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    Yep, nailed that job interview. Got an offer today and accepted with a 12% increase in my salary. Damn good shit.
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    It's an ARPG like diablo. I can't remember if it was heavy with the loot though. I just remember playing Baldurs gate at someone's house a fuck ton.
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    Dark Phoenix - Review (2019) The Good James McAvoy is still fantastic as Charles Xavier who never phones it in even if the movie and dialogue is utterly atrocious he tries so fucking hard to make the most of a terrible script since he is in the movie more than any character. Sophie Turner is surprisingly good as Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix in which in Apocalypse she was OK this movie she is a bit better even with a terrible script. Hans Zimmer's Memorable Score. The fast pacing and shot runtime (thankgod) cause the movie is so boring you'all be thankful that in not long. The Bad Simon Kindbergs HORRIBLE Direction which is baffling to let him helm a $200+ Million budget movie which he tries to copy very poorly Bryan Singer's style instead of bringing his own style which a lot of the action and dialogue shots are very slopping including one battle scene that is HORRIBLY edited and the beginning rescue mission feels rushed with the 3rd act being uneventful and forgettable. As well as his Painfully bad Script that is a mish-mash of on-the-nose exposition and woefully generic "badass" superhero movie quipping Especially the one awful life where Mystique should call the X-Men the X-Women, but worse of all Jessica Chastain probably gets the worst bit of Dialogue. Most of the cast are utterly wasted, first off Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique once again phones in it which to be honest at this point I can see why, she doesn't even want be in this movie. Michael Fassbender as Magneto who surprisingly shows up mid way in the film who just gives a few menacing looks and barely does shit, at least he doesn't turn evil again I guess. Jessica Chastain who plays the main villain who is an alien shape shifter who is utterly forgettable probably as bad as Stephenwolf who doesn't even emote and who SHOCKLY (not really) tries to manipulate Jean Grey not like that hasn't happen before. Most of the main X-Men aren't given much to do (poor Cyclops), but worse of all is Quicksilver who is sidelined in the middle of the film for no reason to be honest and he doesn't even do a memorable bad ass slow more scene what a way to go out never to be seen again. The Dull and boring plot where it is bogged down by so much shit going on whether it's Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) yearning to leave the X-Men, Magneto (Michael Fassbender) yet again flirting with his dark side or shape-shifting aliens descending upon Earth it just feels that the story was being rewritten so many times on set. There's no Emotional Impact where Jean Grey being consumed by the Phoenix Force feels rushed with a terrible sub plot and Spoiler Alert but not really since they showed you in the trailers Mystique's death you don't even care cause its so laughable that you knew it was gonna happen its the total opposite of Logan where Wolverine died you actually were emotionally attached to Hugh Jackman's character when he died we were in tears, where as J-Law's Mystique who also probably didn't care for her character anyway after Days of Future Past there is just no tears to be shed. Final Thoughts: Dark Phoenix is a HUGE misfire like we all figured it would be but its much much worse that is a very forgettable ending to a 12 Movie convoluted Franchise it even teases a sequel that we will never get to see and thankfully so too after this. Overall Grade: F+
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    Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Review (2019) The Good When we do get the Monster Fights there fucking awesome seeing Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah all in battle is really cool. Millie Bobby Brown is probably the only character I liked everyone else I wished died. The Kaiju have personalities and facial expressions like their actually characters in a movie that just don't talk which is pretty cool. The Massive Destruction when it is shown on screen (sometimes it can go so far with the humans making it look like 1998 Zilla though) Bear McCreary's score is amazing. Fantastic Visual Effects. The Bad Too Many Fucking Characters like why do we need this many in a Godzilla film and we keep focusing on them too which wouldn't be a problem if we had better writing but we dont , poor Sally Hawkins is WASTED and so is Charles Dance who probably wishes he was back on Game of Thrones and all the humans are fucking idiots The Writing oh my god its