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    What in the holy blue hell is going on here??? *puts on bucket helmet* It's time to SHUT THIS DOWN!
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    You're a complete idiot. First thing we were told in the hospital: A panic/anxiety attack has never, ever killed anyone. Most it makes you do is pass out due to hyperventilation. We were also told that treating it with drugs regularly is only needed if you have them constantly (daily) which is not the case here. And finally, we were told that the vast majority of people who have them, simply deal with them themselves through breathing regulation and/or laying down until they pass. Constant medication and going to the emergency room does nothing whatsoever to "cure" the attack besides being administered a drug, which you can get from your own regular doctor. Your insanely uneducated post has revealed your stupidity. Goodbye.
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    Wait conspiracy theories? Also.. Isn't the Switch no longer region locked? Which would mean PAL games would work fine? I know my PAL games work fine on my NTSC hacked Wii (hacked to remove region lock) and displays fine on an HD TV. The only time PAL games gave me issues was with Standard Definition TVs. And honestly.. The impression Phil leaves me about his coverage with Switch games is predestined to be negative. He's got quite the hate boner going on for Nintendo due to thier copyright rules for Let's Plays of thier games. He has slammed them hard ever since according to all the videos I have seen.. So I don't expect that to change. He slammed the Wii U so harshly and unnecessarily IMO. Skipped great releases for it while commenting it had no games.. Then mocked Amiibos and Amiibo buyers despite thier popularity and demand from the general public. And never mentions Nintendo without ranting negatively about them. So.. I am sure many of the Switch games will get this strict lens from him. I expect to see plenty of Nintendo rants with every 1st party game. He already mocked buyers of the console despite buying one himself that bricked.. Insulted Ultra SF2 but then is gonna play it?? Its confusing to me.. And clouds my perception on Phil's actual opinion on things.. I don't know if he genuinely likes something or not when this occurs.. And its been often. I like Phil.. But he switches around himself with these things. And it confuses me as a viewer in understanding the personality I am watching :/ I should add I haven't been watching Phil for long.. Only about 6 months. And have watched all his Nintendo playthroughs that I could find. And that's the impression I get. So to answer your question. I am not really looking forward to it. I'm not big on Nintendo but even I see where his mind set is on them. ARMS can very well be torn apart, USF2 can go either way. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Not sure if he's playing it but I expect rage, Splatoon 2? More rage. Probably the one positive playthrough I can see is Mario Odyssey. Because he enjoyed the mario games he's played.
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    LMAO shouldn't you get back to your girlfriend before she starts treating you like your 'previous exes' Apologies to Phil and other members for taking over this thread, i just felt i had to defend women when Homer(sic) stereotyped them all as being money grabbers. So Homer i'll leave you to your wet dreams thread pal. Ciao
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    that's kind of sexist thing to say, dude.
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    I've never read so much crap in all my life, you have been seeing the wrong women if you really believe that.
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    Wow these two comments, you are pretty much calling Leanna a leech and I don't think that's fair to say when you don't know at all what happened between the two of them and how much she contributed in the house. Also I hope you two find better women because both those statements are total bullshit.
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    Don't argue with her unless you want to end the relationship, they will outlast you in an argument anyday of the week.
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    ok here u go. found an ARMS vid. Phil might not be interested but figure some of u guys will like it i like the twintail chic ofc :3
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    Hello everyone, i saw a comment i believe by "TheTruthComission" on the Tekken lag topic suggesting something very interesting and i thought it deserves a topic on it's own. What if Phil made ONE stream dedicated to fighting games, but he played the stream using the scrub tactics/combos/characters that he talks about once in a while when he plays fighting games online? So for example, he could play Injustice and show how exploitable Deathstroke is for zoning out the enemy, or use the infamous online combos that ruin the game for the people who want to play it legit. There are several other things that could be done, but i'm not all that big on fighting games. I think that would be an awesome, fun and refreshing stream, something different from what dsp does with fighting games, just for the laughs. How many of you would watch it? What do you guys think about it?
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    When you realize he's talking about himself.
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    here is a good relationship advice: don't take a relationship advice from the relationship advice thread.
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    Lol wtf with the Devolver Digital stream
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    Yeah, they waste years of their life on stuff that is just going to get taken down eventually. Not sad at all. The Microsoft conference is done, some really nice looking games. dat Dragonball fighter Z tho....wtf whoa
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    hah, that guy finally bit the dust? Good riddance. Damn, that new Xbox is tiny. omg, New Metro game.
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    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/adam-west-batman-actor-dead-at-88/ RIP. :(
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    Persona 5 my god I tricking love the story and the characters
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    Perhaps you should stop being so nosy, focus on the daily streams and videos, and worry about your own life. I get that you're not trying to be offensive, but if someone doesn't offer up information, you shouldn't seek it. Thus is the essence of gossip/drama and it's incredibly immature and childish. If I want to offer up information about my personal life, I will. At this time, I prefer to focus my public persona on my work. And that is all.
