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    Fire Emblem 3 houses Metroid Prime 2 Danganronpa v3 Eh who cares.. nothing i want to watch ever win anyway
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    It took me a full gestation period to make this image:
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    I think Phil closes this thread at the end/within this week, so here is another recount: Notes: Reminder: If you've already nominated one game, you don't need to keep posting it.
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    This shows how Ben has zero self awareness. He wanted to invite a guy who calls himself a "DSP historian" like a lolcow from KF/SOK. He thinks he's showing good intentions when inviting someone who might as well be from KF/SOK and possibly just wanted to get more dirt on Phil.
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    I can see both sides but I think Phil looks very good and upfront to confront this and honestly its refreshing he does this. Have to give respect to Phil here for not avoiding the whole thing entirely. I do agree with the Peasants initially that Phil let viewers dictate that he should not be on the show so they were not lying with that but they screwed the pooch IMO with their recent podcast that it let Phil come in and bring up what really happened. Not sure why Phil is letting random strangers run their business rather than go with his own judgment but I think Phil did the right thing here and have to give props. Wish DSP would do this more. Usually he avoids any kind of disagreement or conflict that isn't fully in his control(Stream chat, social media) but this was a good move on his end.
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    @MoraMoria thanks for tabulating so far and making sure to properly count people quoting and supporting something as a nomination.
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    MGS1 Redemption Run Lost Odyssey Assassins Creed 1 Gears 1 Ultimate Edition Final Fantasy VII Original
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    He won't be able to do online/multiplayer though. "2. Games must have a definitive ending! No MMOs or multiplayer-only games, etc."
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    Here's the thing with excluding folks who only watch the YouTube vids. It sucks and I get that excluding people on the platform where you started feels shitty. However the reality is that it's going to be very hard (impossible?) to make is easy for them to vote at their convenience without either have the poll flooded with troll/dupe votes or pay-gating it. Really, even if you go with the non-Twitch poll option but only leave it open for a short time, it's highly likely they won't get to vote anyway due to the tight time window. Twitch voting is easy to do but w/o restrictions people w/multiple accounts can still switch between them and vote multiple times. Slightly harder to do with a shorter time window. You can limit voting to subs which should significantly cut down on duplicate/troll voting but puts voting behind a paywall. You also have the option of making a Sub vote count as 2 which I suppose could be considered a soft paywall and won't solve the problem of dupe voting. There's also the option of letting people add additional votes w/bits but this would open the door to letting 1-2 people decide the game being played which I feel goes against the spirit of community voting. Strawpoll with dupe IP checking and spam protection isn't a bad idea if the poll is up for a short amount of time. Of course people can VPN (among other things) but I have to wonder how many people are really willing to do that, especially on a poll that's only up for a couple of minutes. I believe that this method has the best potential to cut down on dupe/troll voting that doesn't involve requiring voters to pay. As Onyx said I don't believe there is a 100% solution so it's about finding something that works well enough. The best thing you can do IMO is to try several of the methods suggested. We can theorycraft all day but trying out methods and seeing what does and doesn't work is what you need to do to get results. Pick a method, try it. If it doesn't work great, tweak it and try again. Do this w/various options and find something that works best for the situation.
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    I just wanna point out that no online voting platform will ever be 100% "secure". No matter how much we try to avoid people voting multiple times as long as the registration is open and there's no identity verification of any kind you cannot be sure of the vote validity. You can just as easily make multiple twitch accounts and vote multiple times there.
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    I understand you must have the last word after you get destroyed and being called out for having bad ideas. Now you're trying to turn your shit post into something else because you can't accept being wrong. Whatever. You can have that last word, but your idea still sucks. kthnxbye.
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    It explains how sora rescue kairi which I think it should of been in the main game. The only new thing it has is the data battles with most of the music remake which is after the main paid dlc. But, I still think it should of been in the main game instead of a paid dlc. That would of been fair for everyone if you want my honest opinion lol.
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    So what's the DLC got? I didn't play it because I'm not sure if it's worth my time, supposedly has 3 hours of story that sounds like stuff they just cut from the main game?
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    I have to say its amazing how fans literally do everything for DSP. Even his layout in his house.
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    I binge-watched a lot of Chris Hansen's videos on Youtube, was very informative. I like it when he asks for "Today's lesson", you know Chris is playing with them.
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    You can enjoy more of Red Dead Redemption with this. Rewatch it.
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    This looked way more complicated on stream (Myst map) edit: I know why now
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    Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl The Talos Principle
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    @Phil why are you not playing astral chain? why are you not playing fire emblem 3 houses? why are you not playing ff7 before the remake comes out? why are you not playing dozens of games you skipped this year and said you will play it when theres free schedule? why are you playing ff6 again when nobody asks for it? What will you do if the contributions are low because of it?
