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    Since 2009, I have been following Phil. Through the thick and thin, I came to him to watch gameplay videos on YouTube. Ignore the negativity that he has gotten because I could care less about that crap. We can't just do this nasty bollocks online all day, everyday. We're better than this. I know Phil is. And for that, consider this a thanks for sticking around and still having the drive to move forward. Happy birthday, Phil.
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    Wasn't going to do Far Cry 5 fan art because there were so many pieces submitted lol You don't need to use it. This has just been fun practice!
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    I decided to remake the art I made for the OG Bloodborne run. Hand drawn, hand inked, digitally painted, and a little chromatic aberration to give it that Bloodborne stank. My only regret is that I couldn't get started on it sooner so I wasn't able to make it a bit cleaner in places.
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    Nah, the guy was in multiple threads just being negative about everything. Either saying things were bad like WWE and Scooby Doo to insulting people like adult pokemon fans and even Phil fans. Fun fact, his first post was a thread made saying that there were a lot of autistic fans here and asked what brought them to Phil. I just got rid of that first thread and let it slide but he clearly didn't care.
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    Edit: Image was wrong resolution. Updated link.
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    Are you saying insulting someone for their physical appearance is acceptable? That's the mentality of a bully right there. Even Phil admitted he was in the wrong.
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    Honestly IMO its not dumb to use it, as someone once said: “A man who can laugh at himself is truly blessed, for he will never lack for amusement.” I thought that the pig with the party hat from Far Cry 5 would be a funny way to get a positiv mood and positiv laughs for the birthday week. Thank you! Thats the purpose of putting it in.
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    Sorry, this was a little late! Edit: Link Broke. Will fix asap. Edit 2:
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    I asked you for concrete evidence, your response: "He'll never change! He'll never improve! Never watch him again!" You're the worst kind of troll: one that pretends to "help" but in reality, is just another know-it-all kid that actually knows nothing. Bye!
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    Anyways, I am super hyped for Infinity War. I can't wait to see many of my favorite Marvel Superheroes on the big screen together kicking ass. Plus, I can't wait to see Josh Brolin's performance as Thanos.
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    Just made this cant wait for the Playthrough
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    Oh snap, just got a new job at my company. I'm moving my stuff to a new office on monday. I'm finally moving up in the world.
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    Showing-off? Why are you obsessed with Bloodborne?
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    oh ok. i'll live. *cries*
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    Considering that Pokemon still sells in the 10s of millions a year, a lot of people.
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    Following in the footsteps of a certain bandicoot, Spyro is making his big return with a ground-up remake collection on the PS4. Slated for release September 21st 2018.
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    So, is it alright for the detractors or trolls to make fun of Phil. Is it also alright if I make fun of you and call you a cuck because of your profile picture without getting banned or suspended on the TKOHF. Think about it before you anwser.
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    1. I think they're funny looking with their party hats on. As the pigs are from FarCry5, the game he will be playing throughout the week, I have put them in 3 birthday artwork as a running gag. With it being his birthday week, I hoped for it to get a positiv mood, laughs and some interactions from the viewers in the prestreams. 2. As moka'roka perfectly said: " Ppl some times need to show that they can laugh at themselves. It show ppl that you aren't uptight and have a good sense of humor. It shows that you can be a fun loving guy." Specially after the last weekend I thought that it could be a way to show the viewers (Lover&Haters alike) that Phil can laugh about himself and has a sense of humor. I understand that it can be insulting if you just look at it negativly, but also putting his face on a cult leader and Akuma is insulting if you just look at it negativly enough. It was never my intention for it to be insulting or a negativ. I sincerley thought it was just a funny picture to use as a gag over the birthday week, so that Phil and the viewers get in a positv and funny mood with some laughs in the prestreams.
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    Hey guys, Not a fan of the current twitch info panels.Been messing around with Ps. Here are some mock panels: Light Mode: Dark Mode: I also believe the Rules section is in need of a serious update. A wall of text is not appealing and let's face it, some of the rules are either outdated or aren't enforced. If everyone likes these design Ill make a rules image too. N.B all text is how I would imagine the panels. I feel they should remain clear and concise. I welcome any suggestions! Thanks all. Edit: I currently have two versions for the Subscribe button. I couldn't decide which looked better.
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    Time for your bag of Werther's Original.
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    Ppl some times need to show that they can laugh at themselves. It show ppl that you aren't uptight and have a good sense of humor. It shows that you can be a fun loving guy. But, if Phil doesn’t want to use them because of the pigs that his choice. Also, the artist has a right not to change it because it’s his art work.
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    Well my birthday is tomorrow but I celebrated it today because I have to work for 8 hours. And I got myself a PS4 Pro. Last time I owned a PS was a PS2. Already got the xbone decided to get the PS4 because I wanted to play some of its exclusives and also weeb games.
