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    The simple act of taking a break isn't an issue. As is usual with Phil, the way he went about it, his lack of self-awareness about how people would react to it, and his bad attitude are the problem.
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    How much doesn't really matter, it's greater than zero. Asking fans to donate their hard earned money to alleviate debt and then publicly spending ANY unnecessary money are so *fundamentally opposite* that it blows my mind when you or Phil think people are rude for asking questions.
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    ​Yeah he needs to work on his PR skills...badly. His reactions today on Twitter are seriously pathetic and unprofessional. #DSPositive.
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    To me, the whole stay-cation turns out to be disastrous PR for Phil. As I am about the same age as Phil, I understand the importance of taking a day or two off from work, but I also know the value of money and what saving that money means. So, as I hope it will not happen in this thread if Phil is going to answer here his argument of saying people do not know what they are talking about does not apply to me. As I said, three days off is okay to me, it's fine. But what Phil shows the fans and patrons is not everything he thinks it is. Spending the time in Seattle when it's so close is also reasonable. However, Phil could have prevented a lot of discussion and backlash if he did not vlog everything he does down there, making it worse because he has a patreon site with people already donating but not getting any perks back so far. It doesn't matter he plans to do that, right now about 150 dollars got into his pocket without giving something in return, as Patreon is supposed to be. See, on another occasion, the WWE supercard situation, he said it is none of our business. Well, that's his hobby. But his free days at Seattle? He is vlogging everything and that leads to more discussion. I also wonder why he does that at all? How much money would he lose if he'd not vlog that? A one-minute video about them having coffee and donuts? Them eating a pizza which should be the best thing he has ever eaten for that price? If he doesn't want people to talk about it then he should not have made those videos and put them on youtube in first place. I thought they went there to relax and not to continue making videos, just for a few days. It looks awful to see Phil and Leanna spending a good amount of money within three days, more than other people can spend for trips in a year, and then having a patreon site where he asks for money because he is in debt. I understand that having mortgages does not mean you have to stop having any fun at all, but at least you should cut back your expenses for luxuries. At least show donators that paying off the debt which bothers you the most is the important thing. The bad PR continues, as we have seen lately that Phil went on a rant about the whole situation on twitter. While I do say that what happens on twitter stays on twitter, I guess it would be not helpful for your patreon site when you tweet this: Save you the few extra bucks from those vlog videos and the stress to make them and reading those comments. Phil could have had a nice, relaxing time. Does that tweet he does sound like he is relaxing and having a good time? I am aware that Phil is going to answer in this thread as soon as he is back from staycation, but I really wish he will be in a better mood than he was on twitter last night.
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    The biggest thing that confuses me is staying at a hotel that's 20 minutes from where you live when you're in debt and need Patreon to supplement lost income. The anniversary and taking time off stuff make sense to me but you can literally just take the Orca train for $5 dollars a day, not have a car to worry about/pay for parking, and it takes you downtown in about 25-30 minutes from where he lives. But no in some bizarre world it makes more sense to spend a few hundred dollars to have a hotel in the city and I'm a "immature idiot" for thinking that way apparently lol. I'd imagine he knows about the Orca train since they have a huge hub at Sea/Tac Airport unless he paid $60 dollars for a cab from the airport :/
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    ​Well thats defintely the real Phil lol.
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    Favurit foods? Mine is lasaga, I gotta have me a good meal.
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    he can take a vacation, I don't care what I and many others have a problem with is him saying he doesn't have a lot of money and turning around spending all this money on hotels and events etc. so I'm thinking: do you have a money issue or not? because it seems like you don't
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    Remember this is Phil we are talking about here. He spends more time giving attention to his haters instead of his fans. And it's not like his fans are above being called "fucking idiots" from time to time. Which, let's be honest, some of his fans are a bunch of idiots admittedly enough.
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    Phil likes to keep hush hush on his finances for tax reasons so I doubt he will elaborate on his finances. He had to pay 400 dollars to mail those figures because he promised his fans in the giveaway so I see nothing wrong with that.
