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    Personally, I'm really not a fan of the "Views are decreasing and no one can give me a reason why" attitude. Why is it our responsibility to analyze your business' performance? Wut? Asking for more donations when general interest in your content is decreasing is a short-term solution. That's fine if you want to squeeze the last drop out of the viewerbase before retiring from doing full-time Youtube, but that's obviously not what you want to do. You say tons have changed. What exactly? It might look like it on your end, but look at it from the viewer PoV: Patreon was a means for you to play the games you want to play and work on creative series. You're still playing 95% of all AAA releases (currently shitting on Halo 5), you cancelled your big creative series and the only Patreon goal right now is to see you play one newly released AAA game. You've done summers of retro gaming, GTA marathons and the likes in the past. Doing one longer stream per month and improving your sound quality is NOT "tons of change", especially not from a viewer PoV. Streaming less frequently is not change, it's just going back to what you used to do not too long ago. What has actually - meaningfully - changed? If you want an answer to why your views are decreasing, I'll give you one: You've been putting out the same content for 5+ years, stayed in a perpetual vacuum of not reaching out to other content creators to do crossover to mix things up, waving a flag stating "I'M UNIQUE AND REAL" while at the same time lambasting other Youtubers for "selling out" because they followed the trends of what most viewers wanted to see. Why should people watch your content? 90% of your videos are raw gameplay with you occasionally saying "I didn't do that", "okay" and "come on, man". None of the boring parts are cut out, which means you're expecting viewers to filter through hours upon hours of mind-numbingly boring content to get to the actually funny/interesting parts. You don't even have the time to watch a few Youtube videos a day; Why are you expecting your viewers to set aside 3+ hours a day to watch you play video games? People don't want you to fake reactions on a webcam. They want you to put in the actual effort of creating interesting, digestible content instead of expecting the viewers sit through hours upon hours of nothing happening until we get a "naughty nightwear" moment or something similar. Perhaps it's time you actually watch your competitors to see what it is you're actually competing against. Perhaps then you'd realize how much of an ancient relic your content looks like at this point.
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    To start this post off, I'd like to clarify that I'm not trying to berate you or "nitpick" here, and that this is an attempt to help you out as much as possible. I've watched your content dating back to your initial Street Fighter IV videos, and I've been along for the ride quite a bit. I doubt you remember me much, but I was actually one of the people in the Youtube comments who gave you tips regarding your Devil May Cry 1 playthrough when you had some trouble with the combo system and I'm glad you took the lengthy posts I and other people made regarding it to heart as it improved the playthrough and your enjoyment of the game, and hopefully you do the same here. I'm gonna address the comments you made point by point and try to help you understand where people are coming from here. Yes, there are people who are too critical of you, but the majority of people here have made good points that you need to really and truly consider. No one's saying that you can't have a Patreon going on, but I think what people are concerned about regarding your Patreon is that it doesn't seem.....as consistent as other Patreons are besides the marathons you've done and the stuff like the Q and As. When it comes to the larger goals that you used to pitch your Patreon, they're very unstable in terms of donating. I won't delve into the Project 7 stuff or the camera as others have done so before me, but the montages/editing being weaned out is concerning, as it shows potential Patrons that you won't fully invest in a goal if it doesn't meet your standards (in this case, views). I don't think it's illogical for people to be concerned regarding your Patreon, because it's people's money being donated here, and they want to be certain that who they're donating to is worth donating to. This doesn't mean that you can't have a Patreon, but you need to do some rebranding of it in order to give people a reason (and more importantly, faith) in investing in your Patreon, and in you. Let's be quite frank here; I don't think you can speak for everyone regarding why they donate as much as they do to someone. Regardless of when the "e-begging" takes place (before the stream, during, or after), you can't rule yourself out as being different from other Youtubers in that regard. The stark difference is this: while their methods might be more interactive and with many "interruptions," your way of getting donations involves trying to gain the empathy of others for a situation that mostly has a lot to do with the decisions that you've made over the course of seven years. You mention stuff such as low views, everyday problems going on in your household, not understanding why people aren't watching you any more, and financial problems so much that it automatically creates this aura of "woe is me" that prevents people from donating to you, and watching you in general. I don't believe that you're hypocritical for having a Patreon at all; what you are hypocritical about are your claims saying that you won't talk about the things I mentioned previously, particularly the low views/financial troubles. There are days when you talk about how much fun you're having, but the next day afterward, you'll immediately get disheartened and essentially give up/phone it in regarding the game, and I think that's the main thing that concerns people regarding your content. It doesn't seem like you have faith in yourself any more, and as a result, it's reflecting with the views that you're receiving at the moment. People won't flock to someone who gives up so easily. It has nothing to do with the games that you're playing at all, IMO. You see Phil, most people don't donate to content creators solely because of "attention." Yes, it's cool to get a shout-out from your favorite streamers/Youtubers, and yes, it's good to know that you are appreciated (some donate anonymously, for the record); however, people donate mainly because they *like* what that person has to offer, and they truly believe that this person is having fun doing what they're doing. You're absolutely right that there is a lot of negativity surrounding