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  2. Marriage Story - Review (2019) The Good Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansson's performances are fucking amazing probably the best performances of the year so far. Noah Baumbach's phenomenal direction and amazing screenplay. Laura Dern and Alan Alda are also fantastic as both their respected lawyers, Laura Dern being the stand out supporting role. Its gives both Johansson and Driver their own seperate screentime not making you pick sides. The One Arguement scene is heart shattering. Randy Newman's beautiful score. Robbie Ryan's Cinematography. The Bad Nothing. Final Thoughts: Marriage Story is Noah Baumbach's best film yet and Driver, Johansson, and Dern should most definitely get Acting Nominations. Overall Grade: A+
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  4. Heck I'll third Gex:Enter the Gecko for the random 1990s puns and wacky camera and difficulty that will kill Phil I want to also give my annual nominations of Manhunt and Maximo:Ghosts to Glory.
  5. You mentioned in your Life is Strange 2 playthrough that the "SJW" themes were a little on-the-nose and maybe too much. What is, in your personal opinion, the line where these themes are coming on too strong? Do you think that artists (and game devs) should strive to be politically neutral, or do you think they should put their own bias into the art if they are passionate about that subject? When asked about death stranding, you mentioned that you found much of the gameplay boring and said you thought that was the artistic intent. Other people had no issue with the repetitive gameplay at all. Do you think that it's okay for certain games to be made with a specific kind of person in mind, or do you think games should strive to be fun on a more general level? In other words, what is your opinion on niche games that only appeal to a small group?
  6. Not everyone can make it to his streams, but care enough to listen to him answer these questions. Currently, he does not upload these to youtube himself. Detractors upload them, and people like me don't want to give those kinds of people more views than they get naturally, so it is my suggestion that these should be recorded and uploaded directly to his channel alongside the rest of the stream. He already puts up his pre-stream and it doesn't appear to be any more work than that. Thoughts?
  7. OpenMorrowind is the ticket. Replaces engine and uses assets from game and fixes everything.
  8. Earthquake!!!....oh it's over but hey, just got the last gym badge and reached Wyndon. Pretty cool final location. Dang I forgot this was out on PSVR, I gotta play it. Even though I know the original story.
  9. MoraMoria

    Idea for Phil!

    Sure thing. If you want one last suggestion, would be to post a less specific question in the "Ask The King" event-thread, something like: would you be open to fan meetups, or something along those lines. I haven't checked, but maybe he has already been asked that, in a past ATK-event, so you could go check it out on his Youtube channel: THEKINGOFHATEVLOGS, or like I said, just leave a question for the next event.
  10. if we get enough votes for viewers choice we can get a playthru possibly that way
  11. Yesterday
  12. https://screenrant.com/justice-league-movie-batman-death-zack-snyder-plan/ Well thank God hes not directing DC movies anymore
  13. Bummer so many people troll him that just setting up something like this has become slim. Ive tried emails a few times and got no responses so I'll just take your advice and leave it as a no. Thank you for your help. Maybe Phil will see this in the future and respond to me ?
  14. Phil is just too busy to respond here or use any of the new artwork but I know he loves and appreciates it.
  15. Would LOVE to see a playthrough of Dead Rising 4 since its Christmas themed and can be picked up for relatively cheap nowadays! ❤️
  16. Batman: Arkham Origins on PC. The game is over six years old and takes place during Christmas.
  17. Nah just continue the story from the first game
  18. idea for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2, you play as Luke Skywalker
  19. I think SaGa Scarlet grace came out today. Gotta check that out.
  20. Man, he's going end up giving us blue balls. He will play KOTOR for an hour or two, and then we might have to wait months or years for a full playthrough if we get one
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  22. MoraMoria

    Idea for Phil!

    In the unlikely case (from an outside perspective) that you're being serious, you should either tell him by tagging his name on a stream, so that you know that he read it, (he might miss it, though), and maybe he'll tell you then that "No, I don't know you, (laugh), I don't know what's going on..."; or by sending an email to him: If it doesn't get in his spam-folder, there's two options, he'll ignore it because you'll understand that what you ask sounds incredibly suspicious, (even if you're telling the truth, but he doesn't know that), specially since trolls email him as well. The other option is that he rejects it, because of the likelihood that you're just messing around, trying to waste his time, and because he doesn't have time for other people, other than his wife, relatives and maybe very close friends. These are my expectatives. Unless you're an acquaintance of him, you're probably not convincing him. If it's business related, email him as well, and let's see.
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