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  2. I can get behind this interview. I quite like this answer: On what occasion do you lie? On many. Always to do with why I can’t make a social function. To tell the truth in such situations would be devastating and pointless. Can you imagine? “No, I can’t come to your party, because you live too far away and most of your friends are morons.”
  3. All these little issues on Phil's end snowball though. He can't figure out why so many people are on his ass..
  4. Agree, some people take it too far with the name calling and insults which the mods have been informed on. We're all friends here right guys? Take those insults back.
  5. Hah! Ur the one to talk when u shit all over danganronpa and the ppl who voted for it. Was it u too that said u swear alot so sorry and dont mind them? Or was that another guy? Sry, cant help but call that out.
  6. Look mate just drop it. You make a mountain out of a molehill.
  7. He absolutely refuses to do this. You're absolutely right, and he knows this, and should have done it by now, but he will not do these things.
  8. I agree with the comment about the thumbnails. Just like I thought the titles on videos were a big improvement, I also think the organized thumbnails are a big improvement as well. I believe someone currently does it for Phil but if he could manage to take some moments to do some for gameplay in the future that would be really great. Maybe when he is relaxing and watching TV after his streams he could be working on the thumbnails or something. My suggestions are admittedly logistically more difficult but I'll still suggest them in hopes to inspire some more ideas or find a way for them to be used. 1) If possible it would be great if Phil could rearrange his office in a more helpful way. He constantly has to shift to look between the TV and the laptop. If his vision range could stay in one area he could be more efficient. It doesn't harm gameplay too much (except for the recent Telltale Batman footage) but it would be good if he could improve his ability to moderate quickly and get back to the games quickly. Phil doesn't play at a monitor so it would still be difficult unless he had a spare or small TV he could also connect the laptop too so he doesn't have as large a distance to look at for screens. Either way, the office could use some re-arrangement. Seems like a good QoL change. 2) Make use of the green screen. This is more for the viewers. The camera on top of the footage recorded has to be moved around a lot to find the optimal position and sometimes its just in the way no matter what because of the way a game is designed. I don't know if Phil could possibly hand this on the wall behind him somehow to block less of the game or drape it over the couch so there is less seen but it would be a big improvement that I think a lot of others would like to see as well. Phil has been making some great progress on Twitch and finding some success and more followers from it but I think that making some changes like this could contribute to more stream viewers and retention. EDIT: Pre-stream. Has to be shortened. Its fine for a lot of people but I think the vast majority of people would want this to be cut down. The time from going live to gameplay is pretty lengthy. The plugs and shout outs should remain in pre-stream but I think if people start seeing that the pre-streams are ending earlier they'll get used to it and tune in. People gather at a decent speed it seems so I don't think its necessary to wait a long time before starting the formal pre-stream and then going over various stuff before plugs and shoutouts and gameplay.
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  10. Exactly
  11. I was over estimating the time. It would only take a minute.
  12. It was dead air with his plugs for Tee Spring, Patreon, etc., on screen. It does not take ten minutes to snip a portion of a video.
  13. He probably uploads the raw files from OBS on to youtube. OBS doesn't allow for editing. You have to use a editing software. But cutting out the dead air and then uploading ot to youtube should only take like around 10 min. That not include upload time and rendering time.
  14. The thing is he forgot to end the recording. Honest mistake but it's clear from the video that he knew about it but did nothing to fix it.
  15. Actually, he didn't call anyone gay. He just stated he should stop "dick riding. " It doesn't necessarly mean a sexual act.
  16. He insinuated he is gay and Phil being too... pretty sure you of all people would be upset if it was you.
  17. I honestly wouldn't take anything ThatDogGuy or Amrityville have to say seriously. After lurking for about a year here, i can easily say their mindset is pretty much like Anita's. Attack anyone who doesn't agree w/ your opinion first then ask questions later. and also this:
  18. Actually, he allowed to have an opinion different than other fans of Phil but still enjoy Phil's content. People are allowed to have different opinion, period, that life.
  19. Was there any gameplay jn the video or was it just dead air? Also, if he had to go to the bathroom he could of paused the recording and still stream. OBS or anyother streaming software lets youbdo this.
  20. Enough of this shit. You cannot turn this on the viewers. Phil is the one who put no effort into fixing his video. Enough with these pathetic excuses.
  21. This is about KOGaming though. But anyways I agree. The audience on KOGaming is accustomed to a specific style. If you can't stick to that he shouldn't even bother with the video.
  22. Phil's not allowed to make mistakes dude.
  23. Was there any need for that? That's just offensive and disrespectful. If you don't like fans of Phil you're in the wrong forum!
  24. Agreed. He should stop making demands if he cant be fucking polite.
  25. He should just have a classics marathon. Sonic 1 to 3&K. Would be a cool patreon goal me thinks. Or pull an 06 like playthrough with Shadow the Hedgehog. He also hasn't played Unleashed which in all honestly is a solid game imo.
  26. We really don't need to fight and argue every little thing against Phil guys.. Pick and choose your battles.. Phil is a grown man who can handle himself.. He needs no defending. Especially over small and petty things that really don't matter nor he cares for.
  27. I don't know how aware you all are of the actions and comments made by bith supporters of Phil and those don't but there are exyreme behaviors on both ends.. Niether side is worst than the other from what I have seen users do. And its a cycle that perpetuates itself back and forth woth each side trying to hit harder than last time.. And keep in my mind its honestly only done byna very small select few who make the entire group look bad for everybody on both ends. The generalized statements just aren't accurate imo.
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