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  2. Top trending Twitch Games

    This is a suggestion for the future, far cry 5 and Sea of thieves would be fun to watch. Phil still has interest PSVR to play.
  3. Top trending Twitch Games

    Besides Kingdom come and Sea of thieves, nobody is talking about those games. Far cry 5 comes out this week so everyone will be playing that, however. Kirby Star Allies in March, along with Ni no kuni 2 and Moss PSVR and Golem PSVR.
  4. Top trending Twitch Games

    The first thing that phil need to do is to lower his prestream to 10 or 15. minutes. Yes i agree a lot of games hype died weeks ago. The problem here is he dont know which games he want play. He is quickly bored and has no time to finish. I think Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Sea of Thieves would be a good choice. I think FIFA 18 and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege aren"t going to happen because he dont know about the gameplay. He just complain how shitty the controlls are. I have already mentioned it in other thread that my idea would be a kickstarter review. This is like a IRL or Gaming Show. He could do that on Friday, on saturday and sunday he could play proposed games by twitch viewers. He does not need to play multiplayer every weekend. Imagine many People come from work and do not want to see a call of duty or pubg because they've seen it from other lets players. He floods with many videos that nobody wants to see him anymore It could be trash games. It should be a weekend event. Monday through Thursday he could play Triple A Games. He could play Subnautica, Sudeki, Grandia or Skies of arcadia and would have more viewers than usual. Here are some games which he has to play http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/pathologic-classic-hd?ftag=MCD-06-10aaa1f 5.15 - 5.50 - Phils Truth http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/the-void
  5. Random Thoughts 4.0

    MH4U is great, I really hope alot of these bosses make it into MHW. Just beat Zamtrios, the water shark which is probably the coolest thing I've encounted in the game. Also Basarios the giant rock wyvern. I think I read that this game has 70+ bosses. :edit: Ok, that giant snake Najarala was really damn cool too.
  6. Paper Mario Thousand Year Door(suggestion)

    I totally agree especially since now Phil is capable of playing GameCube games. PM:TTYD is definitely a classic.
  7. Super Mario Sunshine

    People complain that Phil complains because they have feelings towards the developers or the piece of software
  8. Random Thoughts 4.0

    Ellen is so fucking mad. I heard years ago that was always seething during these tapings and she'd have outbursts off air all the time, but now she doesn't hide it. "So, it's 2018 now, ISN'T IT?" *angrily taps fingers* "Cool sunglasses, is that so people won't recognize you because you're famous??" *subtly bares teeth* "What is you favorite dance move." *starts posing questions as statements* "So, you're six, right. Who is this." *thinks of Portia* "I love that drink." *thinks of the alcoholic beverage she had ten minutes before cameras started rolling* "You're right, it's not funny, you're absolutely right." *thinks about her life* "So, you go to bars?" *thinks about the next drink she's gonna have* "I look forward to you doing that in a bar one day." *starts shaking from alcohol withdrawals* Ellen pls, you're with a child. Stop being so angry and constantly mentioning bars
  9. Random Thoughts 4.0

    This is cancer.
  10. Comic Book Talk

    Personal ranking of the DCEU films updated: Wonder Woman Man of Steel Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Justice League Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Theatrical version Suicide Squad
  11. Wrestling Discussion

    Yeah which is better No one wants to see that garbage Rollins vs Angle is a match of the year contender But big question is the plan is Charlotte vs Asuka Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax And Rousey and ??? facing Stephen and HHH Rumors saying either The Rock, Angle or Rollins
  12. Wrestling Discussion

    He's probably facing Angle as a replacement for Jason Jordan, who has herniated discs.
  13. Wrestling Discussion

    Probably There's rumors Seth Rollins might be in something big at Mania Either in the title picture, facing Angle or teaming up with Rousey
  14. Random Thoughts 4.0

    Yeah, the main appeal is fighting big monsters and getting sick drops to craft cool looking armor. I thought someone said you had beaten the game, guess I was mistaken.
  15. Wrestling Discussion

    thank u, someone in Phil's stream asked about a show tonight, and I was baffled maybe they mean a New Japan show or something
  16. Wrestling Discussion

    Nah just tomorrow Takeover won't be till April
  17. Wrestling Discussion

    is there a show tonight or just the PPV tomorrow? lmaoooooo
  18. Random Thoughts 4.0

    Yeah my playthrough was awful, I didn't know how to play, barely learned, played solo and the grinding was boring as hell. Everyone hated it and I dropped it within 3 streams. Monster Hunter is not my cup of tea.
  19. Top trending Twitch Games

    This thread is to talk about the top trending Twitch games and which ones you would like to see Phil play. Phil has potential to bring in new viewers (And subscribers) by playing games that are currently trending. Since he gets 500 average viewers on a stream he should appear in the top 10 people playing that particular game. The thing is Phil is pretty slow when it comes to following these trends. Case in point: Getting over it. It was massively trending when Phil noticed it a a month ago and in a little over a week Phil will be playing. Guess what? No one watches Getting Over it anymore. The hype died weeks ago. Same thing with VR chat. Phil played it once when it was popular and it worked really well with him. Now the game has died down. Average of 3000 current viewers which is a 14% decrease from last week. So here we can let Phil know what's popular so he can play them while they're hot. Here's what I got. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - I don't think you gave this game a good enough shot when it released. It requires a lot of patience, teamwork, and coordination. I would like if you could go back in with a fresh start as its stream attendance has been rising. Dead By Daylight - We already know you enjoy this and is constantly gets decent viewership so I think it's worth going back to for Salty Saturdays. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - I still think this is worth a shot. But the hype is dying quickly so it's now or never. FIFA 18 - You haven't played a sports game in forever and this is consistently popular. Sea of Thieves - It was pretty popular for the beta and will undoubtedly shoot back up when it releases next month. I think it would make a great stream game if you can get a co-op group.
  20. Random Thoughts 4.0

    Playing through 4U and just beat Kongalala or whatever the hell his name was, kept putting poison and blight on me. I figured I would lookup the DSP playthrough of the game since he supposedly played it years ago but all I found was a poorly edited TIHYDP.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Comic Book Talk

    I don't remember the villain TBH. I just looked it up, it was Ross Webster. Yeah, he was pretty shitty too.
  23. Kingdom Come Deliverance

    Just posting this funny "first impressions" video for the heck of it.
  24. Comic Book Talk

    No Superman III villain lol ?
  25. [POLLS] What should Phil play? (January to August)

    I'm honestly shocked that FFIV lost the Twitter poll and Dynasty Warriors got second place. That's like the complete opposite of the results of this poll. Weird. That's not entirely true. Past Resident Evil games had only had two difficulties. Easy and Normal. Because games were a lot harder back in the day the hardest difficulty was considered normal and the easiest difficult was still pretty challenging. When they ported the remake to next gen they added an even easier mode and renamed the difficulties accordingly. So Phil played the easiest mode but not necessarily easy. That being said I do agree that he should play on hard. They change up with the enemy placements in the first third of the game to fuck with you. Well I don't know about that. I'd rather see Skyrim if I had to choose between one.
  26. Random Thoughts 4.0

    I know right >.>
  27. Twitch Improvement Suggestions

    Trollng morons from Kiwifarms have been removed permanently from the forums.
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