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    Why the fuck does anyone want to play DK 64?
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    I think the DP saw the attention that anti-DSP content creators get and wanted a piece of the pie. That was such a shit move on their end. Releasing evidence for money. LOL.
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    AFC Wild Card Update: Bills 19 Texans 22 Titans 20 Patriots 13
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    Just shows his mom is still the true villain of the series lol Alot of great anime themes this year
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    I'll go ahead and throw in a nomination for Apollo Justice as well
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    I'll back Derich's Maximo: Ghosts to Glory(If it's this one?) .
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    Maybe it's to struggle but I just prefer him playing it as the game is intended to.....to get the fullest experience. the DKC games were ruined for this reason.
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    So far, the Nintendo Switch is amazing.
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    Damn so much feels in Steven Universe Future
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    It's been a while since I've read any manga, you just reminded me I was planning into checking out one that I had my eyes on. Problem is, I have a bunch of other stuff to read as well before I can even think of that... (sigh)
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    Happy New year bitches.
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    Donkey Kong 64 Kingdom Come Deliverance Max Payne 2
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    Donkey Kong 64, hopefully it wins this time. Fire emblem 3 houses is also really good. Those would be my 2 nominations.
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    Mass Effect 2. You know you want to. Do something for yourself for a change.
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    I'll nominate Tekken 7 as well. I would love to see Phil play it again considering the improvements they made to the game.
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    Oh, I agree, that would be horrifically funny. Although personally I find this game boring, and I think that after <30 minutes the stream will get stale because it's the same thing, everything looks the same, but maybe it's just me. I'm probably going to get crucified by the Mass Effect 2 connoisseur-super fans if they see me saying this.
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    I would like to nominate a few games in the hopes that one of them will get played as I think Phil would genuinely enjoy playing through them! Nominations: 1. Gex (any of them) 2. Donkey Kong 64 3. Yoshi’s Island 4. I Have no Mouth but I Must Scream Especially considering how Phil has recently really enjoyed playing Myst, I think he would really get into the last one.
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    Code Vein. yes i know u keep saying its a dark souls clone but here are some good things about the game besides the usual fight tough enemies beat a boss. 1. The story is clear (maybe a bit convoluted typical for animes) and in front of u unlike with other dark souls type game where u have to find the story. 2. Other characters u get to know about if u do optional things in each of the locations u will be visiting. 3. Unlike other dark souls games you are not by yourself if u choose not to be. There is a default where u and an A.I partner will fight enemies and bosses together or u can go alone. (Also if your dreading the word A.I partner because of other games, dont. In this game the A.I is pretty good just dont try to make him or her do all the work or they will die, make sure u do help them during bosses.) 4. Each location isnt overly long some is very short depending on how much u choose to explore which i do recommend u explore to find certain things which i wont spoil. 5. The build system isnt really here in this one where u choose which stat u want to upgrade but instead has its own unique system where on the fly u can choose/ switch between builds (they are more like classes in this game) depending on what weapon u want to use and maybe if u want more magic, but u can choose passive spells/ abilities to use while using any class/build , all u do is choose one, defeat some enemies and it will let u use it no matter what class/build your using. 6. I really think you'll like the game after u see what it has to offer.
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    I know that game, it could be pretty fun, but in order to see all the good stuff & puzzles, he would have to play all the different endings, either that or be "guided" by the chat to get the True Ending. It's still a good choice, if he can pull it off.
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    "I am fucking Sonic, and you can't fuck with me" "Ahhh uuhhh ahhhh I had a seizure!" "Fuck you and fuck your mother. Your sister and your brother" "Here we go. Now fuck you" "Gee is Sonic going to be in love with Amy Hedgehog or is he going to try and 'mack it' to that girl... from the fuckin other 3D Sonic game?" "Have some beastiality sex in this game" "Beastiality. It's what Sonic's all about these days" "So suck on my balls and shaft yeah!" This audio plays multiple times a day 6 days a week. Meanwhile "I'm not too impressed by Cyberpunk. All the previews and things they keep showing... (mocking voice) It's just like, you know, gritty, you know futuristic world where everyone is fuckin' vile and everyone is constantly dropping F bombs and involved with guns and drugs and just like stupid shit like that. (returns to regular voice) I'm like okay but like is the entire game gonna be like an immature shit?"
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    You've said that you've admitted to things that were either partially or completely your fault. My question is: What are all the bad things, specially the most important ones throughout your life, that you admit a completely 100% of responsability from your part?
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