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    I think its to make the audience score for up because there's no reason to review bomb by the actual dumb sexist people But anyway the real score from Cinemasxore gave the Film an "A" which means Most moviegoers enjoyed it Its already a success making nearly $500 Million and gonna have an easy week next week I'm gonna lol if people gonna review Bomb Avengers: Endgame since she's in it
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    Its the Nintendo way to make something gimmicky and stupid instead of just making a decent console with more than 3 good games.
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    Directed by Olivia Wilde This looks really great The last great teen party comedy movie was Superbad
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    Same here. Plus, I loved Superbad.
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    I just don't see the hype or the point of Nintendo Labo when its just the idea Google Cardboard but triple the price and exponentially more with all the extras. The Nintendo Switch's 720p screen is not very good even holding it regularly, so I could only imagine how headache inducing its going to be holding that up straight to your face.
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    So I'm like very behind on this show cause for some reason I just never was on a consistant pace I remember watching all the arcs before when I was younger all the way to Alabasta then stopped then few years later I finally watched Jaya to Skypea then stopped and then when Toonami aired One Piece it started at Long Ring Island which was somewhat funny to drawn out to long then went to the Water 7 to the Sea Train side arc to the amazing Ennies Lobby arc then it stopped when Thriller Bark finished then I just never got back into it sadly but now that I have my anime site again to watch consistanr anime again I'm catching up now Just got through Saboady Archipelago Amazing Lilly Impel Down And Marineford Here's my Ranking so far of each Arc One Piece Arcs Ranked So Far * Before the Time Skip 1. Marineford 2. Enies Lobby 3. Alabasta 4. Arlong Park 5. Saboady Archipelago 6. Impel Down 7. Water Seven 8. Skypea 9. Jaya 10. Baratie 10.5. The Sea Train 11. Romance Dawn 12. Return to Water Seven 13. Louge Town 14. Whisky Peak 15. Little Garden 16. Thriller Bark 17. Reverse Mountain 18. Drum Island 19. Amazon Lily 20. Orange Town 21 Syrup Village 22. Long Ring Island
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    Wow! You just joined the forum, like 29 minutes ago and you're already bashing nintendo? Lol! Yeah. I could never understand, why people think that. And they do it every year.
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    I think that some of the RB streams were some of the best Phil has had. it was a great fun chill game stream,
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    Well, my friend, after just watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I 100% agree. Grade: A+.
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    @musicboy What are you listening to now, musicboy?