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    A bully for me is someone who preys on people smaller than them to make themselves feel better.
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    A bully is a person who prefers their superiority against others without inner consequence and to make themselves feel better.
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    ​Let's be fair, I did not incite a mob nor tell people "go harass him". I tried several means to reach out to him to discuss this privately, he blocked me on Skype and read my PM on here did not respond and left the conversation. So I posted the following: Now if "call out" is the same as bully I apologize if that was the perception by some. Call out in my dictionary is to bring attention to someone's actions. I wanted Joseph to answer for his blatant attack against us even though we had done nothing to him. I cited my proof of what he did and the fact that he recently (and again for no reason) blocked me on various avenues. "Let's" in this case was sort of like a self dialogue to say I am in a more stylized way. I definitely used harsh words, and I usually don't carry myself that way, but I was very upset at an a relative nobody with no affiliation to us making a random act of aggression like that. He responded by sidestepping the issues and refusing accountability: I accused him of reporting the SoK Hangout thread and the Judge Dredd thread, I showed the actual reports he filed for both. What really enrages me, many of the SoK, and many of the community is a lack of accountability. That is why issues with moderating and sidestepping evoke such a reaction out of us. Here I am willing to answer for my actions. Keep in mind this is the same guy who Phil personally banned and then called him derogatory things while doing so. This Collins fellow has been one of the most persistent detractors, hiding his deep cutting insults as pseudo-intellectual analysis. For Phil to side with a detractor just shows that he is willing to use a person to get his wish. Just like with God_Revan walking out to blame "haters" and threaten people. If the community has no right to be upset and discuss what happened with that thread then again I will offer up my thoughts on the purpose of this forum. This forum is for fans to become Phil's unpaid: writing staff, graphic designers and well wishers; ONLY. Finally, I just want you guys to think about this: Phil is a bully. I am more than happy to hear how he isn't.
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    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Edition Holy shit, binge watching these was fantastic and don't even get me started on the behind the scenes content. Hell the box alone plus the black blu-ray boxes (loved them) makes this more than worth it.
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    Hi folks! As a community built around gaming, I feel it's about time we did more gaming together. So without further ado, presenting... THE KING OF HATE COMMUNITY GAME NIGHTS ​Our next session is: GAME TO BE DETERMINED on DATE & TIME TO BE DETERMINED Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in. I'm also planning to livestream the session so the community who can't join in the game itself can still join us in chat. Anyone wanting to take part, feel free to voice your interest below. Please note that the time and game are up for negotiation if they do not suit the majority. Also, feel free to mention what games (and on what platforms) you'd be interesting in bringing to Community Game Nights in the future.
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    Static you know this isn't such a bad idea. We could get other games on here too like Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, COD, SF, DOA 5 Persona, etc.
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    ​It takes months to send things out apparently. Maybe I'm weird but it usually takes me 15 minutes (25 including driving) during my lunch break to send a few packages out.
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    Serious talk though =p A bully can be a lot of things to different people. It could have one permanent definition but people will all say something different because that's how many people it's affected in all sorts of ways. In a way that is a really sad way to think about it since all words are suppose to have their definition whereas bullying can have many because there's so many ways to do it thanks to the douche bags in the world who feel the need to encourage it in many different ways.
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    I would post a picture to define what bullying is but I would probably get banned upon the decision that is was not liked, or deleted, or both, probably both. Ok you got me, it's Mr Blobby =D He's so darn scary though...
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    I love Katawa Shoujo's OST so I thought I'd have a go at covering 'Three Stars.' This piece in particular plays during the cinematic to Shizune's route. It's probably my favourite piece from the game so I enjoyed learning it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ3dO6dAquY
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    A bully is someone who gets pleasure picking on helpless and weaker people, then run away scared when they find someone who can match them or best them..
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    Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (and now that Disney has fixed the Lucas crap CGI fest versions im thinking about actually picking them up
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    Bully is an antagonist who loves to throw their weight around. nuff said. c:
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    You guys are the best for posting those videos. It just fascinates me and is so creepy hahaha. I'll watch every video that weird fucker puts out, he's like Chris Chan without the cross dressing xD
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    Indiana Jones - The Complete Adventures I could easily talk about these movies for hours, but won't hahahaha. Everyone knows and loves these movies... I know the last entry didn't get a lot of love. There should be no doubt that this is indeed a must own! :)
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    ​Looks like I missed this game. First time I see it!
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    A bully is someone who ridicules another because they are different or has a difference of opinion. A bully is also someone who has low self esteem and tries to make others seem below them in order to make themselves feel better and superior. In other words, a coward.
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    Omg....these forums are sad to see. #RIPTKOHForums
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    Wow Kyoto got de-modded? What a fucking joke. God forbid a mod interacts with the community and sees both sides of the situation. Just Static Veins is left I guess since he seems fair at least. Heil Phillip, you're garbage at PR. Your negative image is caused by your own behavior.
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    ​Because these are potential viewers? Because these are people he can try and win over and turn into fans of his content? Because these could be potential new supporters for his channel? There's a multitude of reasons for why Phil should be more accepting of criticism, even if it's not from current viewers/fans of his. If Phil really wants support then he needs to be better receptive of criticism.
