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    Jeez man, you living in the past or something? Forum has been dead for years. Only some of us stuck around to shitpost. Everybody knows the forum has always been a troll heaven and people come here all the time to start shit, so the only people you'll ever see getting banned are the extremists that most of us just ignore these days. It's 2018 and people still think DSP drama is relevant.
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    So he mentioned on Twitter that if he pulls the plug on YouTube and goes full Twitch that he won't even leave the streams up as a highlight. Is this for real? If I can't make the streams everyday I won't be able to catch up? What is even the reason for that? It'll only piss people off. BTW uploading the two videos from the stream IS NOT WORK!
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    I truly think its time for Phil to realise his dream.. he told us what it was ... a restaurant. Ladies and Gentleman, how are you all doing... welcome, welcome, welcome tooo.. BURNELLIS - A homely authentic Italian in the heartland of Renton, WA - A DSP Restaurant. I have had a few thoughts , tell me what you think. --------------- MENU Appys Selection Of Cheese - Finest cheese obtained from the cheese section in Costco (maximise profit here) 12 Nonnas Homemade Meatballs - Our owners tried and tested meatballs in secret homemade sauce.. (small plate) 10 Olive Bowl - A selection of olives. - 8 Ravioli mushrooms - Hand picked mushrooms in a bowl of the finest Ravioli - 23 Traditional Marinara (store bought to save time and maximise profit - different from nonnas) - 12 Mains. Traditional Marinara served with Penne - As a main again maximise profit from Americans who dont understand true and honest italian cooking. 24 Eggplant Penne - A mix of Penne with eggplant - 28 Veal - Finest Washington state veal served with Penne 30 Italian Sausage - Served with Penne - 20 Nonnas Homemade Meatballs - Served with Penne and special secret "nothing i could do'' Sauce 35 ... Decorating the walls will be photos of Phil during his prime fighting days, photos of him shaking hands with all the big name FGC members back in the day. photos of him in action from twitch. Memorable kill shots in games.. the time he won in PUBG.. that sort of thing. Behind the bar will be his 4th place at Evo trophy. Pride of place. Next to it can be his sub button ornament that Youtube send out... and a signed twitch tshirt. I was thinking about what Phil could do. He would (obviously) be the owner, checking on guests shaking hands, reminiscing about his time on Youtube, how he butted heads with the biggest names in the FGC, making sure the food was good. Greeting and welcoming VIP guests and subs (ill get to that) Kat can be the pastry chef, you'll note i didnt include any in my menu.. ill let her design her own menu. .Tips are absolutely not included in the price. Everyone will have the opportunity to throw a quarter into a jar by the door, this allows 1 question of the Restaurant manager about his past. You can sub to the restaurant, this doesnt really do anything other then a welcome as you enter and we will give you a nice paper crown after every visit. once you hit 12 crowns we will provide you a plastic crown.. this allows for an extra meatball to come with your order of meatballs. Children not welcome, this is an adult only venue. I know its Phils ambition to make his restaurant a reality, ive just thrown some ideas together that i know could be a success. Not only will it secure his future, he can be his own boss and hire people creating jobs. Best part the whole thing have a camera showing the restaurant, kitchen so it can be an IRL stream on Twitch - maximize income. Let me know what you think.
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    Not sure how much you know about the internet but streaming is a form of downloading. The data has to go into the cache for you to play it and still need a download speed to do so. Or you were trying to be willingly obtuse.
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    I'll tell you one thing about short videos. They're digestible. With Phil I don't want to waste my bandwidth downloading a three hour fucking video if I'm not feeling the first few minutes. So his shorter videos work for me. I can skip ahead easily and the videos are named, so if something catches my eye I can easily skip ahead to something I like the sound of.
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    You couldnt make me mad if you tried your hardest. I was laughing at Woof's comment.
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    Absolutely agree with you Nich. As someone who works 9-5 EST M-F and gets home about 7PM EST, I miss Phil's 1st stream always on the weekdays and it's a formality but I rely on the youtube videos to catch up on the parts. If Phil chooses to do away with Youtube and not leave the streams on twitch, it essentially blocks me from viewing his content because tuning in for just 2 hours for the night stream or the weekend stream(He streams only on Sundays with rare exceptions for Saturday) in the middle of a playthrough that developed from the weekdays would have me lost in the midst of a playthrough. What this will essentially force me and others to do is to rely on the TIHYDP route if there is no way to keep up with a playthrough or to see DSP content and essentially just watch a highlight/lowlight recap of the playthrough. This will only boost up the views for TIHYDP's IMHO and unless Phil can strike the iron first by either paying or having someone do the montages for free like they did last year, this might not be a very wise decision. I am just one person but I think there are similar people maybe not exactly in my scenario but will look to go to easier content to digest if Phil shuts down his Youtube channel AND does not have archives available. BTW who asked for 90 minute videos? I think 30 minute videos are just fine personally speaking, that is in between the 10 minute short videos DSP used to put out. 90 minutes is too long to even view on my PS4 for Youtube.