you, however the majority of it originates from you due to the attitude that you give off during pre-streams, the playthrough itself, and your interactions with people on Youtube, the stream chat, and the forums. You are consistently in attack mode so much that you're missing many of the constructive things that people are saying to help you out. The reason why these other Youtubers operate as well as they do is because there is a legitimate sense of positive going for them. The thing regarding your pre-streams is that they don't feel very genuine because you tend to give out the same spiel every pre-stream, and there is nothing to really be excited about, and you tend to acknowledge the people that you deem as trolls (or are trolls) over the people that you actually do want to watch your streams. Again, it's tough to be excited for something like this, and I think you could actually attract more viewers to your streams if you were more interactive in a positive way than in a negative way. Phil, you're absolutely right that you do have to advertise your Patreon at the appropriate times. However, you have to recognize that there are right and wrong ways to advertise. As mentioned before, you tend to toss out a lot of personal stuff all at once towards your viewers that makes them feel guilty for not donating to you. Even in this quote here that I'm replying to, you're committing the fallacy of trying to appeal to people's emotions, and that isn't going to help you out in the long run. You can't put the responsibility of your own Youtube career on the shoulders of those watching you, because the only person who is responsible for that is yourself. Here's a much better way to get people to donate to your Patreon during the pre-streams: simply say "Hey guys, if you like my content, consider donating to my Patreon, we've got a lot of cool things coming up like *list stuff you've got going on here*!" After that, simply interact with people in the chat by answering a few questions or talk about some piece of gaming news you like. And that's all you need to do! If you really need to push the idea that you have a Patreon, add a watermark with the link to your Patreon there during the stream as you play a game (not just for Patreon playthroughs) and end the stream with a simple "Thanks for everything guys, and if you liked what you just saw, here's one more friendly reminder to check out my Patreon!" This way, you aren't being overbearing and people won't complain about you mentioning Patreon. Most importantly Phil, you have to realize that you can't push things on people in a way that makes them think that they aren't understanding of your situation. In reality, we get the financial troubles you've been going through because you mention it in a rehearsed fashion every day, but there's no way that you will get people to support you more if they assume that you're already on the "this is a sinking ship" bandwagon. You mentioned yourself that you've thought about opening up an authentic Italian restaurant someday in the future. Someone used the analogy before, but I have to sincerely ask you, do you legitimately think that people are going to come to your restaurant every day if you're making it seem that you're on your last legs at every waking moment and when you're making it seem that it's their fault why you can't keep your restaurant afloat? It's all about how you market yourself. If you continually act like you're going to fall apart as a business, that's exactly what's going to happen; you're gonna fall apart and not thrive like the businesses that actually believe that the product that they have to offer is worth checking out. Nothing's going to be perfect, but I think the main consensus that everyone 100% agrees on is that your attitude needs to improve. That means you have to stop being in attack mode whenever someone tries running something by you, and you have to stop saying and doing things impulsively. What you need to do is gauge the feedback seriously and develop a consistent approach to everything you're doing. That means don't just do a 180 instantly in response to something immediately without fully digesting the info being given to you, and don't give up on something the next day that you claim you're going to do when the majority call for it (this is mainly in reference to your attitude and the things I mentioned above). And again, you can't demean everything everyone says as "bullshit" when people such as myself or TraditionalGames are bringing up solid points and are offering you legitimate contributions. You have to be more humble and you have to be more sincere with your statements. Don't say that you're going to stop talking about views and then the very next day talk about views, and don't make full videos about the positive changes you'll be making and go right back over to the negative things. You have to draw a line and hold yourself accountable for the things you say before you can ever hold other people accountable for the things that they say. With all due respect Phil, I think you are looking at things with rose-colored glasses here. The negative observations that you've been given are a sign that something is wrong if it's being brought up as much as it is. The subjects that you stop talking about low views and tone down the guilt-tripping regarding Patreon can 100% be considered suggestions that you need to address, and you can't ignore that if it's being brought up as much as it is. These are things that people want you to improve upon, and to say that people aren't trying to help is ludicrous. People are trying to get you to see that you're making a mistake by having such a negative attitude and anger issues towards fans/people to help and even your detractors; shit man, you have admitted that this is something you need to improve upon yourself at least five major times that I can remember, yet you continue to remain stuck in your old habits. People do want to help, but you can't keep making excuses and brushing things off to the side. You have to learn from your mistakes, adapt with the times, and put more effort into keeping people around to watch your stuff. You can't rely on the wishful thinking of "if everyone gave me a $1 every day I wouldn't have to worry about anything" or use the excuse that "I was popular back in the day but things are different now so I'll never be able to have views like the other Youtubers out there" any more. You're hindering yourself by not doing some true introspection regarding your choice of career. It's not Youtube/Google's fault or the viewer's faults for the situation you're in right now; it's yours, and you need to take a look at yourself first and ask yourself why you aren't committing to the things you acknowledge are things you can do better with.
