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    ​This is a genuine question; What were you even doing in this thread? What did you expect when you came into this thread and started chatting with people you generally don't get along with?
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    ​I followed the accounts to see what they have to say and see who they are. Following an account isn't a full fledged endorsement. I was beginning to think KG wasn't that bad, then I see these blanket accusations and blatant misrepresentations of fact and I think to myself where have we gone wrong.
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    ​I just believe that if he had a different mentality, he would produce better content. If i played a shitty game like barbies horse adventure, and i had to record my reactions, id be negative and not talkative, and i'd hate it and so would everyone else. If i recorded my favorite videogame, my commentary on it would be rich and exciting since i enjoy it so much. That's how virtually everyone is. DSP's commentary before it became about the money was exciting and funny, even if he was a bit of a dick, that's fine as long as it's in good taste. Fast forward too now, i struggle to even watch a video from him. His new gta playthrough for example, a lot of it is him just sitting there in silence while nothing happens, and it's not engrossing at all. I understand not being able to go on for hours and hours, but atleast edit the dull parts out of your playthrough like other people do. People ultimately are probably watching DSP, for dsp. if they wanted to see a full game walk through, they'd go watch one from someone whos studied the game. I really believe if he had more fun with games, and stopped treating them like a trivial task he's forced to do, people would notice and enjoy his playthroughs more. Just a thought though.
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    ​- Being unable to take criticsm and tossing it to the side on camera is just unprofessional and one of the reasons Phil's popularity and views have been plummeting for months. - If Phil actually listened more to criticism, he would be able to make his product more watchable. Unnecessary raging just puts off viewers and isn't beneficial to viewers nor Phil - Phil's current persona is one of the main reasons why people have stopped watching him and why his views are on the decline. If he would correct his online behaviour, people would be more willing to watch his videos. He doesn't do any favors for himself when he does all the negative stuff on Twitter etc. - One big criticsm Phil receives often is uploading videos that are roughly 10 minutes. People don't like it when their sub-box is filled with his uploads and they don't like to watch videos that are so short. If Phil would adopt doing longer videos, at least 30 minutes long, it would be ideal to his viewers because their sub-box aren't flooded and they don't have to click for the new video all the time. Imagine, you have 2 hours to spare and you go "I'd like to watch Phil's playthrough of game x". Now, you have to watch 12 parts and constantly change for the next part. If Phil would do 30 minute videos, you'd only have to do it about 3 times depending on the lenght of the videos. Phil's argument "it's a proven formula" is invalid in 2015 and it has been invalid for a few years already. - He doesn't do any favors when he calls people names and rages for no reason. It doesn't help his image and people don't like to watch a person who calls people name for no reason. Tell me one succesful YT who does that? No one. They are nice and don't call their viewers names. - If he were more nice, it wouldn't mean he is "bland, uninteresting". It would help him get more viewers. His current persona is the reason his views are what they are and he is desperate. By changing his ways, he could salvage a part of his ex-fanbase back. Who likes to watch a person who is so negative and calls people names? No one. They go watch someone who is respectful and friendly. Like Jesse Cox for example. Compare his views to Phil's and you see what I'm talking about. "but his persona "taking any critisism as a personal attack, calling names" ensure he will never be bland. he will get views, he will keep doing what he does and getting payd for it." The only things those ensure is that his YT career will be over sooner than later if he doesn't change his ways.
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    ​Here's the problem with your "analysis" and let me just go over it point by point so you can understand clearly. The thing about heels in WWE, TNA, ROH, whatever promotion is that people KNOW it's scripted, they know that the person is a bad guy, but here's the other issue is that Phil is a one man YouTuber meaning he has no face to do commentary with so if he was just acting then he's doing a poor job of it as you shouldn't be a heel UNLESS you have a face to counter that heel personality. Your point just got crushed.The "Friend Request Ridicule" videos are of him ridiculing real people, but he has also ridiculed people such as Toby Turner, PewDiePie(And to the extension, Markiplier and Roosterteeth), Nintendo, and his own fans. See and the other difference is that Iron Sheik was loved as a heel and kept people from changing the channel while Phil is NOT keeping people from watching someone else as his bad attitude is not at all likable.He stopped doing it because people sent in fake rage ones so please get your facts straight next time.Now would you kindly stop this nonsense so that the topic can get back on track as I am tired of threads being closed because of people like you who say nothing, but nonsense just to get the topic derailed.