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    People who do something negative in private instead of going to the person/people they have problems with and trying to settle things like adults instead of being a snake.
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    A bully, to me, is someone who goes out of their way to abuse the kindness of another intentionally. That's very disrespectful, regardless of the reason, and especially in cases of "they did it first". Bragging about it like it's some sort of accomplishment, however, adds another level of immaturity and just makes things even more disgusting, in my eyes. Can't say I have much respect for people who encourage that sort of behavior, either.
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    Still I would at least want a full explanation since I feel like I'm in the dark.
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    This is a must own for annyone interested in the pacific war
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    I think because he couldn't concurrently stream and play off of the same PC at 1080p/60fps, he decided to go back to his usual routine, and PC was relegated to streaming-duty in place of his old one. He does still play the odd game that can handle it (I think Telltale games's stuff) on PC, but it's rare. I think he means to try a dual-PC setup before Witcher 3 comes out. I would further suggest to him, if he reads this, that he change the gfx card from the 780 ti to a 980, as the power consumption will be significantly less for slightly better framerates. I'm honestly not sure if his PC is beefy enough to accomplish the very intensive 1080p/60fps goal he had in mind, but I know that he didn't exhaust every option before throwing in the towel. He SHOULD overclock, and he should try delegating specific cores to game and others to the streaming app (people report mixed results with this, but it sometimes helps a fair bit). There are probably other things he could have tried that people more into streaming could think of. If nothing else, he's losing a bit of money on cross-platform titles since console games are quite a bit more expensive.
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    ​No one said that. As I mentioned above (which you ignored twice over and cherry-picked only the bits that you wanted to reply to), there are other ways to moderate discussions rather than overdoing it with the deleting, the locking, the warnings, and the banning. Do you not see those as viable methods to keep discussion freely flowing without any issues? You have a good opportunity here to defend the moderation going on the site right now like you've been claiming that you want, so now is as good a time as any to do so. Being a mod isn't about how fast you can delete something, how quickly you can warn/ban someone, or about flexing muscle. It's about having the respect of the community and realizing that without the community's overall support and trust, discussions will never be fruitful and will always be stagnant since the topics will always be about how something is going wrong on the forums. I suggest you guys look into the methods that I suggest above and utilize those first before handing out warning points, deleting threads/posts, and banning users. Right now, the reason why you guys have as much criticism as you do is because there is no trust. It's time to start building that trust for the sake of the forum, the sake of the community, and for the sake of Phil's very own reputation as well.
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    ​Did I say that? I simply stated that deleting posts hurts one's arguments, since others cannot view said posts that are no longer there and come to their own conclusions about the validity of the actions taken against said user(s).
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    ​The issue people were talking about in that thread was not that Phil picked the Easy difficulty setting. It was about his reaction to being told he'd picked easy. There wouldn't even have been an issue if right from the start he'd said "I screwed up and accidentally picked easy, but it's not big deal." Instead he chose to insinuate that the people told him were stupid for thinking that or that the developers mislabeled the achievements, then went on a 15 minute tirade the next day on his prestream about how he didn't pick easy. Phil himself made that thread go completely out control.
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    ​A ban isn't the right way of action. If you must, lock the thread/delete it, but message the person privately to let them know first. Give them a heads-up and let them know that if it happens again, you'll have to issue a warning, and if it happens again, you'll have to issue a temporary ban, etc. etc. There are other ways to handle all of these situations without increasing tensions on the forum. Using these alternative methods will show that you guys are approachable and fair, which will allow you to defend your actions more often without the criticism of the majority of the forum.
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    ​And by fun I assume you mean let the forums unmoderated? Let everyone do whatever they wish? Let people attack other members and call the staff all sorts of things and don't let them defend themselves because that apparently means they're abusing their powers. It makes perfect sense, we should totally do that.
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    ​He locks threads because when people give him legit criticism, he can't take it. He locked a thread because it showed how he has double standards and that was of him letting thedoctor get away with the harassment, but if it were any one who wasn't a hardcore fan of Phil they would have gotten kicked from the chat. He banned me once because I gave my honest opinion about him, if you want to see it, go to his Patreon Discussion thread, it's the JackPress15 account. He breaks the rules and hasn't gotten banned so no he really doesn't. Oh you want a recent example? The Resident Evil Remake and there was another one where he told someone to be quiet because he was about to talk, as if he was some king or celebrity, but he's "small potatoes" remember? He ALWAYS has some type of remark to try and put down the SOK and he tries his best to make it seem like their opinions don't matter all because he can't just listen for once. I also said FORMER FAN, learn to read. I used to be a fan of Phils and I used to defend him a lot, not as bad as some of his fans but I still defended him, so why don't you tell me why he shouldn't listen to his former fans as they obviously have reasons for leaving.