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    Look Phil, I agree that people getting on your back for advertising your patreon is complete and utter crap, but don't say you're the only person who didn't have one for a long time. It's true, a lot of people have moved to patreon, but don't let it put a chip on your shoulder. Phil, I'm really not a fan of the way you portray this whole "e-begging" thing. Yes, there are people who do it, but for the majority of twitch streamers, it's not begging, it's them THANKING their fans for supporting them, even if they do "interrupt" the gameplay for it. Not everyone is this strawman that you keep harping on. Also, it seems you make massive assumptions when it comes to donators. Yes SOME people do it because they like attention, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But some veiwers do it GENUINELY because they want to support the content creator. This is when I get mad at you and criticize you Phil, because you generalize way too much and make me feel like you think I'm an idiot for liking twitch streamers. Just because someone does something differently to you does not mean that they are doing something wrong. Stop making it about that, and just ignore it. It really winds me up when you do stuff like that, but unlike some people, I'm not going to use it as an excuse to attack you. I'm just saying that I don't want you to generalize so much. Again, stop making it about other people. Most of your fans don't care about "everyone else". They care about YOU and your improvement. Nobody is obligated to donate to you, youtube is a free service, and if you're complaining about that stuff, people are going to get upset. Not everyone wants the same thing, that's people for you. People are going to have different opinions on how you could improve. It's up to you to figure out which one is the best for it. Everyone is entitled to have a differing opinion about this stuff. People ARE trying to help you. Yeah, there is the odd dick who just wants to insult you, but I've read every single one of the posts in this thread, and everyone is GENUINELY interested in helping you get better. I've seen a few negative observations, but even then, nobody is OBLIGED to help you, if they have something that they don't like, and they mention it, it's still something you could change. Don't expect your audience to sort out your problems for you man. Look Phil, you obviously love what you do, but you gotta be careful when you fly off the handle like this. It's only going to end badly. I'm being a bit confrontational here, but even so I really truly do want to help you, and my biggest suggestion is to follow through with what you say about being more positve, and trying not to post stuff like this which people get insulted by. I understand how stressful stuff like this is, but if you keep this up, you'll only keep alienating people, and giving your opponents more fuel for the fire.
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    Alright Phil, I'll give a few suggestions. You'll probably refuse all of them, but I'm going to state my piece anyway. Here we go. Less is more: I think you should upload fewer videos every day. One big reason the new games aren't getting good views is because people are playing them. With the sheer amount of videos you upload it's impossible for these people to keep up with you so they just don't watch. You can record the same amount every day, just don't upload all of them. Promises, promises: You need to keep promises you make Phil. Not long ago you said you understood that people don't like hearing you complain about views and promised not to do it as much. But you continued to complain about low views as much as you did before. Also not long ago you promised to stream less, limiting it to launch day and special events. But then when next new release came out you changed it to as long you get at least 400 viewers you'll keep streaming the games. You may not think so, but consistently going back on your word like this has an effect on your views. People don't want to support someone who makes empty promises. Finishing Touches: You should really think about editing your playthroughs. I don't mean highly edited stuff like PewDiePie does or montages, I mean a bit of light editing to streamline the videos. Like editing out travel in open world games, just cut to when something interesting happens. Cut out when you're stuck on something for more than a couple minutes, I'd say anything longer than 5 minutes. Add custom thumbnails to the videos. It helps give your channel a more polished, professional look. Another thing you could do is add an endslate to the videos with annotations for the previous video in the playthrough, the next video, the playlist, and a link to your Patreon. If you do that then you don't have to mention Patreon ever again. Just a link in the description and on the endslate. Please at least take these things into consideration Phil. You don't do a lot to make it known that you actually read and think about these things. I'm legitimately trying to help, but ultimately your future is in your hands.
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    After sleeping on things I have one more suggestion for Phil. Stop treating us like it's our job to fix your business for you. It's on you to take steps to improve things, not us. You make it seem as though you're completely unwilling to think of things you can do yourself. You want things to improve you're going to have to step outside your comfort zone, and you're going to have to put in the time to think of things you could do yourself. No one wants to help someone who won't help himself Phil.
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    Well, seems I've missed quite a bit since the whole spiel about changes and improvements on the last Hate Live. I don't dislike Phil or think he's a bad person, but he's got some issues that I don't see him working through at this point in his life. I want to see him improve, but this is pretty much what I've learned to expect. He can apologize and ask for feedback as many times as he wants, but it's meaningless as long as he neglects to act on any of it. By that, I mean, dedicate to it and stick with it, not do it once or twice and say "see, I did it, you can't complain". ^This pretty much sums it up for me^. It's much easier for viewers at this point to just tune in when Phil does something they're interested in and keep their distance when he doesn't. There's very little incentive, if any, to offer advice and/or feedback anymore. I sincerely do not want to see Phil's channels go down and for him to lose his livelihood, but I don't think it'll last long making the same mistakes over and over while constantly placing the blame on someone else.