terrible, its incredibly bad and lazy and full of cliches like Godzilla saves the humans countless times and you know when its gonna happen too. Michael Doughtery's forgettable direction The Humor does not work at all maybe from Ice Cube's son but that's it. The teasing of Kong is like too much we hear Skull Island so many times and like how are they gonna fight Kong is no where as big as Godzilla and if they do fight its just gonna be like Batman v. Superman where were gonna have the Evil Charles Dance character and evil misfits try to get them to fight but there's gonna be a bigger monster where they have to team up, both movies from Warner Brothers. There's no singular Battle Sequence like the 2014 Godzilla cause every battle or every encounter is interrupted by the Humans cause we keep cutting back to them. A lot of eye rolling scenes In the final act its dark as fuck cause its at night and raining but for some reason its too dark. Final Thoughts: Gotta be honest I think the 2014 Godzilla is a better film and that barely had Godzilla but least it has one amazing fight at the very end, this one I have to say is very disappointing as the saying goes bigger doesn't always mean better. Overall Grade: C-
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    I believe their point was that Minecraft blew up on YouTube in a way no AAA title ever has. Hell, people still play Minecraft and make a living doing so. Whether you think it's better than AAA games or not, it's made more of an impact than most AAA games. Lot of personal opinion in this batch of comments. Just because you didn't like A Plague Tale: Innocence doesn't make it a bad game, dude. Hell, it's got solid 8 audience scores across all three platforms on Metacritic, so clearly people like it. Also if you think it's a walking simulator you have no concept of what a walking simulator is. No, their point was that indie games are worth playing and can sometimes be better than AAA titles. Going back to Rage 2 for comparison's sake it has a 5.2 audience score on Metacritic so a lot more people like A Plague Tale than Rage 2. In this case the "indie" title was better than the AAA title. But that wasn't the point. The point OP was making that, at the time, everyone was asking Phil to play A Plague Tale and Phil did what Phil does. Refused to play it when people were asking for it and by the time he played it no one cared anymore.
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    i made a new revised picture
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    KG is just saying this because he fell for Switch's Cardboard VR.
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    New people always have problem with the long 1h prestreams and ask when the game starts: put up a 1h countdown/timer saying this is a prestream, the gameplay starts in xxxx The chat rules are too vague. People are getting banned for stuff that's not mentioned anywhere (wheelchair emote) or for things only mentioned on the prestreams which new people miss.
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    Is that like "Diablo"?
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    "Strike Ninja" This monster was originally created for 'Dungeon Dice Monsters'.
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    I shall preface this post once again by stating I know the sword of dsp-o-cleas hangs over my head. I feel, however that it is important enough to post in the hopes that hindsight is indeed 20-20. One thinks it may behoove folks to sit back and for a moment take into advisement some of the suggestions given and perhaps do a bit of looking about, eschewing the impulse toward hurling inflammatory statements out of left field when no where in the original suggestion one can even find cause for such...as it turned out that BOTH Days Gone (as was brought up in the OP as being a fan gifted game) and a scant ten days later the likewise Fan Funded game suggested, A Plague Tale was purchased and streamed. The OP I posted was not done nor do I feel as if in reading it comes across as "bitching". I could of course be wrong...but, IF I follow the advice to " Grow up, wake up and stop bitching" when it comes to suggesting games....other non Triple A Titles will likewise go unnoticed and unplayed. ...Thus, I have made this post. While, I guess this too may be seen as being immature , asleep and bitching...this post attempts to dissuades the reader from lashing out at the mote in his brother's eye while not considering the the beam in his own'( Matthew 7:3).
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    Hey thanks for that, yes I did watch that first DS1 run when he had no idea what he was doing. Hilarious.
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    Hey Phil, if you were to run into Tevin while grocery shopping would you confront him or leave him be?
