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    Look at The Room, that movie is famous for being bad and having horrible acting. It makes millions because people loved that trainwreck. I always saw similarities between that and Project 7. Had it been completed and been a full DVD it might've gone down as the most horrible video game movie of all time. That would have been amazing, but it didn't happen. And then Phil asked for money to work on P7, and he instead put that money and the money for the better camera toward other things and did gaming marathons. Looking back though, it was already dead without Rambo and the others. They made the whole thing stick. I doubt Pandalee would've added anything to it.
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    Yes, it's not that hard to believe these women would risk their reputation for this. The media and social media treat them as heroes despite having no real evidence. Guys reputation is being dragged through the mud and there's nothing he can do about it.
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    Man, I wish more good things like this would happen more often.
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    OP asked for it and so it shall be locked.
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    Both sides said something different, so clearly one side is lying or misunderstood. Since nobody here really knows the truth or had any involvement I choose to forget about it since there's no point speculating. P7 is still dead.
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    DAMN!!! So that's how it went down. I'm so sorry Phil you had to endure that. I hate it when people do shit like this.
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    Because, as I said, I was told by them that they didn't want money. And I was told they were too busy with life and other things to work on Project 7 anymore, and wanted to make a change of direction with their YouTube channel (Which they did, doing Portuguese-language Let's Plays after Project 7 ended). I was NEVER told that money was a factor, at all, and would have gladly discussed this if it were brought to the table. It never was. My willingness to openly pay someone else to work on the series is proof enough that I had no problem paying people for hard work. Simple: because when it started, I thought we were doing it for FUN. It was like a group of great friends getting together to make something awesome. It wasn't about "Business" at all. Money was never a real factor, which is why I ended up spending far more money on props for Project 7 than profit that I ever made on the videos. I just wanted us to do something completely different from "gameplay" that could maybe grow into something better. Sadly, it seems like that wasn't the case for everyone, and people weren't honest up-front, which led to people being disgruntled over time. Truth is, when Rambo was angry about that situation, we talked about it. I apologized and explained my true meaning, because it didn't come across that way from things I'd said online. We hashed it out and supposedly it was water under the bridge. Then he brought it up OVER THREE YEARS LATER in that video, acting like we'd never talked it out and had the conversation about it. It was completely unfair, and complete bullshit. It really showed John's insecurities, because it wasn't like I hadn't apologized for it already, and for him to bring it up again and not mention that I had was just completely and utterly dishonest. I agree, they both totally held shit in and then just unloaded in 2015, after I'd moved across the country, and they probably felt that an ongoing association with me couldn't benefit them anymore. That video wasn't an attempt to "Reconcile" as much as an attempt to say "okay, we're done with you but don't want to look like villains, so let's act like victims" when in reality, it couldn't have been further from the truth. For the millionth time: it's the complete opposite. I was the one WHO WAS CALLING AND TEXTING JOHN after I moved. He'd completely stopped talking to me altogether after a period of about a year, with zero explanation, and he stopped returning my texts. I asked him repeatedly if something was wrong, and he's say "no, nothing" until finally he just stopped replying altogether. So he lied to me for an extended period of time. THEN he decides to make the negative with with Howard, and outright lies, saying I'd stopped contact, to make ME seem like the villain. "The lines are open" is complete bullshit, because he'd ignored my attempts to talk numerous times before the video was made. You don't get to ignore me for a year, THEN make a video to unload on negative shit you'd never talked about before, then expect I'm going to contact you AGAIN to try and beg forgiveness or something. John and Howard had my contact info when I moved, and never, EVER reached out to me. I always had to reach out to them, and they stopped responding. Their story in that video is complete and utter bullshit, and always has been. They made it to once-and-for-all sever contact with me, after seeing me get DDOS'ed, DOXXed, SWATed and having the worst year EVER when it came to my public reputation, but they spun it like THEY were victims. In reality, with the amount I'd involved them in my projects, gave them exposure, and PAID THEM to be in my stuff, reality couldn't have been further from the truth. But it's all water under the bridge now, and I really couldn't care any less about repairing the friendship that they destroyed.
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    People losing their minds today over this political shit show. Kavanaugh didn't really represent himself well today though Ford is an obvious con, democrat activist who never brought up these allegations all those years that he was a judge. Democrats trying to delay until November so they can hopefully take over the senate and stop anyone associated with the conservatives from moving in.