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    Alright Phil. You just proved that A) You don't want actual feedback B) You expect everyone to support you on Patreon. I actually left this place because I was sick of your negitave aditude but came back when I noticed you were going through tough times to try to help you. I told you what I thought you were doing wrong (Too much raw gaming leading to oversaturation) and even gave a solution (Have raw gaming as a casual part time hobby while working on series full time). And no excuses. You are going back on all your promises. You were paid for a Patreon goal to continue Alan Wake in October. That is a responsiblity that you refused to commit to but to make it worse you just swept it under the rug. You also went back on your changes of live streaming less and you also said you would stop being negative by guilt tripping fans about your views. But you just did it on an previous pre stream! Instead of updating everyone by saying "Views are down, heres my plan to fix it" You said "Views are down, I don't understand it! You have to support me." You mention Patreon too much, you're streaming too much, playthroughs are getting old and new series are being ignored. These are all valid things that people have an issue with you. Things that they feel you are doing wrong or could do better. And your views support their theories. Yet you have the nerve to call us out as nitpickers and deny that anythings wrong. Thats the issue. You dont want to be told you are doing anything wrong but you expect feedback and support. YOU can't have it both ways! So let's recap. Your views on DSPGaming are down. You are aware of this but you don't want to be told what the issue is. When you are told what you're doing wrong you get defensive and deny it. Also instead of trying to find a solution you continue to push what isnt working and put your success in the hands of your fans. Im going to make this comparison and you arent going to like it. Awareness of views, blindness of the issues, and denial of feedback. You are Nintendo and DSPGaming is the WiiU. But that's beside the point. I gave my feedback and I get call a nitpicker and that I dont want to help. But I stated facts on what you were doing wrong. How is that not helpful? You just want us to do your job for you? We are not responsible for your success. You are! You're the one responsible for coming up wth solutions or advertising your buisness. Yet we do it anyway because we support you. But if its not what you WANT to here you say we are being negative. You really are an ungrateful prick. We try to support you but the only support you want is Patreon, views, and ass kissing and then when anyone tries to help you act like you are the one being wronged. So you know what? If this how I get treated here then you don't deserve my support. A lot of your haters may be delusional and cruel but one thing that is true is that you only care about yourself. So from now on Im no longer a fan. You've had enough second chances. Ill say this one more time people don't want raw gameplay anymore but your vlogs and special series get very good views. Either take that information and do something to fix it, or ignore it and go out of buisness. Either way I win.
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    Seriously, yeah. Even just the tiniest bit of research, Phil would be shocked how many people do the same as him, live, full, unedited playthroughs of games they've never played before, of series they've never played before, with honest thoughts, and the fails left in. The ones that do montages, edits and all that kind of stuff, I'd say is around less than 20% of the Youtube base, same with streamers, the amount who beg, less than 25%, his description of 'other Youtubers' that he's often said, simply resemble Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, a bit of Markiplier and nobody else. It fits nobody else on the Youtube map, even successful ones, 100k plus. Yeah, Pewdiepie and such gets millions of viewers but fuck, 70k - 100k views is still a lot, and a lot of money, and there are people who don't edit at all who get that many viewers. Why? Because of the way they invest in the game, analyze the story, be involved in that story and react genuinely and with emotion and how they discuss the game with fans and discuss life with fans, rather than be talked to or talked down to. The reason why views are low is that the same waters that Phil is in have a lot of other fish in it too, and they're tastier fish. Off the top of my head, these are people who do full, unedited playthroughs, sometimes live streams, are as open and interactable as Phil if not more, and don't do montages and get more views than him. ChristopherOdd, Veriax, Shaly (even though she doesn't LP anymore), NuttyLamb, NintendoCapriSun, SpiffySquee, MarcusAureliusLP, SorcererDave, TheSolarGamer, NorthernLion. Some of those are 10k+ average a video as Phil used to be, some of them are 50k+ average. Some of those people have Patreon, none of them shill it as much as Phil, none of them do pre-streams. Why? Because nobody outwardly says that their business is failing and that they need more views. What are you telling the people already watching for? They can't all of a sudden boost the views up by 100, if anything it's a turn off. Doing that LOSES views, not gains them. The loss of views proves that! This thread proves that!
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    I have to agree with ArcaneArts in regards to your opinion of other youtubers and twitch streamers Phil. The thing is, you don't actually know that anything you say about other youtubers/streamers is true because you're going off of what someone told you. You don't think that maybe they over exaggerated a tiny bit? I think at this point it's no longer optional, you need to take the time to watch other youtubers and twitch streamers. It's called market research Phil. It's a very inviting community when it's automatically assumed that anyone who just made their account is a detractor under a sock account. And you guys wonder why so few people use the forums.
