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    Hello everyone! Please post up YOUR NOMINATIONS for my upcoming rage-a-thon event here! Games MUST BE READILY AVAILABLE (i.e. must be available on a digital platform or easily purchased on Amazon.com physically for a current console) in order to be eligible. The games that are nominated most will be collected into a final poll to be voted on here on the forums as well! This thread will remain open until approximately August 13th, or until I feel we've accrued enough nominations to make the poll! Thanks very much!
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    So, you're an internet personality who has a modicum of loyal followers looking to expand their income stream. How does one do this? Well, the first way would be to diversify. Merch is a grand way to both grow a Brand while increasing one's income stream. How does one create a demand for one's merch? One way is to have it tied to your Brand. A sustainable way to do this is to have merch that is relevant to the current trends of said Brand. Don't have any? Easy. MAKE them! How does one do this? They do this by having their audience engaged enough to WANT this current merch. Let's take PewDiePie's Minecraft merch campaign as an example: Having played Minecraft for less than a month, a line of Minecraft merch was launched based off of viewer favorite NPC characters ( horse and dog )/memes that viewers have become connected to. First, however, one must generate things viewers will wish to take an interest in. A creative and imaginative person can do this in short order either via in-game roleplay and/or paying attention to memes being latched onto by their fans. I will at this time point out that a sense of 'community' within the Brand needs to fostered in order to accomplish this. For example I offer the Yogscast, who grew a community of WoW followers into a Minecraft phenomena ( Shadow of Israphel into a 'Variety stream/YT' MCN of a literal cast of Yogs whereby members of their growing MCN place 'Yog' before their channel name thus making them a part of the Yog community...but I digress... Fostering a sense of 'community' will encourage folks to buy additional merch ....a piece from the CURRENT thing that is taking place. Merch sales ride on the crest of the wave. The wave is DRIVEN by the viewers. Realize and capitalize on this leads to a successful merch income stream. Ooo0ooooh, I'm not good at art....( you winge ) ....my above example show that one need NOT be able draw anything to design and make merch that SELLS....to the fanbase of one's BRAND....What one needs is the COMMUNITY you wants to buy such things. https://store.yogscast.com/collections/t-shirts https://teespring.com/stores/airforceproud95 https://represent.com/store/pewdiepie?gclid=CjwKCAjw4ZTqBRBZEiwAHHxpfrWnQ-vkPNWFcXpMuA_imLE0Y7Veez_RIiW3maotZjdwI0cKgGiAGRoC6T0QAvD_BwE Yeah, YogCon* is streaming a bit I want to watch or I'd add more to this........ Outside stage of Yogcon feed: *Yogcon is sponsored by Twitch. I'm Dave Yognaut and I have the Balls! Woot they launched the rocket....but I digress... How do old channels like this keep growing? Well, these two guys were forward thinking and continue to be by taking in New (younger ) talent . Your Brand doesn't have folks clamoring to join your team...or refuses to take the chance to allow them to? Well....your answer is being being creative enough on your own to do these things or monitoring your chat closely enough to see where the opportunity resides. [Pro Tip: Try not to BAN folks for doing things like spamming things you may not understand as this could become a 'community' adhesive element you later embrace. Additional Pro Tip: UnBan folks banned for doing that which you now embrace...if it isn't to late to do so. Better Pro Tip is to NOT ban folks for emotes/memes. These can be your bread and butter. Sticks and Stones one may say if one isn't silly enough to alienate those in their base who might wish to poke fun. Dry humor can on this matter can grow a base even more ( as by example I offer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCudlnfkmb1LgK4tSgctPNOQ who berates his fans while not banning anyone. A "King of Hate" should should be embracing this 'negativity'. I will at this point take the time to mention that the OG fame was as a 'shock jock' much akin to Howard Stern that is referenced and in hindsight one cannot fail to understand this being the driving force behing ones numbers. Embrace it to keep the train rolling. Understanding your audience is key to success. Audience's tastes change. Seeing the change defines those who grow and who do not. One can grow by embracing and using everything at their command ( positive and negative). The Big man shrugs off the slings and arrows while using them to his advantage. The smaller man takes them all to heart and lashes out at everyone. One needs only decide to be the bigger man. Shock-Jocks exist on every local radio station. It's the ones who embrace their 'haters' who go Big Time ( Glenn Beck was a small time nobody on my local radio station before his local following got big enough to garner national recognition due to his even greater 'hate' I may add) Missed opportunities cannot be capitalized on. The Brand you once could have capitalized upon is watered down each and every 'pre-stream' to the point that 'detractor' channels are no longer hosting your info as a daily output opting to make vids of others who are more relevant....but I digress... If one doesn't have a niche ( as with with https://www.youtube.com/user/Airforceproud95 ( flight sims ) or https://www.youtube.com/user/AGamingBeaver ( dino games ) or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCudlnfkmb1LgK4tSgctPNOQ ( the Stardew Valley guy who has moved on to other games ).....one must rely on being quick enough to see what their audience is latching on and bright enough to realize it is a thing one can capitalize off of in the short time it exists as popular culture. Failing this, one has little hope. Best of luck.
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    sorry slow to reply The frogs are actually his first steps toward being a 'real streamer' as it came purely from the stream chat. This is something he will not understand as he does not understand how Streaming works. Don't blame him. He knows nothing about the platform he uses to make money and does nothing to learn. I count him as just another penny stock trader who allowed me to retire at 30.
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    Aren't frogs a dead meme now? Now there's a meme that everyone knows, never gets old and some people might buy merch of it but...
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    I speak of continued sales. This is something my example makes pointedly clear. It takes only an engagement of the community to make for a successful Merch campaign. Ie, PewDiePie selling merch based of his Minecraft series that was under two weeks old. That is how it is done. His audience was invested enough to buy merch on game the person had only been playing a short time. Why were they invested? Being part of the community as 'water sheep' was not even on the radar. but quickly taken in and adopted as a shrewd businessman would do. Here? Everything is shot down at the gate with folks banned for doing things ( frog emotes). I am actually glad you brought up the 'frog' thing. It was a bannable offense to post frog emotes and countless folks were permabanned for doing so.....until it was 'deemed okay. Do the old folks get unbanned? I'll add in the folks who got banned when mods put the chat in 'Emote Only' and got banned for spamming emotes. THIS is where one grows or fails. I chose my examples for a reason.
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    furi celeste metal gear solid 1 on hard gears of war 1 on insane street fighter 5 bloody trapland
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    Okay why not, I'll nominate Fire Emblem three houses too. Not for the rage but because he might wanna come back to it and do a full playthrough. I'll only nominate it though if he plays it on classic mode.
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    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. I think Phil would enjoy this game, it's a shame he skipped it when it came out. It's also relatively hard if you guys wanna see him get frustrated
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    Red dead 2 online (stranger missions) Kotor
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