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  2. Is that supposed to be Big Boss at the bottom right? I see an eye-patch with that bandanna but it looks relatively generic next to the other designs. And who's that next to him?
  3. A sticker vending machine at my local Mexican Restaurant. Thought they were pretty interesting as I've never seen them before.
  4. The Waking Up podcast won a Webby Award... huh. I guess that's neat. If you're looking for a gateway drug that can lead you to interesting people and research in many different disciplines, the show is perfectly fit to purpose. Also, Sam's level of inquiry certainly surpasses the average non-scholar host like Joe Rogan. Still haven't seen the latest one with Charles Murray, but it might be fun to see how they tiptoe their way around controversy. Sometimes this podcast is hard to keep up with when Sam decides to release multiple 2-3 hour podcasts in quick succession. It was nominated for multiple Emmys, but I'm looking at the wiki right now and it says it only won the Emmy for "Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series" for the "Parents" episode. Do you not think it deserved that? I mean, I don't remember that episode too well. But I recall that it tackled themes of immigration and how people are ungrateful to the sacrifices of their ancestors, which is something I don't really recall seeing in other shows of this type (truthfully I'm not a big comedy show watcher). Maybe the critics liked that sort of novelty and thought that it was an astute cultural observation. I did think Dev's dad was pretty funny.
  5. wow....LOL!
  6. Well Only reason its not coming out next year is cause McAvoy is busy with X-Men Films same with maybe Anya Taylor Joy and Sam Jackson is busy with probably Avengers Bruce Willis nis busy with his Straight to DVD shitty films lol And they probably wanted to get January 2019 release date cause Split killed in January made over $200 Million with a $9 Million budget Like I can see Glass breaking the January Opening Weekend Record from American Sniper
  7. wish it came on next year and not in 2019.
  8. Agreed Mr. Glass will probably be fascinated in Kevin/The Horde and basically be like well I can't kill Dunn so maybe this guy can
  9. i think Taylor is going to be on Bruce's Side, and McAvoy is going to be on Glass' side.
  10. I would think it would be on the Poster would be him, Willis, McAvoy and Taylor Joy with the Glass Piece
  11. Congrats! Your post here prompted me to do an audit of your account - you haven't been a paying Patron in quite a long time! Which of course means your forum account will be downgraded to regular status. But wait, there's more! You just admitted to being a known sociopath, so you're now permanently banned from these forums. And just think: if you hadn't said anything, none of this would have been caught...but you just couldn't resist! Have a nice life!
  12. so will the Box Art have Sam Jackson only on it with a piece of Glass? maybe Sam Jackson is in the middle of the Glass piece.
  13. Yes But I think it'll be called something else when their all bundled together
  14. so it's Trilogy name together would be, Unbreakable split glass?
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  16. So u can now stream/upload past 7/7 now in persona 5. The new limit is 11/19.
  17. He hates him so much but donates to him. Fucking LOL! Nice logic there kid.
  18. Ace's Preview:
  19. Unlike his most recent release Split, which, due to its brilliant marketing campaign, managed to successfully fly under the radars of many superhero movie aficionados, director M. Night Shaymalan is being a lot more forthcoming with his next directorial venture, which he himself has confirmed will be a sequel to both Split and his 2000 cult classic Unbreakable. He took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to announce that he has completed the first draft of the film's script and revealed that Golden Globe-winner Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Academy Award-nominee Samuel L. Jackson (Avengers: Infinity War), Golden Globe-nominee James McAvoy (X-Men), and Anya Taylor Joy (Thoroughbred) will all be back for the sequel, reprising their roles from the previous two films.Shaymalan also revealed the film's official title, which pays homage to the series' most iconic villain: Glass. Glass will once again be distributed by Universal Pictures and will bow in theaters on January 18, 2019
  20. Well he has issues with his back so some exercise can be really bad for him especially weight-lifting so don't know why you'd recommend that! There's more and more studies nowadays which are saying exercise can be bad for you actually.
  21. Some how That show won Emmys idek
  22. there are only a few things i know in life, but one of them is this: no one is responsible for an adult's health but themselves.
  23. Drgnkiller here. How you guys doing? Love you all! And Homer, buddy, you created an account just to talk about me for a month now. You're the best tbh.
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