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    He taught me the importance of video editing.
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    No, most youtubers I follow these days upload 20-30 minute videos. Short videos are just an inconvenience if they aren't edited.
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    Confuscious say "Man who start comment with 'I'm not trying to be' is trying to be"
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    A thumbnail for Nioh playthrough!
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    I have to ask you this: are you retarded? Do you REALLY think that everything I've ever said is 100% true? Anyone with an iota of intelligence knows that MOST stuff I say while gaming is jokes. That's the point: observational commentary and off-the-cuff improv comedy. NOT serious discussion of race, ethics and the like (with a few special cases where it does get serious, but almost never). You've actually managed to show me why so many people hate me: they're just REALLY fucking stupid. Thanks!
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    I'm willing to bet quite a few of these haters who believe Phils Last Nazi in Space from Dead Space 2 to be racist and disgusting were only a few short days ago defending Pewdiepies more outrageous behaviour and that Nero guys NAMBLA leanings as nothing to get upset about.
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    I'm not fond of the idea. It has it's benefits but for Phil I don't see it working out. Here's why. With Twitch your primary source of income is bits and subs. Issue there is you can never predict when people are going to cheer or sub. No one can say that doing streaming more and/or better will motivate people to give Phil money. Now the on screen notifications can be cool because they show the messages. Sure people will be saying funny stuff but imagine actually being able to give Phil a message about the game like tips and stuff. Issue there is Phil said the message is to small on his PC to read. What's more Phil does not seem like a multitasker. Last Night he barley mentioned the bits as they appeared because he was too busy unboxing the Switch. Same thing the Christmas special. He got wrapped up with his story for 10 minutes and didn't acknowledge the chat. Maybe this will change with sound notifications but I'm worried that Phil will not be capable to pay attention to the chat and play a game AND talk at the same time. But I can tell you're serious about this Phil. So here's my advice 1. Change your setup. Get rid of the TV and have your consoles output to your PC monitor with your second monitor beside it that shows OBS, chat, and cheers. That way the game, chat, and all other information is in front of you. 2. Make playthroughs separate from streams. A stream would interaction and chill gameplay with no real rush to complete the games. However you should keep doing playthroughs for DSPGaming on the side. These should be not live streamed like the old days. This is a good idea because you can play every game without necessarily getting wrapped up in them. Think of it as how it worked before you got laid off. Your hobby would be creating playthroughs of selected games that you know your audience enjoys (Narrative and survival horror). However instead of office work your day job would be playing the left overs (Long RPGS and open world games) in a more casually manner. Perhaps the issue with being busy with games is not because you play every game but rather every game you play is a full playthrough. By choosing which games do a full playthrough of and which ones to just play casually on stream you can actually leave more room open for other stuff. So let's say this for example. You play Zelda, Horizon, Ghost Recon as Twitch streams. You'll switch (HA!) between them from Monday to Saturday with no real intention to complete them. But let's say you'll do an offline playthrough for danganronpa and Mass Effect during the nights. Then you strategically spread out the parts over the coarse of the month. See? You'll be playing every game but only working on two playthroughs during the night just like before you got laid off. 3. Have a dedicated schedule. Your schedule right now is inconstant as you plan what you do as the week plays out. It should be clear when you're streaming, and when you're working on other stuff. Here's my suggestion. Monday-Saturday: Full 4 hour streams. Nights: Working on playthroughs, vlogs, or KOGaming videos. Sunday: Day off. 4. Use adsense for your channels. From what you described the partnership company you got accepted for is not a managed partner. In that case what's the point in giving them a cut of the ad revenue. Considering your deciding to "bite the bullet" with Nintendo claims wouldn't it make more sense to monetize the videos yourself? Furthermore with KOGaming could you not edit out stuff that can be claimed like songs? But then again the best solution is probably to seek a managed partnership. So basically I'm fine with the full time streaming thing. You just need to work on how much you pay attention to chat. However, if the result is no more KOGaming videos, vlogs, or playthroughs then I don't want it. Less maybe. But I don't want to see the creative series go away. That was one of the reasons you moved into this new house after all and it's why I watch you
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    So...you're a moron, then? I rarely get time to even look at the comments anymore - maybe 1-2 times a week, tops. When I do, if I see massively offensive stuff (like today, I saw someone tell me to kill myself on a Nioh vid), I'll remove it. And that's it. You can shove your conspiracy theories up your ass.
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    I think you miss the point. Showing him dying in games isn't what a TIHYDP is. It's showing him fail at games and then proceeding to shit on him, "worst gamer" ever, "this guy is the cancer of gaming" behavior that you see attached to them all.
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    I am new to DSP, and actually discovered his content from a This Is How You Don't Play Bully. It made me interested in buying the game because I felt I could play it better and the game looked fun. Afterwards I researched his channels and subbed. Watched the actual Bully playthrough and have since been watching alot of his content. And most of the time I buy the games he ends up hating most like Furi. He has gotten me through depressing moments and times. Even now.. Being diagnosed with heavy psychological issues.. But Phil makes me happy and laugh. He helps take the edge off of these mental problems. I guess I just publicy said I am mentally ill, but its true and I have learned not to be ashamed of things I can't control all through his videos. And Phil helps me with that. He's not perfect, but i dont want perfect. I want real. A real human who is entertaining in his own way.