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    Phil, I seriously hope your reading everything here instead of ignoring it. You say 'nobody can explain this' and you ask for feedback. You are forever lost if you think that nobody tries to help you and if you treat every post here as 'worthless' or 'nitpicking' That pretty much tells us your not looking for help, you just want us to tell you what kind of bandaid we can put over this, and you are just looking for good vibes to help you feel better about the situation. And c'mon dude, "you want me to stop talking about views and patreon so much? Pledge to Patreon." Right there. You don't want a solution that will encourage people to vist your channel and give you views, your not looking for a way to fix your decline. You just want us to give you money. You want the shortest and easiest way to make money. Thats short-term, you need long-term, and the long-term solution has been mentioned for years. Still today people bring it up, and now its creeping up in you. Im sure ill be ignored and grouped with that close-mind view of people that you have, but I like many have been trying to help. You just always wait till its almost too late to do anything about it, and then your quick to go back to your old ways when you think one issue is fixed.
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    Anyone can open up a Patreon and push it. However, many don't push it as much as you do, and many do the rewards you seek for cheaper prices. If you do not believe me, I can link you to some. You are not the worst on Patreon in terms of goal/rewards or pushing, however, nobody has ever said that, except maybe detractors. At the same time, many other Patreons do better stuff and as such. You are not one of the very few, and again, I can list names. No, it is your goal/reward system, again, many do it better, specifically they do the same thing as you but better. I don't think THAT many people have said you're in the wrong, they've simply said it could be better and others do it better. This seems a bit playing the victim really. Using words like "I'm in the wrong." Apples and Oranges. It's not free money, they are paying for rewards and privileges and do not think these rewards and privileges are good enough to warrant their payment, or they do not think the current product you are producing is good enough for them to invest in. You are talking about a product 6 years ago and a product now. Your channel isvery different between the two. Donating out of your own heart and paying for rewards and privileges are two different things and you just can't compare them. If you didn't want to give something back you could have set up a paypal, THAT'S donating. Since it's Patreon, people are paying for a service. As such, they have to determine if that service is worth their money. There, there's your logic. Not many people do that, it's very rare. You've even said before in videos that you've gotten this information from viewers over research. Again, this is hearsay you've heard from your viewers. They do not stop the gameplay. Twitch has an automated system to notify of donations. Therefore, there's no need to stop the game. The noises tend to be a second long. Also, I don't understand... how/why are you saying someone thanking another for their support is a bad thing? Someone being nice to another is bad? Someone interacting with their stream is bad? How is this a bad thing? It takes one second to say 'Thank you' as well. Not only that, you have stopped streams before in order to tell off the stream chat for various things. This can be seen as much more negative than people saying Thank you. As someone who goes on twitch, I have seen this sort of thing happen on streams with very little viewers. Like 8 - 11 viewers, if you do not believe me, I can link some Twitch streams. Therefore your argument that they do it to get attention on a stream with lots of viewers is null. They show it as a means of support towards that person, be it someone they're a fan of or a stream that they're enjoying. Why would they want attention from someone with 5 viewers? They do it as a means to interact, show their support and make friends. Also, how is this different from your Patreon scroll at the end? Do your fans do it for a different reason because they're your fans? Yes, you have. Or people would not think this. You may not have meant it, but you have before. You could have said you didn't mean it or you've changed your mind as you understood and gained knowledge of why people may accept donations. However, detractor argument if you must. Correct, and well done. Nobody else does, either. This is something you believe because 'viewers have told me' however, this doesn't happen. If you do know of someone who does this, please give me them as an example. However, at the same time that's only one person and shouldn't speak for the majority, unless you wanna give me a few examples, then I'm wrong. No, they don't. In fact, you're so wrong about this, it is not 'everything else' but next to no one. Give me examples, because I can give you three off the top of my head who don't. These people also get more funding than you, as people aren't sick of hearing about the Patreon. And you 'grow up' and realize that the consumers of your business, your fan base, your dwindling fan base, more than likely because you constantly insult them and put them down, do not like this practice. You do not advertise at appropriate times. Think of your business as a fast food restaurant. Your gameplay is the eating section, your prestreams are the food preparation section, the fliers and posters and such are your description bars. Now, imagine when you're waiting for your food to be ordered, one of the people who work there gets into your face and asks if you want this other burger and you're like 'No thanks, I only came for my chicken' and they keep talking about the burger and after you say 'Can you go away please?' they just go 'Oh, grow up and realize this is a business, I gotta sell this burger. I'm not doing anything wrong.' This is what's happening. It'll be 100% on you, because you chose to face another series of criticisms, ones with points that have been made for years - Namely the way you insult the fanbase, put people down, the condescending tone, the view whining etc. with another rant. No, they just take the time of day to list honest criticism for the fun of it, its how they get their erections. I mean I'm taking time out of my day to write up this huge response because I'm DYING to see your business fail, I do this for all the people I hate, right? Or maybe, its because you keep saying you don't know what the problem is and they see it slap bang in their face but every time they say it to you, the response they get is "You're wrong and just a hater!" or "You're wrong and have NO logic" or "You're wrong, you don't know business." I think the fact that some of us keep trying and trying without ditching your channel is quite admirable, why? Because we've seen you take criticism before and actually utilize it, then guess what? You say you're glad you've taken the criticism as it's improved your business. This happens every single time, so I guess we... well, I, believe that maybe you'll see the light on this one too and take SOME of it in and maybe one day we'll see some view improvement. Also, the people who don't want you to be successful (not talking about the detractor group) you know what they do? They don't write long replies and keep posting in this thread. They just