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    SOK has been dead for a while now, it's obvious that many of them got tired of the DSP drama and realized how much of their time they were wasting. Pretty sure they only do that podcast from time to time so people don't completely forget about them. I say just ignore them. SOK aside, there's still some detractors that have kept with it like Drgnkiller. However it's only a matter of time until life hits them. Phil can go on making videos for years with patreon, they can't. Honestly look, we're all gamers. We all share the same hobbies. Detractors need to get their shit together and stop hating and just play games with the rest of us and have fun.
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    1. The reason it seems like games are "getting away" with being about a certain set of "SJW politics" is because there's genuine interest among some gamers for those themes, but the sheer lack of them in gaming has left a vacuum. It's become an appeal unto itself. Now any game with a couple weak puzzles and a basic lesbian coming-of-age story can capitalize on that demand. However, nothing in Gone Home was forced. It was incredibly honest about a certain time and place (90s feminist youth culture in the Pacific NW) while fleshing out all the characters and their arcs. A lot of games can't achieve that in 40+ hours, let alone in 2-3. That's because so many of those 40+ hour games with forced straight white romances are coming from the AAA gaming industry that seeks mass appeal, aka forced pandering to the lowest common denominator... straight white people. All video games are a commodity that seek to pander to consumers; some gamers get incredibly uncomfortable when games deliberately don't pander to them, like when they put gay romance in Bioware games, so now Bioware are SJWs. 2. No one's seriously saying that. Usually it's either conservative trolls playing SJW or it's left-wingers who are so unhinged that it's not worth letting it affect you.
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    You load the video into the editor, you select the point where the video was supposed to end, you use the shortcut to split the clip, cut the latter part, and then render. That takes 5-10 minutes. You don't need a fucking team or a studio to do something so simple. Also it's clear he was aware of the mistake. I mean is it a big deal? No. But it's still unprofessional. And the fact that you're making excuses for him is pathetic.
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    Newest trailer at D23 confirmed a 2018 release date as well as a new Toy Story World.
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    Game looks really boring. Everyone's like "mental illness mental illness" . Yeah but there's hardly any gameplay
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    "There is nothing we can do that could make us worse then him." Is that their sole moral foundation? "Well, I didn't stoop lower than my delusional perception of DSP, so I'm a-OK!" Yikes. They clearly have invented a moral imperative justifying their behavior going forward, and they have a figurehead in Fred Fuch; this is becoming more of a cult than DSP's fanbase. Scary.
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    I don't mean to bring controversy, but I listened to the tacoma pre-stream and.. I think a few things need to be said. I think Tacoma is a cool game, but there's one thing many people seem not to catch, or just choose to purposely ignore for the sake of winning the debate. the problem I (and I think most anti-sjw) have with so called sjw games is not the presence of lgbtqwerty, or diverse, or whatever you wanna call it characters. I don't give a damn. no whites in a video game? whatever, it's a fantasy in form of a videogame. let them dream if that's their dream. it doesn't effect me. the evil guys in rise of the tomb raider and far cry 5 are christians? same thing, it's fiction, I don't care. when I play a videogame I just want to move the camera, point the cursor and occasionally shoot stuff of interact with objects. I don' need games to represent anything of what I am or stand for. it's so stupid. I stopped identifyin myself in entertainment products when I was 8. here's the problem I have. well, 2 actually. the 1st: I see the pandering and the forcing social/political elements in games (or music, movies, or comics) as a cheap way to get attention and gain popularity from an audience that wouldn't even cared otherwise if the creator would have just sticked to making a good game/movie/song/comic. it reached the point marvel comic writers seem to be targeting an audience that don't even buy comics in the first place. the 2nd: being told I care or I'm against diverse/minority/multicolor/vegan/hdr/native 4k/hdr people just because I'm a guy, I like the pussy and happened to be born in the same country as my parents and happened to look like most of the people in my country. so stupid. it's insulting my intelligence. I don't care if your lifestyle is not the same as mine, why would I? and even if you tell them "no seriously, I don't care. I DON'T" they say "yeah right, we know you're racist/sexyst/misogynist/4k checkerboard rendering/solid 30fps, don't try to deny it." for these reasons, enjoying games like Tacoma (and night in the woods as well apparently) once you get exposed to the sjw bullshit and their guilt-tripping tactics might be kinda hard oh and please discuss this in a civil and contructive way or I'll go complain with my friends on tumblr, get upset on twitter for a few minutes and get on with my life with a really sad expression on my face for the rest of the day (O <)b
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    Sonic Adventure fan art DSP SonicAdventure1 fan art
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    Okay let's try this again... 2010, Phil was making good money... he didn't need to constantly do plugs or ask for donations and it reflected in his work because his mind was totally focused on his commentary. Now is money situation isn't good, as we are told almost every day. So DSP is under a lot of pressure and because of this playthroughs now feel forced abecause lot of emphasis is getting by day to day. Capiche?
