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    I dont mind them, but why not use a facecam? the slideshow gets boring to look at.
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    Captain Marvel - Review (2019) The Good Brie Larson as Vers / Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel is fantastic and a bad ass which I can't wait to see her kick Thanos's ass. She elevates the weak script. Samuel L. Jackson is also really great as Nick Fury and has the best De Aging Visual Effects I have ever seen like its so seem less that you can believe its a younger SLJ. Larsons and Jackson's chemistry is perfect and their banter is a great back and forth. Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson its good to see him in a MCU Movie again since he's on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. his Dr aging is also great. Ben Mendelsohn as Talos is a surprisingly strong villain, Mendelsohn elevates him to be more than just a generic villain he's actually more compelling. Lashana Lynch brings some of the emotional depth we somewhat get in the film as Carol's best friend. Jude Law is pretty good as his character which I can't say much cause of spoilers. Annette Bening is fine in the film Goose the Cat... enough said. The Opening Sequence is fantastic. There's some unexpected twist that I didn't expect. The Action sequences are really great. The Humor once again works for Marvel especially with Talos It answers some question we had in the MCU. The 3rd act is amazing, its a big goofy with the No Doubt Song but its forgivable and with a awesome dog fight scene that feels like Star Wars. The Visuals Effects like I said are fantastic with the de aging technology but not just just the overall films visuals. The fantastic soundtrack. The Post Credit Scenes especially the first one. The Bad Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's Direction while still entertaining and its not a bad directing effort it would been great to have more emotional depth to the film The script in the first act is a bit rushed, even though with fantastic action its still a little fast, it slows down a bit in the 2nd and 3rd acts though. *Nit Pick* S.H.I E.L.D. is actually called their name which they didn't get their official name till Iron Man which wasn't in the 90's *Nit Pick* Lee Pace as Ronan is still a wasted villain just like in Guardians of the Galaxy but as he didn't really hurt that film cause he was used to what he was meant to do, he doesn't really hurt this film cause I doubt anyone knew he was in this. Final Thoughts: Not a perfect film, but neither was Wonder Woman (That final Act and its terrible Villains) least this films villains are great, but Captain Marvel is a lot better than what I expected could of had better direction, but still a really great Marvel Movie. Overall Grade: A-
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    Since I was away for a while, let me just say: Into the Spiderverse was absolutely worth the hype. Watched it twice in theatres and once on digital. Hands down the best Spiderman film and my favorite 2018 film that I can recall. Go see it if you haven't already.
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    I definitely agree with that.
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    Poorly edited screenshots, amazing. You know I had Jewbaccca fired from his modding position, right? Dude did everything he could to lash out or revenge. It's honestly still pathetic.
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    I don't know about the rest of those, but I've never doxed anyone aside from someone claiming I did. Kinda discrediting yourself unless you have some proof that I've ever doxed anyone before. Also I don't have mental illness but I was once diagnosed as bipolar as a young lad. Not sure where you're getting "6 mental illnesses" Honestly you're just making yourself look bad randomly trash talking people here.