stop watching you and find someone better. Hey, look, your views are low. I wonder why. Seriously, in your mind, who is in it to see you be successful if not the people who watch you and post here? The fairies? No, you yelled at me, put me down, insulted me. Specifically saying I have no logic, along with the rest of the fan base. Why should I give up my money? I tell you what, I'll give a dollar if you don't close this thread or reply to me with insults. I'll go for five if you take in this criticism. Show me something. Show me you're worth the money. You said that when you first opened Patreon and had more pledges than you have now and you still talk about views. Nope, I said why. And yep, it's on Youtube, if you don't want me watching your content, just say, I've got plenty of people I'm subscribed to on Youtube that I can watch instead. Maybe, but I have a right to be a dick to you because you've been a dick to me, which you have, as well as everyone who watches you, from this post. If it wasn't for the insults and such, this criticism would be a lot more sugar coated, but sometimes people need the harsh truth. You're always the dick first, because you throw your arms in the air because the criticism isn't something you don't like. You always say that every version of your forums turns into 'lets crap on Phil' I wonder why. Is it that all these thousands of people just happen to be wrong and are all 'dicks' or is it that it was just good, honest criticism and you couldn't handle it? Rest of the internet is wrong and you're right? Yes I can. See: When you used to not whine about views. See: Everyone's advice on how to improve your Patreon and Channel, See: This post. "Genius." I love how you always question our logic, though. Makes me feel REALLY included in this community, like you really deserve my dollar and such. Now I'm 100% incited to pay 10 bucks to your patreon after having my logic questioned and called a genius sarcastically. Okay, bye bye channel then, and bye bye me from your channel. OUCH another viewer gone from your viewer base, and for the exact same reason everyone else has left as well too, pretty much. Maybe they'll come back once you stop seeing criticism as 'insane nitpicking bullshit' You are, you said you're gonna reduce streaming to interactable games and special events, I can give you the Hate Live where you said this. You still stream your regular amount except sometimes your second stream isn't there, which was true before because there used to be no second stream to make montages. 1) You're a gameplay streamer, people will always wanna see you play more games, specifically games they wanna see 2) Less, not none. 3) Wow, two people's opinions are different, who'd have thought? Of course not, that's silly to think, but a common courtesy of - Stop whining about views, blaming everything under the son for your low views, stop insulting us, stop insulting other Youtubers, stop putting us down. Is not a hard request to at least consider. It's what people are doing, hence the low views. Okay, since my post is 'bullshit' here's my 'contribution' - Shut the fuck up and listen to the suggestions in this thread, namely those on your attitude. The reason your views are low is slap bang in your face and you pretend not to look at it. It's your attitude towards this community. To put it simply, there are other Youtubers out there who do it better than you. As much as you want to put down 'The Other Youtubers' and 'The Other Streamers' and say all the crap you said in that one prestream about how they're just money grabbers, most are all great people, who do great playthroughs and who interact with their fans nice and with respect. They put in more effort than you, have better patreon goals than you, better commentary and so on, and they don't 'overly stylize and edit' their playthroughs like you think, I can name around ten people who don't edit anything out at all and have better views than you. I can name even more who don't do the face cam/slap their face on an icon and I can name people who are MUCH more interative with their fans than you. Don't believe me, ask for the list. Because as much as you like to blind yourself into thinking every other Youtuber is in it for the money and every one edits their playthroughs and its all flash and they beg for donations and the viewers are sheep who only watch fads and they're missing out on 'true quality' because they're being coaxed by these people with clickbait because your only frame of reference is Tobuscus and Pewdiepie. They don't. Around 80% of them do exactly what you do, but better. You're not a lone wolf, you're just so in a bubble you don't realize that you aren't alone in the whole full playthrough thing. Your viewer base is now finding these people, realize they do exactly what you do, play the games you play, but do it better and actually respond to your comments courteously and don't do pre-streams that are 20 minutes of view whining, throwing shade at other Youtubers and begging for donations. So they move on,to those Youtubers. There, the fucking truth, the reason why you're losing viewers. I can link you around 10 - 15 people who do this far better and more genuine than you and then maybe you'll realize, maybe then you'll wake up and be like 'Oh shit, I gotta get my shit together.' I'll give you an example. Imagine someone is browsing Youtube gaming, and they see you're playing their favourite game, but when they click on you they sit through 10 minutes of you talking about how your business is failing, views are low, you need more views, you need more money, people should donate to the patreon, you don't understand why nobody's watching, the other youtubers are shit, no signs of their fave game at all, they're gonna just click off and go somewhere else after enduring 10 minutes of that. Your methods of doing things are so ass backwards to be honest and you don't even realize. Maybe it's because you're portraying your business as failing and negative. Maybe it's because those negative observations are so glaring that they have to mention it as they wonder why you can't see. You do talk about views too much, if everyone mentions this, it must mean it's a problem. You do talk about Patreon too much, if everyone mentions this, it must mean it's a problem. Ah, nice usage of over exaggeration, it really makes the people in this thread seem desperate, keep doing that and maybe people will actually believe they're just being whiny about you being whiny. You turned it into a bitch fest. Again, look at my mentioning about the past versions of this forum. Hmm.. there must be a reason that this is still continuing, right? Nahhh, it's just EVERYONE on the internet is a bitch now, right, Phil? We're wrong, you're right. More like nobody wants to listen. There you go, how's that for criticism. Even though I threw shade in this, I do wanna help, I am hoping he'll fucking listen one day. One day. There's a reason I still watch him, even though I watch him less and less and barely participate on these forums. If I didn't wanna help, why would I type all that out? You just gotta get out of defence mode and read this stuff. You kinda remind me of Meredith from DA2. Odd example, I know, but she saw every mage as a malificar and a blood mage, that they're all out to get her and all they do is harm. Criticism can be hurtful, yes, but it is not harmful. P.S: If I get banned for this, then you know he can't take criticism, I threw some minor fire in this post, which is nothing compared to the burns he's given out.
