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    Do you ever contribute anything constructive here? It doesn't seem like you do.
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    Ok, I think the two of you need a time out.
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    I'm going to make another very long, harsh, but (IMO) fair post. Why? I have no fucking clue. It will most likely be ignored because it's pointed but maybe, just maybe, some of this shit will finally sink in. My criticisms will be harsh but I'm following them up with ways to improve so don't mistake this is just some tirade where I shit on you, Phil. No, nothing in this post is going to fix your situation right now but MAYBE some of this will help you in the long term. --- It's painfully apparent to anyone who's been paying attention that Phil is awful at managing his finances. He tries to deflect this by saying how we can't see the details & it's speculation. However, it doesn't take full access to his bank statements to see he cannot properly live within his means. I'm not saying this just to shit on you Phil; I'm saying it to point out that you need help getting this under control. Wether it's a friend, relative, whatever, you need to talk to someone who can look at your spending habits and help get them locked down. I'd say that you can check out websites for this info but quite frankly I don't believe you have the self discipline or self awareness to be able to trim the financial fat from you life. You will always come up with an excuse as to why you NEED to buy this or that. When you're going on and on about how tough you have it financially then turn around and buy shit you don't need like Starbucks you obviously have a problem. "But it was only a $2 cup of coffee!" And that attitude right there is why you need help getting this under control. Not a penny should be spent without a damn good reason for doing so. "I deserve it" isn't a good reason. "It's not much" isn't a good reason. --- Watching the latest emergency videos I just.... Jesus. Look, I'm not trying to pile on you here, but it absolutely blows my mind that you believe the things you do. For example, you say you only have "1-2 hours" to whip up something and that's why you eat unhealthy. Seriously? You can't take a chicken breast/fish fillet out of the freezer/fridge, throw it in the oven for 30-45 minutes and open up 1-2 cans of vegetables??? If you really want to be smart, you make a bunch of the chicken at once, throw the leftovers in the fridge and re-heat it in ~5 minutes as you need it. With 10-15 minutes of prep time and 50 minutes of cook time you've got lunch/dinner for several days. This stuff is common sense man... This may seem a small nit to pick but it's indicative of a larger issue with your inability to critically evaluate and resolve a situation. Your current approach seems to be "Welp, I can't immediately think of an answer, guess there isn't one." There are plenty of ways to eat healthy(er) while on a limited budget and schedule. --- Be a man and take responsibility for yourself. You feel "beaten up" because you blame everyone else for anything bad that happens to you. When you look at the world through a lens where you are at fault for almost nothing then yes, it seems that the world is against you. This isn't to say that all of the bad things that happen were totally under your control, but a LOT of the things you say are completely out of your hands aren't. When you place blame and responsibility on others it takes the power (and blame) away from you and gives it to someone else. It's up to you to own it and 1) figure out how to fix/work around it and 2) figure out how it could have been avoided to avoid it happening again. There are a few things you 100% honestly couldn't control. They suck but guess what; welcome to Real Life. We all have to deal with it. You aren't unique here. You need to HONESTLY evaluate how you get into these messes so that you can figure out how to get out of them, avoid them, and improve. To be blunt, I think you need 3rd party help here because it's apparent that you aren't great at viewing yourself and these situations in an unbiased light. --- Let's deal with this copyright strike situation. You've hung your hat on this being the death knell for your channel for a long time, so let's investigate. First off, in the video you phrase it as if your views were fine until the copyright strikes happened. You had to delete a ton of vids so the view count dropped, came back up but then continued to decline overall. You phrase this in such a way as to blame the strikes for your loss in viewership due to losing your place in Google/YouTube search. These 2 charts show your average views/month and total views/month. You can see the huge downward spike when the strike occurred around August 2015. However, you can also see that your overall peak was November 2011. On average, you've been in steady decline since then. January 2012 : 8.96 M views (total) January 2013: 6.1 M views January 2014: 3.58 M views January 2015: 3.4 M views January 2016: 2.73 M views January 2017: 2.03 M views So no, you did not see a sudden, continued