with "⊕:" between parenthesis, means someone added a stipulation, but not everyone who nominated it. Assumed people mentioning how much they like a game or similar, is an actual nomination. Non-specified game nomination was added to the most nominated game in the series. Text Format:
  11. I hope he keeps playing Ghosts 'n Goblins. I wonder if he ever figures out how to get past the piranha plants. Using common sense is the biggest puzzle boss. And chat isn't helping. He completely lost interest the moment he got $100. It was just forcing through till clockout.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I guess crying about RNG is the new go-to excuse for singleplayer games. Since he can't cry about lag when he sucks. Every multiplayer game is just non stop crying about lag, constantly explaining how nothing is his fault. So now he came up with RNG. I notice the Ghosts and Gahblins stream perfectly shows how much he hates the viewers. People were telling him to lower the difficulty because it's too boring. No reaction. He's going to play it again, $200 reason why. But can't play games people ask for, reason "Alottapeepul said the game was boring."
  14. He really suffers from his condition if the game doesn't have fixed patterns he can just memorize. Constantly whining about RNG (like in Demon's Souls) where there is no RNG. He said it's 1 stream. More if people like it (hint hint $$$). He could be playing many better indie games for $30 than this shit. He will play one stage over and over instead of playing Hollow Knight.
  15. 1. He hinted at it in the prestream. 2. You can tell. He's just going tru the emotions right now.
  16. Is this an assumption? Or did he say it?
  17. Yes I know it was the default but I also know how much of a weasel he is and how he likes to play the semantics game. He could've easily weaseled out of it. But he didn't. And I'm fair-ish. Pig ups. Also... "I don't know guys"
  18. It was default. He would have to go against his lies not picking hard when he complains normal is too easy. He's only planing to play it for 1 stream, so it doesn't matter.
  19. I will give a man his props when he deserves it. Pig ups to the Gout Lord for picking Legend for his Goblins playthrough.
  20. Lobos playing Dark Souls with a guitar. I believe Phil would be capable of this, that is to play the game with a guitar, he has one.
  21. They changed The Promised Neverland so badly Instead of Emma and Ray going to find the Seven Walls their going to find Mujika and Sonju instead of Don and Gilda finding them It feels like their trying to rush to the end Its already bad when they skipped Mister, Goldy Pond and all those characters Edit: ok Don and Gilds going with them still
  22. Do you prefer Neapolitan style pizzas over New York style? Have you ever tried Detroit style pizzas? Those are my favorite!
  23. I nominate FrostPunk. You can easily beat it in less than 16 hours. Great little game.
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