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  2. Phil should just stop doing Viewer's Choice, honestly. More often than not he doesn't play what wins the poll anyway. People have been begging him for Code Vein since it came out, he should've made that the sub goal.
  3. Someone creates fake accounts and meddles with these all the time. I remember when someone did it to nominate Bionicle: Heroes, too, a few months back.
  4. Yesterday
  5. somewhat, well i mean art style like Kingdom Hearts
  6. Dark souls toy story then? lol
  7. I know exactly. Anyways, did you check out my review of Spider-Man 2?
  8. Yes, but is also undeniable that there are sock-accounts, and a lot of them. To believe that Deux Ex wasn't touched by them, is more than wishful thinking. At this point you should treat this poll as being rigged from every angle, and the Admins should look into it. Doing otherwise would be turning a blind eye on this, and these events should not be called "Viewers choice" events in any way, shape or form anymore.
  9. OMG, this was completely unexpected. WTH was going through his mind?!
  10. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/the_flash/shocking-footage-of-justice-leagues-ezra-miller-choking-a-fan-dragging-her-to-the-ground-emerges-a174370 Hes done
  11. Is it not possible that a lot of people just voted for Deus Ex in quick succession because the poll had just started?
  12. You can just look at the coordinates where you're standing, then add or substract the number of steps you want to go. So if you're in X=50 and want to go 10 steps, you mine until you're in X=60, or X=40 if you're going the other way.
  13. It's supposed to be an interactive stream but chat doesn't interact wit him. What's the point then? True, it was Morrowind and Animal Crossing. Though he didn't imply he's going to drop the games.
  14. Since Phil has to do stuff like count if the strips are exactly 25 blocks, I was wondering if this wouldn't be a faster system for him. Mine 1 block until you can then move on. Always mining 1x2 blocks seems unnecessary. When he started Minecraft he was digging 2x2 blocks for no reason.
  15. Don't recall the actual stream but it was within the past week I think. Definitely still happens even with this weird vest thing.
  16. Vestige Festige brought a lot positivity to the streams. Someone might call it money - but those are morons.
  17. When was the last time he mentioned it since the vest fest?
  18. I've gone deeper into the game and the story is starting to pick up. Most of the problems I mentioned are still here but the story is good enough to keep me playing for now. I still think the pacing is way off with the characters though.
  19. Nobody in the stream chat is interacting with me or contributing. I think this is a sign the stream has run its course, I don't want to play anymore.
  20. Free story DLC for Fallout 76 next week, so I'm gonna give it another go. There's a huge 46GB patch however since I last played that apparently fixed a lot.
  21. i was thinking, and i think they should make a Dark Souls like game in a Pixar Art Style.
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