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    Here's new animation for bits. I can probably make adjustments to size and length if needed. I may also make ones for subs and tips if I have time and ideas.
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    As soon as phil revealed his girlfriend the detractors have already found her YouTube channel, Twitter, and Twitch. It seems like she stopped posting since she started seeing Phil (June) so it doesn't look like it will affect much. But this is seriously ridiculous. If you hate Phil then fine. But at least leave his friends and relatives out of it.
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    I'd say this was a historic game. So many records broken tonight and it was a very clean game. Plus, the refs actually let the teams play with very few penalties and they didn't screw over the Eagles when they had 2 chances to on 2 TD passes.
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    Why did you make a second thread for this?
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    Yes i do. For someone who prides himself for game diversity, loves action rpg like dark souls series, being mature and open minded, I was expecting more from you and sadly i am very disappointed. U shrugged the game off with only 2-3 hrs of beta bcos u couldnt figure the game out from skipping singleplayer tutorial. Cant do coop with others? U can always do singleplayer. Im pretty sure from that 5 million ppl theres alot of ppl who just play on their own as well and love it. U also judged the games campaign from its previous series that theres no story, which couldnt be more wrong, and scared of putting any investment into the game and just spamming pubg streams. How can u have fun with the game if ur not willing to put investment in it? Moving forward, i hope that u will be more open minded and look at games by its quality and potential, not time investment and casualness of the game. And maybe one day u ll reconsider not only monster hunter, but many other good games u skipped just like u came back to twitch.
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    It didn't have a it's bad it's good vibe to me. And the whole video was completely unoriginal because he already did this before. I would have much rather preferred the 500 sub goal be the double episode DSP Tries it and the 550 sub goal be the new cooking series.
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    Trollng morons from Kiwifarms have been removed permanently from the forums.
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    How is any of this relevant to me not liking the playthrough? I'll make my own choices for who I watch and support thank you very much. Also my haircut has nothing to do with changing my identity.
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    Yeah but TraditionalGames you have a history of giving up on Phil and then coming back, you even changed your name and got a haircut to change your identity on here. That's the reason why I'm asking since you've been constantly let down by DSP over the years.
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    Let's test it then with a picture of the trophies from the game I've been working hard to platinum :P And there we go, images confirm working
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    and you can't fix people. Getting rid of guns is the only realistic solution but even that is an insane scenario that would take decades and nobody in America has the balls to do that.
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    In other news DSP posted a pic of his gf on his instagram
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    OH MY GOD, you're exactly the person you told me you were from the start? Actually, that's refreshing since a lot of people are dishonest with me, lol.
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    Don't like the thread don't read it. Don't like the video don't watch it.
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    I wasn't even talking to you. It's a thread response.
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    There's nothing wrong with agreeing with someone. But if you agree with them on every single thing they say then that means you can't think for yourselves. But whatever. This is off topic. No that is a common phase. You never heard of putting a thought out there?
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    peppa pig! oh shit!
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    We haven't seen it yet but hearing a lot of great things and there's been a lot of great Marvel movies recently my friend
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    I feel you. Games that involve a lot of grinding can be fun, but also a bit boring if you know what I mean.
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    This is totally off topic, so let's end the VR talk here, with my take: I was pretty much the only person mentioning Inpatient, following it and hyping it, then updating people when it got delayed, and finally talking about playing it in January. Pretty much NOBODY in my fanbase mentioned this game or asked me for it. Now that I've skipped it, I haven't heard a single person complain, nor have I heard from anyone that I missed out on anything. Sad to say, but VR is dead, folks. It was a gimmick, as these gimmicks usually go, that got overhyped by companies desperate to sell expensive peripherals and make a buck. It's now been proven that after the gimmick wears off, at least for gaming, mostly nothing is gained by "feeling like you're there" in VR. The two games that I liked it most in (the Until Dawn shooter with jumpscares and the PSVR experience pack with the Heist and underwater segments) were pretty much the most fun I was ever going to have in VR, because it was the first time experiencing it. Playing RE7 in VR was just boring and added nothing. Moving forward, unless someone proves there is a "killer app" that absolutely NEEDS to be played in VR to be experienced properly, I will not be playing any VR games. There's simply no need to, and my new interactive experience while streaming does not fit into having a heavy, sweaty headset blocking my view of my stream viewers and their interactions with me. If making videos exclusively for YouTube were still profitable, then doing VR content would still be in the mix, but sadly it's 2018 and YouTube has flushed itself into a toxic cesspool of shit content and low ad revenue. And so, that's that. Does anyone else have anything to add about my skipping monster hunter world or are we done here?