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    ​But who the fuck want's to hear someone bitch and whine about a game all day? Seriously, what's the appeal in being that way? You have to make your own content have a positive, fun approach to it. People do it all the time. Northernlion, totalbiscuit, nerdcubed, mathasgames, all these people put their own spins on things, why cant dsp be positive about it and make his own spin? There is very little appeal in people who act horrible towards their fans and game developers. It's a copout to say that dsp does this as his own way to make himself unique, that's just pure nonsense. Also, stop lumping me with the SOK, i'm not involved with them.
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    ​You can't lose respect for the SOK, when you had none in the first place. Nice try.
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    Also a png file for easy adjustment, let me know if you need anything else
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    ​ This thread has nothing to do with phil, lol. On topic however, I would like to see more character action games by Platinum or just in general. More games that use parrying as a mechanic would be nice as well (I fucking LOVE parrying)
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    I'm going have to stop you there Mashinka21, this thread is not about that Phil plays a character and you point about wrestling is irrelevant to constructive criticism vs negativity. Whatever your intentions were you have drailed (as I see it) from them and only angered other posters on the thread, so I tell you now, get on topic or more warning points are being issued.
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    ​I have not committed a sin in my life, because I played another persona...
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    I have constructive criticism for you right there: I believe that Phil spends more time on WWE 2K Supercard and the 2Kforum, than here. Thanks in advance.
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    ​I very much so used to enjoy his content, atleast, enough to watch literally hours upon hours of it. Now adays? Not so much. I tried watching his content and ignoring his other flaws, i tried to watch it simply for the fact of "i wanna watch someone play videogames" and it's a total snorefest for me now. He barely adds anything to his playthroughs and he's always more worried about other shit, like playing the latest games, than he is with actually having fun. That's my one advice for him if it's purely about videogames. Have fun. And he doesn't seem to do that anymore.
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    ​What the hell are you even talking about? Being a heel works for Phil? Are you kidding me? Phil's plummeting views are saying that you are very wrong. "realised controversy (talking big, exagurating, letting "loose" on people etc) works for him, gets him what he wants in life. he continued that in youtube." If you mean getting to the point where you are very desperate about views (Phil's admitted this), then you are right.
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    I don't think he finds it a driving force. I think the hate has just been a constant all his life because of the way he acts and he refuses to change that, so eventually he just accepted that's the way it's going to be, with him being hated on - and just turned it into a little online nickname that I guess became catchy for him. It's not a need for attention as much as it is him believing he's right in any given situation, leading him to backlash against anyone calling him out. Arguing with "haters", arguing with others in the FGC, calling people names, blocking people left and right after dubbing them all idiots. ​What I don't understand about the whole "King of Hate" moniker is that he said something in a video once that he has always been hated on during almost every point in his life - whether it was at school, in college, at a job, in the fighting game community, at fighting game events, on youtube, etc. And that's why he wanted the moniker of the King of Hate. That's obviously not the whole story but you get the gist of it and how much he has been "hated on" in life. I just don't understand how at some point in his life, he didn't stop to think... "you know, people are hating on me in almost everything I do. Is it really just them? Do I really have that much bad luck that I run into nothing but assholes in my day-to-day life... or is it me, my attitude, my actions and the way that I act with others that causes the hate?" It just seems like he never gave that some thought. Because if he did, he would've changed the way he acts with people and he wouldn't have been hated on nearly as much as he has been in his life. But maybe I shouldn't be surprised that he never gave that some thought. From what I've seen in his years and years of online posts/videos, Phil has always had an "I'm right and you're wrong" personality in life. He would blame others before ever placing blame on himself. Just look at the way he blames games for his failures, for not knowing the controls or how a game works and so on (and no, it is not an act when he blames the game). Or the way he'll blame the haters for all eternity if he ends up not being able to do this for a living anymore. Instead of actually reflecting about the things he could have changed or done differently. The sort of things the haters were/are telling him to stop doing.
