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  2. "Arcana Force XXI - The World" This is one of the few cards that cares about the order/position of the cards in the graveyard, alongside 'Question'.
  3. So when will the PS5 get announced?
  4. Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal. Phil never finished this one.
  5. Ratchet and Kratos. Imagine a game where they teamed up
  6. Hey Phil long time fan. I remember you used to do co-op with theaireeadlord (I'm probably spelling that wrong). I know you met friends like Jon and Howard through street fighter, but was that the same with him or from something else? Also does he do co-op with you anymore, havent seen him in a while. keep goin strong thanks.
  7. Now that you're coming to the end of FF9, what would you say were your top 3 Final Fantasy games and why? Personally I'd put 9 up there because I think the ATE system showing that the characters have lives outside whatever Zidane happens to be doing at the moment makes then feel much more alive than any other entry, and because the soundtrack is literally the best, but I'm curious what you think with it fresh in your mind. For the record, the objectively correct answer is 9, 6, 4.
  8. If you could pick any game to get a full remake from the ground up, what would it be?
  9. You've recently said that you've matured over the years and grown into a better person. However, there's a trend where you reply to genuine questions with insults or passive aggression. You then proceed to block or ban them without giving them the opportunity to reply. These people don't insult you personally (some do & I get why you'd block/ban these) but they may have a different opinion, that's all. Why do you feel it's acceptable to insult them. Is it your belief this is evidence of personal growth & maturity?
  10. Hey Phil long time fan got a couple of quick questions first off what is your favorite Resident Evil game? There my favorite playthroughs you’ve done and second question Will Kat join you for another Halloween/ Christmas? stream she is a genuine good person I know there is many Toxic people on your stream but there is also good true fans of yours like me.
  11. Hey Phil, if you had the choice of switching from being a gamer youtuber/streamer to a completely different genre of youtuber/streamer what would you be if you were making the same amount of money? -Yak Almighty Hey Phil another question, you use to make a lot of lewd jokes when you played video games but not you seem to stay away from stuff like that in your commentary and gameplay, is that from just maturing with age or from getting married or just a bit of both?
  12. http://whatculture.com/film/blade-why-jordan-peele-is-the-perfect-candidate-to-direct?rf=homepage I agree
  13. the bosses are such BS tbh, they track what you do.
  14. Hey Phil i have 2 questions which tbh don’t relate a lot to each other but wanted your opinions on these topics First of all I really feel like I have lost my love for gaming. I have been what many people class as a gamer since 2007 when I was only 6 years old, however I feel that over the past year or 2 I’ve slowly become disinterested in what modern gaming has to offer. Ive switched consoles multiple times during this current generation and feel as though we’ve been promised the world and told everything we wanna hear but these promises never materialise. I mean my xbox one is essentially a YouTube and TV hub and while I have a range of games in my backlog I hardly play anything, I let my sister play Fortnite a lot of the time. I read and watched some videos on how this isn’t down to game devs it’s the publishers forcing devs to add micro dlc in to make them money, for example shado of war, anthem and Destiny. Bungee were popping champagne when they parted ways with activision. My rambling aside what do you think about the current state of gaming and do you think there’s even a point in making next gen consoles if the games we’ll be getting will more than likely be half baked at best and will have microtransactions as a requirement to even save our progress (oh wait Konami already did that with Metal Gear Survive) My second question is. I’m going to university next September (I live in the UK university is quite different to American collage as you only study one course of your choice at your chosen uni for the whole time you’re there) and I’m liking to study Media Production or a filmmaking degree and the uni im wanting to go to has connections with some of the best media companies and I’ve been debating if I should keep my YouTube channel going while at university as on one hand I feel that I could grow the channel with the connections I’ll gain however with YouTube becoming more drama focused part of my thinks I should abandon it and focus more on building my media presence through my music and presenting. I’m also wanting to host a radio show while at uni too as that is an area I’ll be studying. Do you think youtube is dead enough to abandon it or do you think it will be beneficial to keep on the table? i know I’ve waffled a lot here but I wanted to get the gaming question in particular off my chest
  15. You mentioned recently on stream about being pulled over by the police, for following a friend home, but didn't want to explain the whole story at the time. I don't recall ever hearing this story, so could you possibly elaborate?
  16. Hopefully, these questions aren't too pointless to answer: What is your most/least favorite Nintendo franchise, and why? What do you think about pirating games that cannot be legally purchased - would you consider it fair/ethical? Do you think formatting your laptop and reinstalling windows 7/8/10 would fix its performance issues? Which genre of games do you wish you could play more of on your stream, and which games from that genre would you consider playing? What was your first vehicle, and what's your favorite memory of it? What was your favorite type of candy growing up? Do you think you'll ever build (or buy) a new PC so you can both stream and play games on it? There are some questions for the show. Hopefully, they're not too stupid or haven't already been answered long ago. Just pick and choose the ones you think are good. Cheers Phil and good luck to you on Ask the King!
  17. for reference https://hollowknight.fandom.com/wiki/Bosses_of_Hallownest
  18. i dont even know where the white palace is, i just got done with the hive, and got the hive blood charm.
  19. So you didn't beat the final boss? You gotta do the White palace too, but I'm gonna guess that you missed it. What about the DLC bosses?
  20. i did it i defeated The Hollow Knight Boss. and only 84% done idk what i missed.
  21. Yesterday
  22. what your favorite marvel games the last past 11 years
  23. You just reminded me that at some point, someone recommended me to check the other "Watchmen" movie, but I never did. I totally forgot about it.
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