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    Why doesn't he put the schedule up as a slide, finally a slide that would be useful.
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    If you go to his Twitter, (@theycallmedsp), he has the weekly schedule with the game and start of both streams, (morning & (afternoon or "night"), pinned to the front page, as well as his day off. As for the duration of said streams, I believe the first one lasts around 5-6 hours, (including Prestreams, and break), and the second one lasts 2 hours. With these images you can get a rough idea of that particular day, (Nov 3). He tweets just before starting the Prestream, and just after finishing the gameplay, (I think). However gameplay-time is not always exact, and fluctuates, and if you really want to know, you just have to go to his Youtube channel, (DSPGaming), and add the duration of the videos. E.g: in this one, (third image), you can see that his recent "Luigi's Mansion" actual gameplay lasted for around 4 hours.
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