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    ​The developing countries that this charity helps are in South Asia, Africa, and Latin America where they rely on bodies of water. Often this charity funds the drilling of wells so they can get clean water. So while using less water in developed countries is great, the problem we are addressing is with countries that don't have running water.
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    ​Gonna persist with the suggestion of editing - show the cutting room floor some love. I'm just talking about skimming 10-15% of the total playthrough. Showing failures is enjoyable, but we don't need to see every single failure that happened the exact same way - a better solution would be to show only deaths where you tried a new approach or had an epiphany - in other words constant progress. Your promo video is an edited piece, so that's what patrons from the outside are going to expect to see on a regular basis. And if you're worried that this somehow goes against your assertion of "raw" gameplay, don't be. When I was at Starbucks the other day, they had sugar packets called "Sugar in the Raw." They meant that it was minimally-processed and free of additives, which is an attractive selling point. In the purest sense of the word, "raw" sugar would be a stalk of sugarcane that I had to chop up and harvest syrup from myself, but do I want to do that just to sweeten my coffee? Of course not.
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    ​You do realize that he has never once accidentally broke character and he's also legit blocked people and banned them from his forums because of criticism, correct? I understand you're a fan, but you are in serious denial on this subject.
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    ​Well if he's not hurting financially then that just makes it even worse that he's trying to get more money from fans. Also on the topic of views : Back in July 2011 he had 13.47 MILLION views for that month. That number (As you can see in the graph courtesy of Socialblade) has been steadily declining where Phil now gets less than 3 million views A MONTH.
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    ​Totally man ! just bought the Band of brothers / the pacific Blu ray set and watched band of brothers in one sitting!. but you need to watch The pacific if you havent its allot more dramatic and gruesome than band of brothers.
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    ​We're always open to discussion, that's why this thread was left open rather than closed as soon as the rules were open. As it stands, these are the rules, but if members take issues with certain ones and we believe it would be beneficial to change them, then they may be amended.
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    ​If Phil starts being late because hes doing all nighters playing a shitty game i'll be finished with him. He should take the time to research games coming out and talking to US HIS FANS not spending it on 2K Forums it really defeats the purpose of this site... WHY can't he post forum Topics about WWE SuperCard / Immortals here? I'm sure people would love to talk about it with him.. but he doesn't
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    Well it seems like he pulled an all-nighter again playing WWE Immortals this time and posting on 2K forums that he quit Supercard because it's broken now.So there you have it ,folks.Wouldn't be surprised if todays DAI stream is AGAIN canceled/delayed
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    Yes, another big case of critisism is Phil's inactivity here. Why would he pay thousands to get the domain and software to just come here when he needs something? It's absurd. It was the same thing on the last forums. He would come in and post only when he needed something (fan art, suggestions, ATK questions) etc. If Phil would be more active here, it would likely increase site traffic as more people would sign up just to chat with him and people generally would just like to chat with him about games, movies, wrestling etc.
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    ​See that's a problem as this is HIS forums and him going to other forums and just ignoring everything on his own forums makes you wonder why he even has a forum.
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    I believe that negativity would be someone just insulting dsp for no reason at all, and just trying to ruin his life by doxing / swatting him, etc. If you say "fuck dsp he's so stupid i hate him!' that's just negativity and helps in no way. If you give an example of something he's did and then say your problems with it and how it's bad for his credibility, like with the whole patreon thing for example, that's criticism and it's helpful to everyone. Useless insults are just that, useless. Giving real factual info / help is good.