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    There is zero benefit to using a green screen besides 2 centimeters of extra viewable space above my shoulders that don't matter. Compare that with my having to buy and set up a green screen in an already cramped office (there is no room behind my loveseat, BTW, so I'd have to rearrange a setup that has worked for 3 years in order to do this, which is stupidity) for zero benefit. The ONLY people who complain are, simply put, sheep. They think because everybody else does something, despite never having any proven added value, that it HAS to be the norm. That is not the case. Every day I've streamed in my new method, I've gained over 10 follows and multiple subs. There hasn't been a day of negative movement or a day where it hasn't grown. If that time comes, and collectively people agree it's because of the two centimeters above my shoulders, I'll get a green screen. In the meantime: stop being a sheep, stop nitpicking, STOP. Watch and enjoy, or don't watch. Micro-analyzing everything doesn't help. NOTE: This thread sounds EXACTLY like the threads over the years that I absolutely HAD TO INCREASE MY VIDEO LENGTH ON YOUTUBE because everybody else did it! Guess what? I eventually did, and it put me at the BOTTOM on YouTube engagement rankings, because my overall style of video is far different from the people who were putting out those "longer gameplay vids" that were so popular. Because I increased my vid length, my engagement rate plummeted from 2014-2016 to the point I could no longer get the most profitable ads due to people constantly fast forwarding THROUGH the videos because they were so long. The "advice" of making longer videos like everyone else was 100% incorrect, because I AM NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Very few successful gaming YouTubers in 2017 are still doing raw playthroughs. And I have no intention of changing that unique style. If you're going to have "suggestions" then you have to actually give reasons how they'd improve something. Two centimeters of space above my shoulders won't change anything, folks. Wake up.
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    I've never made a racial joke for more than just a few seconds to minutes, tops; or if I had, it was an incredible rarity among the 8+ YEARS of gameplay footage I've put out on YouTube. Anyone saying otherwise is just ignorant, or a liar. Even the infamous "jews in space" joke from the Dead Space 2 demo lasted less than a few minutes, getting a couple of mentions over 1-2 rooms in that demo. The problem is, you either 1. believe the slander you're spoonfed by idiots looking for attention through slander, or 2. you're one of the slanderous people yourselves. Seriously, the dumb shit that people say is incredible. Zero factual evidence, but let's talk like it's common knowledge. You make YOURSELF look like a fucking idiot saying this dumb stuff.
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    Dude, I've had enough of your dumb shit. You're not here to help, you're here to be a dick and we're all tired of it. Bye.
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    YouTube lifted the time limit on videos to whatever length you want to upload. Phil didn't change his video length until 4 years later. YouTube changed channel pages to have a more uniform, clean look across the site. Phil did nothing to drive traffic to his channel page afterward, choosing instead to complain about it. YouTube changed their search algorithm to priortize engagement over views. Phil did nothing to make his videos more engaging, choosing instead to complain about it. Rinse and repeat for every change YouTube has made since he started.
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    In reality what have happened is that he focuses more on twitch, rather than youtube. And the two very separate things. If you just saw the stream, there is no reason to think you will go and see the playthrough on youtube. So we have to assume the two are for different audiences. So what happened before is that he recorded for a youtube audience while streaming on twitch. These are some user statistics from both twitch and youtube. Even though at face value they seem to show similar tendencies it is one huge difference. From october 2014 to november 2016 he wasn't there at all. That is why you see a straight graph from one point to another. It doesn't make an accurate representation because there was no activity. Here is a lesson in Marketing. If the graph look Like the one in DSP gaming something is wrong. In fact we know the revenue per view have decreased also. So what you see there is certain doom. You are either a marked leader, follower, or niche. Phil has a niche business on youtube. And that in and of it self would be ok. If he had seen some growth. But this trend shows none. He have said he won't change his recipe. It's raw unedited content all the way. As a comparison it would almost be like selling VHS tapes in the early 2000's. On twitch on the other hand. It's a different story. Because phil just went from a niche, to become a marked follower. And the trend is different. It seem like he have understood that this is the way forward as well. This is definitely where his focus should be. And that even if he would get a new managed partnership on youtube. If he still want to archive his streams on youtube, that is probably fine, and might make more sense as well. But the change was needed. A suggestion: If he is going to keep the Videos on youtube he should maybe consider uploading two different versions as well. One with the whole stream chat, and notifications, as well as the raw edition without it. A little edited like he used to. These are just my thoughts in regards to DSP gaming and Twitch. I consider KO gaming and his Vlogging different entities.
