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  2. Demonetization's effects on ranking and the Secret Codes

    Actually you are NOT using my logic, I said Phil PAYS for the video game so he has a strong case to put adverts on his videos, detractors DO NOT PAY to use Phil's footage in their videos with ads enabled, I would say Phil wins the legal/moral high ground and a stronger argument for fair use. FOX TV are part of a massive international corporation, they know that there is 0% chance of someone like Phil being able to successfully sue them, because they would only have to throw small change (by their standards anyway) at a highly qualified best of the best legal representatives to drag out proceedings to the point were Phil wouldn't have a pot to pi** in and that includes when Phil was at the peak of his money making powers, even if it was wrong they knew they could get away with it, this is a very poor example to try and prove your point. When they do not pay or gain from permission from Phil for the footage and then place ads on said videos, how is that anything but stealing. If they place ads on them, once again that is stealing, they are still using footage from his videos, without this there wouldn't be a TIHYDP. They may have other assets of value outside of Youtube like houses, cars to cover cost of damages etc, it's a moot point anyway since Phil doesn't have the money to do it.
  3. Ranking Every 2017 Comic Book TV Show Worst To Best - That I have watched

    1. Legion
    2. Preacher
    3. Runaways
    4. The Punisher
    5. Agents of SH.I.E.L.D.
    6. Riverdale
    7. Supergirl
    8. The Gifted
    9. iZombie
    10. The Defenders
    11. Legends of Tomorrow
    12. The Tick
    13. The Flash
    14. Arrow
    15. The Walking Dead
    16. Iron Fist
    17. Powerless
    18. Inhumans

  4. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    Omg. Are we back on topic? It's a Christmas miracle. I certainly hope not. Honestly, he should just introduce her at this point. The damage has been done. He'll take more heat for not doing it, now. Which I guess wouldn't be a problem if he really didn't care about what the detractors thought. The pictures are proof that he does, and can't just leave well enough alone. Seriously. Sooooo much pointless drama could be avoided if he did.
  5. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    I'm trying to figure out the stalking part when all the information I'm receiving is from public sites Phil uploads this stuff too. And I don't know what you're talking about being a victim, derailing threads is against the rules. I keep informing you that and you keep derailing. If you are not here to stay on subject then go to Random Topics thread instead. What is hilarious is you're just like @TheTruthCommission, when there is no controversial topics for you to hate on and derail you don't even post frequently on anything else. You hate threads that are being critical or controversial in any way, but those the only threads you make an appearance in on these forums.. ..Hmm.. Sound logic you got there anonymouse. Now time to get back on topic or I'll just report all rule breaking parties and let the mods do their jobs. Okay then.
  6. Demonetization's effects on ranking and the Secret Codes

    If it was morally wrong for detractors to put ads over remixed DSP content then it's morally wrong for DSP to put ads over a developers video game content, and this isn't factual at all I'm just using your logic. I think you (and sometimes Phil as well) don't understand how fair use works, and thats not a knock to you or him because its very vaque and complex at the same time. Let me give an example, a long time ago one of the news channels, I think FOX, were doing a piece on pornographic material in Little Big Planet. They used several videos from YouTube while narrating the story, and DSP's video was actually featured in the segment! You could see his gamer tag and hear his voice. Now DSP @'ed FOX on Twitter saying he doesn't appreciate them using his footage without telling him, but there is really nothing he can do about it because that material is under Fair Use. You think FOX would of aired that segment if there was the chance of being sued? And this was back when Phil was making alot of money. Am I comparing what the detractors do to the News? Absolutely not, but what I'm saying is just because they use his material doesn't mean it's stealing. Now to the videos that just flip the screen or change the pitch of his voice to essentially a rebroadcast of Phil's videos with no sort of editing and throw ads on them, then yeah, that's fucking stealing. But those who make the montages and have a good amount of editing in them, they fall under fair use. But let's say Phil does sue them, these channels only make probably 50 dollars in 2 months. The cost to just driving to the lawyer back and forth will outweigh the worth..
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  8. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    Since you are not a moderator NO!
  9. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    Phil was on here last night. This thread hasn't been taken down or locked. He seems to be fine with it. I'm going to ask nicely one last time. If you have nothing to add to the topic at hand, don't try to hijack it and turn it into something else. Make a new topic if you feel so inclined! "PEOPLE OBSESSIVELY STALKING AND HYPERCRITICIZING DSP!" You can talk about it till the cows come home, AND it's on topic. Plus, drama topics on here are always the big draws. Win, win.
  10. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    The topic is obsessively stalking and hypercriticizing DSP while pretending to be a victim. Where have I seen this before?
  11. Phil's Niche

