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    He'll never learn. He'll keep blowing up and being an asshole to people then blame his bad rep on detractors/"slander"/context/etc. I mean, only a hater would assume you're an asshole because you call people who gave their honest thoughts on a Patreon reward "dumbfuck troll bait" and calling them "awful." S/he was not shitting on it. They were giving you feedback. You realize that negative feedback is usually as valuable if not MORE valuable than positive feedback, yes? Knowing why people aren't pledging is a damn great way of finding out how to get them doing it. As @Luckyfall was saying, s/he was considering doing both and was offering feedback as to why they aren't going to be doing it this month. Obviously you can't please everyone all the time but at least try not to shit all over or lowkey insult the people who are supporting you.
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    You guys know who you're talking to right? Phil could murder a puppy live on stream and Amityville would come up with reasons the puppy deserved it. It's interesting that you're willing to blindly believe what Amityville says with zero proof. Hmm.
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    Don't be obtuse, you know he means that people side-jacking the thread's conversation leads to long spats (or flamewars), leading to the mods to close threads. That's Trolling 101 material right there.
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    I'm not saying you are or aren't a troll. My point was that DSP gets a lot of them who make throwaway accounts. Your only posts until mine were negative which is why I said you COULD be here just to troll. That make more sense? My apologies if you thought I was saying that you were definitely here to just cause trouble. This was meant to be more of an analogy for your Twitch channel, not the forum. The point was that if someone who happened to stop by heard streamer insulting the people watching they very well could be turned away. The part about researching the store etc was a counter to the inevitable "Well if they were mature intelligent adults they would do a little research before they write me off!" Regardless, even if someone did come to the forum because they really liked your content and wanted to learn about your community and saw you ripping on people for daring to question your Patreon goal they may lose interest. Put another way, there's pretty much no positive angle to insulting your own audience (unless that's your channels shtick.) As an aside, the fact the forum is private doesn't matter. It's an extension of you and your channel. You may not like that or agree but honestly it doesn't matter; people will view it that way. If someone was nice on stream but a jerk on forums/discord/in person/whatever (not saying you here; I mean generally) then I'm going to think they are a jerk. You're right in you're follow up that the 1st 2 aren't really constructive as they are vague. We agree there. Another suggestion mentioned a few times was that they'd like you to either not use chat at all or limit it to avoid backseat gaming/spoilers/handhandholding. I'm going to lump those together as they are related to the same perceived problem (2nd playthrough being too easy.) It's that person's OPINION that the playthrough will be bland if you play through again on normal difficulty or with chat. It's reasonable to assume that someone who's playing a game for the 2nd time is going to have a much easier time of it, especially if they have chat to help. Saying it's illogical to think it would be similar or too easy isn't a fair assessment. On the other side, your opinion is that it won't be easy because you feel pretty confident that you'll have forgotten so much it'll almost be like a blind playthrough. You're arguments against it being stale (you'll be paying more attention to the story, taking your time more, won't remember much, etc) are good ones. Make those points but don't attack the people stating their opinion just because you feel it's "illogical." Moving on to other feedback, Luckyfall said he wasn't interested because he'd never seen the original playthrough so the "Redemption" part holds little value to him. I'm sure for many the enjoyment of watching Redemption runs is to see how much you've improved since the 1st playthrough. Additionally if he's not that interested in the game itself then the draw for a RR is lower and understandable. This feedback isn't invalid. It makes perfect sense and I could see why someone would feel this way, even if I don't agree with them. Luckyfall also states that he wished you were doing something completely different than you've done before like a a week of themes. Again, perfectly valid feedback. Finding out why people aren't interested in your product/service/stream/etc is valuable. Remember you have 2 main objectives with your Patreon - To keep your current Patrons happen and to attract new ones. If you keep trying different goals and nothing draws in new folks then something ain't working and it's time to listen to people who AREN'T pledging to find out why. Obviously you can't do every goal or make everyone happy but I think you get my point. Blackspawn said