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  2. Hey Phil, as Joker has now been released for MK11, and Byleth for smash, instead of playing online, it would be great for positive fan interaction if you made rooms for people to join and play you. This way it could be a nice chill session instead of a heated one. Just my thoughts, I'm eager to see you try Joker.
  3. Hey Phil! Just a quick question. I was wondering if you had an idea of how to make detractors into fans of yours? I heard all the negativity online so I decided to check your content out for myself and not follow the crowd. I watched your Sun and Moon and Firewatch playthroughs and I had a great time and it seemed like you had a great time too! I then saw your debunking the 9 years of hate video last year and have been a fan ever since. You’ve made me laugh in times when I really needed a pick me up so thank you Phil! Thank you for using YouTube as an archive for people like me who live on the other side of the planet and can’t watch your live streams. I’m sure it’s hard work!
  4. started Luigi Mansion 3, pretty good so far.
  5. No more Arrow :( Well until Green Arrow and the Canaries
  6. Second, and made with the attempt of it losing the less amount of quality, in order to fit within the parameters:
  7. I'm submitting 2 cheermotes. First one, following Twitch's directions: They have transparency & the file size doesn't exceed 512KB, for each one.
  8. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to today's installment of my Characters: Why I Like Them thread where I tell you some of my favorite fictional characters and why I like them. Today I am going to talk about: Kon-El/Conner Kent aka Superbly, the half-human and half-Kryptonian clone of Superman and Lex Luther. Now there have been a few individuals that have taken the mantle of Superboy over the years like Superman himself when he was a teenage, Conner, and recently Superman's son, Jonathan Samuel Kent. I have to say that outside of Superman himself, Conner is my favorite Superboy. Don't get me wrong, I love Jonathan Samuel Kent, he is a great character as far as I am concerned. Conner for years has been one of my favorite clone characters and is among my favorites in the Superman universe. I like the fact that he spent years battling his Lex Luthor side to try to become more like his "brother" Superman. That complexity and conflict in his character made him very unique and interesting to me. Now, I'm sure most of you guys are familiar with Conner through the ever so awesome Young Justice animated series. I am happy to say that while the show has done a great job in developing and portraying his character, I didn't like the fact that they kind of limited his power set. In the comics, Superboy is extremely powerful. Not as powerful as Superman, but still a heavy hitter nonetheless. I mean, he was able to go toe to toe with Superboy-Prime during the Infinite Crisis event. Superboy has all of Superman's powers plus Tactile Telekinesis. Tactile Telekinesis enables Superboy to mimic super strength, invulnerability, flight, energy blasts, and disassemble objects. I don't know about you guys but having that ability along with possessing Superman's powers sounds pretty awesome. I would love to see this character appear in the DCEU sometime in the future. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this segment. I'll see you guys later. PEACE!!!
  9. Since people ask Phil to do this but someone told him it's not possible. This is how you change a singleplayer world to multiplayer on Xbox: You need to be subscribed to Realms to use multiplayer, $8/month. https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/162084/can-you-turn-a-single-player-world-to-a-realm-server
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  11. Jean Claude Van-Damme Jackie Chan/Chan Kong-Sang Sammo Hung/洪金寶 Gordon Liu/劉家輝 Yu Rongguang/于荣光 (More his serious acting than action scenes.) Bolo Yeung/楊斯 Yuen Biao/元彪 The first that comes to mind, I might have more. I don't normally watch martial-arts movies anyway.
  12. Phil removed comments and that killed TIHYDP.
  13. This will be an epic This is How You DON'T Play
  14. TBH DK 64 is one of my favorite games
  15. The guy who couldn't beat the Cuphead tutorial presents Doom they deleted the original video, here's a reupload
  16. "Shinato's Ark" Another ship in Yu-Gi-Oh, but the difference with the previous one in this thread, is that this is a spell, meant for summoning 'Shinato, King of a Higher Plane'.
  17. Does anyone in here watch Aris? I've watched some commentary he did years ago and he was pretty funny, other than that, I know nothing. Just went to his chat and he's not streaming, but people are chatting on it...
  18. The thing is it's not a bug or bad game design. You don't go through the ring as you are supposed to you don't get points. Whatever, I didn't want to "nitpick" about it more.
  19. Alright, here is the exact frame, where he "splits" the monkey in two by the ring, you can see part going through his torso. I get that he should stay on the centre, but he probably feels like that should've counted. He went through it, (should specify with "part of it"), but that was the best example for anyone to decide. Is this a bad thing for the game to have? Phil thinks that it is, seems like. I personally don't care, as long as the controls are good/decent, and if it's obviously doable.
  20. This is what actually happened. He passed through the bottom of the ring, he didn't go through the center. When you see him in the middle of the ring he's actually way behind the ring. As for your example without a timestamp it seems to be like this:
  21. @[email protected] Here is the best example of Phil's criticism in a .gif image so you see it, he did go through the ring:
  22. Wow That part isnt even that hard XD Thats just level 2 one of the easiest levels
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