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    ​I thought you weren't a fan of his. You're going awfully into descriptive detail to everyone of who "The real phil is" in your own words..
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    ​There are people who STILL think Phil is playing a character? Really? In 2015? I can maybe see people believing that in 2009 but after all of these years, people still honestly believe it's all just an act? I'm absolutely blown away right now if that's a serious post. And it seemed like it was. You also probably believe we never really landed on the moon, either.
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    ​is it an edible ball?
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    Hey guys, Welcome to next rant which involve fictional characters being viciously judged on their appearances & sexuality. Throughout the internet, I would hear people say characters suck because of their costumes and use slur words that are used to insult homosexuals. That needs to be stopped right now. Just because a person dresses different does not mean he/she sucks nor possesses a different sexuality. Back in the days of Shakespeare, men played both male and female parts. Does that actually make them homosexuals? NOOOOOO!!! Plus, even if people are homosexuals, does not give you the right to insult them because of their sexuality. An individual developing his/her sexuality is natural. We have homosexuals in sports, and Hollywood and from what I saw, they are very good athletes/ball players and very talented actors/actresses (i.e Michael Sam, Terry Collins & Neil Patrick Harris). We dress differently all the time. Once again, what determines a character is who he/she actually is as a person. Plus, I sick and tired of these people who choose to act immature/juvenile who constantly call costumes "tights." It is more mature to say costumes. Various fictional characters have worn costumes throughout the years and heck, many of them still do today (i.e. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain America & Green Arrow). The immaturity within the fictional fan base has caused many people to lose interest. This hurts and sickens me. I hope you guys are learning from this. Note: PLEASE READ ENTIRE RANT BEFORE RESPONDING AND WHEN YOU RESPOND, ACT MATURE. Thank you and have a very nice day/week.
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    I do sometimes wonder if the real Phil has always been and still is the irreverent character epitomized by the 'friend's request ridicule' videos. Whether the small changes toward a more polite, affable, sympathetic Phil are genuine, or whether it's strained forbearance and he's really the same guy inside, and he only started displaying changes when it started hurting him in the wallet. Whether his lashing out at people is a show of frustration at being harried, or if it's out of contempt for viewers and his taking them for granted. He once called me 'some idiot' because I said something he didn't agree with. I wasn't offended by it, I find the Phil 'character' entertaining warts and all, but I wonder what it does for him when other people are on the receiving end of that kind of treatment (and I know he's said far worse than that). Some people really are asking for it, but not everyone is. And lastly I do wonder if he meant it quite literally when he explained the 'king of hate' monicker. Whether he genuinely finds being hated to be a driving force, rather than such an idea being a post-hoc rationalisation to turn negative feelings into positive ones. Whether his psychological need for negative attention surpasses any financial consideration until it presents an immediate threat. Whether he feels empowered when goading people's negative reactions, and doesn't know what to do with himself when he isn't receiving them. Whether he is truly bewildered by the ire he has drawn from people, or if it was the plan all along.
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    ​I sometimes turn around like that too. Once I've done and flushed I move normally again though
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    I would suggest paying to fly John Rambo out and tailoring your schedule around his availability so that it is not just you and Panda Lee. I would also suggest if Panda Lee is involved to have her be the main villain.