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    That one's fake? My bad for falling for it, here are some real ones:
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    The thing I'm noticing is that people are automatically assuming that the Patreon money is what's being used for the stay-cation. How do you know that Phil isn't saving that money for something else? This could easily come from the money he's already had, so assuming the most negative thing to me is absurd.
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    Everyone's entitled to a vacation. That's not the point, so let's not make it about what it isn't. It's about sending mixed messages. A plea to your followers to help finance your continued career on youtube, explaining that you are broke (assuming this isn't hyperbole), and then ostentatiously displaying a luxury expense you just made, is contradictory. If Phil could calmly explain why there is no contradiction and the reasoning behind the expanation is sound, I'm sure he could lay this issue to rest. Instead he posts inflammatory rhetoric on twitter and claims to be enjoying the show--with the way he's handling things, people will be mentioning it years down the line. Balls in your court, Phil. You could defuse this situation right now if you play your cards right. I have no beef about it personally, but I can see why people are up in arms.
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    phil no offence but i have a great deal of difficulty imagining someone in "huge debt" as you have said for yourself, doing the following (among other things) 1. not selling the statues, or planning on selling them in such a slow pace that its almost like you are not in "huge debt". if i was in "huge debt", those statues would be long gone. you go about it so leiserly like you are in no "huge debt" 2. not implementing the green screen months ago. if i was in "huge debt" i would learn about it asap, use it offering the viewers at no extra cost (certainly not patreon funded action) a novelty that might get me more views and help with the "huge debt" situation. i wouldnt wait for months only to ask for "patreon funding" on implementing it. 3. going on vacation. if i was in "huge debt" i certainly wouldnt be spending money on hotels, especially when 20-30 minutes away from my destination. i understand that your girlfriend is pressuring you into doing something special, i understand this is mostly for her, to calm her down a bit but still... if you are doing all of the above (and more) how "huge" can this debt be? from the above i must assume the "huge debt" is not that "huge". it cant be. no sane, mature individual would throw away money like this when in "huge debt".
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    ​What? What do you mean he was forced to take the name and start accepting donations? No he was not. He easily could've blocked donations until he had goals set up. The fake account that had it before him wasn't accepting donations. He just wanted to earn an easy $150 for doing nothing at all. And the issue isn't necessarily that he hasn't promised anything yet, although that's very shady considering he's taking money. The issue is that he's crying about views and the debt that he's in while going out and spending ridiculous amounts of money on ridiculous things. And then he comes back online with his hands out, waiting for more money from people. It's silly. If he didn't spend his money this way, he wouldn't even need the patreon page in the first place. Nobody forced him to move across the country and find an expensive house for two damn people. That was his choice and he's the one who screwed up. I don't feel sorry for him at all. If people want to donate to him, that's cool. But he should at least put some goals up so he's not taking their money with nothing in return. The fact that you're even defending him wanting patreon money to take days off to set up the green screen is unreal. That's something anyone can do in a short amount of time. You don't need a whole day for that. He spends half of his nights watching movies and tv shows. He could easily skip one and set up the green screen instead. Or when he has a short playthrough session like Game of Thrones, only 90 minutes or whatever of streaming... he could easily set up the green screen after that. He just chooses not to. Hell, he has a perfectly healthy girlfriend who lives with him. SHE can set up the green screen for him one day. She won't. And now you say people should be punished because certain posts aren't in the criticism thread? LOL. This post is probably the worst one I've ever read on this forum. And you aren't a mod. But don't worry, Phil or one a select few other mods will be in here soon to start deleting and banning left and right because you aren't allowed to say anything negative on here. People are talking about his goals, or should we say the total lack of them, so it seems pretty on topic to me. But ultimately, it's on Phil to finally go ahead and make some damn goals already. We can't hold his hand for everything. He should've had this stuff thought out and ready to go before he even took the name for the site. The fact that he even needs help from everyone to think of goals speaks volumes of how silly and pointless him even having a patreon in the first place is. Just another ridiculous event in a series of ridiculous events.