decrease in viewership only after the strikes. It had been happening since about January 2012 so before the strike and even before the TIHYDP montages gained real momentum. Now let's address this whole thing about you being removed from search results. I don't have a time machine so I cannot say if and to what extent you were "removed" from the search algorithm immediately after but I had a post up about a year ago (can't find it now for some reason) where I tested and showed, via an incognito browser, that DSPgaming DOES still show up in some general searches. Of course, this was ignored and Phil kept claiming his stuff wasn't showing up so I did yet another test and forum post a couple of weeks ago. In it I even logged into a REMOTE, CLEAN virtual machine and was able to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that DSPgaming does, in fact, show up in searches on YouTube without having to be overly specific. For example, if you searched for "Hellblade Playthrough," DSPgaming showed up 3 times on the page. Do you get #1 spot for every playthrough you do? No, nor should you. There are many more channels that have larger viewerships or work harder on SEO than you. Just because you USED to always get on page 1 doesn't mean you get to have that spot forever. You're still frequently getting there with minimal SEO effort and for that you should be grateful. I can spend 30-60+ minutes working on SEO and not get page 1. So, as mentioned in the last portion; stop blaming things that are "out of your control" for the waning of your channel's popularity. Unless you can give good evidence to the contrary, the copyright strike was just a minor blip on the downward trend of your channel. The channel's viewership has been in decline since BEFORE this supposed "wave of negativity" starting to pick up popularity. --- Stop with the "Working your ass off" schtick. I'm not arguing that being a YouTuber/Twitch streamer isn't a job, because it absolutely is. There is also more to a YouTube/Twitch job than the vast majority realize. However, you hamming it up like you're doing all this crazy stuff behind the scenes is nonsense. For example, one of your go-tos is that you have to "supervise" uploads. There is no need to "Supervise" uploads. All you have to do is drag/drop the file(s), make a title, add a thumbnail, then mass copy/paste description and tags via the YouTube tool. If I'm being VERY generous it takes maybe 30 seconds per video, less if you don't use thumbnails. So, even if you were doing 30 videos in a day, you're looking at 15 minutes ABSOLUTE TOPS, but more like 5-10 minutes. Drag-and-drop those vids, go start that chicken cooking, then come back and finish up thumbnails/titles/etc. I think a big reason you do this is because the vast majority of your audience doesn't do this stuff themselves so when you say things like "Supervise uploads" or "prep to stream" or "handle social media" they think that these things actually take a significant amount of time (they don't) and it keeps you from having to critically evaluate how efficiently you're using your time (see above with the healthy food.) It goes right back to the "Nothing I can do" mentality. Yes it's a meme but I don't think you've really thought about how that expression really encapsulates your worldview. Again, when you refuse to take responsibility, you don't have to worry about thinking "How can I do this harder/better/faster/stronger?" You've already given up; if there's nothing you can do, you're helpless, so why bother trying, right? Stop, take a step back and look at how you use your time. What could be cut? What could be trimmed? How could I be more efficient? Maybe set up a daily schedule for yourself to keep yourself on task. ----- Re-evaluate what you do and how to improve your reach. I've seen suggestions such as having tournaments in Street Fighter, CoD, or whatever, where it's "Team DSP" vs "Team Detractor." I bet a ton of people would show up for something like this. More views gets you higher up the list on Twitch, which brings in more people. If you're a good sport, you could turn more of those "detractors" into fans or at least viewers. You did this a bit with that Twitch party game (I forget the name), think along those lines. Think outside the box. Use some of the negative attention in your favor. Unless you want to be known as an asshole, you should also tone down your shit talking as well. You, again, try to dismiss your bad mouthing of opponents (especially in Street Fighter) as "just telling the truth," but you know that's bullshit. Any sane person hearing you say the shit you do about your opponents is going to, rightfully, assume you're an asshole. The problem is you try to frame these situations as you WANT them to be seen, not how an average, thinking person one. ---- TL;DR - Stop blaming others, get help from someone you trust to get your finances in order, take responsibility, stop acting like your job is especially taxing when it's quite the opposite, stop blaming others, the channel has been on the decline for reasons other than the copyright strikes, take responsibility, eat chicken, stop blaming others, take responsibility.