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    ye Idk if I would hold the word of a Machinima worker when they dropped you within a month of telling you that Machinima wasn't even focusing on Youtube at the time they themselves were opening a twitch channel. engagement percentages might be up but a significant decrease in views per video happened. I doubt twitch is causing this decline as on average you get ~700 unique visitors per stream. lets go back a couple months videos were 2,000 now they are 400. when the populace size decreases percentage become inflated. 30% per video basis monthly before would be 600 people of the 2,000 watched the 20-30min video the rest skipped through to exciting parts. This created less ad engagement. now 220 out of 400 watch certain 10 min vids all the way through creating 55% engagement percentage per video that's great the ads are back but now less people overall are watching and this is also adding to the decrease in revenue on Youtube apart from the adpocalypse. New viewers don't want Quantity They could care less that you have 50,000 10 min Youtube videos they prefer longer videos everyone I talk to states the reason they unsubbed or wont sub to your Youtube is because you upload more than 1-2 videos a day. lets look at this facinating 30+ min video that is now surrounded by 200 view parts I bet this video has a great engagement percentage this should be every new playthrough and would be if it was and archived stream. ad video at the start 4 ads through-out and 1 at the end ad engagement seems fine. Tripping over dollars, picking up pennies
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    I call bullshit on this. You were told this as the ad boycott was happening by Machinima who didn't know what was going on. Also I told you like ten times that the reason you made less ad revenue is because you need to put in ad breaks on long video s but apparently you don't listen. Also for someone who doesn't care about YouTube performance you're pretty stingy on artifically increasing your engagement which would barley have an effect on overall performance.
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    Except I've already explained tons of times how YouTube's engagement algorithm works, and that engagement for raw gameplay PLUMMETS when you make a video longer (Because people skip around, which is recorded as a "jump in engagement" and counts against you). In early 2017 I was told my videos were barely receiving advertisements because my overall engagement was WAY low (as in, around 30% on average) and that shortening my average video upload time would help that. I'm now up to about 50-60% engagement. And I've talked about this numerous times, but nobody seems to listen.
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    I say hate cause it pissed me off a lot lol It was so hard
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    More like you would get angry at the computer waiting for the webpages to load.
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    Well Sony did rush that first trailer
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    Love the artwork but sadly, my name is spelled Philip, not Phillip. Other than that, great!
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    Rampage - Review (2018) The Good Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" is always likeable it would take a really bad thing to make him not likeable and enjoyable to watch. The relationship with him and George is the best thing in this movie, but sadly that's basically only in the 1st Act and 3rd Act. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Over the Top Fun character Brad Peyton's Solid Direction - San Andreas is a better film though The Visual Effects on the 3 Animal Monsters are the best, but not great on other things. The insane 3rd Act. The Bad Claire Wyden (Malin Akerman) and her dum-dum brother Brett (Jake Lacy) are fucking terrible every time they kept switching back to these two I wanted to groan, they want all the 3 monsters to fight, which their both basically idiots. Naomie Harris (Nominated for Best Suporrting Actress in Moonlight) Is Totally Wasted, she basically giving us the audiences the explanation on everything which is not needed, she needed to do more Joe Manganiello is really wasted The Pacing is not great you don't see all the monsters together until the last 30 minutes. Its gets sometimes serious Most of the Script is terrible Overall: While flawed I still enjoyed this movie surprisingly its a alright Video Game Movie from WB even more surprisingly that also made the Decent Tomb Raider reboot last month, some will either like this or hate this. Overall Grade: C+
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    Hey Phil, Don't know if anyone ask you this but I was wondering do you miss all of the cartoons in the 90's and what was one of your favorites if you have one? Multiple is okay too. Keep up the great work.
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    Thanks, great to know I'm not the only one who finds them funny! There won't be another time where I could have used them, except now with him playin FC5 and it being his birthday week. Most people would have found it too negativ, cause they wouldnt have understood the reference. Thank you! Thats exactly what I wanted with it. To show that Phil has a great sense of humor and is able to laugh things off. Though I never meant for it to be insulting, I will respect his choice whatever he uses the artwork or not. I hope he'll respect mine too in not wanting to change them.
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    They are wearing party hats, what I think is funny specially for the birthday week and used it as running gag for 3 out of the 6 birthday artwork that I submitted. Also I put them in after you saw the pig in Far Cry 5 , so most viewers should get it as joke. Not meant as insult or a negative joke, its just a funny picture that you could use to give you and the viewers something to laugh with and interact with you. Sorry that you find it insulting and negativ, but that was never my intention. All I did was create something that I think is funny and thought you and others would enjoy it too. Sorry again, but I'm not changing it.
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    It was too similar to the first one that I submitted tbh.
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    So I've been looking for a bit, and this is something I don't see people mentioning. While it's true that some games do perform worse on the Switch than the other consoles, it doesn't matter. The point of the Switch is the portability, with a hit in performance to be expected. That is when you, the consumer, make the intelligent choice on performance or portability. That's how some of these games do good on the Switch, especially for indie games. It's honestly one reason why I got LA Noire on the Switch instead of on the PS4 (the other being the joycon controls to shake things up).