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    Can we have a constructive thread without any unnecessary drama for once? Please?
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    You see, I can understand the people who are legitimately concerned about things like Phil's PR skills and him being in debt (which we don't know how much in debt he is, so making the assumption that he has no money to spend shouldn't be what people worry about). The thing I have a problem with, however, is the people on twitter who keep spamming that he's only using Patreon money for this stay-cation. I probably shouldn't think about that, but it does bug me sometimes. Just let the man enjoy his time off.
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    OH I apologize. It was the fake Phil who said that. The real Phil was saying a lot of nasty things on twitter today so I accidentally thought the fake phil was real.
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    Phil, I've got a Patreon goal for you: - Get a PR Assistant - How much it takes. As if tonight wasn't enough of an example, your PR skills are absolutely fucking abysmal. How's that DSPositive 7647148713.0 working out? Yeah, lasted a whole day then back to the same old Phil, a nasty, negative and bitter boy. Guess what, it doesn't matter if someone doesn't donate to your Patreon, they are a potential customer and yet you're shooing them away because they disagree with you. People disagree with business practices all the time, it's up to you to alter things to their liking so they may become a potential customer. Surely you'd know that considering you have a business degree, right? ... Right?
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    ​Wow, so defensive. You know everyone with a mortgage is technically in debt? And he has two. Not sure how dropping views and debt from the house and car suddenly mean he has to resort to bread and water. Please form a logical argument.
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    All the things Phil does to deserve criticism, and people settle on the most superficial one of them all: how he chooses to spend his own money. No, I don't get the whole "stay-cation" thing either. I just think it's pointless to complain about something that doesn't effect you. If he wants to blow his money, I say let him.
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    Sure he's posting vlogs but aside from that who honestly cares what they do with their spare time? I don't.
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    I personally do not think it is of major concern as to what Phil wants to do. With the "stay-cation," I personally do not see much harm in him taking one. If he feels that he really needs it, why not? There is the debt issue that others have already covered, so I will not go into that. But what gets me is his reaction to those who are criticizing or insulting him for it. Insulting him is not going to do anything for him, but his reaction on his more recent Tweets is not doing him any good either. If Phil chose to take this "stay-cation," it was meant for him to relax and spend time with his significant other. Getting angry over what some people are saying should not be how he spends it. He should just ignore all of those posts for the meanwhile and address them when he is in a more "fresh" state of mind after he takes this time to relax a little. Take the vacation for its intended purpose: to relax. It is not so healthy to be getting this angry in what is supposed to be your time off.
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    https://my.charitywater.org/sons-of-kojima I am proud to announce that the Sons of Kojima have partnered with Charity:Water to help raise $5,000 in order to provide clean drinking water to developing countries. Charity:Water is a highly rated organization due to their transparency and efficiency with donations. They have very little overhead and administrative costs. All donations go straight to Charity:Water through their site, there is no middleman. They accept credit card and Paypal. You do not have to be in the Sons of Kojima nor does donating mean you endorse or support us. We just see an opportunity to do something good with the group that we have and we hope that you will join us in this campaign.