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    Yet my videos of the beta have between 500-1k views on average on each video, lower than a normal playthrough. And I was sick for 3 days, during launch weekend, so if I'd chosen to do this co-op it would have been completely ruined for those guys, as I wouldn't have been able to participate anyway. Sometimes things happen for a reason. I've seen Tolo and others play the game, it looks boring as hell. Requires tons of time investment to learn and get good at, with no real reward. Story is awful, just a facade covering a 100 hour grind of the same shit over and over. And the co-op is a chore to set up and get working on top of all that, and the #1 complaint of most people playing the game right now. Is it a bad game? No, but it's not the kind of game that I'd enjoy playing or my viewers would enjoy watching. Stop being butthurt that I chose to skip ONE big release because it doesn't suit me.
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    Wow, I guess blowing leads has become contagious as of late. Thanks Atlanta.
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    100% Super Mario Odyssey. Also playing games on a harder difficulty like he did with Resident Evil.
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    Hi Phil, I was wondering if you would you think about using a camcorder to record your tv again at some point this year to celebrate 10 years? Even if you can't find your old camcorder, I think just using the old format with your new camcorder would be really nostalgic. Thanks
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    Even Wesley Snipes hates Blade Trinity But least Blade is back at Marvel
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    I am not really into Superhero movies. But I do own blade trilogy and love that series.
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    You remember this iconic show?
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    I like to think that Canadians are all normal people. yeah
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    Jerry Jones doesn't realize he is his own worst enemy.
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    No shit, but people do have a right to arm themselves.
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    Here are this weekends box office numbers 1. 50 Shades of Shit Part 3 - $38 Million 2. Peter Rabbit - $25 Million 3. The 15:17 to Paris - $12 Million (Flop) 4. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - $9 Million 5. The Greatest Showman - $6 Million Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has passed $881 Million Predictions for next weekends Box Office 1. Black Panther (No Shit) 2. 50 Shades of Shit Part 3 3. Peter Rabbit 4. Early Man 5. Jumanji 2
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    https://www.comicbookmovie.com/justice_league/justice-league-deleted-scene-finally-reveals-supermans-black-costume-a157765 So I was in the movie Good Job Dumbass Warnwr Brothers Yes take out 50 Seconda dumbasses
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    I did so at least 4 times in the early 2000s, so I guess mankind is already quite impressive.
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    More importantly, Josh Brolin looks great as Cable.
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    Already talking shit about Justice League XD It'll be a more success than that movie anyway like the first Deadpool
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    Maybe if your channel had videos that don't take things too seriously you might get more views? Point being; They're literally not to be taken seriously and that's a good thing not a bad one.
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    I don't know about you guys, but I say Justin Timberlake delivered a kick ass half time show performance.
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    cause the video is that good!!
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    I know. I'm telling you man, trolls are pieces of shit.
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    I thought the video was funny, it was self-aware so that's why it's "so bad it's good". It was just fun to watch because Phil seemed like he had honest fun making the video
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    Monster Hunter x Street Fighter collaboration announced!
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    well tbf on the frame rate dips, it's actually because the graphics are too much for the systems to handle. If you play the game on a decent PC, there are no framerate dips so you can enjoy 60fps all the time. I'm telling you, Adabat in 60fps is a sight to behold.
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    Red Dead Redemption Kingdom Come Deliverance Far Cry 5 The Crew 2 Monster Hunter World - Releases today (Waiting for my physical copy to arrive)
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    8 Reasons Why Sony's Venom Movie Has Us Worried 1. The Writers - Scott Rosenberg, Kelly Marcel, and Jeff Pinkner. Amongst these writers are credits for such films as Amazing Spider-Man 2, Gone in 60 Seconds, The 5th Wave, Fifty Shades of Grey, and The Dark Tower. 2. Villains Are Better In Small Doses 3. Produced By Avi Arad -- The guy who fucked up Venom the first time he only wants Venom cause "Venom sells toys". 4. Venom As A Good Guy 5. MCU Will They/Won't They 6. The Long-Gestating History 7. Lack Of Comic Book-Accurate Origins 8. Sony's Track Record
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    I drew this when Phil finished Metroid Prime. I was hoping he'll play Metroid Prime 2, which is way better than the first one. :) Unfortunately, I can't edit it to remove the text. I lost the psd file.