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    First, I've known Best Buy had a trade-in program but I've honestly never, EVER heard anyone speak of it as being any better than Gamestop's. I also know they had a "gamers club" which I'm a part of, but when I signed up years ago they didn't have any of the kind of benefits being described here. So the first part of my answer is honestly just lack of information/ignorance about this program. Second, I've always been INCREDIBLY skeptical of getting games at non-dedicated gaming stores (i.e. Gamestop) because I've gotten burned in the past. For the common person it may not be an issue, but for someone like me who 1. needs to pick up new games on release day and 2. have them home earlier on in the day so I can start playing/streaming them ASAP, it can be a nightmare. Unlike Gamestop, Best Buy/other retail chains are NOT dedicated exclusively to video games and unfortunately hold tons of inventory. I have been to Best Buy on release day for a new hot game, only to be told "we don't know where that is right now, although it shows in our system" or "sorry, it never showed up, try later this week." Once I had to wait an entire hour for someone to scour boxes in the back of the building only to finally find the games, unopened, buried somewhere. For BIG RELEASES it's probably not an issue, but for more obscure games when the stores are only getting a few copies, it can be a pain in the butt. Compare that with Gamestop, where their ONLY JOB is to keep track of games, and chances are you'll get your games faster ALL the time there. Third (and probably the biggest reason) is the trade-ins at Gamestop simply paying me a lot of money. Just in the past year, I've gotten OVER $40 back for multiple PS4 games that I've traded in rather quickly there. It used to be that if you saved up 3 or more games and traded them in together, you'd get a bonus; now it seems it's more about trading in the next-gen versions of games faster, or about a promotion (I had a coupon during the summer that gave me 50% bonus trade-in credit on anything). Overall, most people complain about Gamestop's trade-in values, but I've actually made out far more often than I've gotten ripped off due to the way that I buy/trade. Also, the Gamestop rewards program is between $20-30/year if I remember correctly versus a HUNDRED bucks at Best Buy, so there's that small initial increase in cost. How does Best Buy's trade-in program even work? Can you simply bring a stack of used games up to their Customer Service desk (another big issue as there's ALWAYS a big line there) and trade games in, no-hassle, every day of the week? What are the values and are they comparable/better to Gamestop's? All of these are questions I'd like to have answered before I considered going to a different game store. And then in addition to ALL of this, I find myself getting the digital copies of games more often these days too. It saves a trip to the store (both Gamestop and Best Buy are over a 30 minute trip for me in my new home) and I'm able to have it pre-loaded and ready to go rather than rushing about. In addition, since I don't do Release Day Unboxing anymore it really isn't required to have physical copies of games anymore. So...there you have it. More info is needed for me to make an intelligent decision on if I should consider switching from Gamestop to Best Buy when I physically buy games.
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    ​Nice example. This way would be much better. :) -------------------------------------- Now this is just an observation but from the time I've spent on social media I've noticed 3 ways people give criticism. Positive, neutral and negative. Usually the positive comments get a reply from Phil and make progress. Following is an example (All generic examples) Criticism topic: Number of characters used in street fighter lV during madness week. Positive: Hey Phil, I like the groups of matches with one character but think you can spread it out a bit? Would like to see you use other characters as this would help you make a good pick against any opponent. Neutral: Use different characters man. This is boring. Negative: Stop using the same dam character you lazy f**k. Omg this guy is such a scrub. -___- Again all made up by me but you get the point. xD Maybe we can be a bit more positive?
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    ​May I ask that this information will make its way into the final rules? I mean it makes sense that there is a way where you can appeal to unjustified punishment. It would mean a good addition to the rules. I mean, this is like something to be made better than the last forum. Mods/Admins are humans, and make mistakes as such, so there should be a chance for everyone to settle things the diplomatic way.
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    I saw exactly what happened on twitter and that video is absolute trash. It's one sided, he didn't say any of the things he said to my fellow detractors, he just whined about what they responded to him with and posted a clickbait title and you fell for it. You should support people who actually deserve support or learn the full story before posting a misinformed thread. No reason for this to even exist.
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    He states he is the "realest motherf...er on the internet". If he really is that, then him playing a character is just not true.. Sorry.. http://youtu.be/5i30mqc0OlM?t=1m34s He also apologizes for his statements, so that is his true nature.
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    ​It is the real Phil Burnell. People really need to be educated in psychology, if they think that DSP is making this all up. Those videos are full of DSP and his life and DasBoSchitt is indirectly giving his criticism to DSP's business.
