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    I would like to congratulate Phil and Leanna on their engagement. I thought i would make a thread so others can also wish them the best of luck in their life. Phil has gone through a lot of hard times with his business and seeing something like this happen i feel happy for him as he deserves it. We will always support you, good luck.
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    You don't really have a choice, unless you want to scrap by for the rest of your life on patron support. You've got no benefits probably no healthcare, are you even going to retire? If you ever want to get married it would probably have to be a small ceremony behind closed doors. Do you make enough to raise kids? Your life is extremely uncertain. Seriously, start planning ahead while you're still young and can afford to do it. You're only a few years older than me.
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    First, that channel is ancient and I pretty much doubt there's any way I'll get it back, considering I haven't logged into it in about 5+ years. No idea what the password was, it's obvious this person probably already changed it etc. It'd be a huge pain in the ass to get it back from YouTube, I'm sure. Second, that channel was its own entity and had its own unique password and e-mail address associated with it. Again, I haven't touched the channel in over 5 years so that e-mail address is also unused, probably hacked (And how they got the channel to begin with to be honest) and unrecoverable. Lastly, I have the original raw videos stored on external hard drives. I have backups of ALL of my videos on external hard drives, actually. If YouTube were to up and shut down tomorrow, I'd be able to reupload the videos elsewhere, with some work. The kicker: a ton of content on that channel was mass claimed by the swooping content ID claims in 2013 on YouTube. So not like I'd ever be able to make money on it anyway. If this idiot who hacked it gets it shut down or removes my playthroughs, I can easily reupload them to DSPGaming once I find them on the hard drives. It would take some doing but certainly not impossible and not a big deal. And way easier (and probably more profitable) than trying to fight with hotmail/YouTube to get back a channel that's been defunct for 5 years.
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    Here's some fanart for that Japanese series where people summon their inner spirits to fight.
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    Through negative shit going on right now and a lot of people telling Phil what he should do and shouldn't do (me being one) I wanted to at least thank him for giving me all these years of free entertainment. Starting watching DSP when I was 16, I am 23 now... started watching when I was a just a little teenager now I am grown adult that has responsibilities. Every now and then I check up and watch a playthrough that he is done and think damn it's really been that long (7 f*cking years!), I remember those days of coming home from school and instantly turning my laptop on to watch the next batch of Heavy Rain parts, even stayed up late some nights against my parents wishes! I owe him a thanks for it, because believe it or not YouTube gets us away from the common bullshit of the real world and allows us too enjoy ourselves.
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    Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD]: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS X1000000000000000ⁿ00000000000000000000
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    People need to stop talking out of their butts. The green screen I have is HUGE. Intended to be set up to make a wall. Not a small backdrop for someone sitting down. It won't fit in the office and there's no way to adjust it to fit. The green screens people use right now work with an office chair setup, which I don't have. I sit on a loveseat. ALL of the mockups you've seen in this thread are false - you'd only be erasing the small blocks to my upper left and right, NOT the entire loveseat, out of the shot. Which I've explained, but people don't listen, at all. And before anyone says "SO change your entire setup, and play ALL games at your PC desk using the monitors!:" it can't happen. There's no room there for consoles or anything else. My office was forcefully set up like it is due to its limitations (power sockets, the one wall that internet can come out of bc the other one doesn't work, and more) and because I have back issues. When I do marathons on the PC/in the PC chair, at the end of the day my back HURTS due to the lack of back support from an office chair. Moving my entire setup, rearranging my office, and risking physical harm to my injured back for the sake of two small squares of space above my shoulders isn't reasonable, logical or viable. It's stupid, it's insane, and NOBODY is going to be a "new viewer" to my streams or content because of it. You've gotten used to it from other streamers: great! So I guess you should watch other streamers for their transparent backgrounds and NOT because you like me, and my content better than theirs. Two words: Grow up.
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    I'm old school. Anybody who has a 'mental illness' and commits a crime i.e. murder needs death penalty, none of this lethal injection just give em the rope.
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    Drgnkiller here. How you guys doing? Love you all! And Homer, buddy, you created an account just to talk about me for a month now. You're the best tbh.
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    LOL. If a female said hi to drgnkiller he would piss his pants and run home to tweet about Phil.