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    While looking through the fan art, I found an image of an updated streaming set up that would improve quality for both streamer and viewer. Anticipating where this set up might be said to be untenable. I include the following points: 1) The modem can stay exactly where it is. All that is needed is perhaps a longer ethernet cable ( the cable that connects the modem to the PC ). It's probably time to upgrade to a Cat 7 anyways as Cat 7 cables are capable of reaching up to 100 Gbps at a range of 15 meters ( ~49ft ). As the updated set up moves the tower a few meters away from where it is now this is not a problem. Cat 6 cables can technically support speeds up to 10 Gbps up to 55 meters...guessing the same cables are being used since moving in, so ...yeah, that's a thing. 2) Moving the laptop table to be in LoS ( Line of Sight) of the TV would allow for greater chat interaction as there would no longer be any need to turn Away from the game to Look at chat. I realize that he does not watch other streamers and feel that this is why he seems confounded by people in the chat commenting on his low chat interaction. Most other streamers have their chat in their LoS ( or a glance away ) which allows them to constantly be able to see what is being said, thus they can react in a timely fashion. 3) Having the desk chair facing directly at the window would eliminate the lighting issue encountered when PC gaming. 4) Moving the portable AC unit to the other side of the window would eliminate any previously stated fear of the laptop being overly chilled. Most server rooms are chilled to 65-70F. As I am fairly certain the portable AC Unit is not set to cool the room to below 65F there is little danger of over chilling the laptop. If, though not a stated concern, condensation becomes the worry, I believe the unit is attached to the window with a flexible hose and could easily be angled to face in such a way as to even remotely be blowing directly on the laptop. Additionally, most AC units have adjustable directional airflow baffles that could be angled to blow upwards, further negating any fears. 5) the updated setup allows for the instillation of the green screen which could be moved to behind the desk chair if needed. 6) Moving the loveseat to this new position would allow space for one or both of the green screen lights to be placed in the room for more professional YouTube video lighting*. * I realize it is continually said that YT is 'just an archive'. The continuance of making dedicated YT video intros and outros says otherwise. An archive of a stream would be just that, posted footage of the stream, period. Streams are literally brought to a screeching halt for the recording of YT video intros that more often than not repeat close to word for word what was said to the stream audience moments earlier. YT viewers are not going to feel slighted if the video of an 'archived stream' does not contain a dedicated intro addressing them...stream viewers, however are watching the stream Live because they have the time to do so. Wasting said time rehashing what has already been said....on stream...for a YT video...that is to be posted as an Archive of 'the stream'...It is hoped that now, it is not to difficult to see why people have made 'YT is just an archive' into a meme.
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    Microsoft hasn't had much going for them in a long time. I'm more interested in the Sony and Nintendo Directs that will likely happen around E3.
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    source: @MoraMoria https://thekingofhate.com/forums/topic/4766-phils-print-club/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-112280 Made it an emote because wacky stuff like this is popular to post on Twitch.
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    I played and beat the Alpha and Beta for Nioh, but can't get a Nioh 2 Alpha demo. Fuck my life.
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    Who? This is cool, they made a bunch of new carts.
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    and it seems Nintendo hasnt learned anything from Virtual Boy.
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    1) It would be beneficial to both the streamer and the stream chat to curtail moderators from inserting their personal bias toward alternate lifestyle choices into their moderation of the community up to and including openly espousing said bias in the stream chat, insulting, degrading or banning community members who fall into this personal bias. 2) It would make for a more welcoming atmosphere in the stream chat if moderators refrain from crowing about the number of Bans they had executed during a stream and/or commenting on their level of excitement regarding the prospect of the number of people they hope to have the opportunity to Ban during a stream. 3) It would better serve to grow the stream community if moderators refrain from instigating behaviors for the sole purpose of enacting Bans. 4) Stream chat Rules ( ...and 'detractor meme' chat names real or imagined* ) should be moderated equally regardless of attendance time logged in the chat, the presence or lack of 'badges' if the chat is to indeed not be seen as having 'A Good Old Boys Club'. * I'll go specific on this one as a new viewer was asked to change their name as it was perceived to be a 'detractor meme name' even though the new viewer stated it had been based off of a game. Moderators should not be immune to being asked to change their names if they have chosen to take on 'detractor meme' monikers.
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    KingOfGahlfHD...do you realize you have a mod whose nickname is a detractor meme? That's not a problem? Well seeing as it's not a problem using a dumb bot to permaban people for innocent stuff... But it's strange when people get instantly banned for a bit trollish names (like omnipotentlamb) even if they don't do anything wrong. just WOW, nothing wrong with this... "it's the guy" is apparently a detractor meme that gets you banned but didn't Phil say he doesn't care what's a detractor meme? A detractor meme somehow no detractor or anyone else ever uses but it apparently grants an automatic permaban by a bot if you write it even accidentally. It's apparently so bad that a bot has full right to permaban people if they ever dare to post it. If people actually wanted to troll you it's easy to bypass the bot, just post "its the guy", "it_s the guy" and other variations. With these stupid banning sprees you and mods are only doing more damage than detractors could ever hope for.