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    lol @ the fire alarm reference When has he said this? Feel free to provide a link. He sure fooled me. He never, ever breaks character, he doesn't compartmentalise, he's the same whether it's speaking on a vlog, moderating a forum, tweeting... so i'm inclined to believe it's the real him. If it's not, then he's being a little too convincing, since it's caused a lot of people to despise him and it's not been good for his business.
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    ​Sure it's not kickstarter. You're the one that keeps saying "Wont take straight donations. I like to give stuff back to you" but you started the Patreon and people that donate have no clue on what they're going to be receiving or if they will actually receive anything. The way you keep saying "If you're only joining/waiting for perks then you're doing it wrong and shouldn't join" just sounds like you want straight donations which you keep saying you're against. Also you just started using it, the site will help you get money and you're already finding something to complain about by calling it primitive? These forums aren't high class either you know?
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    ​Yup. Even just a single move like that could've turned the tide complete in terms of negativity vs. positivity. People love someone who can laugh and make fun of themselves and their mistakes/quirks. I don't think the bridge is burnt completely to be honest, I think DasBoSchitt would love for Phil to join in. After all, he's making fun of the Youtubers Phil despise as well, mainly the jump-cutting in-your-face vloggers.
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    Well, I do want to say something regarding this topic. In regards to Phil and the criticism, I cannot help but feeling like there is a big 'disconnect'. Now I do agree that Phil should definitely be more attentive to what his fans and critics are telling him here on the forums. There are many areas that he could improve on, just like any of us as human beings. But here is where I want to say something regarding criticism: what is helpful and what is offensive? His definition of criticism may certainly differ from another's. It is very important to try and understand things from someone else's perspective. This is why I mentioned a 'disconnect': what criticism benefits Phil in the long run and what has more risk of being detrimental. The way I was introduced to his content was through a TIHYDP, a parody montage of his own playthrough. I found his style interesting and different from other LP's, so I started to tune in to his channel now and again ever since. Phil is very sensitive to criticism and I do agree that listening to fans and critics would definitely help him. But what passes as helpful, constructive criticism? Honestly, I feel that these TIHYDP videos are not very good in getting a critical, but constructive, message across to Phil. Same with those other videos. Maybe parody could be a form of criticism for someone else, but it is not one that is getting across to him. I feel that it only makes him angrier and only frustrates him. Of course, I do not agree with everything that he does. He has goofed up quite a few times already. He has said some things that could be seen as hurtful by another person. He does not take time to listen to helpful suggestions from his fans. He has made some bad decisions. He has his flaws. But how can a positive message get to him? Definitely not through "exposing" and making a big deal out of his flaws and mess-ups over and over again. Somebody (sorry I cannot recall your name) on the first thread summed it up quite nicely: his current line of critics are certainly not the solution. The Twitter feeds from Phil's critics are filled with a lot of negative things about Phil and fighting it with negative. "Exposing" him and being rude to him in general is not being constructive, from my point of view. There indeed needs to be a "middle ground" established between him and his critics, but it is not going to happen as long as this "exposing" via Twitter and all these other venues continues. This only helps in make him far less receptive to actual legitimate criticism than he already is. I feel that these forums are definitely where Phil should be more often. There is moderation to what criticism is offered. Fans and critics alike have made very good points. In the end, I feel that Phil should take his time to go over this thread, consider the things that have been posted and look to benefit from them. We all want Phil to succeed, that is for sure, but there has to be that clear distinction between what is helpful and what is not. These forums, in my opinion, is where Phil should tune in more often and listen. Sorry for the long novel of a response, but this is my take on this.
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    He voluntarily chose to tell us about his financial distress, which is not something he had any obligation to do. I'm not going to say that he does/doesn't deserve to be judged for it, but it was pretty obvious that he would be. If you're going to air out your dirty laundry, don't be surprised when people complain about the stench,
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