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  2. @KGhaleon Don't worry. I have the impression he's speeding through it.
  3. Wait wtf? I knew Phil said he was going to play Nier route B-C....but he's starting completely over from Route A. Did he wipe his save data? The hell. Fuck...that makes the playthrough almost twice as long and Route A and B are pretty similar.
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  5. @OnlyIcedCoffee The real one would only say nice things about hitting the vest goal. What are you trying to get out of this? You want to do something useful? Gift Phil the original Nier on PS3. This is where the 50% money from the subs could have gone to.
  6. Half of yall in here are flipping trolls anyways. No worries, that'll be changed soon. I've already volunteered to Phil to help get rid of the idiots on here spewing nonsense and lies.
  7. @OnlyIcedCoffee If you are a troll or not, this is seriously pitiful. What are you getting from it, making fake accounts and trolling random people? The only one being played here is you. With this trolling you are just participating at special olympics. And you aren't even the one winning.
  8. The real OnlyIcedCoffee would never use such profanity. Definitely an imposter
  9. Ah OK. I think I'll give it a go. I am not great with difficult games, but I think I'll be OK! Thanks for the help!
  10. Are you the real Only Milk Coffee kinda talking like a troll... sus' jayin'
  11. I played it. It was fun, but it was really difficult. I had it on hard mode though. If you like turned based strategy game, give it a shot.
  12. Has anyone ever played Banner Saga? I'm tempted to get this on switch cos it is like Fire Emblem but with a really unique art style.
  13. If we are talking about Phil, someone cheered and told him just buy a new keyboard. His response? As follows: "Im not going to buy a new keyboard because I have to spend money that I don't have.." (has made $200 every single day since the top of the year. The going price for keyboards?:) Cheap and luxurious options across the board. "I have to take time out of my day to set it up." I can't even remember the last time I didn't just plug the keyboard in and it didn't work automatically. And i have to wait for shipping! Go out and buy one or wait until they drop it off at your door. Here is the thing I have with DSP. He exaggerates the most mundane task as something out of the norm. Anything that requires the MINIMAL AMOUNT OF EFFORT. THE MINIMAL. He will come up with a hundred excuses on why he won't or can't do it.It makes me wonder what the fuck does he blow his money on that satisfies him so much that he can't be bothered to even buy a keyboard to improve his streams.
  14. The vest streak will continue till the end of the year. Mark my words and it pisses off the autistic kiwifarmers like no other! Lol its fucking great reading what they type when they cant fully dox someone like myself and get pissy. I love it. So do what I did. Make a profile and use none of your personal information. You're good. They can't do shit but use google image's to look up your profile picture or type your username and hit search. Thats what that amateur niggel does on kf. So once you do that they won't be able to do anything but talk shit. Get mad Kiwifarms. I beat your shitty amateur system you call doxing and now you get to watch as someone supports Phil and you'll never know who they are. Fucking Suck it. DSP is a great streamer and yall cant handle it so handle deez nuts your mouth loser!
  15. Also updating drivers/OBS/Windows at all ever would help immensely for most if not all laptop related issues. Lolz who am I kidding this dude can't even make food without screwing it up royally, he definitely can't do anything with computers.
  16. Thank god Holland won Best Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  17. If you make a personal social media account, you are going to use your real information. These people think they are very important, they are very gullible, they do what they are being told. Of course they will put in their real birthday when a website asks for it.
  18. I mean the pictures and the personal accounts like Facebook and such look pretty accurate to their ages, I cropped all that info out though. I think everybody here knows where to find this information. Happy early birthday next month btw.
  19. and you think those birthdates are real, because...?
  20. Yes. In fact late 30 and 40 year old Phil fans are quite common. From different parts of the world but all have the same type of history amongst themselves.
  21. You guys think people on the internet use their actual birthday.
  22. Galaxy 1, seeing how I didn't play 2. Prime 1 Never played Pikmin. Easier I guess, as you can easily beat it without taking damage if you know the trick. Reached the final dungeon. Now that I'm almost done with the game, I guess I'll unblock those assholes posting spoilers.
  23. which game do you prefer? Super Mario Galaxy 1 or 2? Metroid Trilogy (wii) or Metroid Prime 1 and 2 (Gamecube)? Pikmin 1 and 2, Gamecube or Wii?
  24. DSP's fanbase is made up of exceptional individuals. To a one they are all either autistic or disturbed, not an exception to be found.
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