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    Dude made over $500 today, that's damn good. He definitely made more than I did today just playing Nier.
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  4. Not mine. I wish 8 had a VR mode, they will probably add it much later with PSVR 2.
  5. Oh man well ill be playing with lights off lol 7 scared the shit out of me when Mia comes out of fucking no where Its those little jump scares that are effective in video games Something horror movies do to much with lame ones
  6. LOL!!! Praying for your cat man.
  7. It's breathing heavily and not eating, they are mainly letting it sleep tonight after bringing it home. Had pneumonia earlier at the vet. Same, though there's some creepier shit that I've seen which I definitely am not looking forward too.
  8. So weirdest thing I've heard today. My sisters cat apparently has Covid. It'll survive but they had to take it to the ER today.
  9. Just few more hours and i get to see Big Titty Vampire Woman XD
  10. If someone looked up my IP and found that I lived in Denver, that doesn't exactly help them locate one person in a few million, so that's not technically dox. It might help you narrow the search down to a city or region though. If anything you'd probably be able to DDOS them though. The funny thing about trolls is they always use popular VPN clients like ProtonVPN or Nord and I can spot those users from a mile away because they always use specific ranges of addresses.
  11. Cant wait to see those bosses lol And if theres not a Lab like other RE games ill be disappointed XD
  12. Oh, no worries. I've already eaten up tons of spoilers at my own choice. The bosses in this game are pretty sick. I'm still gonna buy and play it myself tonight.
  13. Oh really? Didn't know about that. Thanks for the heads up. However, I like 3.
  14. Well its Caesars trilogy not Matt Reeves cause he didnt direct Rise I wouldnt even put Jurassic Park Trilogy since its now a 6 movie series even tho i heard they erased Lost World and 3 from the history Even tho Lost World is good, but 3 sucks
  15. Yesterday
  16. Interesting... Someone notified Phil about this on Twitter.
  17. Twitter is apparently rolling out a new feature allowing you to send money as a tip to Twitter accounts.
  18. Since @sateler96 listed some of his favorite movie trilogies, I'm going to list some of mine. Here they are: OG Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes 4-6) Back to the Future Trilogy Jurassic Park Trilogy Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy Captain America (Steve Rogers) Trilogy Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy Matt Reeve's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trilogy
  19. My Best and Worst Movies for each Year Best (1939-2020) and Worst (1977-2020) 1939 Best: The Wizard of Oz 1940 Best: The Great Dictator 1941 Best: Citizen Kane 1942 Best: The Magnificent Ambersons 1943 Best: Casablanca 1944 Best: Double Indemnity 1945 Best: The Lost Weekend 1946 Best: Its a Wonderful Life 1947 Best: Miracle on 34th Street 1948 Best: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1949 Best: The Third Man 1950 Best: Rashómon 1951 Best: Strangers on a Train 1952 Best: Singin' in the Rain 1
  20. You like these videos don't you?
  21. Yes but not to the extreme like 5 ans 6
  22. Is RE4 the game where the franchise becomes more action packed?
  23. Some are saying this is the new RE 4 which is good news for me cause thats my favorite
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