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    I would pay to make sure that not only does season 6 NOT happen, but seasons 1-5 get erased from humanity entirely. Can you believe they put the series finale of Regular Show unceremoniously smack dab in the middle of a Teen Titans Go marathon? Those contemptuous cunts at Cartoon Network, fuck them all. I don't hate the show, I hate the disgusting special treatment it receives.
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    RIP. Thanks for the Metalocalypse, Jon.
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    Peeps still play this game?
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    Awww... cute little monkeys. Word of advise, improve on your grammar and typing.
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    They are Season 3 is coming on their streaming service too I'm more excited for that then Titans Cause that's not being developed by the Batman and Robin writer
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    I never did a single negative thing toward you. I didn't report you anywhere. I didn't throw you under any bus. What I did do, was repeatedly tell you NOT to go to Kiwifarms and keep stirring shit. And that's exactly what you did, over and over and over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER because you have absolutely no self control whatsoever. YES, the people at Kiwifarms have done horrible things to many people, but YOU were the one who constantly went over there and instigated shit on a regular basis. Everyone else was able to just ignore the nonsense, but not you. I have absolutely nothing to do with your Twitch ban and I don't know anything about it outside of what you publicly stated. The fact that you've twisted the situation into some insane conspiracy theory against me says one thing: you need help. And you should seriously seek it, because your life is not going to be a very good one if you continue to shirk all responsibility for the things that you do, and then literally MAKE UP STORIES afterward about what happened to make yourself feel better. Well, after a couple of weeks this thread has devolved into crap, so let's close it.
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    I wish Phil would just kill these forums already.
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    I dont see the big deal about her being on stream, she doesnt really add anything to the stream except presense. Also she looks like she doesnt even want to be on stream because of detractors. I think she reads what they say and it gets to her because in a previous stream they made fun of her for having no eyebrows and this stream she drew some on..
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    The game won the recent Twitter poll on what to play during downtime, beating out a game like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's very obvious there's big desire to see me play it again ASAP. Thread closed.
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    The problem here isn't video length, it's engagement. Yes, if I make videos 30 minutes long instead of ten, TECHNICALLY they should show up in YouTube search more often - except THAT DOES NOT WORK FOR RAW GAMEPLAY. Because with raw gameplay, people FREQUENTLY "click around" and as soon as you do that, the engagement statistic stops at the point where you clicked around. For example: if people on average watch 6 minutes of a 10-minute video before they "click around" then that's 60% engagement. If they watch 6 minutes of a 30-minute video and then "click around" that's only 20% engagement. YOUTUBE USES THE ENGAGEMENT STAT TO HAND OUT ADVERTISEMENTS. So if my videos are only showing 20% engagement, I get less ads and make less money. I have explained this concept about 12 times here on the forums, and everyone seems to ignore it. YES, my special IRL stream from 3 weeks ago did well and shows up in YouTube search, because it WAS NOT A RAW GAMEPLAY VIDEO THAT PEOPLE SKIPPED AROUND. Most people watched the whole thing in its entirety, making it rank exceptionally well both in video length AND engagement. If that video were 2 hours of gameplay, it would have been at like 5% engagement and actually TANKED my channel. Nothing said in this thread has proven a damn thing, at all.
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    Only reason @Amityville liked your post was in spite of being mad at me and not being able to respond to what I said. Dude, if you don't like me that's fine. You dont have to do these subtle jabs. Come contribute, join the conversation.
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    I didn't use mid-roll ads because YouTube WOULD NOT GIVE THEM TO ME. I've always had the option for mid-roll ads enabled, but when my engagement was awful, I was not allowed to get those ads. This is a pretty simple concept I've explained time and again. I stream around 7-8 hours a day, plus I upload the videos/add to playlists/maintain social media presence. Almost my entire day is taken up by work, with maybe 1-2 hours to spend with my significant other. I have no time to edit my playthroughs, and quite frankly, considering that DSPGaming doesn't get any new eyeballs on it because 1. it's not really in YouTUbe search rankings and 2. it's been slandered for 5+ years straight, putting that time/effort into edited videos wouldn't even prove fruitful. I know, because I tried it 3 years ago and it failed miserably, so I stopped doing it altogether.
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    So it seems like Phil has Phil has no intention to make this change. Disappointing. But these tweets also show (Ironically) that he thinks he knows better than everyone. 400 parts are over 65 hours of content. This is not an attention span issue. It's an overload issue. Phil also believes that every moment of these 65 hours is meaningful content that can make a video. I STRONGLY disagree with that. As someone said in this thread a 40-minute boss fight should be a 40-minute video. Like, imagine if The Walking Dead was a new episode for every commercial break. Doesn't affect those who watch it on TV but terrible for on-demand video. And yes we have playlists but that also means we have to scroll through a bunch of crap to find the part where we left off and it's nearly impossible to find a video if you're looking for a specific part. I mean I get that his way of doing things "works" but he said himself he depends on YouTube so why wouldn't you improve it?
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    BREAKING NEWS: Lebron James has signed a 4 year contract with the LA Lakers https://sports.yahoo.com/lebron-james-signs-four-year-154-million-deal-lakers-001301850.html
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    Let's be realistic, the only way Phil will go back to that game is if it wins Patrons' Choice. Or possibly if a new Splinter Cell game is made, like he did with JC2.