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    The patron perk is useless. Why vote when ur game can be skipped regardless of the poll rank. The only condition that is reliable for patrons right now is ‘phil gets the money and u feel happy to help him pay his bills and taxes’. The marathon has nothing to do with patreon.
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    Not exactly sure why you guys take the troll bait so often, lol.
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    If your laptop monitor is giving problems, you can use the VGA port on your laptop, to connect it to another one. Plug the VGA cable into the laptops VGA port, and then connect the other end, to another monitor, or flat screen monitor.
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    Yeah. Wolverine gets alot of epic moments.
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    I made this. I wasnt sure what text to use so if you want me to change it let me know. Really excited for the Indie marathon and holiday stream! (I had to resize it to upload here. Is there a good place to attach the full size if Phil wants it for a stream?)
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    No, let's stop the bullshit now. I could afford everything fine until a straight 3-year avalanche of bullshit happened that was completely outside of my control. False copyright strikes, insanely plummeting ad revenue, losing multiple partnership opportunities, losing my YouTube partnership, not being offered things every single other content creator gets. And it's because of the negative element of toxic people who stalk me. My content has been on the RISE for almost 2 years now, particularly since I swapped to full-time streamer, but it's the negative nonsense that I don't control and don't influence that keeps me down. Saying I couldn't afford a house that was WELL within my budget when I moved into it 4 years ago is just factually incorrect. So, please stop with the nonsense.
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    This is why the dude is in debt, you guys have him play crap games all the time lol
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    Why it wouldnt? Most the people streaming have jobs. Saying it "wont fit" and chosing not to do it are two different things.
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    Maybe he meant getting a part time job or something else to do on the side. Maybe doing some game testing from home or something. He is great at finding bugs in games eg. Max Payne 3. If I was a dev I would hire him an hour a day from home to report them.
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    Phil just wants the ideal best case scenario without having to make sacrifices. There's no way he's going to make $16,000 in the next few months. And it's not likely he will be able get a loan or refinance his house. He could defiantly try but it's a long shot. But what baffles me is his excuses for not selling his house. "I can't afford a move". But you're waiting for a miracle of $16,000? How about instead you raise money to afford a move? That's way more feasible then raising money for your taxes. Problem solved. And I could care less of the streams are in 1080p 60fps. A room with a door and a decent internet connection is all you need to stream.
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    Hey guys, I just stopped by to wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving.
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    Hello. Microsoft is continuing Win 7 support, until January 14th 2020. The advantage that Win 7 has, is that most software literally work nicely with it. Whereas, alot of software crash, give problems and sometimes don't install properly, or work well on Win 10. In my case, I plan on buying, a legit copy of Win 7 soon.
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    I'm thinking about buying one.
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    Good indie games you say? Subnautica is one of my Games of the Year. Underwater survival/crafting/base building game. Absolutely loved this but to be fair not sure if it's a DSP type of game since he tends to do better when given direction. This game drops you in, gives you some basic clues but other than that you're on your own. A Hat in Time is a great 3D platformer which reminds me a good bit of Mario 64. Has a 98% positive rating on Steam Mutant Year Zero is a story/stealth/XCOM game that just came out today. Haven't had a chance to play it but so far reviews are positive. West of Loathing is a comedy RPG. Haven't played it but it's supposed to be fantastic. CatQuest is a simple but fun action RPG. Very light-hearted and full of cat puns but it's a lot of fun despite being mechanically very simple. Hollow Knight is another game I've been meaning to play. Looks great, heard it's difficult but a lot of fun Not a Tetris guy myself (I know, blasphemy) but have heard good things about it and has PSVR support. Wish I'd have tried this at TwitchCon now :/ Path of Exile is a really good Diablo-like that's been around for quite awhile. Steamworld Dig 1 & 2 are both great games. Chill exploration games where you dig deeper into the earth, get power-ups, gather minerals and purchase upgrades. Both are worth playing but if you can only do one then pick the second one. Plenty more great indie games but that'll do for now.
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    NASA just announced 3 exo-planets close to Earth's size are within a star's habitable zone. The star is only 40 light years away called TRAPPIST-1
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    OMG... he is allowed to give his opinion and criticism gee golly. Lay off his back man. Don't have a cow, man. I mean he should totally be able to give his opinion and constructive criticism about a topic that he created a thread about then asked the mods to close.
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    best Visuals Effects Oscar for 2019
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    I can die happy now, I love this song so much!
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    You have no proof for this claim.
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    Hi, I submit this image for the Prestream. Link: https://www.deviantart.com/hermano-carl/art/DSP-vs-High-Lord-Wolnir-760714439
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    I submit this image for more variety on the Prestream. The link: https://www.deviantart.com/hermano-carl/art/King-Of-Retro-755977260
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    Hi. I submit this image for the substitution of the 2 images, (the DSP's holding the controller). Link: https://www.deviantart.com/hermano-carl/art/DSP-Prestream-V2-755362371