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    Weak argument getting weaker. Do you think I care if you believe how my actual real life is like? The fact that you even thought I was stating those facts as some braggadocios statements to win an internet argument with someone I don't care about shows your mentality and further proves you take the internet way too seriously. Not only did you take what I said out of context (that wasn't even geared towards you in the first damn place) but you took me mentioning of having a family and a job as some spite towards you in some weird way, which subtly highlights what your REAL life must be like, but im not even going to go there. So yes be a little sheep to yourself, just remember that before you try insulting others about how they're sheep, that you are an already self-admitted sheep to internet mentality your damn self who refuses to challenge your own opinions in a real world setting for whatever reason. (Afraid to go outside? Don't have any real life gamer friends? Who knows...) This little spat between us is over because we've gone way off topic, you've clearly ran out of ammo 3 or 4 replies ago, and there's only so much patience I have with people with fragile mentalities that I can take before I just call them an idiot and move on. So before I get to that point, lets stop this little exchange before this goes any further, im not here to insult you. You go your way and I'll go mine, because its clear we are two different people, one living in the real world, and one who's world is mostly in the virtual. Don't quote me anymore because it will just result in an ignore. Thanks, and have a good day. Too get back on topic, yes lootboxes are bad. Singleplayer experiences can be great without them as long as a developer can remain creative. For example, The Witcher 3. Great game that had great DLC. It encouraged you to play through the game in its entirety without any "pay to get past this annoying and tedious" parts, its possible to make a long singleplayer game an enjoyable experience without having options to pay to skip certain parts at its core... Thats ridiculous.
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    This is my point. I don't want an "all out war". Don't be a warrior and just enjoy Phil's videos.
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    You are an idiot, as is everyone who is criticizing what I said. Because you somehow, in 2017, still think that I'm somehow the same as everyone else and NOT an anomaly. You're comparing me to popular YouTubers and streamers. There's a big difference: they get viewership BECAUSE they're popular and seen in a positive light. People attend their streams because they feel it's some kind of positive social experience to watch along with thousands of other people in a stream chat, or in YouTube comments. They also, for some reason, fall in love with their personalities. These people could be taking a shit, and people would still show up to watch the turds create a ripple in the bowl. I have an overwhelmingly NEGATIVE light thrown on me with the common YouTube/Twitch viewer. Therefore, I rely on my hardcore fanbase to keep me going, because I Don't get much, if any "casual viewership" that's in a positive light. In general, if a game is viewed to be "good" among the mainstream viewers, then they come to watch me "fail" at it (which I don't often do, but they're that stupid to believe I suck at every single game). But if a game is seen in a negative light, I ALWAYS see record low attendance. It's a simple formula that has worked like that since the TIHYDP movement destroyed my reputation as a popular gamer on YouTube starting in 2013.....and the fact you don't get it? Makes you look REALLY ignorant. Among both my hardcore fanbase AND the casual viewers who watch me play stuff, I've heard dozens, if not over a hundred people say this in my chat this week: "OH, it's that game that sucks because you need to buy lootboxes to beat it. I heard it's trash and I don't want to watch it, why is he playing this?" And that's the general consensus among the common gamer on Shadow of War. SO, my attendance is low because of it. It's time to wake up, kids. I don't have it easy, I have to scrape and claw for every single little thing because of the negativity that a group of shitheads plastered on me, and that I'll never shake. I'm not a popular YouTuber or streamer and using THEIR attendance as some kind of gauge of the popularity of a game is actually quite stupid, to the point of being asinine. Or else you're telling me that every single game Pewdiepie plays is great? Yeah, I didn't think so. Anyway, since the OP is a moron, and there's nothing to be gained by this discussion, it's now closed.
