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    More vids mean more views, it makes perfect sense, and i have no problem with Phil doing short vids. I dont see what difference it makes anyway, the next vid starts auto if watching a playlist.
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    See what i mean? RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE how are ppl gonna navigate that?
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    Mick Foley had a good analogy in his second book, Foley is Good, about writing his first book, Have a Nice Day! A small book is like a tiny white, uh, "toy." It might not be special, but it's less intimidating and sells better. A massive book is like a baby's arm holding an apple. It catches your eye at first, but no one it willing to "try it out." A ten minute video is like a lil white "toy," an hour long video is a baby's arm holding an apple. However, when you don't have a store on the street corner and you're hoping on word of mouth to lead people to your vendor's cart under a bridge beside the sex addict's convention, the baby's arm holding an apple might be your best seller instead.
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    Imo, too short, especially rpgs. Ur not going to change zones/story/boss battles in mere 10 mins. imagine vids having names like “X boss battle”, “X boss rage”, “X boss cheats”, “X boss down” for a 40min boss fight.
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