    People need to help Phil whenever possible, not start a petty flame war.
  12. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    Wondering if DSPs girlfriend likes Tang, Kool-Aid, or Robot Chicken isn't getting back on topic, its just being purposely ignorant for the sake of derailing. Its one thing to make an off-hand comment then get back on topic, its another to try to derail (just because you throw the world "girlfriend" in there doesnt mean you aren't derailing) and try to continue this, and I'll be perfectly honest here, DUMB narrative of powdered drinks. So let's really get back on topic. DSP gets off of breal this evening and I think his girlfriend is still there since he said in an Instagram post they would be baking more cookies [today]. Knowing DSP she might be making some sort of either verbal or physical appearance today. I mean it's their 4th date technically, I hope he doesn't expect her to just stay downstairs or in another room like PandaLee did while he's streaming.
  13. The Walking Dead

  14. Comic Book Talk

    https://screenrant.com/hugh-jackman-wolverine-actor-mcu/ Welp
  15. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    Probably Tang
  16. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    I asked already, does she prefer Tang or Kool-Aid?? Going by her taste in Christmas tree toppers and that one offhand mentioned DSP made walking through his supermarket in 2014, she has to be sipping some Tang as I type.
  17. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    My sincerest apologies. I had no idea how much that would ruin your day. I will keep this in mind. Please, for the love of all that is holy, back to the topic...
  18. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    a " ^ " is far less obnoxious way of acknowledging the previous exchange, as in: " ^no one is stupid enough to fall for this nonsense. "
  19. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    5 words is hardly, contributing. Barely even acknowledging. Also..Jesus. One post you don't like and a conspiracy already being suggested. That's the detractor mentality my friend. It really doesn't look good on you, or anyone for that matter. I simply wished to point out how insanely pointless, and derailing that entire back and forth was. For the future, please kindly keep that to PMs, as to avoid getting off the topic being discussed. Thank you!
  20. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    Human conversations naturally branch off into side-discussions. Lighten up, Squidward. Plus, notice how ThatCatGuy was as much involved in that conversation, and yet the "tribute name" completely omitted that? And who the fuck quoteblocks an ENTIRE CONVERSATION?? "Here's those previous six 'out of seven posts again in case you missed it!" edit: Does she prefer Kool-Aid or Tang?
  21. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    What the actual hell is this?? I swear, goldfish have bigger attention spans then you guys do. Unless it involves accusing someone of detracting on here.
  22. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    Of course not, Sunny D tastes like someone dumped a bottle of perfume into orange juice (I think that's a Robot Chicken joke). Does the new girlfriend like Sunny D or Robot Chicken?????????????????????????
  23. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    Sunny D was introduced in the UK years ago, but it didn't catch on.
  24. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    Lemon Kool-Aid? The horror. Grape tends to be the most popular flavor. Tang was like Kool-Aid, but mainly came in an orange juice flavor that tasted a lot like "Sunny D" except somehow more sweet. IIRC US astronauts would drink it in space.
  25. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    I haven't heard that one before, My Gran used to live in the USA and would bring back Kool Aid sachets, only one I hated was Lemon, the rest were great though.
  26. DSP Reveals New Girlfriend (sort of)

    I'm pretty sure she came to him, not the other way around. I'm pretty sure Phil said that she wanted nothing to do with his online persona and all the drama that comes with it. However after posting the pictures of her, even if it didn't reveal her face, he's already put her in the middle of wild speculation by the detractors. Some of whom might actually end up harassing the wrong girls in the process. However I'm sure that fact is not weighing too heavy on his mind, atm. Like ThatCatGuy said earlier, those pictures weren't for anyone but the trolls. I really wish Phil wouldn't read/watch detractor content. Maybe if he could just avoid that stuff he wouldn't feel the compulsion to fire back, especially when it involves going back on what he said he wouldn't do. Now it'll probably reach a "fuck it" point where he'll just show her anyway. The drama fires have already been stoked. He might as well.
  27. Demonetization's effects on ranking and the Secret Codes

    If they don't put ads on the videos, then you can make a case for fair use even it's morally wrong, but when they profit from Phil's footage that is stealing and if Phil had the funds he would be within his rights to sue, Phil actually pays for the vast majority of the video games he plays, so he has a much stronger case for fair use and to place adverts on the videos, trolls or detractors don't ask or pay Phil to use his footage, I have suggested in the past that Phil should open a new channel and upload some TIHYDP's to it with ads enabled, it's his own footage anyway that he would be merely taking back. Some detractors do place adverts on videos containing Phil's own footage.
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