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    Ok, so this is kinda annoying me. Why are people saying they aren't going to buy Persona Q2 just because there's gonna be no english dub? Seriously? Fuck dat shit, I'll gladly listen to Japanese dub in what should be a very fun game. June 4th can't come soon enough >_<
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    I submit this image for the prestream. Link: https://www.deviantart.com/hermano-carl/art/Ukiyo-E-Darksydephil-783239159
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    Wow! 35 times to save Stan Lee? You would expect a person like him, who knows the marvel universe so well, to be able to easily avoid trouble and save himself.
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    Hey dudes! I recently played a good ol' arcade style, horror beat 'em up game, on the dreamcast and dreamcast emulator, called zombies revenge. It might be kinda kooky for some people, but it is kinda fun and scary too. Despite the slighty clunky controls, the single player game, is alot of fun. Especially if you're playing multiplayer with others. And I plan on playing it again this week, since the last time I played it, I had alot of fun and reached past, the creepy, yet annoying mansion stage. Yep. Anyone who has played this game, will tell you about the annoying sewer and mansion levels. So have any of you guys, played the zombies revenge game? And if so, who do you guys like to play? What strategies do you guys like using, to defeat the bosses and annoying pesky enemies? PS: I'll be playing it again this week, in order to get re-aquainted, with the game. And hopefully, I beat the entire game this time. And I'll try and post, some of my tricks and strategies, for defeating those pesky zombies too.
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    Detractors in 2019. lmao Dude is still active on youtube and Twitch after years of attacks, why are you still wasting your time?
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    Did you get your name from Red vs. Blue lol Love that series
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    Hollywood sure likes to remake stuff.
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    I understand what you mean, however there are a couple of things I will clarify to you, since you took the time to put up constructive criticism, regardless if it is intended to be a taunting statement. The reason I started posting up these images on Deviantart is because I somewhat knew how the site works, archived on a specific profile, and that the link would most likely stay up, under normal circumstances. I don't have enough information about your suggested website, or if the links will go down for whatever reason. Regarding your use of the words: 'force people to go to a third party site', it does not apply to this situation. It is only forcing if you want to access the full quality image, if you don't want to, then you're free to ignore it. If I used your link, it would still be forcing people to use said link, so obviously you're implying that my intent is forcing people to get views, which is false. I'm not interested in Deviantart views; it's irrelevant to pay attention to it, specially in that website and when you're not a professional artist/graphic illustrator, although I won't attempt to change your mind, you're free to think what you will. Finally, regarding your use of the word 'begging', I don't think is an appropriate term because what I did/do does not meet the criteria for it to be begging, I just posted a link to access the image. You may want to read the definition of the word. So, I appreciate your comment, and I will take it into consideration, for this or other matters.
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    Always been a big fan of Ukiyo-e. Great job on this.
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    Other M, wasnt that bad.
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    You said that you've got emote slots open I'm no wizard with image editing but I threw this together with Gimp: dspBlind for when you miss stuff in games.
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    Mine are: Ryu Ken Chun Li Cammy Juni Juli Rose Karin Sakura R.Mika Blanka Sagat (aka Victor Sagat) Rolento Cody Guy Birdie Akuma Ingrid (cool for a new character)
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    Just started playing my favorite game today on snes which is super mario rpg. I love this game and the music.
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    Why is @musicboy the only one participating in this thread? I feel a little disappointed.
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    Shang Tsung Goro tells Kano: "He learned the black arts, from the emperor himself." That alone, explains everything.
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    Well its a commercial the trailer is tomorrow But yes
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    The first one is awesome.
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    Aye. Someone finally answered. Cool! Rose and Vega? Interesting choice. They might make, a good tag team too.
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    I'll let you know when I see some games.
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    Gaha god evening.yoy again @musicboy. Glad to aee you around agsin! How is career going for you?
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    Hello! I'm musicboy. I'm new here and I recently joined the forum. So nice to meet you all.
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    Combat? I'd definitely say, Virtua Fighter by a longshot. It has combat mechanics, and even an interactive combat system in that game, that the other 3d fighting games, still haven't done, or done properly, even up to this day. It has proper dodging mechanics, side hitting, the ability to even run under opponents attacks, moves that hit in certain directions, block breaking, and the list keeps going on and on etc. Katsuhiro Harada didn't lie, when he said that Virtua Fighter, was a huge inspiration for leading the way, of 3d fighting games, even up to this day. And everyone is still playing catch up. I'm really super curious to see, what new real life interactive combat mechanics, and fighting styles they'll implement, in the next installment.