he prefers blind playthroughs so isn't that interested in the RR. Your reasons for why it would be very similar to a blind LP could sway him or anyone else reading who silently feels the same. Not to put too fine a point on it, but much of the feedback has been constructive or at least reasonable. The "Too similar" reasoning IS logical; many/most people who played a game a 2nd time would typically have a much easier time of it. However you have special exceptions as to why this specific playthrough would not be that way. This is reasoning to support your argument, not a fact which makes the original thought process illogical. This is getting way too long but I think this is an important point. After reading what I wrote, do you still think that people telling you WHY they goal isn't enticing, even if it's something you disagree with or something that can't be "fixed" for this goal? Do you see that seeing the same suggestions being repeated means that more people feel that way? I mean, what's worse; having 10 people with 2-3 different preferences or 10 people with 10 totally different preferences? If everyone on the 1st page all said they weren't interested for totally different reasons wouldn't that make it even harder to come up with goals that will entice them to pledge? 100% being honest and not snarky here, but do you not realize you do this very frequently on the forums? Starting posts with "Uh, no" and your love of ending a paragraph with an often lowkey "It's-not-an-insult-but-it-really-is" comment about how an idea is dumb/illogical, how now "mature adult" would say something like that, "You bought it hook line and sinker," etc. If you hate passive aggressiveness you can't be doing it yourself. These little flourishes you end your paragraphs with that are negative but often worded in a way that isn't outright insulting. As mentioned in my other post, I get that this is frustrating as hell especially when a lot of the criticism you get on the forum/stream/Twitter is from people just trying to get a rise out of you. I also understand you've got a lot of other shit bearing down on you. However you're running a business and you have to keep that in check or you drive people away. Every time you blow up like this, ESPECIALLY at your own fans and supporters, you shoot yourself in the foot. All the while, the trolls are laughing because that's exactly what they want you to do. I'll end this bloody long ass novel with a few questions. I don't actually care for you to answer it here but I want you to honestly stop, think on it and answer it to yourself. You're initial reaction will be to go on the defensive but stew on it a bit before you dismiss it: In what way does reactions like the one you first gave in this thread help your business? If someone new stops by your stream and they happen to come in while you are ranting about something, what do you think their impression of you and your channel is? What's the chances that they are going to stick around? Who's opinion on your content is more important to your success; yours or your fans, supporters, and potential fans? OK I'm done, going to bed. While I'm pretty sure I'm going to wake up to more derogatory jabs towards me and/or a ban I'll say that I sincerely do hope that you have continued success with your channel.
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    I will say however that since Phil is in a tough financial situation, lashing out at people for not being Patreons is not the best way to handle things.
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    *sigh* is it really necessary to do this? Who cares if he has a girlfriend or not? He shouldn't have posted this picture. It's like saying oooh look at me and my pretty girlfriend with straight red hair and slender body. Just get back to playing video games already and keep personal life out of it.
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    So what? I made my argument and backed it up with valid points. Phil is entitled to his opinion just like you and me. Have you ever heard the phase "agree to disagree"? Because from your attitude it seems like you think it's "disagree to disagree"
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    A random idea I had which could add flavor to the stream as well as gain the interest of those who are worried a re-play would be too easy or more of the same. Feel free to adopt/evolve/ignore as is you please: Play the game with no chat, barring tips/subs/etc. Whenever you get stuck, want a hint, etc., you do what Snake would do; call HQ (chat.) You tune your radio to 8008.5 (open chat) and ask for assistance which chat gives (or trolls...) However, calling on chat has a price. There are a few options here, but one could be that you randomly draw from a pile of cards that have an effect you MUST follow. Some off-the-top-of-the-head suggestions: - Must talk like Snake for 10 minutes - Not allowed to use any rations until you die - Every sentence you say must end with "So sayeth his High Holiness, Lord Kojima" until you silently knock out 10 guards. - Only allowed to use fists for 10 minutes - Must play with controller upside down for 10 minutes - The next 20 sentences you speak must somehow relate to the Super Baby Method.
