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  2. Isn't he still in masses of debt? Unless you've been living under a rock it should be obvious to be fair.
  3. Today he was complaining about not having money due to taxes and needing to go back to credit cards, Phil you've made close to 20K in TIPS ALONE since march along with having over 100K credit card debt discharged. There is something you're not telling us IF this is infact the case, but I hope it all gets better. We'll see I guess
  4. @ShinraRecruit Yes? He just has very high business expenses.
  5. Today
  6. Phil has been making $200 a day from tips alone for the past 91 streaming days and he has the gall to go on his prestream and complain that it's not enough? That's more than management at most retail stores makes. He just sounds so ungrateful, it's unbelievable. For those who don't want to math; that's $1,200/week, $4,800/month, and if things keep going the way they are $57,600/year from tips alone. That's not even counting cheers, subs, patreon, merch, and ad revenue. If we count the subs and lowball it by assuming they're all tier 1 subs that's roughly another $1,200/month or around $20,000/year. So, not counting cheers, patreon, ad revenue, and merch Phil is making around $77,600/year and complaining about it. Just for the sake of clarity.
  7. "Neo the Magic Swordsman" A dimensional drifter who not only practices sorcery, but is also a sword and martial arts master.
  8. What about the music? I've never liked Mario games music, but this is just a personal opinion.
  9. Speaking of improving the stream, where is all that money going too? He made a $100 per stream for 180 streams. He has complained for years about how he wish he could buy a better computer or mic but was too deep in financial straights to do anything but pocket all the money he makes. Now that he beat his bankruptcy case he could at least do a giveaway or buy a mic that negates his deep snorts for headphone users. Oh I forgot, Phil says it's none of my business to know where my donated money goes too..
  10. There are no "worlds" more like strands to reach in a big world thats all connected. So far that is. I hope it isn't 7 because there are only 5 strands and it already seems long with every battle being a Jenga puzzle to solve. Anyways. Beat the first boss: Then not 5 minutes later the second boss comes and the boss is as stupid as ever: Pencils. PENCILS. Leading up to the battle it makes sense, but still: On a good note. The battle system for the Bosses are way better than the normal average battle. Reminds me of a board game but its still miles better than battling a shy guy or goomba. Maybe because I am actually battling for a prize which is to progress through the game, when I battle a regular enemy, there is literally no reason to do so and I usually regret not running past them. The game is growing on me though. Game Score So Far: 5/10
  11. Seems like so many people talk about the vest over his gameplay which sorta defeats the purpose of DSP as a content creator. I don't think he cares given he gets the money upfront but I think it is incredibly silly to use this as a beacon of light/flag to say this 100 dollars that doesn't do anything to improve the quality of the stream is meant as a fuck you to a few very vocal minority. Seems very misleading and disingenuous to be honest. I stopped giving money or subbing after I was banned on the stream chat and after the Jasper reveal personally but if people want to contribute to him, do what you gotta do. Just the whole "Lets stick it to detractors so give me money and you will see me wear a few articles of clothing while this money goes to my bills or other personal things" seems very manipulative.
  12. "Mystical Sand" 沙之女巫 Fusion monster between 'Giant Soldier of Stone' & 'Ancient Elf'.
  13. First Deadly Premonition i heard its so bad its good The sequel not so much
  14. It's clearly derailing and no moderation is being enforced when it happens, (when other less problematic topics are), then @Phil should be logically consistent and stop it when it becomes spam, (maybe remind the vest-streak briefly, one time at most). Because it seems like you're sacrificing quality of your streams for the benefit of reminding people of something that they already know. Is this the content you want to produce then?