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    The patrons obviously.. Tho that's me being facetious. I enjoy Phil's voice work and interest in these kinds of story driven games. I personally enjoy his story driven games the most. The point is this was voted in. And at the end of Phil's first playthrough of the first game he even said he would be up for the next game if it gets voted... People saw he liked the game so naturally they would think he would like more of it. All this blaming on the patrons is uncalled for IMO when they have always been told that what they voted for will get played start to finish and no one has the right to complain about it according to Phil if you didn't vote. If you dislike it then become a patron and vote for different games.. That is what Phil has always said.. To blame the voters for this when they paid for what they wanted to see is really unfair and puts a sense of guilt on them that they shouldn't have. Then Phil's frustrated reaction IMO going so far as to outright ban genres from choices.. Then continue to blame the voters for this predicament is quite unreal to me to see :/ its not at the fault of the patrons here if other non patrons don't want to watch. He can always add stipulations.. Like no direct sequels in a row or one genre for a month.. There are lots of ideas.. But his reaction I feel waa the wrong one. And undermines the whole CHOICE aspect of Patrons Choice.. And takes power away from voters over a predicament they had no involvement in other than voting for a game for Phil to play everything surrounding that? Shold not be countef against them. Period. No Patron should feel guilty or shamed by anyone for what game they voted for.. Because it was a freedom of choice open to those who pledged money to have the right to vote. And likewise no one should be blaming them. Its not thier fault the "heavy hitter" games are on the way, or that Phil's voice is tiring out. That's not thier responsibility. The patrons aren't even demanding the playthrough be done right away. There is no reason why Phil couldn't play it on and off when there is time. I can sympathise with Phil's worries in finances and pressure with his schedule and time..but as Phil has always said uts in the oatrons hands.. But anything outaide of that isnt. But this outright ban.. I fully disagree with and gives even less incentive to pledge knowing your vote could be held against you by Phil himself or other viewers.
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    Playing games in general for long periods always affects your mental health. It doesn't matter if those people in chat are strangers or friends. That's why you take a walk, eat at a restaurant, talk to people, call your parents, etc. Pretty sure Phil does some of these things already. You know what negatively affects someones mental health? Trolling. His detractors hurt him more than any of this other shit that you guys talk about.
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    Congrats on completely, utterly spinning what I said in a completely negative light and turning it into something I didn't say, at all. You'd better watch it, because this kind of behavior is harmful and I'm not going to tolerate it. Now, let's look at the facts. Look at the Patrons' Choice winners for the last 2+ years: -Persona 4 -Yakuza 4 -Persona 3 -Danganronpa -Danganronpa 2 See the issue here? They're ALL the same style of game. Patrons' Choice is supposed to allow me to play games that normally I wouldn't be exposed to, and therefore create variety in my content. This happened with Persona 4 and Yakuza 4, but then it just STAYED on that same pattern of INCREDIBLY long, INCREDIBLY heavy narrative/dialogue-focused (meaning I have to read a TON), Japanese culture-centric games. There's no variety in this stuff, it's all for the very same group of niche viewers. Which is fine, if it happened a few times, but it's happened EVERY SINGLE TIME I've done Patrons' Choice for 2+ years running now. The point is, I'm now getting massive feedback that these playthroughs aren't appealing anymore because I've played SO MANY of this style of game, and that people are actually WITHHOLDING from pledging to my Patreon because every single time I do this monthly event reward, it ends up the same style of game wins. Just check out the Danganronpa 2 playthrough - I'm KILLING myself to do the amount of dialogue required, while we can't even get 200 people on the streams (not to mention nobody is watching the playthrough on YouTube). So this time, I'm completely barring ANY long, narrative-based, Japanese-centric games (meaning NO JRPGs and NO visual novels, PERIOD). There are literally dozens of other genres and thousands of other games to choose from; we don't have to keep beating the same dead horse here. This will make this month's goal appeal to a much wider audience and hopefully make it more appealing again. Sorry, this isn't 2012 and it certainly isn't 2015, when I started with Patreon. As I've stated repeatedly, YouTube ad revenue plummeted (not anybody's fault BUT YouTube/Google's since they fucked up so bad) and I have to keep stuff afloat with things people actually want to watch. I can't keep promising to complete 40-hour-long games that lose interest 10 hours in, take an incredible amount out of me to read all the dialogue, and are ALL for the same nice audience of 300 viewers. If you don't understand this, I'm sorry, but it's just reality: YOUTUBE fucked everything up for people like me. I no longer have the ability to just "play whatever I want" EVEN with Patreon funding, which I'm struggling to retain at just the base level of funding I've asked for over 2+ years for on a monthly basis. Now please, stop being an asshole and spinning what I said on prestream into something it isn't. It's not cool and it certainly doesn't make you look good.
