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    Phil also used art posted in this thread that someone didn't own. I'm not sure how legally binding your fake legal contracts will be if you don't even check if the person posting has the legal rights to what they are posting. Its a really weird situation.
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    You didn't do it properly, that's because you did not distinguish between "Ninja Gaiden" & "Ninja Gaiden Black", (Maybe the people who only nominated "Ninja Gaiden Black" only would want this version because it has additional features, (it's a re-release): https://ninjagaiden.fandom.com/wiki/Ninja_Gaiden_Black). And you also messed up counting "CTR" or "Crash Team Racing", (They didn't specify, but presumably, all 5 of them refer to "Nitro-Fueled"). You also messed up with "Ghosts'n Goblins". There are 3 different nominations: "Ghosts 'n Goblins", "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts" and "Ghouls 'n Ghosts": https://capcom.fandom.com/wiki/Ghosts_'n_Goblins_(series) This is the tally of all games so far:
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    Hi Phil, I made this fanart for the chill streams, its poking a bit of fun of the streams, but its very light hearted, Hope you like it
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    furi celeste metal gear solid 1 on hard gears of war 1 on insane street fighter 5 bloody trapland
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    When you know rage stuff is coming, its a lot easier to temper your expectations and not be as upset and that even goes for when its inadvertent. Planned rage that seems authentic isn't something that works out all that well. Phil and others should keep in mind that people who vote these things will most likely either be playing games that he complains about or ones that they can needle him during to annoy and pester him so he blows up. Others will vote for games that they want him to start off and possibly play at a later date. Phil doesn't need greater control. He already has too much control as is. There are about 2 or 3 games that should have been eligible that are not in the list of games to be played here due to executive decision. People wanted it yet it is denied from the second stage of voting. It would make even less sense for Phil to pick his own nominations when he says he wants the power to be in the viewers hands. There is no way we should have events where Phil removes games AND adds his own nominations. He already also influences game choices when he talks about what people are doing on steam. I bet you this probably backfired a bit and caused Street Fighter 5 to get some bonus votes because he seemed annoyed about it being chosen again this year on stream a couple of days ago. This is a reward for people contributing so no, he shouldn't step in and change things so people will contribute. They'll do that regardless.
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    UFC online fights had 4 nominations and its a game he owns ..what happened to it?
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    Hello everyone! Please post up YOUR NOMINATIONS for my upcoming rage-a-thon event here! Games MUST BE READILY AVAILABLE (i.e. must be available on a digital platform or easily purchased on Amazon.com physically for a current console) in order to be eligible. The games that are nominated most will be collected into a final poll to be voted on here on the forums as well! This thread will remain open until approximately August 13th, or until I feel we've accrued enough nominations to make the poll! Thanks very much!
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    Phil is using the edit someone made of the drawing I did of him and Jasper. But I only posted that picture in my own art thread. Not here because I didn't intend for it to be used on a stream. All they did was write "Chill streams with phil and jasper" and add a snowflake emoji and someone Phil thinks that is transformative work and gives him full legal rights to sell the image. Its a really weird situation. Also the fact that @THPS4 is making posts in the thread and they keep getting deleted is weird. Phil posts and responds to him but also deletes his post so he is responding to nothing???
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    I'm asking this because i am frankly scared of talking about anything taboo on phils stream as he seems to ban people without remorse these days it's evident that he has a no tolerance policy for detractors stuff these days, however i have also noticed people who have simply questioned or have at least gone against phil in a simply inquisitive manner, they just ask a question at the wrong time, or maybe reference something when hes in a bad mood and i've seen some long time subs get banned for stuff like that, its definitely one of the things i don't like about phil as while he has a strong opposition towards detractors and their criticism he also sometimes has a bias and opposition towards fan criticism, plainly, he only hears what he wants to hear, and therein i think that this is a malignant characteristic of phil which i think he should maybe try and fix or at least open up to people who are his fans and listen to their criticism genuinely and with care instead of just dashing it off just because it doesn't align with his current thoughts or mindset. I am aware i am risking getting banned for this myself but i am prepared to take the risk, i only hope he and maybe other people read this and maybe might see a different side of the leaf.
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    A week ago today, my cat had a seizure. Long story short, she's stable again but I've spent $3,500 or more on her over the past 7 days. She's an old cat (18-19 years old) and this is obviously an extreme circumstance but it does happen. I've known people with young cats that have sudden, expensive medical issues as well. I'd say having at least $1,000 available for emergency expenses for a pet is reasonable. Besides the out-of-the-ordinary costs, she's not been too expensive. A good cat tree is $50 - $150 and should last for years. Litter box around $20. Can pickup random toys for a few bucks, though those tend to get lost/destroyed. I have a few beds for my cat, one of which is heated (she's spoiled rotten) and they range from $20-$50. Litter is like $25ish for a 40lb bag? Food can vary a lot. I would hope he isn't buying the crappy cheap food. My vet suggested looking for food which has the first 3-4 ingredients being meat. I would also hope he's providing at least some wet food as generally it's better for the cat even though it's a bit more expensive. As an example, a medium bag of good quality dried food is about $30 while a good canned food can be about $1 per can. Some people will have dry food always available while offering wet food 1-2 times/day to cut costs while still providing good nutrition. All-in-all, I'd say that a cat that is fed good quality food can be done for $100 or less per month depending on how much they eat. The cat should also be taken for vet checkups once or twice a year at minimum. They do take your time, money and attention but, if you can afford and properly care for it, they are worth it. This derpy ass has absolutely made the last ~18 years of my life better.
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    Given he outright deleted the thread I made about the Cat reveal without addressing any of the valid concerns that I and others made, he doesn't care about improving and seems content with his well....content. He lumps any criticism as trolling or being a detractor, it's a shame. The fact that a "lean in ban" is now a meme and a emote on the channel as if we're celebrating people being banned says it all.
