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  2. Another simple one for the chill streams
  3. Hello @Phil are there any upcoming games that you need art for? I can create something custom for you. Just let me know the details
  4. Furi Celeste Zone of the Enders God Hand Gal*Gun Double Peace(Just for the Lol)
  5. Submitted for Pokémon. Hope it’s okay
  6. its a good game, but my PC Strutters when running it, it's like it doesnt look any better than BL2 how can it not run it perfect.
  7. I need to play it for more than an hour one of these days. So the next several chapters of Death stranding have you traversing tons of shitty mountains. I've literally put a whole network of zip lines down...you're welcome to anyone playing those areas. Made it to chapter 8 and just got the 20+ minute cutscene.
  8. i played some BL3, i defeated Mouthpiece.
  9. Yesterday
  10. So do you nominate it? And if you do, which version?
  11. Heck yeah, I would always be down for Myst. I tried suggesting it before, kind of as a joke, but also kinda serious, cause I would like to see him try it. I could see some good rage moments.
  12. You're awesome BlueEyes! Just wait for people to actually believe the typos, etc are not deliberate, we might hit a new low on deduction skills. Without even checking, you know it's going to happen...
  13. I made another new stream slide, this one is good to let people know that the stream is starting soon I used some retro gaming sprites to make it more fun just like the other fanart that Phil loves Edit: I showed my brother and he suggested some changes to make it more fun.
  14. Alright, so @Higgs votes for "realMyst: Masterpiece Edition", and you vote for "Myst: Masterpiece Edition", different games, so the votes divide.
  15. That person edited their post after I posted. I believe they originally said just Myst also. My vote is for "Myst: Masterpiece Edition" which is just a modern port of the original game I believe and not random updated graphics
  16. I got laid off from my job a year today. Its hard to find work in 2019. Using benefit system as theres no jobs which is kinda ridiculous. DSP is going strong.
  17. I love death stranding but today was rough, where they send you trekking through the mountains and I'm carrying like two carts worth of shit. I don't even have a BB so I can't see or fight the BTs which are everywhere. (edit) Nevermind, I just figured it out. Zip lines dude. Zip lines are basically just teleporters that make the game insanely easy...build those fucking things everywhere and you can just fly right over the mountains. I'm going to start connecting ziplines to all the major cities now so I don't have to drive or walk anymore. Just reached the chapter 6 boss.
  18. Ford v Ferrari - Review (2019) The Good Matt Damon and Christian Bale's Terrific performances. Christian Bale who plays Brit race car driver Ken Miles who just plays a very likeable real character. Matt Damon's American engineer Carroll Shelby is the perfect counterpoint. James Mangold's Thrilling Direction who knocks the loaded dialogues out of the park, of course, but really comes into his own when helming the white-knuckle, gorgeously smooth racing set-pieces, of which there are many. Amazing ensemble cast from Tracy Letts, who as Ford CEO Henry Ford II, Jon Bernthal is also very good as Ford VP Lee Iacocca, Noah Jupe is a delight as Miles' son, and shares several of the movie's most poignant scenes opposite Bale, while Caitriona Balfe is typically solid as Miles' frustrated wife Mollie, and Remo Girone, who does a wonderful job playing an old Enzo Ferrari. Incredible sound design The tone is perfect. The Bad It can be a little long with some scenes dragging, but that's about it. Final Thoughts: If you are a racing fan you are gonna love this movie, even if your arent your still gonna love it, Ford v. Ferrari is a incredible fun film from James Mansgold with 2 amazing performances from both Bale and Damon. Overall Grade: A
  19. Great 2nd episode of The Mandalorian Just hate its weekly Jedi Fallen Order is really great so far
  20. Someone already nominated "realMyst: Masterpiece Edition", which is a slightly different game from "Myst". Would you like to vote for the same as the other person, (@Higgs), to stack the votes on that one, or are you voting on the other, (the quoted one)?
  21. Last week
  22. Vanquish Night Trap Zone of enders Parasite Eve II
  23. You also do that? When I played the games, I used to be a perfectionist & tried to min-max everything, (nature, individual values, effort values, getting the most efficient Pokémon for the base stats, etc). I also tried to get the female Pokémon, because at least for gen-V and earlier, the offspring would be as the same species as the mother. So if it works in the same way for S&S, (it may not, though), you should've gotten a female Scorbunny, to get more Scorbunnys by putting her in the Daycare with another Pokémon with the same egg-group. I think I took the game way too serious, because I'd end up with some insane teams.
  24. im done fuck this stage Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair gets an 9.0 out of 10 Without The Impossible Lair stage (GOTY) Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair with the Impossible Lair Stage gets a 7.5 out of 10 (Non-GOTY) so yeah, idk if it passes for being my GOTY.
  25. fuck Y-L and The Impossible Lair fuck it it's one thing to make a hard level and it's one thing to make a fucked up level.
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