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    So we all know the SoK are already pathetic losers who follow a guys every move despite wanting nothing to do with them. You can see it everyday on twitter where they nitpick every little thing Phil and his fans do and it is beyond cringeworthy. They even have this moral code about no monetizing Phil videos, as if that will somehow excuse all the shit behavior they have done up til now. There is one person called Fred Fuchs who leads the sok and is under a lot of fire right now which is why I am making this thread. Recently Fred and other SoK members began infighting and are in the middle of a lot of drama. What's important about this thread is that I want to show you guys the mindframe of the leader of the sok and how serious he takes his little group. This is a screenshot that was leaked on another website called kiwifarms where they make fun of the sok on a thread. Fred is the person in gray, he started this conversation I'm guessing after someone had called out the sok. There are more screenshots on the website if you are interested here is the link. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/darksydephil-a-logs-infighting-and-cringe-galore.17334/page-12#post-2481287 Just looking at this first screenshot though you can see how Fred views his group, he treats it very seriously whenever someone challenges his "establishment" and is able to call a hate group a "community" and take it seriously. He also misses points that the person brings up and instead tries to change the subject by making whoever he has a problem with look bad and starts to play victim. He even throws another member under the bus instead of standing with that person in order to make himself look good and innocent. It's sad how far he goes in order to protect this group and it is pathetic that he actually thinks he has a moral point to stand on after stalking dsp all this time. This person is still leaking screenshots each day and its getting worse with more and more people exposing the SoK on the forum with past videos showing how serious they take everything and how they have crossed the line multiple times even though they like to claim they do nothing wrong and people have left the "community" because of what is going on. There is a lot I didn't talk about and it shows much worse on the site with a lot of actual evidence and proof posted. Enjoy everyone laughing at them on the forum.
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    "What Remains of Edith Finch" is $20 and look how much better that game is. 10/10 scores.
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    Here is the sok overreacting to an encyclopedia dramatica page, the YouTube link also leads to a channel that is posting videos of the sok ranting against people trolling them. Crazy how hypocritical they come off.
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    Guys don't respond to the trolls, as Phil said. You're trying to reason with mental illness.
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    He pays for the majority of the games himself, so I say he has earned the right to record himself playing the game, were as some anti dsp channels steal his content without permission or payment when they place adverts on the video.
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    So funny, money can't buy this kind of cringe and fail. They're a hate group and they hate each other!
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    My personal stance is that any anti-dsp channel that uses footage of dsp's videos should not monetized the video, as that is morally stealing and by law should be classed as stealing without receiving permission, but those who don't then it's fair game even if I don't agree with the content of the video. Aside from that it's good to see some dissension in their ranks, they have gotten away with some bs over the years, I would love to see someone start a youtube channel monitoring their videos the way they do to dsp's and pointing out their crap.
