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    Hi Phil any chance of streaming Dreamcast games in the future like illbleed or skies of arcadia?
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    Ok, I hid whatever posts I think needed to be hidden. Let's not bring up KiwiFarms here anymore as that just causes too much chaos as we saw earlier.
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    Sure, there's definitely other life out in the universe somewhere. You can't think Earth is the only planet capable of life. Also I'm pretty sure I saw a UFO when I was a kid living in the boons.
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    It would be cool to see Phil play Paper Mario 1 and 2
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    Whoo, finally beat Sekiro just now. That was a damn good game but some of those bosses toward the end were extremely tough. Admittedly had to take down the final boss with some cheese run and poke tactics. I'm backing up my save file so I can get three of the four endings this run, might do NG+ at some point.
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    Here's my advice, ignore Amityville all together. He offers nothing other than multiple accounts to defend himself on here, any time somebody comes here with some advice for Phil he's the first along with his alt to dismiss it. I wish there was a mute button, I'd come here more often...
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    Interact more, respond in more threads more often to encourage more interaction. Basically try to be a bigger part of the community. Make official, pinned, threads for game suggestions and suggestions for how I can improve my content and my set up and actually read and respond to them without taking the criticism personally Overhaul forum rules to be more clear Have a conversation with the mod staff to ensure everyone is less ban happy and makes actual use of the t/o system, people get banned for fairly small things currently. I think having more polls and things for the community to interact with could help drive more traffic here. As it is the only real reason to have a forum account is if you're also a patron, the only input Phil really listens to currently is from them. Honestly? Ban Amity, Nich on all of his accounts, and ThatDogGuy. They just cause too much drama.
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    Couple of obvious KF posters here.
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    "Let the hunt begin."
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    here screenshot of them (imgur.com/a/V8fctpu)
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    Well Captain Marvel has hit $1 Billion
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    I do. I just want to see if anyone else thinks they exist.
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    Here is a thread for tips that can help phil in the tetris 99 playthrouhghs, a swlel as to share some tips amongst ourselves as well
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    Daytona, F-Zero GX and Mario Kart.
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    Come on, I just want the game already! D:
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    What's your thoughts on fighting games over the years? Have they improved or not?
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    idk why they its a good idea to put enemies next to a mini boss.
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    Dude,.....what da heck?! Three rockets? Now that is super ridiculous. That has to be a super saiyan bear.
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    Im like 3-4 hours into Far cry new dawn and some of the enemies are ridiculous, I had to fire a rocket launcher into a bears face 3 times in order to kill it. Another enemy (a cougar) required me to empty 2 magazines into its face before it died. Its annoying.
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    Phil, will you be playing this instalment of the Zelda series?
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    Free, open-source photo shop that doesn't require a monthly fee for the license. You're welcome. edit: https://www.gimp.org/ (just in case the link hyperlink in the text doesn't work)
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    To add, you guys walked off because you thought Phil was being ban happy when he actually was removing legit trolls. Yet you chose to turn a blind eye after he banned a very obvious member from that detractor community, you were blind.
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