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    Well this thread changed topics fast lol. Racist commentary is just that.. Racist commentary.. It doesn't make you a racist for making jokes of other races. Why? Because the intention is entertainment, not to hurt others. That's the very reason why people say "Its just a joke don't take it personally/seriously" Not you can critique the jokes saying they are to you not funny or in poor taste to the point of being offensive.. but its pretty clear the intention of the commentator telling the joke is doing so for entertainment purposes.. Whether it succeeds is all dependent on you. Otherwise famous comedian Louie CK would be considered a racist for saying "nigger" or hell now IM a racist for quoting someone who even said it! See how silly that is? As others have mentioned South Park does this every episode but in good taste and we KNOW the creators intentions.. As well as them never showing prejudice to others despite the characters they create in thier fictional world doing so. So yeah. Maybe not racist joke commentary but simple Race Joke Commentary, because the intentions of this Lets Player DSP is to entertain.. Not discriminate.. And from what I understand he has not personally hated a racial group. His jokes have been in poor taste at times tho.. But that's a criticism of his jokes not who he is as a person. And leaping the logic that him doing A must mean he's B is what they call a fallacy. Saying you are offended of a joke is valid, but saying a person is a complete racist for saying said JOKE is not valid, because jokes are intended for laughs. Now if he did anything racial that WASN'T a joke then you may have a point. But to my knowledge DSP has never made racial comments outside of his Let's Play commentary INTENDED for entertainment. Like every joke in existence. And if you want to run the theory that he is expressing his "true" racism through jokes to stay safe under the guise of entertainment to avoid being labeled a true complete racist.... Then I would say you are believing what you want to believe and that has more to do with the kind of person you are than anything to do with racist jokes. Not trying to make any judgements here on anyone.. But you need evidence if you want to prove a point about someone. And racist jokes aren't evidence of a racist person as I have said before (Soith Park Louie CK) Unless you believe ALL racist jokes by anyone makes them a racist.. In which case my point was already made 2 paragraphs ago. So yeah. DSP is not a racist, but his racial jokes can be in poor taste and offensive, which is a crtiticism of his jokes.. Not who he is, because the jokes are formed from context within what is occuring in the game. Its not like he said it randomly with nothing on screen to indicate why he would make such a joke.
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    So according to your logic, the writers of South Park and Monty Python are racist too? Ok then.
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    Honestly? IMO with who DSP is it was always gonna happen eventually. I mentioned in a different topic how these "detractors" didn't just come out of no where.. Many used to be fans..Whether Phil saw it or not people were routinely enraged or frustrated at him in the comments for the usual things (blaming the game, insulting his opponent, bashing a fan favorite games, then later harshly insulting developers) So I truly believe no matter what.. Whether it was the KWO or SoK they were going to eventually exist, just maybe in a different name IMO. (like you can seriously look at the comments of his oldest videos like 6 years ago and still read the frustrated and angered youtube comments). Not to mention even if those groups did not exist as groups I still fully believe someone was gonna be upset enough at DSP for whatever reason to give him false copyright strikes, or the swatting. Those incidents were done by extreme individuals who had no connection to the groups that get all the blame anyway. At least according to all the research I have done on Phil and the incidents. Which means there is no evidence to prove whether or not these people who caused these actions did it due to a detractors influence or raw footage from Phil. Phil is a polarizing personality. He can be hilarious and enjoyable (which is why I am a casual viewer of his content) or extremely offputting and whiney. And when he touches a retro game.. With nostalgic fans watching.. Dear god the reaction from the viewers is a clusterfuck, because thats how Phil is. I purposely don't watch games I like that he plays for that very reason.. Because I KNOW he is going to insult the game in some way that is more than likely incorrect or inaccurate and would frustrate me. He already makes me feel sad and uncomfortable today when he harshly insults developers. However I just stop watching, and move on. No biggie. So IMO whether a group existed or not.. Someone was gonna do it eventually.. I know all he is, is a youtube lets player who just wants to play games and share his experiences.. But when your own commentary is inflammatory or antagonizing it WILL get backlash and it has. Most infamously his Metal Gear Solid 2 run before the TIHYDPs existed.. You never want to fuck with metal gear fans... Ever.. And even in the beginning there were parodies of him that people made making fun of him. And we can't forget his vlogs too where he will end up making contradictory statements that also frustrate viewers because its inconsistent. I believe this is because Phil doesn't watch his own videos so he doesn't keep track of what he says. And recording yourself daily for years you are bound to say many. Not that there is anything wrong with that.. Opinions and ideas change within people.. But when you are a web public figure people expect and want consistency.. Or sn exolanation to the contradiction. Otherwise you risk alienating, frustrating and confusing your viewers. To go along with the vlogs Phil has openly bashed many "top youtubers" calling them fake and claiming everything they make is basically a video ad and montages and that the average youtube viewer is too stupid and ADD heavy to watch his content... Which is not only an ignorant statement.. But he says himself he doesn't watch other youtubers.. So his statement comes off uneducated. I assume the info he gets is from his viewers. What surpsises me is he doesn't realize that his own viewers could be fans of those very people.. And by calling the viewer stupid for watching that content.. You are effectively calling your own viewers stupid. (I watch all the top youtubers myself too btw) Also No matter what, his content was always going to stay the same while youtube changed thier algorithms. So financially it was akways goinf mmg to br a slow downward slope of income. Phil takes pride in his style of video. I personally don't buy into that his content is meaningful and that you would learn something, but it IS entertaining, fun, and hilarious at times which is why I fully support him and want him to succeed. I know I am saying alot of negatives here but I want to be absolutely clear. I like DSPGaming, He has gotten me through rough times recently, and makes me laugh and feel good. And I say recently because I discovered him laat November and had been doing a shit ton of research on him because I just find him and all the things surrounding him just so fascinating. So I hope things get better for him. I truly do. I mean I even care about him, his life and well being. He has flaws.. Just like we all do, but he's only human just like us, and is just trying to hold on to his dreams. I see nothing wrong with that. Anyway. Hope that answers your question. And Phil if you see this. Once again. I wish you luck.