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  13. 2 points
    You are constantly insulting people and when someone steps up and offers some advice, you tell them to shut up and delete their comment. Case in point: your Oct. 29th pre-stream. People were leaving constructive comments, and instead, you deleted them. You're blind. You think you can treat your fans like garbage and continue to run a success "business". Why would someone pledge to you, who barely acknowledges his fans, when there so many more Youtubers who actually love the people that watch their content. You can't take any criticism without lashing out and it's ruining who people see you.
  14. 2 points
    You use his Patreon as proof of his success, but I think it's proof of the opposite. He needs Patreon because his videos alone aren't cutting it anymore. He made as much clear yesterday with his "if everyone dona- pledged $1" thing. Bottom line, Patreon won't save him. He needs to do something and do it soon.
  15. 1 point
    Phil is the only one with a clear voice lol. Is everyone else using a $5 mic or something?
  16. 1 point
    Why do you have "zero interest" in any of his playthroughs? Why do you people keep turning your backs on him? Are they just bipolar or what?
  17. 1 point
    I really want him to do it despite not reaching the goal amount. He can do it just for fan service. Putting on a good show for us. Somthing to make it worth awhile and enjoyment. I myself which was happy about that Halloween Marathon seeing how its not a truely a marathon but playing 2 games kind of put me down.
  18. 1 point
    i'll take the game off his hands, the more Plastic Rock Band Guitars, the better, they become hard to find sometimes.
  19. 1 point
    All i want to see Phil play is Rock Band 4, and his singing.
  20. 1 point
    I've said this in the past, but his mistake with Patreon was not updating the pledge rewards. Everyone that wants a T shirt or verbal shout out has already gotten one. He hasn't updated them in a year so it's no surprise that people aren't paying for any of the higher tiers.
  21. 1 point
    I like how idiots such as @DSP_TXT think their opinions are relevant and acceptable just because they have 2K followers on twitter...which in comparison is like 2 cents compared to people that have actual relevant opinions like Totalbiscuit. When you compare his follower count to Anita sarkeesian(407K) whom he despises, it's pitiful that he actually thinks he has a voice over someone like that or expects to have the moral high ground when hundreds of thousands aren't backing you. Even the sons of kojima only have 2K subscribers on youtube, and I've seen dead channels with more activity. When it comes down to it, these people are a very minor presence on our community and shouldn't be taken seriously. That said, Phil needs to turn his channel around and get his views up or he's not going to be in this business much longer. I have zero interest in any of his playthroughs right now, and he's letting patreon funding decide his channels future.
  22. 1 point
    Suddenly it's against the natural order of things to want money, I really don't understand people on the internet these days. Where is this moral high ground coming from? Why is Phil's hatebase not going after all these people on twitch with flashy donation bars and special effects? Oh that's right, because Phil is vulnerable. Perfect target for the everyday bully. If I could get more money to pay for my lavish trips overseas I would sell myself on youtube everyday. ;)
  23. 1 point
    Getting annoyed by his constant begging now, didn't really like it before either. Like Jesus dude don't have to mention Patreon so god damn often pretty sure people aren't that forgetful. If anything this makes those gosh darn haters want to donante and troll you more often. Wee bit off topic but I can't believe Phil considered suing YouTube. If he couldn't even sue those two people from a little while back because a lack of money how in the hell did he think he was gonna sue YouTube?