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    You're a constituent who dictates public policy, and it's only in your best interest for this to be deemed gambling and a feature restricted to 18+ games. That's who almost all of us are, it's legitimate for us to say developers shouldn't be allowed to use tactics devised by psychologists with doctorates to trick children and the mentally weak into acting irresponsibly as consumers. In fact, it's OUR responsibility to see to it that these businesses are kept from partaking in such flagrant exploitation. I understand the appeal in appearing aloof when it doesn't personally affect you, but we can't lose our compassion for people who are being exploited. I can only hope that these companies fail to exploit people from wasting money they don't have on their predatory game design. You and I both know SOMEONE will, and that's what upsets me. Everyone defending this knows exploitation will come of this, but they have a 'so what?' attitude. I can't tolerate that. It's sick and unjust. It's nothing to do with me, but I never want that for anybody. Having watched DSP play the game more, there's no reason for this either. They made a good game, a damn fine game, but they put tricks in it too dishonorably take money from innocent people. It's people with developmental disabilities who were dazzled by the series, for instance, who wind up wasting tons of cash on this bullshit that has NO RIGHT TO EXIST.
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    Well he does have 127 likes vs your 15.
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    lol If you really want to counter this, go to a wrestling event with a "DSP keep making videos" sign.
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    @Phil Maybe you should look into a certain 2 users here. They have a habit of insulting people, even other patrons, for simply disagreeing on the way to handle trolls. They're acting like trolls themselves, ironically. They do this every day. They'll make a thread and start insulting anyone that doesn't fully agree. It's annoying and counterproductive.
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    You're a constant negative poster. If someone came into my restaurant and did nothing whatsoever but complain constantly, yes, I would probably look into why. How you're being treated is a direct result of your own actions. So you can either stop acting that way, or you can deal with the consequences like an adult.
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    So what you're saying is Amityville and ThatDogGuy are entitled to their opinion but Nich is not. And for the record he's not calling out Amityville and ThatDogGuy because they're supportive of Phil. He's doing it because they treat the smallest amount of criticism of Phil or the fans as personal insults and call for people to be banned for it. Seems you feel the same way. Criticizing someone is not discrimination.
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    Some people are just INCREDIBLY stupid. Seriously. When you order a business account from Comcast, you're asked to give them a company name. You can't leave it blank, I tried and they told me I absolutely had to make something up to complete the form. So I did, on the spot. And that's why it says DSP Enterprises on my business internet account info. On my second one, it says "DSP Enterprises 2nd Account" even though I don't own a business called that, either. That's not evidence that I own a shell company. If you think so, you're a complete, utter moron. Comcast requires you to make up a business name if you don't have one, but that doesn't mean you own a business. You don't have to own a business to order business-class internet, either. You just need to pay a shitload of money, and all it means is you're getting better speeds, no data cap, and 24/7 customer service vs. having slower speeds, a data cap and shitty customer support. To the idiots posting in this thread that this is evidence of anything: you may actually be the dumbest humans I've encountered on Earth. You've also posted up DOXXing info, meaning you're now banned from the site. Congrats!
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    I'm just going to ignore the dog with a guy, those emoticons at the end of the statements shows what type of person (or child) I'm talking too. I'm not going back and forth with someone who will ignore all logic and is scared of internet threats from people who are too scared to show their own damn faces. I'm glad most others understand what I'm talking about.
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    Oh god, I can't stop laughing! #chortle
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    At least i'm not an ass licker like you, maybe you should lick your pet Amityville's ass :D
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    Yep, his humor and intellect is at a 13 year old and under level, and that's exactly the core audience that watches his videos.
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    Ok, need to leave this here. First off, Veera and Ilscuro, don't know why you guys even think you're gonna get banned for what was on this thread. You guys aren't trolls and while Ilscuro was being kind of rude, certain people (you know who you are) keep on provoking them. You people almost always do this and I'm kind of getting sick of it. So I suggest backing off or that's it for you. I honestly don't know if I should just lock the thread or not, since I'd be hiding most of the posts here.
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    Amityville and ThatDogGuy have a habit of misrepresenting people, along with using hyperbole to try and make others look bad. I've seen this happen to me and few others now. The fact that they would try and get another person banned is f*cking unbelievable.. I would advise mods to do audit of these two, and just look at the way they antagonize people it always creates conflict.
