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  2. It is a time skip a 2 year time skip I'm hyped for more Steven Universe cause it feels like they know where to take the story next As long as they keep making it great I'm all in
  3. Watched the first 5 episodes of Aggretsuko season 2, god damn this is a great show.
  4. The story is done, at this point they are going to keep coming up with new material. Sounds like they might even do a time jump if the movie is any indication. I remember the first area taking me a long time. The boss is also pretty tough...all the bosses in that game have two ways you can win. Depending on how you beat them you'll get one of two different weapons. The better weapons can only be obtained by defeating them the hard way.
  5. Tom Rothman is a cancer to Comic Book Movies
  6. Why would you want it to end if their continuing to get better and better lol
  7. i spent like 1 hour and 30 Minutes on the first area.. got my Suit core up to 25, got killed by the first guy with the hammer, guess this is what happens when you try to be nice and let him out :(
  8. Not that long, you just spend a lot of time figuring everything out. It's just Dark souls, so you get new armor off enemies, level up your suit, open shortcuts, etc. You could easily beat it within 10 minutes if you knew where to go. uhh, his twitter says he's playing two horror games? So I guess? Man I'm hyped for a new platinum game. I have to work Saturday but Monday is a holiday so I'll be playing it quite a bit.
  9. Will Phil skip Astral Chain? :(
  10. Holy shit, how long is the first area of The Surge?
  11. Haven't watched much of those shows, Regular Show and Adventure Time. Only enough to see the lore about Adventure Time, and it seems the show is set in the post apocalypse. I think those shows would do a lot better on adult swim. Do you have a Youtube channel, Mr. Epstein? Hopefully you didn't name your YT channel Jeffrey Epstein.
  12. Yeah, Adventure time and Regular show also ended. I wish Steven universe would just end already but it seems they still have plans for the show. I'm looking forward to more Amphibia and possibly Infinity train if they do more.
  13. Adventure Time was great Same with Regular Show Steven Universe got better each season
  14. What? I had no idea they were still airing that show. I haven't watched a single episode, but I know a lot of people still like it. I think the last US-cartoon I watched was "Adventure Time".
  15. "Vanity's Ruler" Super handsome monster #2.
  16. Oh Maximilian, I heard that he likes this game a lot. I still haven't checked out any of his 'fighting games' videos/streams.
  17. You're not familiar with Luffy's upgrades?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Saw the leaks. RIP MLP, 2010-2019. Lot of shows ending this year. Probably going to check out season 2 of Aggretsuko tonight.
  20. btw Finished Octodad on PS Vita, i give it an 6.0 also removed it from my Vita probably will never play it again.
  21. meh not on PC and besides looks like ass.
  22. Yeah. I heard Maximillian Dood, say the same thing too.
  23. @MasterOfAwesomeness Gear 4th form? Interesting. That sounds like something from Guilty Gear.
  24. Lionel

    Phil's health

    The man melons, the bro boobies, the jiggly jumbo jugs.
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