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    It's an ARPG like diablo. I can't remember if it was heavy with the loot though. I just remember playing Baldurs gate at someone's house a fuck ton.
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    Not at all. You control a party (up to 4) and can pause time to give your members commands (cast spell, go here, etc.) There will be plenty of combat but it has a far heavier focus on story. Think Dragon's Age, Divinity: Original Sin and Kingmaker. I am/was a huge D&D nerd when Baldur's Gate came out and I still couldn't get into it. I've been meaning to give them another try, now could be a good time I suppose.
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    Is that like "Diablo"?
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    I guess I'll post this here as well: https://www.deviantart.com/moramoria/art/DSP-DarkSydePhil-Ultimate-Fantasy-MMXIX-798874114 Here is the drawing I did, the attachment in this comment does not display the full quality, as the uploading limit does not allow it. (I cannot embed DeviantArt, so up there is the link). I tried to do something like a 'Final Fantasy' thing, and it took some effort of my part, since I'm not good at drawing, and I hope I chose the right colours. The number of layers I had for it was insane, the 'PSD' file is a mess, good thing 'Photoshop' has layer-groups.
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    KingOfGahlfHD...do you realize you have a mod whose nickname is a detractor meme? That's not a problem? Well seeing as it's not a problem using a dumb bot to permaban people for innocent stuff... But it's strange when people get instantly banned for a bit trollish names (like omnipotentlamb) even if they don't do anything wrong. just WOW, nothing wrong with this... "it's the guy" is apparently a detractor meme that gets you banned but didn't Phil say he doesn't care what's a detractor meme? A detractor meme somehow no detractor or anyone else ever uses but it apparently grants an automatic permaban by a bot if you write it even accidentally. It's apparently so bad that a bot has full right to permaban people if they ever dare to post it. If people actually wanted to troll you it's easy to bypass the bot, just post "its the guy", "it_s the guy" and other variations. With these stupid banning sprees you and mods are only doing more damage than detractors could ever hope for.
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