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    To clarify, when arguing continues it drives the thread off topic. So when I say to stop arguing, I mean to stop going off topic. In this specific thread I've had to step in twice now because of that reason. Nation, you're fine. You were just one of the people I was talking about with the snarky remarks.
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    Whats the difference?
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    Ok, finally got to dealing with what happened today. Two people are gone now, others are getting temporary posting bans for the arguing on this thread, as I had warned about not doing in the past. Do not continue the arguments here. Take them to PM's. For people having legitimate discussions, leave the snarky remarks out of it.
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    I'm starting this thread so people can give Phil suggestions for his streams. I'll start off with something a lot of people have had complaints about. Start gameplay sooner. Even just today people were talking in the stream chat about Phil taking forever to get to the game. His response? "Quit complaining, I started late because people weren't here." My suggestion is this. Stop worrying about people missing stuff. You record both the prestream and all the gameplay. Anyone who comes in late and missed something can just watch when you upload it after the stream. Hell, if they don't want to wait they can just rewind the stream. Wait 5 minutes after tweeting out that the stream is live then roll into prestream and then gameplay. Get things started quicker.
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    Hey Patrick, what am i?
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    Some of us like to mod from the back... ...side... ...butt stuff.
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    Agreed. Why punish the viewers that showed up on time by waiting for the stragglers that may or may not come? They can go back and watch what they missed as WW said.
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    Doom. first person shooter of the year!
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    I would really love to see Phil play Nier. There is that new sequel Nier Automata coming out next year and this would be a great time to get invested in the series. I'd also love to see Phil play Postal 2. I think it's style of dark humor would fit in perfectly with Phil's style of commentary.
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    Lelouch vi Britannia, Alucard, Scooby Doo.
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    His facebook page ended up just reposting his twitter content and videos and was a wasteland of detracting detractors. Not a huge loss for Phil, not a huge loss at all
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    You'd think that buddy but i don't see "arguing" being part of the rules listed at the start of this thread nor did any of the posts made recently contain anything that would have resulted in bans do anything pointed out in the rules at the start of the thread. So it all came down to one mod's perception of what is warn-able and what is ban-able WITHOUT it being listed on the forum rules. Thus i asked what got them posting bans and warnings since it's not specified and i'm yet to break a rule and wouldn't like to start now because of an unwritten rule that i had no way of knowing.
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    Really, that exchange between MDC and Butta didn't need to go further than "I don't agree with your opinion, but we'll leave it at that." Butta, quit dragging that shit out, and MDC, try not to take remarks about these characters too personally. Butta... why is that you'll claim that my post is too long, but +1 an even longer post from Lando? :p Not very objective in your willingness to read disagreeable posts, are we? Also, you said: "Only flaw Goku has is he can't drive a car which again he overcomes cause he can fly cause he's perfect in all aspects." I don't consider that the same as Lando's argument, since he acknowledged his stupidity, mercy, and naivety, so he can't be perfect in all aspects. Let's not backpedal here. Lando, that was quite a write-up, but we're mainly quibbling about semantics rather than having a deep disagreement. I hesitate to get a wall-o-text game started, but we'll see how this goes. Let me preface this by saying, again, that I don't think Goku is a great, multifaceted character. I've already stated at least two times that he isn't. I'm only taking issue with the claim that he's perfect, since his stupidity is often called to attention and leads to mistakes throughout the series. Yes, you can say that stuff like letting go of Raditz's tail didn't lead to "real" consequences (if you take this line of thinking, nothing in DB led to real consequences since the dragon balls eventually fixed everything), but that doesn't negate the stupidity on display, nor does it negate the fact that if a smarter character kept holding the tail, he could have resolved the situation faster, without calling on the dragon balls to negate a mistake, and without anyone other than the enemy dying. Anyone with a functioning brain could tell that Raditz was putting on a show, and the same goes with many other things Goku failed to pick up on. If you insist that he's perfect in spite of this, you aren't using the word "perfect" in the sense that the character is great at everything he does (the sense I'm invoking and rejecting as applicable to Goku). You're using the word "perfect" to describe a character whose weaknesses seem so inconsequential that he might as well be perfect. If you want to claim that Goku wins over allies too readily (Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chaotzu, Piccolo, Vegeta... basically all of the Z-fighters were former antagonists that were won over by Goku's character), I consider that valid--it's too idealistic for the protagonist to be so magnetic that most foes (at least, most pre-Vegeta foes) eventually see his way. But if you think about it more, the fact that Goku's mistakes never lead to permanent consequences is more a flaw of how the DB universe works than a sign that Goku's character generates infinite forgiveness. Again, let's not forget that the dragon balls can fix everything, and since Goku's allies are aware of this fact, that undercuts their means of having lasting grudges against him. Death doesn't have that much sting in this series since everyone gets revived. You say most people wouldn't consider too much mercy a flaw, but I already pointed out that mercy isn't very sensible when you can't capture or reason with the enemy and they're extremely dangerous entities who can blow up planets. Also, you can't say that it's not a flaw while also acknowledging that my list indeed contained massive fuck-ups. You say that Frieza blowing up the Earth in Revival of F was an exception where Goku actually had to face consequences of a character flaw, but nothing else on that list qualified. But that makes no sense because the consequences in that film were no more lasting than anything else in the series. If Goku failing to stop the villain from blowing up a planet, as a result of his mercy, is considered a real consequence, that happened at least twice more elsewhere: - Buu blew up the Earth, then blew up several other planets in search of Goku and Vegeta. This would not have happened if SS3 Goku hadn't spared him in his fat form. You can't claim that Goku fucked up with Frieza but didn't fuck up here. - Goku gave Cell a senzu bean and allowed him to fight full power against Gohan, but it's possible that he could have used the senzu bean for himself and killed Cell in his weakened form (or at least let Gohan fight him without healing Cell). This mercy led to Cell's defeat but caused him to be so desperate as to self-destruct. This led to King Kai's planet being destroyed and the deaths of King Kai, Bubbles, Gregory, and Goku himself (not to mention Future Trunks later). When you claim that Goku is one of the most villainous characters you know about who murders his own friends in cold blood (cold-blooded murder means a deliberate choice to kill someone directly, done without emotion or pity, so indirectly causing his friends to be killed wouldn't count), I have no clue what you're talking about. :P When in the series did this happen? But I'll agree that he endangers people in his selfish need for a good fight, which I talked enough about in my list of fuck-ups. That's just what I mean when I say he's not perfect, because you could write a more sensible character who wouldn't have such a flaw. At this point in your post, it's more of a rant that Goku is in fact awful rather than a claim that he's too perfect to be true. I disagree with your use of the word "objective," but we probably shouldn't get into that. If you meet a lot of people who say Goku's the best, most inspiring character ever... you're hanging out at weird places. Even I can't recall talk of that sort, and I've perused many message boards. If your characters are getting shit on in favor of Goku, that points towards a more personal grudge, rather than an analysis of the character within the story itself. Many characters live for battle, so there's nothing particularly special about Goku in that regard.