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    Why do these people have a weird obsession with Phil's life. I seriously don't get it. They are so interested in Phil's life. What would happen if Drgnkiller was in a room with Phil alone. I think he would get a boner and be excited that he finally met his idol that he has been stalking for years.
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    The Simpsons just destroyed SJWs & campus snowflakes.
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    Just watched the video of him announcing his engagement. Such positive, heart warming 35 minutes, to make you feel good early in the morning...
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    FYI I give a TON of info on this in tonight's Week In Preview so don't miss it!
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    Congrats to DSP https://www.instagram.com/p/BSrK4tigpqu/?taken-by=theycallmedsp&hl=en
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    I hope they already did the voice over for him in Toy Story 4 :(
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    Dude if you think the earlier examples are bad than you are out of your mind, those facecams are perfect match for what DSP is trying to do. This allows him to blend in the game easier thus making it presentable, this is what has become the norm this is what people want! That's why every single streamer on Twitch adopts this style. They don't want the facecam to be bigger than the game, unless you're a booby streamer who wants her rack to be the center of attention and be the focal point of her stream, than okay you're right otherwise it makes no sense to use that video's example.
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    Well, this is the issue that is a grey area, and has never been hashed out in court. When you "buy" a license for video editing software, and you use that software to create a video that generates profit on YouTube, does the maker of the video editing software seek a cut of/ALL of the profits from the video you made? No, but you only purchased a license for that software for personal use, NOT to make videos to generate profit. It's understood that the software is a tool to create other products. Same thing with Let's Plays or gameplay streams: you only purchased a license to use that game for personal use, but you created a tranformative work with that software. Who owns the final product? The problem is, game publishers seem to think that video games are the same as movies and television. They indeed are NOT. They are interactive experiences that cannot advance without he input of the gamer; i..e you can't make a Let's Play without input from a human in most cases. Commentary and other added things only make it a further transformative work protected under copyright law as a separate entity from the software itself. IN TRUTH: When you purchase a software license, the ONLY REAL WAY a company can legally come after you, is if you illegally distribute that game. So if you copy the code/rip it from the program/software and try to distribute or sell it you are in trouble. But Let's Plays are NOT illegal and never have been. Nobody has ever gone to court to determine the legality of them. When you play the game, you're creating your own unique work of art and therefore the company has no legal right to come after you for FULL PROFITS (indeed they might actually own a cut of the profits but again, it's never been hashed out in court). Atlus threatening to spam contend ID/copyright strikes/takedown notices on Let's Plays of Persona 5 are 100% illegal threats because there is no legal precedent determining they have the right to do so. It's incredibly stupid and obviously a directive made by management that have no fucking idea how internet culture has evolved in the last 5-10 years. THE GAME HAS BEEN OUT FOR OVER SIX MONTHS in Japan and there are already full Japanese-language Let's Plays on the internet. In truth? It's Japanese Xenophobia: how dare those English-speakers try to make money off of something we made! And it needs to stop. It's incredibly outdated, prejudicial thinking that Nintendo/Atlus are still stuck in due to insanely outdated mindsets, and remnants of a Xenophobic culture that needs to progress out of the dark ages.
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    You can still stream or post youtube videos on P5 but they can not contain spoilers. Everyone keeps stating that this is anti-consumer, but it isnt. It more an anti streamer or youtuber. Also, ppl have to understand when you purchase a video game, music, or movie, you are actually purchasing a license to use the product for personal use not to use it to generate profit.......
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    Not necessarily. Like you posted earlier, full YouTube playthroughs (for those companies that don't claim or block videos) reveal the entire story for people free of charge, and considering you can post videos up to 1080p at 60fps now, there is no video quality limitations (at least for console games). For games heavily reliant on story for entertainment such as games like Uncharted 4, Firewatch, and Persona 5, a full playthrough could be very sales damaging for consumers that play these games mainly based on story. What incentive do these type of consumers have to purchase these titles if they can enjoy the story without paying for the game? Also, if you are inline with a YouTube content creator's opinion that their playthroughs help generate sales, you are taking a conflict of interest viewpoint. While I do think playthroughs CAN help generate sales, it can also have the opposite effect depending on the game genre and if story is a major selling factor for the game.
