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    here is mine. It is made with good intentions, and I hope it comes across that way.
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    Come on two months is kinda extreme isn't it? lol At least make it a week
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    Final Fantasy 15 Mainly because its about time they do something different. In this generation unless they can reinnovate turn based gameplay, it shouldnt exist, especially with today's technology and for 60 dollars. I want to fight an enemy because i chose to, not cause RNG made the decision for me. I want it so if i take damage its my fault, not because theres an i hit you, you hit me thing going on, plus just more control over whats going on instead of giving commands via menu navigation. and for those who dont like the game cause its different or character designs w.e, why? why not enjoy a game for what it is instead of being stuck in the past? if you dont like it after playing it, fine, you might be missing out on a good game just because it shares the name of something older
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    Not allowing proxies is a great rule I.m.o. Too many bait topics get created by people who uses proxies.
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