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    Lol, Hopefully Phil as a way of separating real nominations from the trollish ones.
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    This is really hard to argue with! Great post!
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    But seriously guys, its Thanksgiving. Today is the day not to bicker back and forth, and its not the time to spend on these forums while food is being cooked and your families are getting prepared for a feast. Today is to appreciate having friends, family, and significant others all close by and be under one roof to celebrate each other. Some people are spending Thanksgiving alone with no home cooking to feast apon, no friends to speak of or family within a 1,000 miles, will stream and talk about problems that they refuse to take any blame for, and instead of being thankful for the very lucky position they've been in for the last few years, be ungrateful and demand more from the only people that are willing to open there wallets for them. I challenge you guys today to get up off the internet, go help your family or significant other, and go help make the stuffing or prep the table. Don't sit on these forums and bicker about petty issues that really aren't your problems to begin with. Even if you're not in America, show how appreciative you are to someone out there. Appreciate life, and appreciate not fucking over or upsetting enough people both on and off the internet that you spend the holidays completely alone. Cheers!
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