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    The truth is, things change ALL the time on YouTube and considering I've been partnered w/Machinima since 2011 (and managed since early 2014), I don't know what to really expect NOT being in a managed partnership. You may be absolutely correct, and I'll have next to no issues. Or I may have tons. I won't know until later this week when the machinima partnership ends and it's a brave new world.
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    Just don't give them the attention. Whether they want to help Phil improve or are just doing it to troll it's best just to ignore it.
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    You've been struggling for years dude and your haters aren't going anywhere until you're in the grave. I really don't see how things will realistically get any better. At this point just suck it up and get a part time job somewhere, it'll relieve a lot of this stress since you won't have to deal with malicious people on the internet, satisfying patrons or relying on unreliable views to get by every month. There are plenty of companies out there which don't give a damn about your internet activities and you could likely find a decent desk job where you don't have to strain your back. Seattle has a lot of big tech jobs too. You've been self-employed through the internet for the past 8 or 9 years and you moved across the country into a new house. You're clearly a smarter dude than the internet gives you credit for, so getting a job shouldn't be that difficult for you. Little over 10 years ago I had graduated from college and couldn't find a job anywhere with my degree. I was desperate enough to go apply at grocery stores, movies theaters and restaurants. I slept in the park because I only had $10 to my name and didn't want to go to family for help. Then I got cancer and had to get several surgeries. Lost my girlfriend and watched her marry another dude. When I was down on my luck a friend in LA offered to let me stay with him, so I moved across the country and got some contract work out here which eventually led to other opportunities. During that time I would sit in my tiny closet sized room and cheer myself up with some videos by this dude named Darksydephil who made me laugh. You've inspired and cheered people up during this past decade. Don't let a small group of haters ruin your life or make you think nothing you've done mattered.
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    How is this at all helpful or relevant?
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    How many times can this same guy post the same thing and expect Phil to fall for it, LOL.
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    Was watching RSS Liam play Horizon, he was impressed and thoroughly enjoying the combat. I then open one of Phil's horizon videos and he's raging at a low level enemy that he somehow can't just run up and kill. I click on a different video and he's annoyed at some sidequest being boring. wtf man, and you wonder why your audience went away.
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    Most of the stuff you post up here is factually wrong. Not EVERY TIHYDP video is in the millions of views; in fact VERY few are. The first few, the handful that kind of got all the attention. After about a year, the fad died out as a "mainstream thing" and people moved on. It's only a certain group of a few thousand people who refuse to move on from it. It's very hard to find a TIHYDP video in the last 2 years that even got 10k views (compared to the insane amount of them that get uploaded and nobody cares). The people downvote-spamming the montages on KOGaming and flooding it them with assinine comments are those who are angry I'm taking content I didn't personally produce and uploading it to my channel, because they feel that "TIHYDP has done it better" for years. In reality, every single TIHYDP is my legal property, but because of YouTube's incredibly broken copyright system, I'd have to file a lawsuit FOR EVERY SINGLE VIDEO that i wanted to claim. Therefore, it's not legally viable. HOWEVER, now that the TIHYDP trend is dying, but people still want to make creative videos like these, I can easily feature them and give them THOUSANDS of views they normally wouldn't have gotten, lost in the huge jumble of people still trying to make these 4+ years after they were actually popular and getting nowhere. In summary: I've bided my time, and am now properly utilizing my own still-existing popularity (Albeit FAR less than I used to have) to showcase videos that normally would go ignored, and I'm profiting from them because they were made from my content to begin with. TIHYDP "fans" HATE that fact because they, all along, have NOT been "laughing with me" but "laughing at me" and trying to get popular, on their own, through HURTING myself and my business. Seeing these videos actually HELP me is like their bane, because they're miserable, low-life scum suckers who get their jollies out of hurting people they've never met, and whom have never done a negative thing to them. They're the lowest form of life, and since they can, they'll downvote these montages THAT AREN'T EVEN TIHYDP VIDEOS because they think it's a "dig" at me and anyone who supports me. In reality, it just showcases their own mental illness. And there's a LOT of these dumb fucks out there. The YouTube comments system governs ITSELF. It auto-flags spam, hides comments, etc. without the input of the uploader. I hadn't even checked up on the comments on the first KOGaming submission for over 12 hours, went into the section for the first time, and saw this comment: "WOW, says there should be over 100 comments but only 60-some are visible. Phil has been busy!" To which I replied: "This is the first time I'm in these comments. Paranoid much?" I'm tired of taking flak because people, like YOU, are too fucking stupid to understand how the comment system works. Yes, I'll delete an occasional nasty comment here or there, but I have FAR BETTER THINGS to do with my fucking time than sit there for hours, manually policing every single