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    Why did they not send in the beginning? I doubt Vaultboy, Mark Heinz and Davidson contacted Phil
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    Elitist group of reviewers? You have a seriously skewed perception of who gets review copies. Outside of the really big AAA titles it's pretty damn easy for even small channels to get free game codes for review/coverage. This is mutually beneficial; the devs get hype and free coverage for their games and the YouTuber/streamer gets viewers who are interested in the new game. Look, I have absolutely no love for game journalists (*cough* bloggers *cough*) but to pretend they are some shadowy cabal lording over the peasants with their free game codes is a gross mischaracterization of the current landscape. Reviews wouldn't be rushed if review copies go out ahead of time. Absolute last minute major patches aside, there is no reason to not do this. People who do coverage (YouTubers, reviewers, streamers, etc) have time to experience the game at their own pace and create fair coverage. Gamers get to hear and see the game right before release so that they can make an educated purchasing decision. There is literally no downside here for devs, gamers, or those giving the games coverage. Why should gamers have to wait several days? Why can't they enjoy the hype and experience of buying a game on release that they've heard is good and sharing that experience with the community? Also, if "real gamers" wait 2-3 days then who is going to be telling them if the game is good or not? No one is buying the game because they are all waiting for other people to buy it? To put it bluntly, this all sounds like sour grapes. It sounds like you're pissed that these other people get access to these games before you which hurts the demand for YOUR Day 1 content. You hate that they "rush out" content on release (or before), but when you do it, it's fine because you're a "Real Gamer" so it's different. You complain that they rush to get the reviews out as soon as possible but yet you play games on release. Why is this the case? Because in both instances getting coverage out early is crucial. It's why you don't wait 2-3 days to cover new games. Look, if you'd like I can get you started w/contacting PR for codes. It's generally very easy and amounts to putting yourself on a list and taking a few seconds every day to glance at email to see if anything jumps out at you. If interested PM me and I'll send you a few URLs/emails.
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    I know.. Virginal XD that cracked me up.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Dog you are quickly becoming one of my favourite posters here.
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    I think we shouldnt group early reviewers as one whole group. Jim sterling is a bad example, and so does TB. Permadeath is not that bad and its a short game, many other reviewers understands that. Dont worry, im sure ppl will talk abt hellblade or use it as reference for a while. U should definitely check out the feature option in the menu. It explains how they acheive the audio quality to mimic that of the mental disorder and also their understanding and impliment of it.
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    So yeah it's more then obvious you are a troll, pretty sad how much time you dedicate to making fun of Phil that you pretend to be a fan and cause drama, you should get a life or you will end up like the sok who stalk a guy and take what they do way too seriously. They are being made fun of on multiple sites right now for infighting and actually calling what they do to phil a "community" someone even debated with the leader of the sok and is leaking screenshots of the debate on another forum. this is how mentally ill the sok have become, going so far as getting rid of people in the "community" over morals when they spend every single day stalking and criticizing a guy who wants nothing to do with them. They are so full of themselves thinking that they are doing something good and moral, pathetic. Right now they are being seen as hypocrites and Phil is going to continue to play games, that's all he's doing, playing video games, he doesn't take what he does seriously unlike his haters who watch his every move.
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    Can you two take this stuff to PMs? This page looks like shit now.
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    why? isnt it a patreons choice? why care about what other ppl think when they didnt pay to vote for it? those ppl can watch normal streams which phil always alternate in between. but wutever, this is old news ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
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    PICKLE RICK New Rick and morty was legendary.
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    The watch time metric was invented to stop trash videos that use click bait for views dominate the search rankings. How is that stupid? How is it a good thing if someone clicks on your video but doesn't even watch it? How is it a good thing that people don't watch certain videos? As a YouTuber you want people to actually watch your videos. That's why that system exists. It's one of the few things that they've done right.
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    Hello Phil, the best improvement would be to make longer videos. If you search dspgaming in youtube search bar, the first things you found a lot of detractors videos, nothing about your gaming channel. How to Get More Views on YouTube 2017 from Clark Kegley 1. RESEARCH: Create Videos People Can FIND. Go to where people are fishing. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. For research I love the tool TubeBuddy. 2. Make Longer Videos Remember that the number ONE metric YouTube ranks off of is watch time! Longer videos allow your viewers to consume more of your content. 3. Upload Correctly! 4. Stop Complaining Do not get discouraged by the time it takes to grow a channel. Keep plugging along and put all your focus into creating the BEST videos you can. Enjoy the process. 5. Think Long Tail Longtail is 3+ keywords. Go after these for video titles and ranking. This is especially important when just starting out. They are much less competitive. Example: SHORT TAIL: "Journaling" LONG TAIL: "Journaling for Beginners"
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    I know this got voted in Patrons Choice but I heard the game is about 60 hours long and we just had to sit through the first one. Not everyone wants to see Phil spend so much time playing one game and I see what he means about it restricting his business, so as a Patron myself I'm gonna suggest time limits on Patrons Choice? Cos I wont be watching this playthrough for sure as the game doesn't interest me and I fucking hate watching a playthrough which is mainly dialogue. It's not fair on other fans who want to see him play the new releases I can't be the only one who finds it boring. So yeah DSP maybe the Patrons choice in future can only be games which take less time to complete say max 30 hours? What do you think?