  15. Just an archive. People from Youtube might tip too. It works on Rob, Silentbob, Beastbod really well. Why stop it?
  16. i dont see why talk about his tips goal should be in the youtube videos since you cant see the twitch chat in a youtube video all i want to do is sit there and watch how he plays fire emblem but instead its about the vest streak and its really obnoxious and ruins the videos suggestion for @PhiI please keep talk of the vest and tips goal out of the youtube videos because we already have the leaderboards on screen every video now its getting annoying to listen to the playthroughs in the background because of all the vest and tips goal talk
  17. The situation is a bit of an oddity. A lot of times, when Phil has like an hour left to stream and the money isn't high enough, he will drop a "hint". He'll tell people he isn't streaming much longer, say how much money is left to go to hit the goal, and then give a speech about how he thinks its really going to end this time and how he is grateful but if we want the streak to continue then we have to contribute but its okay if we don't because it lasted a while. This causes people to say "hint hint" in chat or use the HINT emote from one of the chat regular's channel. Afterwards, people say things like "send the tweet" or "im worried about the vest" cause Phil has sparked conversation about the vest due to bringing it up so often. The vest goal talk can be brought up multiple times in the last part of a stream. Highest I remember counting is 4 occurrences. Chat "stressing" him is just their response from what Phil is saying and giving them a topic to talk about. He might ask them to stop but it doesn't. Which is odd because when people spam copy pastas, talk about his ex, talk about detractors, talk about topics he doesn't like there is something that happens - actual moderation. If there was a desire for the vest spam to stop, we'd see the same thing.
  18. It continues because people are stupid enough to pay him money to put on a stupid vest. If the idiots like the person who tipped him 65 dollars at the end of stream stopped doing it this dude wouldn't talk about and obsess over it anymore.
  19. WEIRD The first one might be worth to look into. The second one doesn't look so good.
  20. That's good, I hear there are 7 "worlds" in this game. If you're only just hitting the first boss after 4 hours then it must be a long game. Not a fan of the battle system but the game at least looks nice. Probably Mario and Luigi. I only played the first couple of them and while they are unique, the mechanics get old fast. Still haven't played Bowser's inside story.
  21. I played whichever one was on the Gameboy Advance a looong time ago. It was good. But then they just ran the series into the ground pumping one after another. Never played any after that and by the late 200's my affinity to Nintendo was pretty much over. Well 3.5 hours now. Yes I will complain about the tutorial when its affecting the actual game and I can't walk 5 feet without 3 minutes of dialog about something I learned in a Paper Mario game 15 years ago. Only thing that's new is the stupid pinwheel battle system. Its a hodgepodge of previous Paper Mario games without most of the shit people loved about Paper Mario games. But anyways: I think im finally approaching the first boss. That's right, haven't faced one boss in almost 4 hours of play, and im not taking my time, im literally running past enemies at this point because there no reason to face all of them when THERE ARE NO EXPERIENCE POINTS. Finally used the 12,000 coins I gathered up for something. Bought a piece to an essential puzzle in the game. No other reason why I need them has revealed itself yet. The visuals is keeping me hooked to be honest or I would of quit already. The story is meh so far and the worst... the WORST thing about this game is by far the battle system. It's literally like playing with a very dumbed down Rubiks cube every single battle. This would be fine if there were experience point's involved, but there isn't. You get 100's of coins for battles, coins that I've needed ONE time since I started the game and probably could of saved. Game Rate so far. 3/10
  22. Yeah they both seem like they're known for having shitty framerate.
  23. They're weird and quirky but they're a fun experience none the less if you like murder mystery. Although the performance in DP1 and 2 arent the greatest.
  24. How are the Deadly premonition games? Never watched twin peaks but I've seen a little bit of the weird shit in these games and they seem interesting. Two hours into a game and you're already rating it and complaining about tutorials? Are you Phil?
  25. They should have just released the remakes on switch instead of the 3ds at the end of its lifecycle. It ended up being the worst selling mario games of the entire series (yes even worse than virtual boy).
  26. Once again seems like they shouldn't have stopped the Mario and Luigi RPG Games.
  27. If I didn't believe in karma, had no conscience, didn't value my sleep nor care who I see in the mirror and was willing to develop a late night drinking and gambling problem over greed.. I would be taking these plethora of idiots to the bank! $100 vest Streaks, $150 to put on MC Hammer pants, $200 Dick Thrust into the camera... whatever these morons want to pay for I will offer rewards with the lowest amount of effort possible. As long as its within my 2 hour stream limit though,. I don't care if we hit the $200 goal at 8:59, I will do whatever and shut off the stream. Can't cut into the time I spend to gamble and read detractor shi... i mean spend time with the wife. lol
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