comment. I don't even look at the comments on most of my videos anymore, because I know that YouTube has allowed the section to become 100% toxic and worthless. Most viewers don't look there either, because they're smarter than that. But yeah, you really are a moron to blame comment flagging on me. That's like, YouTube 101. You're right, I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm not a moron, like you. The fact that you think I didn't talk with this guy or do any research beforehand is so baffling, it must really echo the lack of brain in your empty head. Because we all know, NOBODY who watches negative videos about me could possibly be a fan as well. Good lord....the stupidity of people like you is astounding. Great, because no lies have taken place. You have this incredibly skewed view of what happened on the old forums, mostly because you were part of the problem. There were a group of actual fans trying to use them, while at the same time, there were a group of self-entitled, elitist, "good ol' boys club" asshats who were using the forums for their own personal purposes, instead of actually constructively contributing to things that needed input (like how to actively improve my content). And YOU were a major reason why those forums failed, because you were trusted as a long-standing member to help out, and instead you took major advantage of me and my kindness. When TIHYDP first launched, I was contacted in HORROR by about 50+ people stating how appalled they were, that someone would steal my video content and spin it in a way to make me purposely look bad. Admittedly, I didn't watch the earlier videos in their entirety and I honestly don't even remember HOW I initially reacted. But I do know it certainly wasn't acceptance, and it was overblown. It was the first time I'd ever really faced that kind of negativity for simply playing games and enjoying myself, and I didn't "get" it, or that it was criticism of any form. Mostly because, nobody was coming to me and saying "hey Phil, your playthroughs are too negative and they'd be better if you didn't do this or this." Instead it was blatantly stolen content (yes, every single TIHYDP is theft and not protected under any kind of Fair Use law, from the mouth of a Copyright Lawyer i've consulted) that was seemingly (at the time, I thought) being used to 1. deride me and 2. get others popular off of my hard work. The fact that for months, I was bombarded with people telling me about EVERY SINGLE new video that was released, how awful they were, and that I should "take action to take them down" didn't help things. Meanwhile, in your little isolated world of the forums, you and your boyfriends were circle-jerking each other about how great those videos were. Nobody read the thread besides your own elitist group, and at the time there was SO MUCH NEGATIVITY on the forums about me (and none of it constructive) that I was actively staying AWAY so that I could remain positive and focus on my work. It was this division, created by you and your "bros", between your little group and the actual fans who wanted to use the forum for constructive purposes, that eventually led to its degradation and downfall. Name ONE other YouTuber who would, annually, spend the crazy amount of money I have to maintain a stable website/forums for the fans, even when the majority of the people that use it DON'T actively contribute in a constructive way? But you, and your "buds" didn't care; you saw a free opportunity to have a hangout place, and you continued to use the forums for your own purposes, never contributing to anything useful. You "blew up" threads like TIHYDP regularly and were basically a bad influence, while the actual fans just wanted to see SOMETHING positive on there. The reason TIHYDP got as popular as it did, was exactly because of people like you: exploitative, unappreciative, and selfish. Make fun OF, laugh AT (not with), DERIDE instead of joke. Yes, I've made tons of mistakes over the years, as I'm pretty sure there's never been a "guide to internet fame" and my "Being real" with everyone has backfired probably as often as it's resonated positively. But for you to come on here and take absolutely NO responsibility for any of your actions over the years is not only appalling, it's downright immature, puerile, a quite honestly? Thanks for finally posting your one-sided, incredibly distorted "truthful view" on what happened in the past. Now I can finally tell you this publicly: fuck off. The only reason I even knew about TIHYDP was because of my fans, who contacted me, appalled they existed and wanting me to take them down. I literally wouldn't have ever known nor cared if people hadn't told me that they were mean-spirited, copyright infringing and that they were going to hurt me in the long run. I got exactly ZERO messages from anyone saying "wow, this is great, you should make these yourself!" or "you should support these!" The thread Hazzer is referencing was NOT a "happy thread about how TIHYDP is great." It was a thread basically ripping me a new asshole, saying I was a horrible gamer, a horrible person, and the video was hilarious for calling it out. If featured posts mostly from people who were taking advantage of me, and using the forums for their own personal "clubhouse" to shoot the shit about stuff unrelated to me or my content. Nobody who was an actual fan agreed that TIHYDP was "good" or "funny" when it originated. It's just happened organically: TIHYDP grew to the point where people saw them, then came to my channels and VERY few actually became longtime fans. But it certainly didn't happen the way this idiot Hazzer just painted it; that's his incredibly insane, distorted view of things from a VERY biased side of the fence that I don't wish to ever revisit.
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    I just find it extremely funny that Phils stalkers are always stalking these forums and creating new accounts to try and defend this psychotic behaviour. You're all hilarious, i know offended most of you by telling the truth but i stand by it, you're all a a bunch of no lives that need to a purpose in life.