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    And just who are these people in the thread exactly? WOOF is/was a Patron and stated why s/he didn't like it, so not him/her. What about Meteo? He's got a lot of posts and a quick glance at his post history shows him defending you. Are you claiming he's just here to spread negativity or shit on your ideas? Luckyfall? Is he not actually a sub? I honestly don't know. If he's just some troll who says he's a sub but isn't then fair enough. Either way, he wasn't an ass and did mention s/he'd prefer to see some of the stuff mentioned in the ideas thread. Floyd (OP) said he didn't want Demon Souls or Blooborne (he did say he'd like to see Bloodborne DLC), but did say he'd like to see Fan Appreciation or drunk CoD w/hot mics. It's not like he just shits on every single goal without giving suggestions or is a prick about it. Blackspawn is/was another Patron, also said he wasn't a fan while giving feedback to make the idea more appealing to them. He also gave a suggestion on what WOULD make the MGS run more interesting for him. Is his/her suggestion so outrageous that it MUST be a troll? So that leaves PelvicThrust and Upperclause. Low post counts, not Patrons, gave negative feedback, quick glance at post history shows mostly negative. Fair enough, could very well just be people trolling or just being jerks. So that's what, 2-3 out of 7 who are possibly just trolls and/or are just generally negative. Yet you pulled out the shotgun and blasted everyone. Even Nich who likes the idea gave feedback similar to what the "haters" said regarding chat/advice. Are you really, honestly this blind to why your reaction was over-the-top and made you look like an ass? You shat on multiple people who support you in various ways just because 2 (maybe 3) people are potential trolls. Look, I get it. You're under a load of pressure and you legitimately do have trolls who do nothing but give you shit. You feel like life has it out for you & nothing goes your way even when you do the right things. I've no doubt that feeling like you're under a microscope 24/7 would wear anyone out. Every piece of negative feedback could just be a troll being an ass. However you've got to get ahold of your temper and your tongue. Imagine if YOU were a Twitch Sub or Patron of someone and they called you an "awful turd troll" just because you spoke at the same time some actual trolls did; lumped in with bad actors for daring to voice your disagreement. How forgiving would you be, especially when the follow up to being insulted was "Well you're in the minority so your opinion doesn't matter?" How is your business, your reputation, and your financial situation being helped by going on these rants and insulting people? If you walk by a store and see the owner screaming at a group of people because 1 of them stole something, how likely would you be to give that store your business? Would you give him the benefit of the doubt, read up on his situation, do a bunch of research and drop by the store again? Or would you simply keep walking to the next store 10 feet down the sidewalk? For what it's worth I'm not arguing that a MGS Redemption Run is a bad idea. My point is that people do have legitimate criticisms even if they are surrounded by a few trolls. There was a right way to address this criticism but this was not it.
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    Well it's a shame the servers are going down, any other time this would have made sense, but I have an idea for something as the December Patreon goal that would happen in January that would blow this out of the park. I currently have no plans to play a Souls-style game in January, at all.
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    Your vocabulary says different dude. Just like I don't have to know every facet of a person's life to know if they're an idiot or not, I know when a man (or boy) says statements like "You have to jump back on that horse because the power of pussy", is talking from a very limited perspective. Chivalry has defiantly fallen but still holds weight to women who have some sort of self respect in 2018, and the rest of the stuff you said was just pure projection. Where did I say Phil or anyone else for that matter should just sit and lay idle hoping for another chance to get back with their exes? Nowhere! Obviously you don't know what I'm talking about when I say "play the field" which is another sign of your inexpierence on the subject. Play the field means go out, see what's out there, mingle and talk to women, even have a couple of one nighters if thats your thing to get over the previous relationship, but after a long relationship + engagement very rarely is a man going to jump into another serious relationship in a mere 2 fucking months dude. As I said before, this all varies, I just haven't seen it too often unless somebody was already cheating or trying to quickly replace something they had, which is never the right move. Now if you think Phil was cheating somehow even though he never leaves the house and only has social interactions over the internet, then thats on you. But to you personally, yeah dude, you reek of inexpierence. Nothing wrong with that at all, just know your opinion on relationships is limited and people should know that when reading your post. But I feel like we are going off topic, should focus back on Phil please.
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    No, I take people being harassed seriously. Especially people outside this DSP community who didn't really do anything wrong. If detractors groups find out who she is and start antagonizing her and her family, the blame is fully on Phil.
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    Well now you know the kiwi picture someone put up on here a while back was fake. Probably not a good idea to assume anything that comes from there is real. Still, wtf is he doing. His hate base will find out who she is and start harassing her. Leave these relationships off the internet. Christ.
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    True but IMO 3% isn't that big of a deal. Even people who pledge $50 will only need to pay an extra $2. How on earth did you arrive at that conclusion?
