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    Anyways, forget hardcore, fuck hardcore and his bullshit and let's move on. Watching Phil's playthrough of Maximum Carnage. Loving it. Spider-man is a great character to have and play in video games.
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    Her name is Ana Amari. She was a founding member of the original Overwatch. She's a support sniper. Her rifle fires darts that heal her allies and hurt her enemies. Her grenades cause an AOE that boosts her allies' healing and nullify enemies' healing. Her pistol fires tranq darts and her ultimate gives her allies boosted speed, damage, and damage resistance.
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    Can we please stop talking about hardcore? He's gone for good. All I'll say about him is that he's pretty bigoted and his Twitter account is full of homophobia and ableism.
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    Yeah we can basically talk about anything I stopped watching DSP a long time ago but i stay on these Forums cause theres actual smart people to talk to Cant find that on Reddit lol
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    go home and get stoned, cause the sex is so much better when you're mad at me.
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    Geez, imagine if we debated Goku vs. Superman. :P
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    Ah I just kept seeing u and ash going at it. And wondering why cant they make a thread for this.
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    I wish people would make like a superhero thread instead of debating which superhero is better. In my opinion. Alucard from the anime Hellsing Ultimate would destroy your superheroes
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    He's still banned, so I don't know what you guys are talking about.
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    ok i got another router, *cough took it from my dad's room cough*
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    Nothing wrong with Raw gameplay if its a stream archive. The problem is, if something is your job and you love doing it, there's nothing wrong with trying to improve on your work. When you stay stagnant and do the same thing every day, nothing changes or improves.
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    Honestly, I did not care about the whole Batman killing thing in films at all.
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    I love Man of Steel too. Way more than BvS at least (Standard Version). I wish the ending was a bit different. Yes Bale's killed (kinda). But this movie took it to the next level and was a big point in discussion.
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    I think CoD developers pay IGN every year lol
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    OMG! It's just my opinion. If you disagree, just say "I disagree" instead of calling me a troll and bringing up my twitter and stuff.
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    That is what Nation showed me. Ask him bro. Besides, I felt Ash was totally overhyping Superman. Besides, he is not unbeatable whatsoever. Never was, never will be.
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    Too late, buddy. That guy is already banned lol
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    Raw gameplay is still his bread n' butter. Wouldn't make sense to change it up. That's like telling Pixar to stop making animated films.
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    That wont be for anything That will prob be a Smackdown (Orton) vs Raw (Lesnar) match
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    Plus New Day would alrrady broke thr record before BG Well i can tell you that they are more likely gonna bring back the Big Gold Belt and at Summer slam AJ vs Cena will be for it
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    Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Replaying Red Dead Redemption
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    So just because of the chat, he should move to a downgrade in quality?? ....
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    Review scores are in the 60s, that number better go down.
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    You lied. You said I hadn't changed in 6 years. I've instituted MASSIVE changes. That in itself is a huge, factually incorrect statement used to slander me. And your apology isn't accepted because then you just go on to be stupid even further: Are you daft? I make a living doing this style of video. There are tons of other people who do it differently that you can watch, but here I am how many years later STILL making a living, STILL surviving, despite all of the attacks/negativity/slander tossed my way, MOST of it unwarranted (Yes, i've made mistakes but nothing close to enough to warrant what I've had to put up with). You watch me to see the raw style of gameplay. That's what got me popular in 2008, got me more popular in 2009-2012 and it's why people tune in today. If you want me to change, YOU are in the wrong. I'm not going to completely change what I do to become more popular, because THAT'S NOT ME! I could have easily acted like a fucking clown years ago (a-la Pewdiepie, Markiplier etc.) and become filthy rich. I could have highly edited my playthroughs and only released one 1-hour long video a day that's only highlights. I don't want to. I want to be genuine and put out genuine playthroughs. If you only want highlights, you can watch my edited reviews on KOGaming. So you can get whichever you'd like for most major games I play. You LITERALLY have nothing to complain about, but you just want to. Unless you can actually substantiate a point with facts, you SHOULD keep your mouth shut. I'm now completely tired of your whiny bullshit. Just because YOU PERSONALLY think that a different style of gaming video is better than what I do doesn't make it factually correct. And I'm glad that the vast majority of people who enjoy my content aren't pig-headed like you. Enjoy your final warning on these forums for mass thread derailment. Does ANYONE have anything further to actually say on the subject? Besides totally off-topic, nonsensical BS? Because if not, I will gladly close this thread.
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    Looking at your posts, you're overly negative all the time on all topics. No point in having someone like that on here. Btw I asked Which "fan"?
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    Direct capture Live Streaming Playing more indie games/skipping AAA releases I'm not interested in Changing my schedule directly to customer feedback Increase to/change in style of vlogging More edited content (KOGaming) Equipment upgrades (soundproofing, mic, new office) Video quality upgrades (1080p/60fps) Chat upgrades (customized IRC that's far better/more controllable than Twitch chat was) ...just to name a few ways I've changed/improved and NOT done things the same way for 6 years. Now let's talk about "making sacrifices:" Never having a day off unless sick or a very rare circumstance (parents' visit for example; last time we took time off to do something for ourselves was February of 2015) Having no real time for friendships or a social life outside of my girlfriend Leanna because of the job Having my entire life public, leading to constant pranks, trolling, DOXXing, and online harassment Being unhireable outside of an online-only presense HUGE financial debt to move across the country and make my content better ...just to name VERY few of the huge sacrifices I've made to make this work. You are seriously the most ignorant person for saying something like the above and I'd expect an apology for your insulting statements. They're PURE idiocy. Yeah, go fuck yourself. A one-man business whose kept it together despite massively increased competition comprised of TEAMS of people throwing money/expertise/resources at YouTube (rather than talent) and still surviving despite the entire site changing multiple times to thwart the style of one-man business is "lazy." Enjoy your ban. Anyone else want to talk straight out of their assholes or can we get some intelligent discussion?
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    Phil is extremely busy most of the time ya know. Same with anyone who has jobs and other commitments. Life isn't just gaming and watching Youtube.
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    If I pledge $50 Next month will I get a private video and an ask the king question?
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