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    You're so wrong, it's laughable. First off, yes, I was declining in search results overall as "engagement" became the factor in the algorithm to create "popularity" in search and related views. It used to be JUST views, which is when I was tops on YouTube, but when they changed the algorithm, it completely screwed me. My business is based on pumping out raw playthroughs with reactionary commentary and getting them out quickly (or, at least, that's what I was successful doing from 2008-2013); completely CHANGING the system to something based on the % of a video watched, without any valid explanation or justification (no, YouTube DID NOT PUBLICLY DISCLOSE THEY WERE DOING THIS OR WHY until it was already well implemented and negatively effecting me) is what screwed over DSPGaming. Most people who watch my videos DO SKIP STUFF and look for exciting parts, because raw gameplay has downtime. Some people enjoy that, many do not, so obviously it's going to have a lower "engagement percentage" than someone who edits out ANYTHING boring. My business model worked, until YouTube changed the business behind the scenes for their own reasons, and didn't disclose that info to anybody (until much later, and even then, it was only on their own blog post and not publicly disclosed to common content creators anywhere else). However, YouTube DID implement (for about 1-2 years) a different algorithm based on "length of time watched" and NOT engagement score. I know, because that incredibly stupid statistic still exists in YouTube Analytics. YES, YouTube actually did for 1-2 years put videos that were simply "longer" at the top of their search, because they're a bunch of fucking morons. It did NOT measure an actual % of video watched, but based on it LENGTH OF TIME watched. SO obviously, someone who made 30+ minute gameplay videos would, by default, show up higher in search than someone that made 10-minute gameplay videos (such as me, because I'd started in 2008 when you couldn't even make videos longer than 11 minutes). So when YouTube made this change, ALL OF MY OLD GAMEPLAY VIDEOS immediately fell out of search results. My old playthroughs having millions of views didn't even show up when you searched for the games they were for, SIMPLY BECAUSE they were short. This is factually documented and I saw it myself: all of a sudden, in 2013 my Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions playthrough, which always brought me in 10k or more views a month, started receiving ZERO views a month because it didn't show up in search anymore. It was complete and utter bullshit. Now, YouTube's CURRENT algorithm does measure "% of video watched" as the "engagement" percentage, so now FINALLY those who make longer videos are no longer getting "artificially popular" in the search anymore. But it took YouTube 2+ years to fix this, because they're morons. However, ALL OF THE ABOVE has nothing to do with the fact that in Summer 2015, a series of false copyright strikes forced me to delete some 600 videos from DSPGaming, amounting in a net loss of 3.5 million views on the channel. YouTube's stupid algorithm takes ANY significant drop in overall views as a "red flag" that a channel has been involved in some kind of wrongdoing, and punishes that channel by significantly lowering it in YouTube's power rankings for search. DSPGaming had been HIGH UP THERE because it was in operation since 2010 and had 30-40k videos on it; on that day, it literally was removed from those rankings and DSPGaming was treated as if it were a completely new channel. Those copyright strikes FUCKED ME, caused me tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and singlehandedly created the downward spiral that the channel resulted in for the next 1.5 years. NOTHING I did changed it: longer videos, different tagging/naming of videos, etc. In 2016, only TWO of the thousands of videos I uploaded to DSPGaming got a significant showing in YouTube search rankings, and both of those videos got a large spike in views. Outside of that? Literally nobody searching for the games that I played EVER saw my videos in YouTube search. And sadly, that's pretty much still the case today. How do I know this? Because I talked with YouTube on a conference call with Machinima in late 2015 and they confirmed it. Machinima advised, at that time, that there was nothing that could be done to fix it besides "keeping at it" in the hopes that if I did, due to the sheer amount of content I put out, the channel would get some of its priority back in search. It did not - and indeed, when YouTube went from the "average length of video viewed" to "percentage of video viewed" for engagement calculations, guess what? It FURTHER TANKED DSPGaming, since everyone constantly skips around my videos without watching the entire thing. You can argue until you're blue in the face that it was "my fault" that DSPGaming tanked so hard over the years. I see it differently: I had a perfectly successful business, which up to that point was 100% in line with what YouTube wanted, and everybody enjoyed it. Then YouTube, behind the scenes, completely changed the rules WITHOUT publicly disclosing any of it to the common YouTuber; and they kept doing so over and over every couple of years. Then the false copyright strikes only compounded the problem. It's a perfect storm of negative shit and quite the story, when you think about it: doing everything right, then someone "Changes the rules" behind the scenes and despite all efforts to save the sinking ship, you eventually have to do something different or fade away. The change to a different style (Twitch-style) gameplay is/was needed, because YouTube certainly wasn't going to stop fucking me over anytime soon.
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    Nice info dude :3 at most phil could do is a "first impression" vid if he quit the game at ending A. It will not do the game justice if he tag it as a review. Depend on him what he wants to be seen/recognized as.
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    Stop being so sensitive and congratulations on your 100th sock account.
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    Hope you guys gave thanks to your mothers, female teachers or friends, or historical women of the past on International Women's Day.
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    Don't know about them being mentally ill or sociopaths, but the personal insults and dog whistling they do are potentially very dangerous, as we all know there are some people that use youtube who are not right in the head (just look at the youtube comments section for evidence) and they likely use what TIHYDP people say as motivation to do crazy things to dsp, like that nutcase who pretended to be a female moderator.
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    There is such a thing called satire which Phil was doing in Dead Space 2. Anyone complaining about it would also have to object to work like Monty Python's Life Of Brian, which I doubt they would which highlights the hypocrisy.