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    If drgnkiller was a dog he'd be at the veterinarian being put down for rabies. Just ignore the guy. Goes for all the other detractors
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    Correction, he follows a messed up person who is obsessed with Phil and his life, the dude does nothing but shit on Phil on every single day of his life and he has done this for years. Boy, i'm so done with this xD can you obsessive tools stop creating sock accounts to defend this nut-job behaviour?
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    Let's send to jail anyone who "stalks" someone who makes every aspect of their lifes public, literally putting videos on the internet about their finances. Yeah you guys really have a grasp on how society should work...
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    There is a difference between being mentally ill and then being a straight up criminal. And I stand by what I said. The dude has done nothing wrong IMO nor has done anything directly harmful to Phil to convey he even has an illness. As I said in my post its no different than a passionate fanboy. Only passionately negative. I already see this going to be an agree to disagree on this here. I have experienced real mental illness. Am I a criminal who should be shown no sympathy for my disorder? This individual has not conveyed such behavior. Behavior that can be trollish? Sure, negative? Sure? But sociopathic? I disagree. I see nothing sociopathic about his behavior. You can disagree with him and think he is wierd. But sociopathic he is not. The DSMV would inform anyone well the symptoms of an actual sociopath. and he does not exhibit the criteria. Only the behavior of a negatively passionate fan. Now I am not doubting that there exists those who do want to harm Phil and are disturbed minds.. But this person isn't one of them. And no one is saying you cannot call out poor behavior. You can do so all you want. But making claims that someome is mentally ill or sociopathic without actual proof is no good. And further causes the very blurs and miscommunications we all have with each other. I am not even sympathizing here. I just simply disagree with the assessment made that he is a stalker or sociopathic. I don't believe this is so black and white.
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    I do not really have an opinion on this twitter guy but I find your reaction to those with mental illness out of line. Even if someone with a mental illness is dangerous they should not be disowned they need help. The key word is illness they did not choose to have this just the same as someone does not choose to get cancer. The fact you use these words as insults for some guy who takes ten minutes out of his day to tweet bout Phil shows you were never around a person with a mental health issue and I doubt you have any training in psychology so next time drop the armchair therapist and just call the guy weird.
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    Today is my birthday. I am now 25. I sure dont feel that old.
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    There's several things that have to be done before the videos can "just be uploaded:" 1. I have to briefly scan through and make sure the raw file is fine. I already had an issue with one file being corrupted halfway through and had to get another copy. 2. The intros to the videos set them up and brand them for KOGaming. Without the intro, a newcomer (Which many of the people who view KOGaming are) wouldn't know WTF they're even watching. Why is the video so fuzzy? Who is DarksydePhil? All of this needs to be glossed over before the video begins, despite the fact that longtime viewers think it's unnecessary. 3. The person who submitted the montage needs to get credit at the end of the video (that's the entire purpose of the program: getting some promotion out of it). So the video needs to be edited to add in their plug etc. 4. Right now I've got 3-4 more "ABRIDGED!" videos ready to go, but that's it. Since the whole partnership thing happened early this month, I haven't really focused on KOGaming at all, nor have I been asking for new montages until the whole transition gets finished. Yes, I could put up 3-4 more of the EXACT same style of video right now, but that would make them get stale quickly. It'll be far better when I get more (I have 2 being worked on right now) and I can alternate for variety's sake. In addition, KOGaming is dead right now, but SOON will be full of reviews (Zelda, ME Andromeda, may do a video on Danganronpa and the DS3 DLC etc.) so that'll be the perfect time to start throwing in new montages too. In short: I know what I'm doing, and you don't need to second guess me at every turn. Thanks!
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    I listen to Hungarian band Apey! They play some sort of grunge. Very acoustic and beutiful voice!
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    When a video with over a million views has a title with many superlatives, that usually drives me away from it. But I was bored and decided to click one of them. Turns out that it was funny. Best laugh at 2:35. Kid deserves bonus marks.