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    Literally every one of those numbers is completely wrong, lol. This is why it's hilarious that morons think they can figure anything out. I don't even know where to begin with the tips....I mean, first off, you don't know what tips I get are legit, and which ones trolls dispute etc. that end up getting held up and/or reversed. Secondly, Paypal takes a different % cut of every tip I get; sometimes I only get $.60 out of a dollar, because of credit card surcharges and the like. Other times, it's not so bad. But to just add up the on-screen tips I get is completely erroneous, as it'll always be less by at least 1/3rd of that. And it's insane, because it means you went through 4-8 hours of streaming EVERY DAY to search for on-screen pop-ups for tips, PLUS the tips that came in under $2 that didn't get pop-ups, so I only gave them verbal shout-outs. I mean, that's insanity. The Patreon pledges total is completely wrong, and very much highballed. I don't even make $1250/month from Patreon, which was my original goal; it's always lower than that due to the processing fees that Patreon charges as well as declined pledges. I can tell you that number is off by hundreds of dollars. Bits and subs is also completely wrong by a huge amount. I don't know how you get these numbers, but you're a moron. Oh yeah, then there's income tax which is roughly 1/3rd of what I make. Plus two mortgages/association fees, utilities cost, cost of all the games I buy, and the payments on the ridiculous amount of both revolving and installment loan debt that I have. I've made it public that I'm in huge trouble financially, so listing out arbitrary totals like this and acting like I'm making exorbitant amounts of money, when in reality it's barely paying the bills, doesn't prove your point; instead, it makes you look like a complete and utter moronic child, jealous that someone is "making bank" without any actual knowledge of the realities of adult life. Original poster has earned himself a juicy ban. Delicious.
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    I've always suspected Amityville as some kind of trollish douchebag.
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    You're not a very nice person, so it's not surprising people here aren't very nice to you.
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    All girl members? I'll slander Phil all day long for those titties Yep.
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    Well, if he is being audited (which I strongly believe it is with his revisioned thoughts of his "business" and keywords he used in the video) and they find out he hasn't been totally truithful about his "business" and was illegally using certain tax evasion loopholes. He needs to downsize. If he is falling further and further in debt and the bank is threatening to take his house. He needs to downsize. If God willing nothing happens and this is just a scare. He needs to wake up and downsize. Whatever happens he needs to take a look at his life and see what can be cut off. He needs to stop being so stubborn when changing with times. He exclaimed in the video that "if it wasn't for the copyright strikes he wouldn't be in this positon", if he would of been on Twitch 2 or 3 years ago like his fans asked and took tips and cheers that he was so adamantly against for no good reason but is now forced to incorporate, he would be in a way better position. There's several reasons that Phil is in the position he is in, some was out of his control, some was, but all could of been handled better. Im kinda going off on a tangent, I don't want to make this a "This is what's wrong with Phil rant". My point is Phil is going to have to change himself if he expects a better life, and if the IRS coming after him or the bank wants his house, anyway it goes, Phil is going to have to accept the reason he's in that position is because of him. Changing platforms or someone giving him 100,000 cheers isn't going to fix the problem, all those are bandaid fixes and dont cure the root of the problem.
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    Just saw the video in its entirety and just from certain things said, timing, and the uncertainty, I would guess Phil is in danger of losing his house to either the IRS or to the bank for missed payments, fradulent loopholes, or filing invalid business information of sorts. Just a guess. As far as the reasoning he faulted for his current situation. I just gotta feel for the guy but I'd be lying if I didn't see this coming a long time ago. Like Phil said, you could look on social blade and see the trend and where the channel was going. Life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you react to it. Though I won't take away the severness of those copyright strikes, his reaction to it was just as or more damaging than strikes the themelves. Whatever the precise problem is, a EMERGENCY VIDEO on YouTube isn't going to help much and he should really go out and consult with someone (that's not himself or over the internet) about his problems and figure out his next move.
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    Well I didn't know. I don't view your Twitch streams because im quite busy during the day and simply don't have time, I catch your Youtube videos in my freetime. I was just echoing what I was hearing and wanted to see if anyone found the source to this problem since your channel could be taken down if Twitch recognized any foul play on your end. But if you say Twitch has contacted you and do not blame you for purchasing viewbots then I guess the issue is just waiting to be resolved while you reap the benefits of having a thousand more viewers than what you'd normally get.
