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    Thank you. So far, most of the work in these images has been done by the 'App', but I also use 'Photoshop' for other things, along with some video editing softwares for some unrelated projects. This thread was just for fun, I didn't thought that people would react like this, and it's not like I'm forcing or demanding anything, I even made sure to get permission to start the thread.
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    Mora, you are good at Photoshop dude. Report the obvious trolls dude. Haters gonna hate.
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    First of all, I already figured out that no one, or almost no one would post here, except for me, however if for some reason you want to, there is a way to do it. Taking this into consideration, I factored in that maybe someone would try to post 'detractor' content or whatever you want to call it, so I put forward this rule/measure that would at least reduce the possibility of it. You obviously would send it to Phil, via email or PM, with an overview of them, (doesn't need to be one by one). Now for the second part: what is the point of it? The point of it, is not a serious thing, is just to post photos using the mentioned software, if you want. You might think that this thread is not as valuable as other in which you discuss/debate philosophical topics, for example, but there are currently 3376 that you can access to right now, and 4766 total threads that were created in the history of this website, some of which, are dedicated to ask a single question that was already answered, talk about the envelope/box of a pizza, talk about some food you ate, and post pictures of sharks. I hope that after reading this, you allow me to post this thread, that was presented to the Admin. so that is verified, even if its purpose is not what you'd expect. And again, you have the free will to post or not to, or to decide to make the images or not. When I said 'rate' the image, I didn't mean it like what you're implying. Just as if the person that appears in the image looks real or not, because in most cases the 'App' doesn't do the job properly. And like I said above, you can do it if you want. Why do I have to use Phil's face? I don't. I just did ones that involve Phil and decided to get permission to post them. As for the purpose of the thread, it's explained in the response to "ElectricSheepDreams", just above.
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    Sebastian Stan isnt captivating, witty, funny, or versatile enough to play Captain America. Winter Soldier is perfect for him because Winter Soldier doesnt really have a personality from all the shit he's been through. Glad they chose Anthony Mackie.
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    Now, it's time for some other filters. As you can see, in these ones, I just altered the age and hair, several times. I was reluctant of posting the 'blonde-hair' one, because it wasn't properly integrated in the image, but I figured I might as well post it. I believe I also used 'Photoshop', but only a little, and to correct a couple of things.
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    He's obviously trying to bait. But you can bet he is one of the mods who got exterminated and trying to recoup some confidence he lost from being fired. Another detractor slain.
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    I look at a map of all the restaurants in my new area, and there's like 20 Japanese restaurants including revolving sushi.
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