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    Hello DSP. Few things: Why do you seem to do everything you can to avoid growing as a gamer? You try to rush through every single game for example. You don't pay attention to pop-up in-game hints and then when you get to a spot and don't know what to do, you insult the game as if it was the game's fault you ignored information. Then you sloppily speedrun through every game, regardless of the game's genre and the pacing it requires to play it properly. You blame everything on bugs and glitches also. You never seem to enjoy yourself while playing the games you play and you constantly mock and ridicule the games while you're playing them, calling them "stupid" and "dumb" billions of times, yet when you finish the game and review it you glowingly praise the games 99% of the time. I get a very strong feeling that you only play these games because "it's your job" and you have to do it to get paid at this point. You just boorishly rush through brilliantly made video games, avoid enemies, spend in-game currency recklessly so you end up stuck at the end of the game with weak armour and/or weak weapons, you rush through everything trying to get to the end so you can cross another "playthrough" off your list and add to your channel. It's craziness. So essentially I'm wondering: why do you even bother anymore? You play the games stupidly to the point that you constantly look up the guides (defeats the whole purpose of a playthrough), you speed through avoiding all bonus content, enemies and gameplay appreciation, you complain constantly about the camera even though you usually have full control over the camera and can change it when you feel like it. I just don't get how a grown man who gets paid to play video games seems to do very little growing and progressing as a gamer. You still do the exact same stuff that you did in your old 2012 playthroughs. Why are you still doing this? You're bad, you block people, turn comments off, hide like/dislike ratios, refuse to grow and complain CONSTANTLY.
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    at least you can still buy the horse armor DLC for Elder Scrolls 4.
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    Oh and RIP Telltale games.
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    Sony has went full retard
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    You could also stream directly with the PS4's streaming feature. You have less control over the quality and layout but it's a good alternative if you can't afford a capture card. Edit: Oh, and you can also use remote play to stream the PS4 and then stream that with OBS/Xsplit, Though if your internet isn't great you may need to use a really low bitrate.
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    It actually has more views Than Civil war and Black Panther its gonna do huge with The Women demographic cause there's barely any Female Superhero movies That's why Wonder Woman was huge (also it was great) Same for Incredibles 2 with Elastagirl being the main character
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    You will need a capture device for your PC. It can be external (such as via USB 3.0) or internal (such as a capture card you install directly into your PC). My setup is as follows: -PS4 uses HDMI out -HDMI out cord goes into an HDMI splitter -One output from the HDMI splitter goes to my TV -The second output from my HDMI splitter goes to my external capture device, which connects to my PC via USB 3.0 -OBS detects the external capture device as a video feed with audio, and allows me to capture/stream it Pretty simple. Then of course, you'd need a mic and webcam for the PC as well.
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    Its not gonna get a sequel lol especially with it being very bad and its more than likely will flop Fox ruined this film by messing with Shane Black 1987 Predator will always be the best
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    Get them delivered dude it's far more convenient then going an overcrowded shop. Use technology.
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    Doesn't Amazon do this in Seattle? I think they did it before they bought Whole Foods, tho I may be mistaken, surely with the WF acquisition they should be really doing some cool stuff by now.
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    Sorry about your financial situation phil. heres some fan-art to cheer you on.
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    Made something real quick for tonight. Based on this
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    Clench your assholes its Zombieee time
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    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, MDC here to give you guys a special video game review after taking several months to beat a game that I personally consider to be Rockstar's best game, Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar is highly well known for its Grand Theft Auto franchise in which people roam around and act like complete asshats. While I was growing up, I had to deal with kids within my age level brag about their idiotic experiences playing GTA and insulting me and my family for not allowing me to experience mature rated content at a very young age. Good thing I did wait because I would've become asshats like they did. Anywho, Red Dead Redemption is a video game that takes place in the Ol' Wild West. The main character is John Marston, a former outlaw that is being blackmailed by corrupt law enforcement officials to go out and hunt down his old gang. Throughout the course of the game, you get to see the development of Marston's character whether its meeting new people throughout the course of the story, stopping random crimes in the process, eradicating territories filled with criminals, and of course my favorite side mission, bounty hunting. You can also free roam (which is an awesome experience), help strangers in distress, collect wild flowers, hunt wild animals (i.e. cougars, buffalos, deer, wolves, elk, bears, birds, etc.), get new wild horses, herd cattle, play poker, horse shoes, five finger fillet, and arm wrestling. And of course, like all Rockstar games, you can go around and act like an ass, however, your action can give you either negative levels of fame and honor or positive levels of fame and honor. The story, cast of characters, voice acting, depth of side content, free roaming, and of course the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. This game does the western genre justice. Playing this game gives you a great experience of the old west and makes you feel you are watching a western movie. Growing up, I loved watching western like re-runs of the Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Gene Autry Show, old John Wayne westerns, some Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, and my personal favorite western film, Tombstone, starring Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton, Kurt Russel as Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday. This game is a high recommendation and I hope it gets a sequel. Score: 10/10