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    Long post incoming but I need to get this off my chest. Over the years people have been yelling at Phil to edit his playthroughs and make the parts longer to increase watch time and ad revenue. But a lot of people (Phil included) Don't understand how watch time works. in 2012 YouTube noticed that a lot of videos were getting a lot of views because of click bait. Naturally these videos had people click away immediately but these videos were getting featured because of the current algorithm. That's when they started featuring videos based on watch time. Overall watch time is calculated by a very simple formula. Views x average view duration. If you want to increase watch time you either need to get more people watching or get them watching for longer. Ideally you want to do both. I've seen many different opinions regarding the best way to get people watching for longer. Some say make the videos longer and other say make it them shorter. Here's my opinion. It doesn't matter. I'm not positive on this but when It comes watch time I think YouTube ranks your video against other that are the same length. In other words making your 3 minute IGN review into a 30 minute Angry Joe review doesn't give you an edge of 3 minute videos. And if you extend your video without giving it extra content it will drag on and people will skip ahead or worst case scenario leave and never come back. You now have a 30 minute video that people watch less of and you'll be going up against 30 minute videos that are concise because they have more to talk about than you. In short the secret to good watch? Make good content that people will want to watch. And they keep making videos. You can make a 30 minute review or you can make 10, 3 minute reviews It's the same result if you can keep people watching. Watch time and video length is even more irrelevant when it comes to Phil. Let's face it. Phil's actual videos are his live streams. Splitting them into parts doesn't increase watch time. Yes views increase but that doesn't mean more people are watching. Notice how the first part of a playthrough has more views then the rest? That's an example of the low attention span. The truth his that Phil's playthroughs bring in 10,000 unique viewers and only a few 1000 actually watch it. So Phil making videos shorter literally does nothing to help you. Same with making them longer. The only way to increase your watch time is to record more. and you're already doing 4-6 hours of gameplay streams a day. So I'd say the way you do things is just fine the way it is. However. I have to say that the best coarse of action is too make your videos longer and for one simply reason. Inbox spam. And no. There is no way to prevent it. There was a feature to create subscription folders. For example I could have a sub box for your playthroughs and one for other let's players, and one for music. YouTube removed that feature. But even then that doesn't prevent it. Because I'm still presented with 20+ videos in my face. Same thing if I go to your channel. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to scroll though 200 videos to get to the halfway point of Persona 5? IMO a video on YouTube should have a beginning, middle, and end to be complete. For example, one video for chapter of the game or a boss fight. But with your style we get 8 parts for exploring mementos and a full part of discussing what to do next. Sorry for being rude but that last part is a garbage video. literally no context or progression. It's not about the video length. It's about making a complete video. And for my last point. Editing. Going to be honest here. Whoever told you to you need to make highlights is an idiot. I mean there's nothing wrong with highlights. It's a great way to keep people entertained without having them dedicate hours to get to the part they like. But it's missing the context. And guess what? Other people who do playthroughs DON'T do that! Their playthroughs show the whole game and then they may make a montage that's separate for fan service. TheRadBrad, ZackScottGames, Hell even PewDiePie. I watch some of their playthroughs. and there was almost never a jump cut. There were exceptions of coarse. For example PewDiePie got lost in the beginning of Resident Evil 7 as he didn't see the side path and ended up going back the way he came. So he fast-forwarded slightly. Don't forget that most live streamers archive their streams on YouTube. No editing what so ever. However, my issue isn't that your videos show the whole game. That's good and normal. My issue is you are staunchly against editing your videos. This for example. I'm mean sure the short video was an honest mistake but how hard is it to open an editor and clip it together with part 16 or 17? 5 minutes plus rending time? This is another example of a garbage video where nothing happens. So why did you even bother uploading it in this state. I have 2 suggestions. 1) Release the full stream with pre-stream and breaks cut out as one video with multiple ad breaks 2) Record the full stream and then split it in the editor so that each part covers a segment of the game. I'll use Resident Evil as an example: Beginning Hour Jack Garage Boss Fight Main Hall Basement Jack Boss fight Bee House Marguerite Boss Fight Bee House Attic Back to the Mansion Lucas's traps Jack Boss fight The ship The Ship Part 2 Salt Mines Final Boss So basically what I want to say is that there is nothing wrong with how you do things. All you need to do is make the videos more complete (Short or long) and not worry for editing except for technical difficulties and excessive parts with no progression. For example, black mesa, Batman Arkham Asylum or the Secret of Monkey Island.
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    They did? What a bunch of idiots, lol. But it's true, when you have nothing meaningful at ALL to offer the world, and your only popularity is to try to stir up as much personal shit about me as possible, you've crossed a crazy line. If any of these kids' parents knew what they were doing, it'd be the apocalypse for them. Or maybe not, because let's face it: awful parenting is probably what made them so broken in the first place. Thanks for the intelligent discussion, I'm still debating the whole comments thing but getting this kind of open feedback has been incredibly helpful.
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    Honestly, Phil should spend more time going outside the house from now on. If he's just working or being in the house by himself, i'm afraid he might actually die.