  24. 1 point
    Yes, it's a way for artists to get paid. And yes, other youtubers have patreon pages too. The difference between those YouTubers and Phil is that Phil started his patreon because the money he was making from his videos wasn't enough, still isn't. He didn't do it because he wanted to give his fans another way to a support him. He did it because he needs more money to support the lifestyle he wants to lead.
  25. 1 point
    I said DSPGaming not Patreon and Patreon is pointless if he cant get decent views on YouTube. Also Im a little annoyed that your response to my entire argument is "He has a Patreon". And I was right. The views on the new games are terrible. Each playthrough part is starting to have less then his already low average of 5000 and in some cases the part one videos struggle to break 10000. Also I am pissed that hes not working on Alan Wake part 2. No excuses this time Phil. This was promised as a goal in Setember that you would continue the series in October. I mean I understand what happened with Project 7 but all you had to do was make one video that would have taken 1-2 days of work. You said the point of Patreon was to be able to take days out of gaming but as of late you haven't put any effort into this. How can we trust you to commit to a new channel when you cant even commit to one montage? Not only that but you claimed that you would only stream for big events and game premieres. The problem was that you streamed every day but you went back on your change within a week. 400 views is not alot BTW. Here's the problem. New series, Patreon goals, live streaming. You cant commit to change. By live streaming every day and not working on creative series you've proven that everything you talked about in Hate Live was a waste. Now we are back to sqaure one. Your views a getting lower and you're in debt. Sorry Phil but you're still the same person as 2008. Still doing the same playthroughs. People are sick of it. Why do you insist on pushing DSPGaming when its clearly dying. Please consider the advice on my previous post.
  26. 1 point
    I watched the prestream yesterday. Phil said he has no idea why these months have been low of views but there are a couple of obvious reasons. Project 7 is certainly one of them and the Alan wake montage didn't help: if you set some patreon goals and then don't provide the content people paid for (or you produce less than the bare minimum) it's only natural for people to leave. It's good he's trying to listen more to people's feedback but this is not enough, especially if you claim you'll stop complaining about views and then you go 5 time with the appeal "give me 1 dollar and I'll be fine". I mean, you can't shit on people (twitch streamers) for e-begging and then do that pity speech, no one is interested in this kind of stuff. It's like going to a restaurant and having the waiter complain about how bad their business is doing. The solution is not playing every new release, as much as Phil hates it he's supposed to look for another job, at least a part time one for now. If you think the youtube business is in danger, you gotta look for something elsewhere. It's not the fans who have to fix your income, you have to take action. Well, here you have my 2 cents. Stay cool everyone
  27. 1 point
    Nobody is fighting, but if you're going to invite cyberbullies to be in your videos then you've lost my interest.
  28. 1 point
    Has nothing to do with Phil, I'm referring to Tevin sticking his nose into the videos just because DSP voiced a character. The guy is a complete stalker.
  29. 1 point
    Yeah so I continued to look at the views of old playthroughs. It seems like Phils viewerbase started to slowly decline after 2011. Almost every playthrough before that was very sucessful with each video hitting 5 digits and beyond. It was around in 2012 when his viewer base trailed off. There could be many factors. The hype of certain games, the increase in other lets players, the spreading of negitivity. But i think the real issue is people don't want full playthroughs anymore and/or have gotten used to Phil's content. People want something new and intresting. Perfect example. The original Phoenix Wright playthrough from 2011 every video had great views. The sequel in 2012 had great views at the start but slightly trailed off and the return in 2014 only had a few thousands per video. So I hate to say it but I dont see Halo 5, WWE, or Call of Duty taking off. People have already seen you play those series. My advice is to focus on those 5000 consistant views per video. Figue out how much money you make on an average video, how much you would like to make in a days work and use that information to figue out how long videos should be/how many videos there should be. The main reason you are still successful is because you upload alot. The more condensed a playthrough is the more views you get. My second bit of advice you arent going to like. You should focus less on DSPGaming. If a large portion of people trailed off that might be a sign to try something new. A way I see doing this to go back to the way before you lost your old job where your playthroughs were your hobby. Only what was your 9-5 job is now you working on a new project like your new channel. I mean lets face it. You've been slacking with the montages (Stil waiting for Alan Wake part 2), Project 7 was delayed, you haven't started your new series like Game Day, and you've barley touched your green screen. This was because you didnt have time for it. Okay but what you do have time for isnt working well anymore and your in debt from moving. If you spent everyday working on creative project like how you worked at your old job you could get a lot done. Plus you did full playthroughs since day one so its not like that would be going away. I hate to say it like this but DSPgaming is a sinking ship. Clinging to it is what will likley put you out of business.
  30. 1 point
    A continuation of KOTOR (Star Wars: Knights of the old republic. DSP uploaded only 13 parts.)
  31. 1 point
    I personally think P3 has a much stronger story than P4, and it's darker themes might lend itself well for a playthrough. But if Phil does ever play this, I hope he goes with P3FES instead of P3P. Seems easier for him, considering FES is available on PS3, and there really isn't much new content in P3P (aside from the FemC, but even that doesn't add all that much to the story so...)
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