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  2. Episode 5 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier was fantastic
  3. :O i didnt even know he was making another movie this year holu shit this looks beautiful love all his films besides the One Piece non canon film Digimon The Movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Summer Wars aka Digimon Movie remake lol Wolf Children The Boy and the Beast Mirai
  4. what the fuck is this reality
  5. I hate shady/corrupt cops man. They make real, honest and good cops look bad.
  6. This video is pretty awesome, along with the other videos about this sheriff's office. Him and his under sheriff deserve bar time.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Doing something about the thin skin would be an improvement too. He always says he's the most thin-skinned guy on the Internet.
  9. You didn't really fall for the "....after TWO YEARS, two years of people requesting it... tonight, is the night....". There's always a reason for conducting the business in one direction or another, when indolence is not an obstacle. Extensive empirical knowledge has shown me this in more ways than anyone would even begin to think.
  10. You need to ask him about it over and over. That's how it works. That's how he played The Quiet Man. Just recently he decided he won't burp and snort directly into the mic. The issue is you want him to make healthy food, he just wants fast food. He just threw his whales under the buss. Complaining they are giving him too much money. LOL This is unreal. John and Howard were talking about Phil sending them random, nonsensical messages late at night, they assumed he's drinking. That explains those random, late night tweets. The "gin tweets".
  11. Here is one of my favorite songs from the 2008 Batman cartoon, Batman: The Brave and the Bold:
  12. Man, the COD streams are getting better and better, for the wrong reasons. Listening to the John and Howard podcast again. How they were back stabbed by Phillip. The story of lies and greed.
  13. Also bring back cooking with the king,. Since he loves frozen and fast food so much, he can try to recreate his favorite fast food meals.
  14. Good old Dead Space 2 playthrough. I just watches Borderlands 2 co-op, it was surprisingly fun. Looking it at the videos you posted, the webcam playthroughs are such a step down in quality. No energy in them, constantly asking chat on what to do.
  15. Have you ever considered doing like Gene Simmons and selling a King of Hate Kasket or the like?
  16. I humbly request a redemption run Let me explain. After watching random clips of Phil's 2nd playthrough, I decided to play that mode myself after many years. The very 1st thing I noticed (and that the game will tell you right away) is that in this game, as opposite to the original, stasis recharges overtime. The 2nd was that upgrading HP requires more way more power nodes than anything in the game. And that's when I thought "mhhh. In a console game where you have to be aiming very precisely, you can't dodge and most enemies are fast and have to get closer to hit you,
  17. Unsurprisingly the main dude is a bishie anime boy.
  18. Charlie Cox and Kristen Ritter rumored to come back Since Cox prob be in Spider-Man 3 and She-Hulk same for Ritter
  19. You mean no longer canon. Nonetheless, I would absolutely love to see Mike Colter back as the OG Power Man. He did an excellent job with the role.
  20. Hopefully Mike Colter will come back as Luke Cage in the MCU Since non of the ABC and Netflix shows and Hulu shows are canon
  21. Last week
  22. Here is one of my favorite scenes from Luke Cage Season 1:
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