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    So after a month of debate, it seems we've come to the conclusion that doing "perks" for contributors to my Patreon account simply isn't going to work (mostly thanks to detractors who've stated will be $1 Patreons just to give out the perks to everyone else). Therefore, I've decided that my Patreon account will be based on set GOALS which will serve as landmarks for level of contribution, each of which will trigger/unlock a new special event. These events will either be 1. ways to give back to contributors/fans or 2. thinks to overall IMPROVE my content in the long-run. Before I get started with suggestions, I'll answer the common question: "Why does Phil need to hit certain donation goals to do these things? Can't he just do them now?" The answer: Yes, I could do all of the below things right now, but that would mean taking away from my daily schedule of work (i.e. streaming new/remastered/requested games on a daily basis and uploading those to YouTube) which would me a DECREASE in income. The reason I'm using Patreon is to offset the decrease in income I already suffered mid-2014 and I cannot afford another one. Therefore, I'm setting up these goals in the hopes that the Patreon contributions will offset any decrease in income during the time I'll be taking to complete them, so that I can IMPROVE my content in the long-run and increase overall viewership. So far here are the ideas I've come up with: -Taking 1-2 days off from gameplay to set up/learn how to use my Green Screen setup (which has been in the closet since last summer). I'll make setup vlogs of it to document the process as well as do demo streams/vids utilizing the green screen. The green screen will then be used in future projects such as vlogs and the Project 7 reboot, amongst others. -My very first "gaming marathon" where I'll stream from 6-10 straight hours (with a few breaks) of a game/series of games that fans have requested. This will include lots of fan interaction in the stream chat (something I don't frequently do) which will make it very unique from my usual gameplay content. -Playing sessions of games that I normally would not play, or that Patreon donators could vote on. The obvious one here that tons of people have asked me to play over the years is Minecraft, but I'd think that would be the absolutely HIGHEST goal out of all of them. There may be more, such as "the worst games ever made" in E.T., Superman 64, Sonic '06 etc. (I'm seriously dreading all of these as I know how awful they are, but I'd be willing to play them if we hit the goals). -This one is kind of out there - but if I hit certain goals maybe I could make trips to Microsoft/Sony/other gaming studios in this area and do studio tours, behind-the-scenes kind of stuff etc. that I could vlog OR give in-depth explanations of (if they don't allow cameras). Living in Seattle has put me into perfect position to do this as many game studios have their headquarters right here. -This one would be the BIGGEST overall goal: I dramatically reduce the amount of overall gameplay content I put out in order to focus on - get ready for this - fighting games. I focus solely on getting into competitive shape in Street Fighter, extensively play/test the new Mortal Kombat, and actively seek out/become a frequent attendee of the local fighting game scene in Seattle. If it went so far, I'd even attend EVO. (Keep in mind, this would be a STRETCH goal as it would mean completely changing up the way I do things and would require a MASSIVE Patreon investment to offset the guaranteed declines in YouTube revenue I'd receive). As for perks, we've all but shot down all of them but I believe there are 1 or 2 that we could still do: 1. if someone donates $50, I'll put them into Project 7 in some way (webcam video segment, special guest, voiceover etc. per what they're capable of doing). 2. If someone donates $25, they get a shout-out that month in the credits or a special segment on my vlogs or shows This is my first SERIOUS attempt at setting up my Patreon perks and goals. Please, if you will, respond with the following: 1. Suggested prices for the goals (how much to hit to do each one etc.) 2. Feedback on the goals (any suggested tweaks, improvements, additional goals or ideas why these wouldn't work?) 3. Feedback on the perks As always, please try to stay on-topic and refrain from being overly negative (just saying IT WON'T WORK! YOU DONT DESERVE MONEY! etc. isn't going to fly and will result in moderation action) and try to remain positive and constructive. Thanks!
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    love the way how phil insults people then is suprised he gets hate -_-
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    Lovin' me some Pizza!!!
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    My favorite game is kicking Odie off the table. I send that stupid mutt into orbit.
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    They better vlog some lasaga.
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    Street Fighter: The Movie starting Raul Julia.
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    It looks absolutely stunning in HD despite being nearly 45 years old, plus one of the special features is an interview with Malcolm McDowell about all of the movies he's been in throughout his career.
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    We might be getting something tomorrow but in the mean time we got a new poster. and a weird teaser
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    ​the definition of staycation is A vacation spent close to home.
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    ​ If you went to college and just recent graduated you will be on debt! What if the graduated wanted to go to Las Vegas? Will you stop him or just let it go?
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    ​He already said today that if Patreon funders don't like what he's doing then "remove your pledge" and said he shouldn't answer to non-funders since they don't pay him. He doesn't care and wont give anyone an answer besides "I can do whatever I want with my money" while he gives fans lies about being in debt, not having enough money and wanting everyone to donate to him.