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    Shadow of Mordor had the same exact grind at the end of the game and didn't have any lootboxes. The boring grind existed in Shadow of Mordor, so again, you are wrong. If anything, WB Games figured out a way to "cash in" on the grind because they knew that some people 1. have far too much disposable income and 2. are too lazy to do the grind required to actually beat a challenging game. This could be the dumbest statement in ages. So completely ignore all the incredibly positive things about the game (TONS of improvements from the first game and a shoe-in for my GOTY contenders, mind you) because you disagree with an optional part of the game that you can completely ignore. SO I was going to get this game called Breath of the Wild, but I heard there aren't any "formal" dungeons but just mini-puzzle dungeons. They're completely optional, but because I don't like that change, I'm boycotting the game so they don't do that again. SO I was going to get this game called Mass Effect 2, but I heard there's this one cast member that isn't developed as well as the others. I can totally ignore their loyalty quests and never have to deal with it, but instead, I'm just going to boycott the game entirely. SO I was going to buy Street Fighter, but I heard there's this one character in it that is a grappler. I hate the grappler playstyle, and there are tons of other characters to play with, but instead of just not playing that specific character myself, I'm boycotting the game in the hopes they'll never include a grappler ever again. This is the mindset of a child. And a stupid one at that. YES, in every instance of life, let's pretend that every single issue is completely black and white. Let's ignore the 3+ years of incredibly hard work by a team of game developers who directly listened to feedback about Shadow of Mordor, and busted their asses to make a much better second experience with Shadow of War. All because there's a lootbox feature that was obviously shoveled into the project by WB Games, in an attempt to pocket extra money from lazy/wealthy gamers who lacked the time and/or skill to beat the game properly. Holy shit. You are going to have a VERY disappointing life if you boycott every single thing that has something in it you don't agree with or like.
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    Another thing. Phil's views have actually dipped since he went back to doing 10 minute videos. His monthly views have consistently been below 2 million since February. The mass amount of videos he's uploading is putting people off.
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    Man what a bad morning. Woke up at 2 am in Danville CA smelling smoke in my room with my window closed due to the wind blowing the fire.The fire was from Napa CA and I felt a little sick but I am fine now. Put a heavy beach towel over the vent to keep the smell of smoke out which helped a lot.
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    That comeback pretty much reminded why Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaaaad man.
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    Get your life together man, sucks to see a man broken this like. As a fan I want to see DSP at his best... who cares about the hardcore gaming season when your only click away from being destroyed and having another emergency again. If that means taking a year out, finding a job and living a normal life, going to the gym, meeting a woman... and perhaps having gaming as a hobby only a weekends or something of the sort. I'm sure all of us fans will understand. Whatever happens I hope you get through it. - Floyd
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    Oh dear i'm in trouble now. I expected no less from you, you sad little man, and if asking why a member here keeps bringing up detractor crap is antagonising then yes i won't deny it. It's also true that certain members here (not all) who are patrons seem to feel they are better than those of us who aren't, i've been a fan of Phil for over 6 years and a member on here for over 2, just because i don't support him financially doesn't make me any less of a fan than those of you who do, and if me speaking the truth leads to a ban then so be it, the way some of you are on this forum and the constant negativity it won't be a great loss.
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    Create a new account and mention in the comment section that the video was stolen from DSPGaming. Call the person that re-uploaded the footage a video thief. Phil can just download the montages that contain his face and edit them a little bit and upload them to vidme but only offer them to subscribers.
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    You never said anything about instant charges to me before this exchange began.
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    Phil was talking about vid.me on prestrem about how the service has no ad revenue and is a pay to watch service. That is incorrect. I believe he is confusing it with Vimeo. Vid.me actually does have ad revenue. It's a new feature they're instituting. They also have tips and subscription options. The subscription is similar to Twitch. Subscribers don't see ads and get a badge. Also you can set specific videos that can only be seen by subscribers (Not your entire channel). The only question is how good with the ads be since it's a small company.
