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    My biggest complaint about @Phil as a streamer is, that he doesn't play with the games. I mean: He uses one weapon as long as possible. Doesn't use most of the game's items, weapons, techniques. Doesn't experiment with anything, doesn't test items and weapons. If he finally tries to test out an item, he does it wrong, he concludes the item doesn't work and never uses it again. Doesn't try different approaches: if he sees he could beat a boss with a weapon he just picked, he will continue to fight the boss 10 times over with the same weapon and tactic, until he succeeds. Doesn't check controls, skips tutorials. Tries to brute force his way just to get to the next story cutscene/mission and just get to the end. Playing the games from start to finish the same one way (as long it works to just get to the next part, even if it takes too long or multiple tries), makes the playthroughs kinda boring. Yes, it can be funny when Phil fails, but when he does the same exact thing 10 times over, it gets boring. Some quick examples: MGS series: doesn't use stun grenades or the box and other stuff; fights bosses with the same bad approach DS series: doesn't use fire bombs, pine resin; still didn't learn how to parry; fights bosses with the same bad approach Borderlands: keeps sniping the whole game (because it's easy and he didn't try learning how to fight enemies head on), he isn't sniper class, so it takes forever for him to kill enemies Apex: didn't try to test out abilities unless he meets an enemy, then he forgets about the abilities and only shoots his gun Subnautica: tries to rush the game, doesn't try to understand the game by himself and is completely dependent on what chat tells him Black Mesa: doesn't use grenades on the turrets, uses the hive-hand (wrong) when it's obviously too weak This behavior is the reason why TIHYDPs exist.
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    @Phil is still stressing too much about progress in a game where there's nothing to progress to, like Minecraft. He should follow his own words: RELAX There's a reason people suggested it for CHILL streams. He hates resource gathering in a game that's all about resource gathering. Maybe he should ... try gathering resources. He never used the scanner room once to scan for materials. This is the problem of being too dependent on chat and then they don't tell you something important. For games like this (Subnautica, Minecraft) you are supposed to look at guides, tutorials, wiki, if you are lost. Or experiment with things. Chat will only tell you so much. It's called the scanner room that sounds like it could be helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u99sShnZU3k https://subnautica.fandom.com/wiki/Scanner_Room The Scanner Room may provide instant readouts as options to scan for Blood Oil, Cave Sulfur, Copper Ore, Creature Egg, Crystalline Sulfur, Databox, Diamond, Fragments (forBlueprints not yet unlocked), Gel Sack, Gold, Heat Areas (Lava Geysers, etc.), Ion Cube, Kyanite , Lead, Limestone Chunk, Lithium, Magnetite, Metal Salvage, Nickel Ore, Quartz, Reaper Leviathan, Reefback Leviathan, Ruby, Salt Deposit, Sandstone Chunk, Shale Chunk,Silver Ore, Stalker Teeth, Titanium, Uraninite Crystal, and Wrecks
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    I agree, he should give a shoutout to Amity.
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    Nah, my tablet was old as hell. I'm better off just getting a new one though I wasn't planning on replacing it for a while. eh.
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    I think the game is perfect for chill streams, but that Phil plays it wrong. He goes out for one ore piece, then comes back with one ore piece, doesn't bother to pick up more stuff on the way. His inventory is all over he place. The game isn't much different than Minecraft. Stressful shit happened to him and can happen in Minecraft too. He's stressing too much about resources, building and progressing. But forgets that just like Minecraft there's really nothing to progress to. You just mine to build a new thing that lets you mine more or in a different way (farming). Just swim around and gather resources. And when you have enough, build your new shiny thing that lets you grind more. Don't stress about building a new thing and not having one ore to do it, you can always build it later. Just like Minecraft you are not progressing to anything too interesting, no need to stress yourself over grinding and resources. Swim around and enjoy the scenery. It's just fine in Playthroughs.