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    NO! Phil should keep it private, he said that he may include her in some of his future videos, BIG MISTAKE.
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    LMAO the Giants fired Ben McaDouche.
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    You are exactly the kind of fan Phil doesn't need. The white knight who'll blindly support whatever Phil does no matter what. You make him feel good in the short term, but ultimately end up killing him. What Phil needs right now is criticism, suggestions for improvement, not blind praise. But it's clear you think Phil's doing fine despite the fact he may lose his house, is only staying afloat because of fans giving him money, and has to work constantly to make a living. So go on, keep enabling him. Keep telling him everything's fine and he doesn't need to change. It'll be your fault when he loses everything.
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    But seriously guys, its Thanksgiving. Today is the day not to bicker back and forth, and its not the time to spend on these forums while food is being cooked and your families are getting prepared for a feast. Today is to appreciate having friends, family, and significant others all close by and be under one roof to celebrate each other. Some people are spending Thanksgiving alone with no home cooking to feast apon, no friends to speak of or family within a 1,000 miles, will stream and talk about problems that they refuse to take any blame for, and instead of being thankful for the very lucky position they've been in for the last few years, be ungrateful and demand more from the only people that are willing to open there wallets for them. I challenge you guys today to get up off the internet, go help your family or significant other, and go help make the stuffing or prep the table. Don't sit on these forums and bicker about petty issues that really aren't your problems to begin with. Even if you're not in America, show how appreciative you are to someone out there. Appreciate life, and appreciate not fucking over or upsetting enough people both on and off the internet that you spend the holidays completely alone. Cheers!
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    Fans like to talk about what the person they followed do. Admit it, phil talks alot about money. I like MOBAs and monster hunter. But i got no fans, noone gives a shit. Maybe if phil talks about upcoming games or games in general more then his fans would talk about games more as well.
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    The word "only" jumps out so fierce when I read this I had to respond. Only $500 - $800? For someone that is in debt and currently in dire financial straits, that is a lot of money. That statement, along with you just realizing certain things you've been paying for for years and not needing means that you're lifestyle needs severe adjusting. You need to sit down with a financial advisor quick. Honestly DSP, I have no clue how you're "broke" and been claiming you've been broke for years now dude. I won't put your numbers out there just out of respect of you and your finances being private, but I can calculate the total you've received from Patreon, Twitch, and to a wide estimate, YouTube as well. DSP there is no way 35 year old male, single, no kids, no big vices that we can tell, no friends, you don't go out ever, never take trips, you go out to eat but it aint like you're going to steakhouses everyday... like unless you're literally throwing your money into the fireplace, I can't see how you can honestly be really broke by that standards that you're advertising on video and social media. Unless you're just saying your broke for more sympathy money, but I don't picture you like that kind of dude. I think you're just living a lifestyle that you can no longer afford and haven't adjusted to your recent income decrease. And when you won't budge to make an effort to free up half a grand or more, that says everything. Please don't insult me or scold me if you think I'm being naïve, I'm just stating my opinion, and if I don't know the full facts then I apologize, but I just know soooo many people who can survive comfortably off of half of what you make with way more issues and bills than you have.
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    First off, it's great that you don't understand how making a living works. If I'm struggling to barely pay my bills, chances are that taking away from doing things that can keep the bills paid aren't a good idea. If I only did things that didn't make me money, I would lose my house, lose my income, and wouldn't be able to put out any videos at all anymore. Mature, adult logic needs to be employed here, but sadly a lot of people still live in fantasy worlds. Now regarding if I enjoy reviews: I already review games when I'm playing them. In the credits of every playthrough and/or final part of the series, I summarize my thoughts. I don't give number scores, but I do touch upon the positives/negatives, say if I think it's as good as another game in the same series, etc. When I make "formal" reviews, I'm technically reviewing the same game for the second time, summarizing my points into one concise video and showcasing video clips to back up what I'm saying. But a ton of it is just busywork and repetition. Do I enjoy playing games and giving my honest thoughts about them? Yes, absolutely. Do I enjoy taking 8 hours after I'm done with the game to take the thoughts I've already expressed before, re-record them and add then scour 10+ hours of video footage to find video clips to back up what I'm saying? Hell no. That's gruntwork, it's not creative or intelligent at all, it's boring and not fun for me. The reason you see "big gaming YouTubers" doing their formal reviews is simple: they're not long-form Let's Players like I am. They either don't want to be, or they simply cannot hold the interest of an audience long enough to have them watched being played the entirety of a game from start to finish. So when they're releasing their "formal reviews" it's the very first time they're sharing that info with the public, and the first time the public is seeing that gameplay/info in sync. It's very much NOT that case for me, at all. Your entire post is, quite frankly, incredibly misguided and borderline a blatant insult. I don't do DSP Tries It because "I like to eat bloated fast food full of salt and preservatives." Half the time, I don't even like what's in the food. I don't ONLY do things to make money, but money is always a concern when you do this for a living. Perhaps you could learn some manners before you make dumbfuck posts like this again? Thanks.