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    Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Review I'm not gonna go so far into it you know I love Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and really liked Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/ Wonder Women and Alfred I'll talk the differences and my thoughts on this Version of the Movie, The Theater version i liked but i didnt love i felt it very badly edited movie that jumped from Scene to Scene and it didnt make sense. I can say this Ultimate Version is the Best Version of this movie and actually makes this a way better movie, they put back scenes that make more sense and make it a Fluid and structured movie. During the Beginning go the Movie they show why the little girl was in the middle of the destruction of Metropolis cause of a Field Trip i guess "I don't deserve you Alfred" What the Theater version didn't have was any Clark Kent development, while this version has Alot of Clark Kent scenes that develop him more and why he wanted to stop Batman and why he threatened to kill Batman if he didn't stop with him investigating. And they get another scene with him talking to his Mom. It shows why Clark was in the Mountains And more Of Lois Lane investigating and shows how shes knows the guy who kidnaps her and how she found out Lex's Plot . Makes her less of a Dumb character than the Theater version did Bruce Wayne shower i guess for the girls who wanna see Affleck Butt lol Jena Malone as a person from S T.A.R.S. Labs Ans explains why Superman couldn't see the Bomb in the Wheel Chair it was made out of Led The show Batman stealing the Kryptonite. The Court Room Scene where Superman just leaves after is explodes that make him look like dick. In this version shows him Saving people from it and people Thank him. Which Bruce Wayne didnt hear or see him save people which is why he still wanted to kill him The Africa scene gets more explanation and why people thought Superman killed people Alexander Luthor even though he still the worst thing about the movie least gets more explanation for what he did Plus the Scene where Batman tells him hes going to Arkham Asylum to meet some of Batman's old friends Doomsday has more Detail to him And the Death of Superman is handled alot better now. And the Funeral is handled better. The Flash scene where he talks to Bruce is way better you can actually see him better and I love his Suit. Some scenes are re arranged to make sense I still don't think They made Superman is a Douche in the movie the world is afraid of him which is what would happened in real life i mean we live in the World where Trump could be President he would definitely try and stop Superman and try to turn everyone against him. They still dont explain how Lex knows Superman and Batmans identity. The Martha scene is still in there which is god awful And Alexander Luthor is still a Cartoon But other than that this is still a way better Fluid movie than it was before and i actually this movie alot more than before now Theater Cut Version Score: C+ Real Ultimate Edition Version Score: B+ or A- (im gonna need to sleep on it more) Remember this my Opinion your might be different when you see this
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    Jesus christ do I need specific examples? The dude has 7 warning points. He clearly performed misconduct at some point.
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    What did he do wrong then?
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    No one is complaining about Sammy. We saw that he has 7 warning points and it raised the question of how many points do you need against your account before you get banned. That's all. I think it's a legitimate question.
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    This right here. Hell the entire idea of a "Real" gamer will differ from person to person. Why? Because it's all a matter of opinion. That's the hardcore way man. Create drama to either get people warned/banned or to get threads he don't like closed by mods
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    What a cluster fuck. Horrible result for the UK. The pound is currently the lowest its been in decades, and Scotland & N. Ireland are already shouting for independence so they can stay in the EU. Those who voted Leave to "make Great Britain great again" have just torn it apart. The "United Kingdom" will only be England & Wales within the next five years. For the first time in my life, I feel fucking ashamed to be British today.
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    Hello Phil, have you heard about the Cascadia fault? It is a "subduction zone" that lies beneath the length of the west coast. It has historically rendered large earthquakes every two - five hundred years. It's last quake occurred in 1700, that was 316 years ago. It was estimated to be an 8.7 magnitude, the recent Japanese quake was a 9.0. FEMA recently preformed their "Cascadia rising" project, a drill to test the readiness of responders when "the big one" happens. It's a ways off, but inevitable. Do you feel you'll be safe in relation to this natural disaster? Would you be the type of person to "prep" for things like this, buying excess supplies etc. ? If shit hits the fan, you know you've got roots CT.
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    Hey Phil I want to know if you will be willing to bring back your Hate Live podcast series. Thanks in advance
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