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  1. UPDATED LEGAL ADDENDUM BY THE WEBMASTER: Please note that by posting up ANY artwork in this thread, you are completely rescinding the legal rights of said artwork and therefore NO copyright claims nor trademark claims can be made by your person moving forward for said art. Posting artwork in this thread gives Phil Burnell sole permission to use this artwork for ANY purposes moving forward. If you do not agree, please do not post anything in this thread. Thanks! - Phil -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since Phil is going to return
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  2. I made a topic for chat emotes and fanart which you can find here:
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  3. Doing a lot of off stream stuff and have it upload slowly on YT and doing chill streams on Twitch is going to work out. People love interaction and when you give it to them, they come back. This is why people come back to other people's streams and all. Cool to see how Phil is acting on change advised by everyone.
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