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    The New York Giants: Professional Football's Sent…:
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    I agree doing co-op with her but leaving facecam off would be pretty cool. Not sure how the two having voicechat would work except maybe during Ask The King? That could be something. And yeah, we know how far a certain group went when it came to messing with Phil. Even if they're gone it doesn't mean someone else won't do it.
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    I'll never get the facisination ofvwalkingvaround IKEA. Yeah it's big and is neatly modeled. But if you bought anything from IKEA you're guaranteed two things: Anything more complex than a lamp will start breaking on its own in 2 years and the instructions are going to be impossible to decipher. Not how is spend my vacation, but if you're not into football Sunday and you and your girlfriend are planning on living together it's a nice virtually "free" date. I find it hilarious, I don't see the big deal.
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    What was he meant to do? Sit around crying like a cuck? You can sit around feeling sorry for yourself or jump straight back on the horse, that's the power of the pussy. As for this "Phils only leaking stuff about this girl to make money" I'd like that one explained. I don't see any 'my new gf' shirts on teespring or 'my gf's face stretch goals'
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    No Offense, but I don't think you actually read our posts to understand why we are being Critical about this. Calling it Salt is a gross misrepresentation.
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    You have a new girlfriend Phil. Neat. We've all known since how long now? Stop trying to impress us and use her as troll bait. It looks bad. Some people already think you're using her to get money and support. You said before she doesn't want any precense on the internet. Keep it that Way. Keep her away from the lens, and keep her out of your mouth. Just advice.
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    Yeah but he introduced the girlfriend as some sort of plot device. Like this woman is the reason he wants to keep everything going the way it is. That is the whole reason there were trolls in the first place. The timing of announcing her existence lined up with all of these money issues. Please Phil If you read this just stop mentioning her every moment you can unless you intend to play games with her co-op. It's unnecessary to use her as donation fuel. Your game playthroughs should be what keep people supporting you not this random girlfriend.
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    Is everyone forgetting that Patreon is a business? The taxes and price increases suck, but Patreon needs to make money and spend some to do what they do. Its like everyone who gets pissed at Paypal for taking a cut and even taxing. Understood concerns, but its still a business like everything else. And business have their own costs.
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    Nicholas, if you can do the maths, 5% of most Patreon donations which are <$5 - doesn't make up even half the deficit.
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    You made a conscious decision to present yourself similarly to another poster. Your avatar is exactly based on their avatar, for instance, so it goes beyond a name. It's not out of line for an established participant in the social environment like KGhaleon to take notice. Having interacted with KGhaleon before, his intentions clearly aren't a manipulative "I don't like this so I'm gonna get the mods to shut it down," but more an earnest "uhh, why are you presenting yourself as if you're this other dude?" Especially because it makes one wonder. You're not new here, you had to have some familiarity with the forum's social group in order to know who to mimic and how. So, what of your previous account(s)? That's rhetorical, but you have to have been aware the way you present yourself would draw attention with concerns like that. I don't believe the topic was purposely derailed either; it's in human nature for discussions to go in new, sometimes unrelated directions. But I have no desire in furthering this sidebar.
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    This limited edition cereal debuts this month on the 11th. Do I need to say anything else?
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    Okay I'll take the bait, Dogs are better than Cats, block me!
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    I would like to congratulate Phil on his 2000th post on the forum, HIP HIP HOORAY!!!.
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    Yeah agreed. Not a fan of Souls games either. Anyways I'm not sure what the online component in Souls games is but would it basically mean it's unplayable once the servers go down or just things not working as intended like the one boss you mentioned?
