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  2. Thank You, i would Dislike this post but somebody disables that option years ago, so im going to give this post a like, think of it as a dislike.
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  4. Finished the Outer wilds just now, phenomenal amazing ending. Incredible story. I rate it a Darksphere92 12 out of 10.
  5. Path of Exile, if you like the original Diablo games and not that Diablo III cartoon trash.
  6. He will never stop doing it, since he gets tips every time he mentions his financial problems. His fans are his worst enemy sometimes. That is why we have 2 hour long pre streams now. Plugs and shout outs are his main source of income. Most of the viewers leave when the gameplay starts.
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  8. Oh, (in your thread) you were asking Phil? I thought you were asking either everyone or people on the Forum...
  9. I believe Phil said he can't play Morrowind right now because it's a JRPG and hes already playing too many JRPGs
  10. @PhiI Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set a YouTube Playlist to play on a loop that does not play videos outside of the Playlist. While I myself have never had a video from outside of a Playlist start to play I'm taking your word for it being something you have had difficulty with it occurring. Step one: Click on the Playlist of your choice. Step Two: Click on the 'LOOP' icon. Step Three: To stop the next 'Suggested Video' from playing move the slider to the left.
  11. Hi Philip. As you're aging do you notice that your gaming skills deteriorate any? I know I read that even after age 25 some motor skills and vision start going downhill. You're a few years older than me and I know you used to be a top level professional fighting game player. Do you still think you are as good as you were back then physically?
  12. I tuned into the stream yesterday and saw phil has a bunch of new prestream slides that were never posted in this thread meaning they not only dodged the legal contract he uses here but that he is using private communication to organize with other fans to create content for the stream. I had previously asked Phil to expand on any ideas for slides or art he wanted for the stream here in the thread but he was too busy.
  13. dear Sony why you no let me use my see through Blue PS1 Controller with some of the PS2 games :(
  14. These things are the bane of my existence.
  15. i tested PS2 Games by USB Flash Drive on my PS2 they work so far problem is you got to defrag every new game you put on the Flash Drive and then you run into the risk of messing up the Flash Drive mainly because you're not suppose to defrag a Flash Drive.
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  17. look at him enjoying a Walking Sim.
  18. Think I'm nearing the end of Outer wilds, definitely the most fun game I've played this year to memory. Still trying to figure out the final puzzle. Yall should get Phil to play Ring Fit Adventure with webcam as a Patreon goal.
  19. Synopsis: The Musipa clan was cursed with the "DEATH BY CHIKWAMBO" curse, destined to die by the hand of the beast, but Mudiwa Musipa found a solution. A solution that would save his family from despair and alter the fate of the world, but one that his son Munatsi will have to carry out to save their entire clan. Read it here Bloody Mhika oneshot
  20. I'm the guy who brought you Petah, never forget him :P
  21. I'd personally like to see DSP as a clown or a frog for the detractors. That'll bring in a lot of money for Phil. But it's mainly up to Phil to decide on what he wants to wear but those are my suggestions I guess
  22. devs of WWE release the same shit game every year with no effort put into it, looks bad, full of bugs, no improvements current release is the worst ever, it's a downgrade over the last release totally deserve your money for their newest low effort game devs of Lords of the fallen make an OK game with a few bugs improve lots of people love their new games devs should never be trusted, don't deserve a second chance, don't deserve your money
  23. You know what game also had hilarious bugs? Lords of the fallen.
  24. so there is no way too 100% Y-L The Impossible Lair, after failing the Lair once, there is a tonic you get for getting through the Lair on your first try on a fresh save. so looks like i will probably 99% the game.
  25. i like to blame most of my deaths on Laylee. Edit: OMG is this True PS5 will support PS1,PS2,PS3, and PS4 BackWards Compatible via Disc??
  26. It's pretty cool so far, though it's just a tropical freeze clone. Reached the eye of the universe just now in Outer wilds, I feel like I could've beaten the game but I must be missing something. I know there's a bunch of places I haven't finished exlporing on the map.
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