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    Phil posted this earlier which I found in poor taste. So I thought the chuck E cheese tweet was also him. My bad.
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    Never understood why there is controversy with phil taking a break from making content. I mean.. Its not like he owes us anything right? Sure, I can see that people want him to finish the games he is doing right now (I do too considering he is thinking about doing Metroid Prime in the near future with downtime). I, however, don't see the reason for bashing the guy for spending money on his vacation (yeah writing "staycation" feels really weird for me so I'll stick to "vacation"). I guess it could be that people think that he didn't have any money and people are trying to "expose" him. Other than that, I don't see the point of all the controversy behind him taking a break. Then again, I could be missing something but I dunno what it could be right now. Just let the man relax for once guys, seriously. I know, the next person is gonna tell me: "he plays games for a living, why does he need a break?", I know how you feel but seriously guys, Phil isn't all there is to life and he is only one guy. I can understand some things that phil does are dumb (like a patreon goal for green screen), but I'm not gonna vent all my anger at him because of his shortcomings. I'll just say it once more though, let the guy rest, as I am sure if any one of us were on break, the last thing any of us would want is drama. TL;DR = Not sure why everyone is angry at Phil, but relax, do something fun (like play video games or go outside?) and stop "trying to expose him"/worring about his financial problems.
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    To those funding him on patreon: Do you regret it knowing your fueling this behaviour ? Seriously he's insulting fans on a stay-cation that was definitely funded by patreon funds.
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    ​It's not that he is taking spare time out..it's the fact the he says he is in "debt" and begs for his fans for money and he does this crap, kind of feels like he is only doing patreon just to support his spending habits, when he could be using that money making his stream better..this is why I don't donate to Phil..
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    He complains about being in debt, yet wants to spend money on a hotel for a "vacation", goes out for fast food instead of taking the inexpensive route and cooking.... Yup, makes sense to me.
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    ​Honestly he might as well get rid of that full playthrough on his banner. And I agree with you that people are going to lose intrest and watch some one else's. There's this one youtuber called HCbaily or something like that and he already finished parasite eve. I honestly think by the time he does go back to it the two best friends will have already beaten it. I hope he goes back to these games soon but I Can't really tell anymore.
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    In the case of starting new Downtime games, I believe should finish older games, before moving to newer ones.
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    ​We have no problem with criticism, as long as its delivered in a civil manner. If you had something to say to Ghost you should have done it in a calm and less aggressive way. Its only a warning though, no other penalty was given. My advice for everyone is to be calmer, so we can avoid stuff like this.
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    ​When there are people who have resorted to insults and then claim they're giving him criticism, you can't really blame him for being reluctant in receiving it. People need to point out positives and negatives. That's what constructive criticism is. When a teacher grades papers, he/she doesn't just point out every spelling/grammatical mistake the student made. They also point out some positives on that paper as well.
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    ​It's not about what he should play, it's about what he can play. He has to get those first-day views. And frankly, he believes he has to rush them in order to get to the next game, all for the first-day views. Narrative games, I can see cause he can be himself and take it easy. But that's a big no on survival horror. For one, he completely kills the atmosphere with laughing and bad jokes, not allowing anyone watching to fully appreciate the game. And some of his biggest mistakes have come from horror games. Besides the obvious example (which the mere mention of it will get anyone banned), take for instance Alien: Isolation. How many times did we see the Alien constantly kill him... again and again.... in the same spot nevertheless. Survival horror is not his strong suit and I don't even know why he thinks that is. Fighting games? Give me one match where he doesn't blame his controller, lag, or the other person, then maybe I can agree with you there. There's a lot that Phil needs to do to change his business, but this thread is neither the time nor the place.
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    A wise man, people call him boogie2988, said these wise words today:
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    ​To you it might not be fun, but to him it might be. So show respect and courtesy.
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