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    @KGhaleon That sounds cool, have fun!
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    One Piece Arc Reviews - Whole Cake Island The Good And here we are the most recent arc that has complete a few weeks ago in the anime basically a mission to save Sanji cause in the Zou arc he has to get married to Big Mom's 35th? Daughter Pudding. Now this arc was very emotional for me cause Sanji is my favrotie character and the development he gets is crazy but we will get to that soon. The island is amazing and almost everything is a character in this arc and yes its over 90 episodes but its much better paced than Dressrosa and has better characters. Emperor Big Mom is great and her back story was again heartbreaking made her better than Kaido...... We get to meet the Vinsmoke Family which are Sanji's 3 brothers and 1 Sister and father and my God they are fucking scum on earth (except for the sister) basically threating Sanji to take part in the marriage or they will blow up his hands or cut off Zeff's head like Jesus. Sanji does end up accepting to get married cause he doesn't was Zeff dead and this is the moment where shit goes down..... Luffy and Nami finally find Sanji and Fluffy jumps on the carriage excited to see him but Sanji kicks the shit out of him off and we get Luffy vs. Sanji which is one sided cause Luffy doesn't fight back so Sanji kicks the living shit out of him and nearly kills him in the process and after all that Nami slaps him and says we shouldn't have ever come and AFTER ALL THE BEATING HE TAKES Luffy stands up as Sanji leaves and gives one of the best speeches in there series basically saying I will not leave from this spot and I will starve to death cause your food is the only thing I will eat and without you I can't become King of the Pirates, and with all that they show Sanji Breaking down in tears and this really hurt seeing my favorite character in pain. The Charlotte Family was fantastic. Charlotte Katakuri is amazing villain and his fight with Fluffy was excellent in the mirror world and I hope we see him again. Brook finally gets his moment finally he was the first to fight a emperor. Pedro was a great sacrifice. Carrot was a bad ass. Capone Bege gets a lot of cool moments The Bad Charlotte Pudding was very annoying as she is pretty bland when we first meet her and then finally something great happend she was evil........and then she wasn't....but she still was.....but then again she wasnt .... and again she still is evil....and then she actually fell in love with Sanji, but she was still evil.... but wasnt. And still somehow was her character was a fucking mess even though she got a very touching moment with Sanji. JINBE STILL DOESNT JOIN THE CREW..... THE PAYOFF BETTER BE GREAT IN WANO COUNTRY GOD DAMN IT. Final Thoughts: Whole Cake Island is a excellent arc and emotional arc and I loved it and the Positives out weigh the negatives Overall Grade: A+
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    That's cool. Then you probably like "Yu-Yu-Hakusho" and "Hokuto no Ken", too. I kinda like him, and the 'Seiyū' is the same for 'Mayuri Kurotsuchi', from "Bleach". The perfect voice for the mad scientist.
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    Not really this just looks like a bad CGI fest Del Toronto Hellboy with Ron Pearlman look better
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