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    Turning off youtube comments, first world problem for these stalkers. Now they cant get their fix of commenting nasty shit on his videos to feel better about their shitty lives.
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    I stated this is a thread that was fairly similar a few months back. It is not a good idea for him to disable comments for many reasons. One of the most important factors would be how it alienates new viewers. If someone new comes to Phil's channel and tries to watch one of his new videos and wants to respond, how are the supposed to? While this website does exist, a lot of people won't want to come here and sign up just to say "Good Video!". While I think that there is always trouble in youtube comments, it's always best to leave them open. Not only that, it just seems lazy, maybe even cowardly. The people who generally close their comments with no simple alternative are the ones who are seen to have the biggest problem taking shit from comments. It's youtube, it's going to happen. While Phil gets a lot of shit, I think he just needs to suck it up, because it only makes him look bad, especially when people start to compare him to other channels that have comments permanently disabled.
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    Yes it is hilarious how he's got their panties in such a tight twist isn't it. I did see many of them calling Phil "Racist" which is hilarious since Phil clearly hates racism. These kiddies are seriously deluded.
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    LOL this cancer and his cancerous parasites are getting angry because Phil may turn Youtube comments off XD XD They have mental problems
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    A friend I know was at the concert. Today I went to the Arndale Centre in Manchester and it was evacuated, but thankfully I am still unharmed.
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    i'm excited for the Red Dead stream Phil. Hope you like the art!
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    This is great considering alot of triple AAA titles upcoming are getting this including mario odyessey, star wars, and even COD WW2. Those coupons do help out with the prices alot
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    Did you have to wait in a line like others did to get into Stormblood? xD
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    Nice! I bought ffxiv stormblood alrdy but been busy so havent hop in for samurai yet. But im not in a hurry to race to max lv so im fine plus let the queue die down a bit. btw if u dont care abt story or alrdy played thru it on old toon theres the option of money transaction to get u up to that point. But i advised against it tho, just saying its there.
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    Obviously because he felt like he had something to add to it. Damn dude, relax.
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    I think i read from some where reviewing the motion controls on arms. It says that it does pretty well actually, but when it comes to competitive play players still prefer pushing buttons. my guess is that it gets tired after long periods and/or not everyone have good commanding ability over their bodies. For example one are better at swatting a fly than the other.
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    I'm one of his fans. I am talking about other people who come here to piss and moan about him. And no I wasn't necessarily referring to you
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    Would bet quite some money on him being the same person. BTW, just gave you 1000 rep
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    did i say he's bad? Jesus man the dedication is incredible!
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    God, stop trying to ruin ARMS guys.
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    EA Recap: Madden 18 announced with a story mode called The Long Shot. Battlefield 1 DLC, In The Name Of The Tzar announced. Sequel to the FIFA story mode revealed. More e-sports with Madden and FIFA. New story and gameplay of NBA 2K18. New gameplay for Need For Speed Payback. Two new IPs - Anthem and A Way Out. Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Reveal.
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    Hardly sexist when it's true. So you're telling me when you go on a date and you refuse to pay and let the women pay she will see you again? 99.9% chance of that happening mate. That's how society is so it's hardly sexist, this whole feminist bullshit these days is seriously ridiculous you get offended at every little thing like little babies and start name calling everyone sexist. Grow a pair.
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    I never said Leanna was like that, i was talking about Phil meeting other women in the future and they could prefer that lifestyle. I've met many women who were like that and i've currently got a girlfriend who is not like that at all. Now get out of your moms basement and stop creating sock accounts trying to act like my opinion is offending you, theres more to life then Phil's personal life. Just because you think my opinion is crap doesn't mean it's untrue. My opinion is based on experiences i've went through in my life which doesn't really concern you and i have a right to my opinion.
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    My new artwork
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    Extreme Rules (2017 Review) Kalisto vs Apollo Crews (Pre Show) Grade: C+ Dean Ambrose vs The Miz (IC Championship) Grade: B- Sasha Banks and Rich Swann vs Naom Dar and Alicia Fox Prediction: D+ Elias Sampson Segment Grade: Fuck You Alexa Bliss vs Bayley (Women's Championship) Kendo Stick on a Pole Match Grade: D- The Hardys vs Cesaro and Sheamus (Steel Cage Match) Raw Tag Team Championship Grade: B Neville vs Austin Aries (Submission Match) Cruiserweight Championship Grade: B+ Fatal 5 Way Number 1 Contender Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe Grade: A+ Overall Grade: C+
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    I won't pretend to be an expert, but comments (even negative ones) and thumbs down do help with the ranking. Honestly, people getting into pissing matches on the videos would probably help a bit lol. Keep chipping away dude. We may not always agree, but no one should have to deal with this kind of shit. Having fun is one thing, but this stuff is just so far and beyond what is acceptable.
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    They deserve a good beating and a time in the military.
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    The addition of Durant will be too much for the Cavs unfortunately (I'm pulling for the Cavs). Warriors in six or seven. I'm just glad all the key players are healthy.