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    If dsp can hang in there I wouldn't rule him out getting another mp, remember dspgaming is still a channel that gets more daily views than most other channels, without one I think he would have to go to twitch for good, the nutjobs would make sure of that.
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    No worries, my videos will be monetized and I'm getting into managed partnerships for all of my channels. Yeah, I'm going to end up taking a small pay cut (not even very significant but it SUCKS that it's now when all the other bullshit is already going on as well). I'll still be protected from Content ID matches and the copyright bullshit with Nintendo claiming vids, etc. I'm basically losing nothing but a small amount of money with this move. I'll probably have to remonetize all of my videos, but YouTube apparently HAS A WAY to do them all now. Which I didn't know. But we'll see. I'll give everyone full details once they're solidified in the next few days.
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    brb, going to chase down the nearby UPS truck and force them to deliver my Switch today.
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    RIP phil he will be missed he was a great youtuber never forget. Remember to support his patreon just $1 a month can feed him and keep him warm
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    Shortening the vids is a temporary solution I feel. If that helps Phil in the short term I agree with it, but in the long term I feel that you should do some editing to increase the interest people have in watching them. You should be cutting out things that are uninteresting to viewers. A lot of the popular Let's Players out there like RadBrad do that coupled with almost 30 minute long videos. Even so people are still asking him in comments to do LONGER videos! Watch RadBrad. He's not 'fake' like you say a lot of YouTubers are, and he releases less videos because of all the editing he does but attracts OVER A MILLION views for many videos! His latest Horizon video was uploaded just yesterday and already has 162,982 views at the time I write this. I feel this is because his videos are pretty condensed and focused, cutting out the busywork where he runs around the Horizon Zero Dawn world, (that same busywork is a huge proportion of your Horizon videos) for example, and cuts to the more interesting parts like combat, dialogue, fails and successes. Learn from similar channels and take pointers from how they do things now. Be adaptive. Your views and traffic are dropping, because simply put, the raw unedited footage you upload is frequently boring to watch for long periods of time. For example, the time you spend walking around and doing random mundane stuff in Horizon. That could very easily be cut out. Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to be mean, I have been watching you a lot since 2011 and I want to see you succeed and be happy with your life. But at this stage shortening the videos is a band aid to the real problem. I agree with the other posters that quality=/=quantity. Editing your videos more for more compelling and entertaining footage is the thing you're going to have to do. Pretty soon. Sacrifices will have to be made with your time, or you could hire someone from the community to help you out with this. Putting out less videos is not necessarily a bad thing. Or don't change your approach, and one day I'm afraid that you'll have to accept that your career on Youtube is unsustainable and is going to have to end. I don't want to see that happen to you, so this is why I'm speaking honestly and truthfully about this.
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    I'm new to the message board, fan for the last couple of years, semi-regular in the chat from IRC to Twitch. Not much of a message board person, but I wanted to give my two cents. I agree with the poll. Shorter videos is going to do some irreparable damage. I have unsubscribed from a number of channels, because they have flooded my feed and, by that very nature, kept me from seeing videos I really would have enjoyed. On top of that, I almost never go back to them because if I just go to their page, I'm overwhelmed with the sheer amount of videos and it's not worth my time. It feels like work just being a fan of that kind of channel. I'm in marketing & advertising, so I have some opinions on this ad revenue situation now that I've seen Phil's video. It sounds to me like the percentage of people who watch a few minutes of his videos are bailing on his content. That doesn't make him advertiser unfriendly, but it makes his videos less desirable to advertisers who would pay more for ad space. As a result, Phil is being fitted with lower paying ads by advertisers who are casting a larger net and essentially placing their ads everywhere on the cheap. Imagine you're selling a Ford F-150. The starting price for that is almost $27,000. The kind of ad space you want is to a channel where the viewer sees your ad, watches the whole video, and becomes a repeat viewer of that channel - Why? So that when that repeat viewer keeps coming back, they keep seeing ads for the Ford F-150. That's a more valuable and higher priced ad space paying to push a product over repeated ads for to a repeat viewer. It ingrains your product, and is an investment in their potential buy. Now consider that Phil's viewers dropping off after a few minutes. A higher paying ad is going to be less invested in continuing to pay for Phil's ad space, or ad space in his tier. So as the value of his ad space goes down, so too does the pay. Suddenly, your ads are all sandwiches from fast food restaurants - because that product is cheap and because selling it is easy. Markets that sell a cheaper product, especially food sales, don't place as much value in ad space because they have a consistent flow of customers regardless. As the price and quality of Phil's ad space goes down, the lower he makes. Because if Ford is paying $10 to Google for Phil's ad space, maybe Taco Bell is paying $3. The best solution to improving ad marketability is quality, which means the video content needs to change in order to keep the viewer for the duration of the video. In Phil's vlog, he talks about viewers getting bored at the raw unedited video and leaving the page. In order to keep that viewer engaged, the raw unedited style needs to be dropped. Phil himself has said he doesn't want to change his style, but has acknowledged that both his core base wants more edited content and that raw unedited videos aren't working anymore. If you know it's not working, even if you don't want to change it, you have to change it. On top of that, if views are on the decline and the style isn't changing, you're only making videos for a base that is shrinking. Short term anything isn't going to save the business. It will only plug a hole in one place, while