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    What charity? I don't know about you, but last time I checked Phil was nkt a charity. He's just a man who made a string of poor decisions and is now paying for it. Yes, he needs the money there's no question about that. What people are criticizing is his decision to ask the fans to pay his debts for him. There's a difference between supporting him and bailing him out.
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    He has no extra money to save over the past three years because of false copyright strikes and losers uploading his vlogs with slanderous titles to falsely make him look bad.
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    Here is something worthwhile.
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    Happy thanksgiving. I also helped my family cook.
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    Who cares at this point, sick of hearing about money already!
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    I got Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy today both for $20 each
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    Where you around for the entire move to Twitch? Let me break it down: Phil was on Twitch until a guy named Ray_Arnold came and told him to lower his bitrate. Phil thought he was being mistreated even though it was a rule that everyone on the Twitch platform followed, so he left 250 subs and his Twitch Viewerbase for YouTube streaming with a terrible, terrible IRC chat. For two entire years fans begged him to go back to Twitch and he outright refused because of some moral standard he set in place for himself to follow as a content creator that he later completely abandoned. In the meantime Twitch implemented so many features that the streamer could greatly profit from its platform and Phil is on record for shading microtransactions and the Amazon implementation on Twitch... Until one day, actually around this time to the day last year, YouTube was outright trash for getting people to view his streams, everyone was on Twitch, and Phil was barely getting 200 viewers per stream to watch. Not to even mention that god awful IRC chat that Phil would often ridiculously state was "better" or "on par" with the Twitch chat. Phil switching to Twitch was more of a necessity than following a fan decision at that point. Phil doesn't follow suggestions unless there is a massive profit he can make immediately or he's forced into doing something because of finances. Phil rarely takes the fans suggestions into consideration, but when he does, it always been better for him than worse.
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    FUCKING YES!!!!! Lets remember who the fuck this guy really is. Fucking nobody, bye Charles Manson.
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    Infamous serial killer, Charles Manson has died at 83.
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    Hello.i joined these forums to reply to the comment you made about the discord. and perhaps even open a line of communication for anyone who has any questions. firstly i would like to say that Iamkurla the original creator of the discord is no longer affiliated with the DSP viewers symposium . 'the name given to the server ' it would be unfortunate for him if people started to wonder why posts like the above are tolerated and have his reputation as a fan of dsp put into question . perhaps i may also be able to alleviate some fears some of the users have been expressing about some kind of SOK style group reforming , simply put that is absolutely not the case . saying typical DSP memes like "buged mechanics" are harmless and have been happening forever . our group was formed and endorsed by Phil him self at one point he even mentioned it in a pre-stream. a public invite was given in the chat and many people joined. sure some may have been branded as detractors and banned from the twitch chat but let me assure you that no discussions of actions to be taken against Phil will be allowed in any way. we are a mixed bunch and what is considered acceptable in the chat has adjusted as we find our place in the community . the general vibe among our users is that they feel it is more relaxed and that that is a good thing. and for something perhaps less formal than the forums consider checking it out . i wont respond to the "disgusting people" part aggressively and i will let it slide because you hadn't heard from us before. for anyone who may even be interested in joining you can pm me and i will invite . i would add a link here but could be considered rude and i am not sure about the rules of posting links.the moderation is fair and discussion is often more interesting if you talk to a person who does not share the same opinion as you. thank you for reading -Lord palpi
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    I don't like that money is his only Motivation more then half the time. Like, its only really a good idea, if there is profit. Anyway beating that dead horse, the real question is....does he even truely WANT to do Reviews? Because if he enjoyed doing it, the views, work and revenue wouldn't be an obstacle, he'd do it cause he likes it, like DSPtries it. Does he just like doing it, or does he do it for clicks and cash? Cause....its not like its educational to tell us about Fastfood that you can just get anywhere, and how unhealthy it is when pretty much all fastfood is bloated with salt and preserves....and tell us while eating it himself. Eh, just 'food' for thought.
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    How about a goal to bring back reviews, Phil Reacts, and countdowns as vlogs. As long as the goal stays above $1250 pledged Phil can produce 3-4 vlogs a week. One being the WIP and the other 2-3 can be whatever comes to mind be it a review, Phil reacts, DSP Tries it, or a countdown.