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    Can u PM me a couple of questions youve gotten for the private Q&A? The answers is not interesting. :) Or if you want to post them here is ok as well, Im thinking of pledging an amount to get this perk. I have been backing out to do this just because some bullies on this forum think of me and "new" people as detractors every fucking time. @Amityville is one of those bullies. Another questions going to the moderators on this forum: Is bullying ok? If yes, then I will start as well, starting with Amityville. Cheers from a person who got bullied out this forum by a bully.
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    Yeah why are you guys even talking about it? Shit is dead and Fred ran away. 95% of the detractor shitheads are still around so it doesn't make a huge difference. Some new group will pop up with a different name and the cycle repeats.
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    You're in a topic about the SOK. Irony. Stop talking about them?
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    If you have two supers and are being comboed, hold down the tag button. You'll switch out at the cost of 2 supers, but be careful as if your character runs out into an active hit, they'll start taking damage. Most useful if you're being air comboed bc your tagged-in partner will come out at ground level and be unscathed, but keep in mind the person being air comboed is still being air comboed and you may have to try and stop the opponent from finishing them off.
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    are you suggesting there isn't a few thousand people on earth who have computers and who spend a lot of time on the internet and who just might be mentally unstable? We're push tens of billions of humans total, a thousand people is less than a percent of a percent of all humanity. It's not out of the question. Even if it's ten mentally unbalanced people out of every metropolitan area in every English speaking nation, that's way more than enough to generate those views. I'd don't think that's a fair way to characterize all of them, but they give themselves this reputation with how they glorify DSP's misfortunes so malicious.
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    There's so much hypocrisy. Drgnkiller DOXed Phil on Twitter and everythings fine and dandy, no one complains. But if Phil laughs at a distasteful joke he's the worst person in the world and should be removed from Twitch.
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    Thanks Phil. Those idiots just wouldn't listen. That's kids for ya tho...
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    Why are you arguing about this? It's a moot point, as I don't own a shell company as I just explained in my post above, which you're ignoring.
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    Its amazing the logic from some people in this thread, ("Why did you post this new thread?!? It's pointless!" :continues to post in a thread they deem pointless) if you're not into the topic of the thread, don't follow or post in it. Don't get mad at the OP for posting something you're not interested in, (even though you have the most post in this particular thread than anyone else) be mad at yourself for engaging in a conversation that you knew you weren't going to like but still decided to participate in it anyways. As far as Phil taking a COMPLETE BREAK from Twitch & Youtube, that would be great in concept but I don't think he could do it. He has literally nothing else to do. He doesn't have friends or many outside obligations so he would just be sitting in his house probably reading all the comments about him, getting him even MORE stressed out. I think he should change his sleep and eating habits. As mundane and insignificant some of us think that is in the grand scheme of things, if Phil changed these habits I think he would make strides in other areas as well. Going to sleep earlier means waking up earlier which could free up some time to hit a gym near by or getting some morning therapy or counseling. Deciding to eat better would free him up to go to the grocery story more often and save some money cooking more often and boost his confidence as he's losing weight, losing weight combined with going out more often means more chances to meet REAL HUMANS and developing REAL HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS that aren't just over the internet. As much as Phil tried to play off his girlfriend leaving him was nothing and "in the past", it was truly a huge blow and we are seeing that right now. The major problem has always been Phil being virtually alone, but he's had his girlfriend there for years, now he's really alone. Either he cut everyone off or everyone left him in the real world, and just sitting there with just your thoughts and making decisions with no real mentor, advice, or just even have someone to talk to, especially under financial distress and heartbroken, is a recipe for disaster. For anyone.
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    Fucking hell, how gullible are people as soon as screenshots and speculation are involved? "IT MUST BE DSP!!!"
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    It's sad to see Phil in this video, he looks like a broken man. My advice as a fan, is he MUST change his life. His Youtube channel is in decline as is his Patreon, Twitch is keeping him going for now, but how long before that changes? You can't do this for the rest of your life. Phil do whatever you can to downsize, it must be a tremendous struggle paying for 2 houses, i know i struggle paying for one, aside from a lottery win this is never going to change, i know you don't want too but please move back to CT at least you will be near your family, which for me would be a positive surely, and negate all the problems you state living there brings. Good luck.