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  2. Hmm...I'm not sure why you tried to take it seriously to begin with. Its just a silly forum.
  3. It's an observation m8 So my hands are in the air, I dunno about this Minecraft dungeons game coming out tomorrow. I'm interested because it's a Diablo clone but apparently the game is only 3 hours long.
  4. I like the cover this person did for: Metallica - Fuel.
  5. Well in reality, he LOVES a lot of words and there's nothing wrong with that. You see... this is something you have to understand guys, is that bc he uses certain expressions doesn't mean that he did something wrong. And this is the truth of the matter, here... I'll put an example: If I go to an Italian restaurant and ask for a burrito, maybe the guy will look at me and be like... Huh? Who goes to an Italian restaurant and asks for a burrito? No one ever has done that, but it wasn't my fault that I did, how is it MY fault? (laugh) Just becuse you didn't make it clear what's on the menu, that doesn't mean I'm the one to blame, yeah sure, whatever you say, dude. (laugh) Actually if you really want to, you have the Youtube written transcripts and Twitter to build a database, and make some statistics regarding the syntax, word frequency, writting style, neologisms he uses, etc. You know, just to see what style he REALLY likes to use.
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  7. I just realized how much Phil loves the word Twist. https://www.youtube.com/user/DSPGaming/search?query=twist
  8. I beg you miss, don’t let the locusts consume us... to the 4 people who gave this a thumbs down...why? For real, why? The people should never say “well, you could build a school or something!”
  9. Phil is now building a villager spawned. He's clearing out a giant piece of ground for no reason. It's like the turtle egg again. Something that should take an hour to build will take months. Just like the xp grinder that's not even finished yet. I wonder what crazy build this is going to be. edit: It looks really brutal. I like it. I'm just watching for the madness. Next thing it needs a rail system to deliver the villagers to the prison.
  10. I told you I’d bug again...have learned how to kill God yet? Jeru agreed...“quarantine is not a productivity challenge, I’m gonna say I don’t agree with that, I think this is the time you should be your most productive, Idol hands devils workshop...that’s what they say so ima gonna say...” I humbly request you check 4:40 if you decide not to treat yourself to the full experience! Thankful I am.
  11. You!!! https://youtu.be/fEK4FttsCTM Me thinks He made this for US.
  12. I’m experiencing technical and 15 year old scotch difficulties just like me posting a pic of Saigon’s first rawkus record featuring Buddy Christ, A personal message from Saigon and my infamous Air Johnnie America’s. My Lady, this is the end of... Get ready for... “Cross streets where reality and hardcore times meet/in my youth I was a wildcat, put my tires in reverse and get some miles back” “Never mistake my kindness for a weakness “ SALUD!
  13. turn Power Manager to highest performance in Device Manager turn off "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" for BT, USB, keyboard sources https://superuser.com/questions/1075067/how-can-i-disable-power-saving-for-all-devices-in-device-manager https://pattersonsupport.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13738/~/changing-windows-power-options https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/knowledge-articles/evm/disable-bluetooth-power-management.html
  14. Hey there babe! Did you know bad boys goto New Jerusalem aka Nu Jeruz aka New Jersey? (So do BAD BITCHES). I can confirm 2/3 and suspect the third at a minimum owns property in Jerz. The Negatron Don aka Just Blaze is from Patterson NJ and can confirm Muslims were celebrating 9/11 on the Patterson streets. Knowing what I know, I would have been cheering too. The Legendary Kool G Rap hails from Hammonton, NJ. And I’d be shocked if Saigon doesn’t own at least one property in the promised land, it’s not his style. The letter P...just like PHONY I also recommend the enlightening song known as Contraband...just like the pic below!!! Big ups to Saigon, HBO ain’t use you right!!! I’d bet anything, you know the correct answer to every one of Saigon’s questions...Thanks for giving me Hilary Clinton kankles in this pic...very funny, like your face!!!!!
  15. You know I can’t do it without you girl.
  16. Oh shoot, I have a lot of things I have to start reading and study... But not very fun when it's more about memorizing literal texts, rather than understanding.
  17. This forum is a dull as paint drying when taken serious. Only entertainment is laughing at everybody.
  18. https://www.travelpulse.com/news/destinations/japan-offering-tourists-a-subsidy-plan.html
  19. Film release delayed due to virus. _______________________________________________________________ VPN Sai Mannat AnyDesk
  20. Been watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and i wish i would of watched it when it came So far my favorite song of the show so far
  21. I have not heard about that one, but he still has to do the Spongebob game, (I think in like 2 months or so, when it releases).
  22. Oh, no way, and I'm sure everyone in chat will love to have you on screen or near Phil. There's not a chance it'll be obnoxious at all. You could be like the Construction-inspector, and maybe even improve something if you feel like it has potential for it, or even add more complex things to it. But not like as an obligation, only if you want to. At least when he's exploring, you could go along with him on a new adventure! Like in my opinion, if Phil wanted to learn more about the game, he could very easily do it, there's tons of guides and tutorials... but the important thing for him is to "chill" with the game & chat, it's not a proactive learning experience, (a thing that is different from him assimilating some information). He said he doesn't want "big projects" for the top-tipper's request, but that's how you learn while having fun, by willingly experimenting and trying new things, specially if they are more elaborate than what one normally would do. That's how you know if someone has any sort of interest in games like these.
  23. The 3rd party Joy Cons I have are better than the official one. :)
  24. http://www.casabonitadenver.com Color me shocked to find out this is a real place. Finally got full 100% completion of Fractured but hole tonight, completed the DLCs.
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