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    The Boy and the Beast Review (2015 in Japan) (2016 in America) The Good It does take a good 20 minutes to get to what the film actual is but then it gets there that's when movie really starts. If you Loved Digimon Our War Game or Summer Wars you will love this movie cause this movie is badass. The Main just of the film is that Nine-year-old Ren (蓮) has recently lost his mother, whom he has lived with since his parents' divorce. With no news of his father and refusing to live with his legal guardians, Ren flees into the streets of Shibuya, resenting humanity. After stealing some food and finding an alley to sleep in, he finds a mouse to share his food with. He then reminisces about the aftermath of his mother's funeral. In the Beast Kingdom (渋天街, jūtengai), the lord has decided he will retire in order to reincarnate as a deity and names two potential successors: the popular Iôzen, who is also the father of two children, and the powerful Kumatetsu (熊徹), who is also lonely and lazy. The Grandmaster (宗師, Shūshi) suggests that Kumatetsu find a disciple in hopes of inspiring him to succeed him. But the story becomes more than that showing both Kumatetsu and Ren need each other and they both Change and develop. As the film goes on and its pretty epic. The Action Scenes are amazing and Beautiful The Animation is beautiful The Score is amazing The Bad A lot exposition heavy some is useful its not a big deal but it just is. Overall: Out of Summer Wars and Wolf Children this is my favoriue out of Mamoru Hosoda Filmography Overall Grade: A
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    People can make a living through a variety of ways, I don't have a problem with that.
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    90s were filled with good TV Sitcoms, Fresh Prince, Married With Children, 3rd Rock From The Sun, and Martin.
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    OMFG!!! This movie looks hilarious.
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    Reviewers were stupid as expected, Yooka-laylee is freaking amazing. Still on the first World because there's so much to do, but the game is 98% just Banjo-kazooie even down to the references. Seems to be locked at 30 FPS and I'm not seeing much lag, if any. The amount of collectables in each world is pretty nuts, like twice as much as Banjo and the worlds seem like they're twice as large.
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    I think they mean why would anyone care. if you like dsp, i don't see how 100 hours of videos is a bad thing as you can watch at your own pace.
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    No I'm not posting it, they dont deserve the attention, .
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    Green screens aren't made out of metal, get a pair of scissors and make it fit.
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    youtube isn't over, they're just going to pay the content creators less money. everyone should expect that making money on a social network doesn't last forever. EDIT: There is no reason to watch any video from boogie2988, the biggest pandering vanilla content creator ever.
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    Hello , new poster here. Anyhow I watch a number of gaming folks online , from James Wolfe's Cinemassacre stuff to The Completionist , to the Gaming Historian and Game Chasers. Its a lot of stuff I will watch on youtube. I also know a number of folks who will PM me and one friend told me about the channel. I told him I rarely walk through's of games because I love playing them. But he told me about the other videos you'd do. Which I did like the food reviews. But in some videos I noticed a weird trend , almost every couple weeks there was an update about the money situation you were in. Now I can understand wanting to be fairly open with your audience and telling them what position you were in sure. But it seemed like there was a video detailing how things weren't going well. I don't know your situation really or how its being handled beyond the videos I see. Hopefully things have went better. Then one video I saw where at the end you claimed you were gonna be given birthday money from your parents and how you didn't wanna spend it on bills for April. I sadly hate to say this , but DSP , many folks have to do the grown up thing. We all have been in spots where we have to sadly pass on things we'd love to get and pay bills that come our way. And sure donations from folks and more is nice. But as adults we have to accept that sometimes we can't get everything we want and we have to handle the situation ourselves. Its like that saying former coach Dennis Green would tell his players in a classic clip on NFL highlight shows..."Only babies get what they want all the time !" Before you think I'm being harsh here and blasting you , I'm not. I don't donate to anyone who produces on youtube or twitch. While I love watching all the shows above , its not something I will pay to support. Because its not my responsibility to do it. I will gladly watch if they produce new episodes , drop a comment perhaps and show my support there by watching and giving it a view. But I have a family to support , bills to pay on my own etc. I'm sure a lot of folks do who watch. Its sadly a fact of life for a lot of us lol. Good luck with the videos and what you do ahead. I will watch from time to time.
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    Happy birthday man
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    What kind of liquor does Phil drink in his playthroughs? It has to be clear because he puts it in water bottles and mountain dew cans. I like brown liquor btw.
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    Came across this today and wanted to share it because it was a surprise to me. It turns out a majority of Europeans would support a Trump-style ban on further migration from mainly Muslim countries, according to a poll of more than 10,000 people in 10 countries. http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/europes-border-crisis/majority-leading-eu-nations-support-trump-style-travel-ban-poll-n718271
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    From my favorite show this Fall Season