another hole bursts open somewhere else. Long term, I think Phil needs to do the following: Stream less: Before going back to Twitch, it was recommended Phil stream less. He agreed. But since returning to Twitch, the streams have been pretty consistent - meaning at least one per day. The problem with live streaming is that the 200-1000 views it gets live don't translate to YouTube views, where any ad money (good or bad) is going to come from. Phil himself has said that when he streams every day, it becomes less special. I would stream a new game once or twice to give viewers a taste of the game and my take on it, but then put the rest on YouTube exclusively. Edited playthroughs: Again, if it is accepted that raw and unedited isn't keeping the viewer around and is a style on the decline, edited playthroughs is the only way to keep them engaged. My recommendation would be to play off stream more often and keep a notepad by your side. I'm not saying to put down the controller and make a big deal of taking notes, but rather when something interesting happens, a boss fight, a death, something funny happens or even some stuff you could edit out, look at OBS or a stopwatch on your phone and jot down the timestamp. Since this is off stream, you can use the moments you'd be monitoring the chat and replace it with just writing something down on a piece of paper. It's not that time consuming just to take notes. That's going to give you a general idea where some good content is and make it easier to go back, cherry pick the good stuff and then edit it into a digestable, engaging video. And the more digestable, the easier it is for a viewer to stick with the entire video. In the long term, that's going to bring your quality of ads (and pay for those ads) up. Less games: I know the response to my second point is that there is no time to do editing because you're a one-man band. The problem is that you try so hard to play every single game to appease everyone. I don't think that works. You need to pick and choose based on a criteria of your own with things like: do I want to play this; does my existing audience want to see this; is there an audience outside of my reach that might see this or is it too niche; etc. The more games you play that you genuinely want to play, the more enjoyable it is for you, and that translates to the viewer. Remember when The Division came out? Phil refused to play it because he didn't want to play it. And that was the right call. Can you imagine how that playthrough would have gone if he forced himself to play it. Already unhappy to be playing it? That translates to an angry video where neither Phil or the audience is having any fun. And that's less views. Those are my points anyway. Figure out what you want to play, stream it to attract a live audience, then finish it with edited videos. It comes down to quantity over quality. If I have a hamburger shop that used to make a ton of money, but isn't drawing as many customers anymore, the answer isn't to buy more stock and make even more burgers that aren't selling. It's to change the style of my burger or my menu. In your case, Phil, this means taking on less games (and the stress of playing everything) and changing the style a bit to get the old viewers or, more importantly, brand new viewers. And if you can edit that stuff down to keep the audience's attention, whether the video is 10 or 30 minutes won't matter. Good luck with whatever you do. And sorry for the length of my first post!
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    You mean in Batman vs Superman? I actually laughed at this scene. Laughed how stupid it was. Batman - the greatest of detectives.
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    That feeling when no senpai
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    Well it's not a direct positive impact on my life - but something looking at the whole situation with Phil that I learned is this: Much of the time the people attacking a "bad" person are just as bad or worse people themselves who are looking for an easy target. I'm not gonna lie my first experience of DSP was watching TIHYDP's - but then, having an IQ beyond the single digits, I decided to go and watch some of his actual content, read the comments, looked at him as a person (un-edited on his own channel) and came away with the opinion that I actually disliked the "Haters" more than DSP - and I've actually started watching his stuff. Yes I know he blames games sometimes for stuff that goes wrong, but the TIHYDP's make it look FAR, FAR worse than it actually is, and even if it is was as bad as they make it seem, it's still no reason for some of the shit he has said to him on his channel. These people are pathetic - I'm not saying DSP is perfect, by no means, but these people are worse. Anyone with a small amount of maturity and decency would just ignore and move on, but like I said, easy target and arseholes - that's what this is. It's not even DSP himself I reckon for 90% of these people - they're like animals rounding on another wounded animal - PEOPLE should be above that. I also believe that Phil has been made the way he is at least in part by this sustained bullshit - i think he's a good guy who's been taking shit for a few years now, and that's going to change and get to anyone. Finally if you really want a "direct" positive impact - sometimes when I'm bored I watch his stuff and I'm not bored and I laugh at some of the shit he says - that's all you can really expect from entertainment - if you're looking for more you're going about life the wrong way. Ah an edit to put one more thing, pertaining to the guy above me - about "doing it for the money" - ALL youtubers/entertainers are doing it "for the money" - some just hide it better than others, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get a clue. It makes perfect logical sense: People need money to live, so if they're spending the majority of their time doing something, they're doing it for the money. See that??
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    Detractors to DSP still exist? Wow, thought they'd finally got themselves that paper round but looks like they got fired from that for tweeting death threats against DSP on the job.
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    Hope the Oscars mention him in their In Memorium segment tonight.
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    You could say that about any game with a japanese release. Your call, pretty sure it's one of the top contenders for 2017. It's a platinum game by the same folks that created Bayonetta. It has similar level of polish. From what I've seen so far on twitch streams, it might be one of my favorite games this year alongside Nioh. Already bought the japanese version and I'm downloading it now. You can't seriously be comparing that shit to Nier.
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    If Daryl dies, we riot!