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    I'm glad I ain't neither a console peasant nor an PC elitist.
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    ​I hate PC Gaming elitists. Stop it with PC Master Race behavior.
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    Give me Sleeping Dogs 2 you fucking cunts
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    ​Far from it, as far I concerned, it's the best next gen looking game to date (if you don't count the order, but the witcher is'nt a 5 hour long highway). It still looks far away from what you would get on a high end pc, but seriously speaking, that's nothing new and anyone who is still surprised by this in 2015 simply is'nt paying attention. That being said, even assuming the graphics where shit (wich they are'nt, as I said above), the game is still an amazing rpg, has an outstanding story, characters and one the best open world I have ever seen design wise, wich is more than enought to warrant a purchase in my book, especially considering so many games have felt short this year.
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    ​I agree that Phil seems jaded, but I do agree with him on Uncharted 4. Did we really need a FOURTH game in the franchise? Uncharted 3 already felt a bit too much. Then The Last of Us came out and blew everyone away with it's grounded gameplay and fantastic, personal narrative. Everyone was excited about Naughty Dog's next project, and what did we get? Another Uncharted.. Don't get me wrong, they're fantastic games, but I just have zero passion for the franchise anymore. It feels like a cash-in in some weird way, or like they didn't know what to do so they just said "fuck it, let's just make an Uncharted 4".
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    Well I'm off to bed, but not before I watch the FFVII Remake trailer again: Night folks!
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    ​LSD the game. very intrigued.
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    To be fair, Elder Scrolls Online isn't really a great game, people jumped on the hype because of how popular skyrim was but with the monthly subscription back then that was still there it turned many off. With other games he's going to be playing i bet on the down time i don't think ESO will be worth to play. Devil May Cry 2 is another example where the game was horribly designed and one of Itsuno's worst DMC games he ever was involved with. Even if he managed to salvage the wrecked ship, it's still a wreck post release. It's not as good as the other games BUT it did bring Bloody Palace into the franchise so there's that. Lucia as a playable character was interesting though but the story was weak. There's a reason they haven't continued the story of DMC2 yet is because they don't want to associate with the failure that it was. Mario Party 10 i'm sure was fun game but who's going to play with phil? We already see those rabid haters going after leanna when she's playing the lego games despite the playthrough being good and she isn't annoying but there's tons of dislikes and other nonsense. Polls making a return for everyone rather than these patreon only choice games for a select few would make it far more fair imo.
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    Given the amount of days Phil will cover a game, people can be particularly concerned with what he plays because that's a lot of potential days they WANT to watch Phil, but aren't interested in the game at all that he's playing, so they don't for days on end until the game is over. You mentioned DMC2 was one thing that was opposed in playing. Well they're right. Please don't fucking play DMC2, dear lord.
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    The Last of Us has an unsatisfying, cliche story? The ending and characters alone set it apart from other post-apocalyptic stories, IMO. Very engaging and really makes you think. Red Dead Redemption is the best story I've had the joy of playing through in a game, hands down.
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    ​Yes, of course, I'm a huge liar. I want to read every piece of dialogue in this game for some really mysterious, UNKNOWN reason! Maybe I have a vendetta against Japanese voice actors, or maybe I want to PURPOSELY lose my voice so that I can say I need time off! Or maybe...JUST MAYBE...a lot of my viewers are very ignorant of the real world. Where not everyone is lucky to be in perfect health, and those people watch my videos to get some entertainment, because they can enjoy playing games they can't play themselves (or wouldn't). MAYBE I DIDN'T MAKE IT CLEAR: The reasoning for my reading the subtitles is clearly stated above. There will not be further discussion. Either you accept it or you watch one of the TONS of other people who've already played the game. Accusing me of being a liar (or alluding to it) will be subject to moderation. Also complaining about something that will not change and that I HAVE ALWAYS DONE SINCE 2008 will not be tolerated either. Actual discussion of the playthrough, less bitching. Thanks.
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