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    also you need to pay $1200 for it before you're allowed to see it, and it may or may not exist yet.
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    I thought this was funny lol.
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    Okay why not, I'll nominate Fire Emblem three houses too. Not for the rage but because he might wanna come back to it and do a full playthrough. I'll only nominate it though if he plays it on classic mode.
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    Red dead 2 online (stranger missions) Kotor
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    Spider-Man: Far From Home is now the highest grossing SM movie and will be hitting $1 Billion in a few days and will be the first SM movie to ever do that
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    https://screenrant.com/avengers-endgame-avatar-box-office-biggest-all-time/ Finally Tonight Marvel has announced most of their Phase 4 Black Widow - May 2020 Eternals - November 2020 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - February 2021 (Finally gonna get the real Mandarin) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - May 2021 Thor: Love and Thunder - November 2021 (Natalie Port man returning to become the female Thor with Chris Hemsworth returning and the same team behind Ragnarok) Blade - with Mahershala Ali as the character Their Disney+ TV Shows The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - August 2020 WandaVision - Spring 2021 Loki - Spring 2021 What If? (Animation) - Summer 2021 Hawkeye - Fall 2021 They also announced their other movies but not dates like Black Panther 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Captain Marvel 2 And MCU Fantastic Four (Hopefully a good movie finally) and MCU reboot of X-Men
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    Just type "Donation" as the subject of the email and I guarantee they will always be read and never end up in the spam folder.
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    Yeah Morrowind's strong point is the modding community and the million cool mods that were made for it, including my own. Oh look, it's DownTheLever/LiteWordzz/a dozen other accounts. You're raging Nintendo hate boner is showing again, as is your continued retardation. Oh cool, now we got pedophiles.
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    It was another hot day in California. The high was 104 degrees today. Going to be another warm night and as always a pain to sleep tonight lol.
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    I knew it. How much are they paying you to not show yourself ever again in public you, scumbag?
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    I did not buy it because it does not appeal to me. The Switch has games for children, teenagers and adults. Try again later.
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    People who voted WOW should have said online enabled or with Morrowind no tips, backseating etc. those 2 will be pure disasters even if they may have potential.
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    Executive decision happened
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    My guy, one of the bad ass original Yugioh creatures. Disable or stop all trap cards, and a respecable 1 sac. 2400 attack.
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    On Phil's Instagram, why do people comment "Okay" on DSP's posts? I don't get the context of it
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    I got a tabby too. She sleeps with me everynight, sad that his is declawed. Ya pets can be expensive dry food aint too bad but you wanna give it wet food here and therr and treats cause its a pet you love ofc so the hit is a bit bigger. Then hospital and medicine bills. 100% when it gets older but it might not be ao lucky and have to go im for serious stuff while its young. But one cam hope that isnt the case. Then to add on top, phil isnt getting amy younger himself. How long for his hospital and medicine bills. I love cats got 2 but this was not a smart choice if hes that strapped for cash
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    Will he be able to finish the game during the event? I'm not sure how many games will he play, but I'll second "Hotline Miami 2", along with "Furi" of course.
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    I would prefer MGS: Twin Snakes, but it's not easy to get unless you have a Wii around. So I second Celeste and nominate Hotline Miami 1 or 2.
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    Phil has a Kitty and a Kat
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    lets not forget if the Switch Lite can play Wii games in the future it would need Joycons, Joycons cost $70, so you would be playing $270 for the switch lite, when you can buy the regular Switch for $30 more. also on the Switch Lite how are you going to share the controls?? have each person share 1 side of the screen, yeah thats a great idea.
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    I'm mad because UHF was free to watch this week, then they put it behind a paywall like the next day.
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    I speak of continued sales. This is something my example makes pointedly clear. It takes only an engagement of the community to make for a successful Merch campaign. Ie, PewDiePie selling merch based of his Minecraft series that was under two weeks old. That is how it is done. His audience was invested enough to buy merch on game the person had only been playing a short time. Why were they invested? Being part of the community as 'water sheep' was not even on the radar. but quickly taken in and adopted as a shrewd businessman would do. Here? Everything is shot down at the gate with folks banned for doing things ( frog emotes). I am actually glad you brought up the 'frog' thing. It was a bannable offense to post frog emotes and countless folks were permabanned for doing so.....until it was 'deemed okay. Do the old folks get unbanned? I'll add in the folks who got banned when mods put the chat in 'Emote Only' and got banned for spamming emotes. THIS is where one grows or fails. I chose my examples for a reason.
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    F-Zero GX Ninja Gaiden Black Contra Rainbow Six Siege Superman 64 Megaman 9 Celeste
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    Is it a skip or a watch? You could definitely be right. I just wanted to know want he meant by posting that and saying this is Phil's big chance. I have no idea about that just wanted to know how that video will lead to Phil's big chance.
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    Furi(pick up from The Burst fight) God Hand Manhunt
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    fire emblem street fighter V darkest dungeon UFC online Mario Tennis online matches CTR with an advanced difficulty (low handling) character Fortnite
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    Is there an influence to what got you into fighting games competitively? Was it a friend? Family member? Or did you get into it yourself?
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    I'm excited to see it cause of the director who made What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and Thor: Ragnarok
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    Marcel's Phase 4 so far May 1st 2020 November 6th 2020 February 12th 2021 May 7th 2021 November 5th 2021 And their Disney plus shows
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    I think Phil should give the Zero Escape games a shot. They're a bit like Danganronpa but with more puzzles - some pretty damn good ones too. i played them recently and I was addicited from the start. They just got ported to the PS4. Bit of advice: don't be afraid to skip 999 - it makes you do the same puzzles over and over and over again if you want to get all the endings.
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