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  2. Every other word is f word, b word, s word, beastiality talk etc etc non stop on loop, I'm not looking for Cyndi Lauper but jeez simmer it down with the expletives.
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  4. How many people in here dress up for Halloween? I haven't since ages ago.
  5. What's your costume this year?
  6. He talks money/financials because that’s consistently resulted in more tips/donations. It’s almost a gimmick at this point...like the highest contributor getting to name something...it’s sad that it’s come to stuff like this.
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  8. Thats because you guys need to talk to Phil, ask him questions, He's the streamer, its the audience job to keep him active
  9. Yes, Halloween ((1978) is the best movie and Last year my costume is unique all friends are excited to watch my costume and I purchase Halloween promo codes and more costume with promo code.
  10. the views rise by 100 after the prestream people leave chat because there's nothing to talk about
  11. heard about this VR project. so i finished Dead Space 2, bad news i dont have the DLC. i started Alien Isolation on the 20th but have missed playing it for 1 day,i dont think im going to be able to finish Alien Isolation and Dead Space 3 by November 5TH :(
  12. So I finally picked up Nintendo online for a year($20). I'm surprised that it automatically uploads ALL your save data, unlike PSN where you have to manually do it. I'll probably download Link to the past and Super metroid later.
  13. Dear Phil, I really like your commentary on many video games. You give many creative comments on the various aspects of a particular game. My question to you is: Would you commentate over movies? You could hold polls on the kingofhate forums, determining which movies people want to hear you commentate over the most. You could then record your commentary on whichever movie wins the poll. Then, you could render the commentary as an audio-only, mp3 file and sell it on a new website. Think about the way you sell your content via Teespring. The website does not have to be overly sophisticated. All you need is a website that allows you to upload mp3 files and receive direct payments from those who purchase them. This could lead to a lucrative business that would provide extra income. Thank you for reading this question.
  14. Thank You, i would Dislike this post but somebody disables that option years ago, so im going to give this post a like, think of it as a dislike.
  15. Finished the Outer wilds just now, phenomenal amazing ending. Incredible story. I rate it a Darksphere92 12 out of 10.
  16. Path of Exile, if you like the original Diablo games and not that Diablo III cartoon trash.
  17. He will never stop doing it, since he gets tips every time he mentions his financial problems. His fans are his worst enemy sometimes. That is why we have 2 hour long pre streams now. Plugs and shout outs are his main source of income. Most of the viewers leave when the gameplay starts.
  18. Last week
  19. Oh, (in your thread) you were asking Phil? I thought you were asking either everyone or people on the Forum...
  20. I believe Phil said he can't play Morrowind right now because it's a JRPG and hes already playing too many JRPGs
  21. @PhiI Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set a YouTube Playlist to play on a loop that does not play videos outside of the Playlist. While I myself have never had a video from outside of a Playlist start to play I'm taking your word for it being something you have had difficulty with it occurring. Step one: Click on the Playlist of your choice. Step Two: Click on the 'LOOP' icon. Step Three: To stop the next 'Suggested Video' from playing move the slider to the left.
  22. Hi Philip. As you're aging do you notice that your gaming skills deteriorate any? I know I read that even after age 25 some motor skills and vision start going downhill. You're a few years older than me and I know you used to be a top level professional fighting game player. Do you still think you are as good as you were back then physically?
  23. I tuned into the stream yesterday and saw phil has a bunch of new prestream slides that were never posted in this thread meaning they not only dodged the legal contract he uses here but that he is using private communication to organize with other fans to create content for the stream. I had previously asked Phil to expand on any ideas for slides or art he wanted for the stream here in the thread but he was too busy.
  24. dear Sony why you no let me use my see through Blue PS1 Controller with some of the PS2 games :(
  25. These things are the bane of my existence.
  26. i tested PS2 Games by USB Flash Drive on my PS2 they work so far problem is you got to defrag every new game you put on the Flash Drive and then you run into the risk of messing up the Flash Drive mainly because you're not suppose to defrag a Flash Drive.
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