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    http://alienboy13.deviantart.com/art/DSP-plays-Sonic-Adventure-696074095 A little late, but here you go.
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    Sonic Adventure 1 Marathon Gotta go Fast!!! Fan-art
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    I hope this thread doesn't get deleted or something just honest observation. 2010. he did it as a hobby for fun! and it showed in his Heavy Rain playthrough which was superb, he balanced witty remarks without needing to constantly say something. Now in 2017 it's business and a chore, it's forced instead of it being a form of escapism and enjoyment. Shame things can't be the same, if you haven't seen that playthrough I just strongly suggest you do. This old humor puts a smile on my face, after re watching it really does!
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    Phil to be fair.. I do not feel the comment of "adult life" and "mature up" is at all warranted here. The thread is commenting on your playthrough quality itself and speculating the reasons for the quality to determine why its dipped or improved. A creator's life and a creator's creation are supposed to be separate from the audience that consumes the creation. When people review/or have an impression of the quality of a creation they do not and should not account for the current life challenges the creator is facing at the time of thier creation. Because that interferes with proper judgment of the content's actual quality judgement itself. However, if the creator's quality has changed to a viewer they will speculate with the information they have on "why" the quality has changed instead of "what" the quality... Which brings in comments on the creators life and speculation if that has affected the quality of his or her's creations. That has nothing to do with adult life. There are many mature and healthy functioning adults that could make the very speculation you responded to because they are simply making an observation and commenting based on said observation. Unless Phil your comment is indicating you are admitting your quality has dipped from the pressures of your current life and that being mature should mean that the viewer will excuse that dip in quality due to your current hardships and stay silent on thr matter. Which to me is absurd.. And would be the opposite of being mature. I understand you constantly receive criticism along with hate from actual immature adults or those too young to be mature, but this thread is made by a most definite viewer of yours that more than understands your situation. So as it may be a reflex to react to these comments like this with this kind of answer I would advise being aware of the context on who is making the comment too. I mean no ill will towards you Phil. And I always wish you the best.. I just couldn't help but respond because I felt this response was unwarranted and non fitting. Unless you can further explain what this has to do with being an adult and maturity? As it was simply an observation on your work in trying to understand why things have changed based on thier preception of your content.. It was not a judgement on you or some form of spreading a negative perception on you. He is not saying Phil can't plug.. He is just making an observation as to what he feels may be the reason behind Phil's change in quality. At least that's what I got from it. I am sure he knows he doesn't need to attend his prestream.. But that doesn't change the fact that it is still occuring during the content of a content creator he likes to watch. There is nothing wrong with having criticisms or concerns with something you enjoy and sharing those thoughts with the community surrounding it. It can often shed light to your thought process and confirm or deny any concerns or questions. We can have a civil discussion in this. As a newer viewer of his content I have hardly viewed his old stuff.. And have just started watching some of it. There is definitely a change.
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    I disagree, but it doesnt matter anyway. The feedbacks were useless bcos he alrdy have his own answer. oh well, lets hope other good games got phils attention at least, both nintendo and non-nintendo ones. I always enjoy watching good ones.
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    We get it dude. You are massively butthurt Danganronpa 2 won. Your bleeding rectum can be seen throughout multiple threads on the general forums.
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    And? What does Phil agreeing with you have to do with people diagreeing on the whole idea? People clearly already disagreed with Phil to begin with when it came to the bans of the genres. Plus you asked us what we thought. And I felt I made some pretty clear points on the matter. Phil can do whatever he wants, but its not without consequences whether that be praise, backlash, a reaction, or the unfortunate trolling. There is no "correct" side to this issue hence the discussion.. Regardless if Phil gets the final say because as he always likes to say its not black and white right? If he wants to say his way is right and anyone disagreeing is wrong then he can.. But that would not only be black and white but unnecessary. I was of the belief that people who paid and pledged had priority since they are directly supporting Phil. If be wants to take power away from them so be it. But he cannot honestly just accept people to just take it and be silent. Its being talked about for a reason regardless what side you're on with the issue.
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    Telltale has finally announced it today in their big announcement with The Walking Dead: The Final Season BUT FINALLY
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    You know what? You guys should be telling Phil to go back and finish Nier automata. That game deserves more.
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    Why did you guys even send Phil a Switch? That thing is a paperweight.
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    Well, that explains what the haters are doing all day then.
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    As long as you aren't being accused of being one of those really itchy and uncomfortable socks that nobody wants to wear I don't see any issue.
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