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    The thread's topic says civilized debate about Phil. Using empty phrases that have no purpose at all other than to shut down another user's argument without providing any valid point is not considered a civilized debate in my opinion. Again, being public or not does not make your opinion less important. Having your own character and ways does not magically prevent people to criticize you. ​
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    ​ Now first of all this doesn't make dpapi3434's opinion less important as this is still a public forum and it does not matter if someone chooses to be anonymous in the internet or not. Second, Phil has chosen to become a public figure because he made youtube his main source of income. Your argument is invalid and is directly aimed to denounce/defame another user. I've noticed this behaviour of yours as you tried almost the same with a comment of mine in a different thread, acting like you are the be all / end all voice of reason and more so, like a moderator. Aside from that, the latest events in this forum left me with the impression that Phil is getting more and more defensive and immune to criticism. Also there seem to be double-standards. There were claims that the SOK tried to close his patreon account yet there is no evidence of that. On the other side people pointed out the situation with the difficulty he has chosen for the RE remake, with screenshots, explanations and further information about it - and it resulted in the thread closed, with another one being opened without addressing the subject by Phil at all. I am also quite disappointed that Phil uses ad hominem at some extent. "Grow up" and "you really need to wake up" are two examples that come to my mind. Why is he doing this? That's like an extra kick in the butt of a critic, and totally uncalled. Please do not take this as an insult Phil. I am just concerned about the recent events that take place in this forum. Other than for the offtopic section, I barely see the positivity you wanted to let into this forum in 2015.
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    Easy to solve. Was she uncomfortable with it? If yes, then he's punished, even if it was a joke, if no then it's all good. Even if she wasn't uncomfortable, were others? If yes, he's punished, if no, it's all good. It'd be easier if she came here to say if she was joking around too or if it did disturb her, but from what I saw in the stream chat, albeit limited, she seemed to not be a fan of it.
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    As has been stated before, and you can see others agreeing in this thread, that starting a fanart montage slideshow/music really doesn't fit what people want to see when the stream goes live "on time". The advertised start time should at least be the actual pre-stream talk. If you want to run a slideshow for 20 minutes, consider putting the stream up at 12:10 instead. You still have time to tweet it out and get people to start joining. It sounds like you've already made up your mind to not start gameplay until 1 PM no matter what. That doesn't give people as much incentive to join the stream early then, right?
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    You guys are going a little too far, it's fucked up discussing about Phil's life when child, about his mother/parents and his feelings towards Leanna. I'm not telling you to stop, it's not my role, but i think you should think twice before write some stuff.
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    This is why I suggested on another thread that he get rid of the schedule and just do the streams when he can. Some times having to start something at the same time everyday can get difficult.
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    Phil needs to start being on time, it doesn't look good for him since he posts a schedule for people only to be 30 mins late. Like Freshprizzle said Phil could literally be in his pajamas doing his job and we would never know. If Phil really wants to keep his prestreams why not just start half an hour earlier that way his stream is set up and ready to go once its time to start gameplay. Its really important Phil is consistent with his schedule or else he's only going to end up losing trust in his viewers.
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    ​That sounds like a great excuse to tell your boss if you show up late to work. "I'm half an hour late? So what, football games don't start on time!" ​ I don't know if anybody keeps track of these things, you can kinda guess when Phil's stream goes "live" if you check the date on old tweets, but even then you don't really know the exact time the actual pre-stream starts, and then when gameplay begins, etc. But let's use today as an example. Dragon Age Inquisition stream for January 19th, 2015. Stream goes live with slideshow/music: 12:28 PM Phil gets on mic for pre-stream: 12:48 PM (20 minutes and 42 seconds according to youtube) Actual gameplay starts: 12:58 PM (30 minutes and 17 seconds in) See the problem here? The actual start time of a stream should not consist of a music/fanart slideshow. If you're going to run a slideshow for 20 minutes, then start the stream at 12:10. Then start the pre-stream talk at 12:30. Although this would mean actual gameplay wouldn't start until 12:40, it's still a lot closer to the actual advertised start time. Although I have the feeling this isn't going to happen since even Phil fully admitted in today's pre-stream that he's just stalling waiting for more people to join. Again, this should not be an issue when people who are late to the stream have the ability to rewind.
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    ​Everyone is late....occasionally. No one is late every single day, except Phil. Before you spout the, "But he has his own business, so he has that right", Phil established a sense of accountability with his viewers when he created a streaming schedule. He tells his viewers that he will be there at a certain time yet fails consistently. Then instead of changing the time to something that suits him more comfortably he called his viewers whiny self entitled children. How hard is it to walk a couple feet to your "office"?
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    ​A football start does not consist of 1 man gaming 1 game on 1 night for a promised time.
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    DSP Tries It: Military Food DSP should try military food..... aka MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). MRE's cost about $5-$6 each, or MRE's can be purchased in bulk online to save some money. Few people try MRE's on YouTube, but those few reviewers get thousands of views. I think Phil could try a new MRE meal each week. There's many different meals for MRE's that the series could last a long time. DSP could consider an MRE as a type of Gamer Grub.
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    The thumbnail is so good advertising if it scares off potential patrons. You want something from the patrons, you better not piss them off with some poorly cut out mugshot which looks like you wanna skin them during their sleep.
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    Holes is a really good book in my opinion.
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