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    Rename this to Arguing Thoughts 4.0
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    i rather have the SF30 Pro the one with the color buttons, but no they didnt make a plus version of that. its fine
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    Do people not understand that no other job is going to pay DSP 80-120k a year like streaming does? The amount of money he makes monthly is INSANE, no other job is going to come close to that. Not to mentionTwitch suits DSP's lifestyle to a T, he enjoys this sedentary lifestyle more than anything. If I was him, I'd milk this shit until there is no milk from the udders left.
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    I see, I personally don't look at reviews solely to decide if I'll watch a movie or not, barely care about reviews anyway.
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    the combat took some getting use to but once you do it's fun, i was OP by the end of it, i almost 100% the game, all i need to do was get all the yaoi posters.
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    Theres alot of stuff on there Someone made Dexter's Lab on there Someone made Silent Hills in the own image Saw a Crash type game Some made Star Wars type stuff Idk how they did it im not that creative You cam make pictures or demos type stuff
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    he was talking to me.
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    My thoughts exactly. LMFAO!!!
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    You're trying to get into a worthless fight with KGhaleon over him posting to going to Alabama, in this thread no less. So far, you've proved to be an absolute hypocrite & ignorant.
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    Nothing new for months? There's like 19 Switch games this month alone, what are you even talking about?
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    I think some just want him to stop "asking" money from people, despite downgrading his lifestyle. Even though people donate to him by their own choice, including those who don't like him, which is worthy of research. For the rest, they just think it's funny, even going to wrestling events to "totally own" Phil by holding a cardboard during the entirety of the show, while craving attention from random people on the Internet. I agree, that's pretty funny.
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    Sonatine, (ソナチネ) Watched it the other night, and I love it.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog - Review (2020) The Good Ben Schwartz as Sonic the Hedgehog is perfect easily the best part of the movie and surprisingly gives Sonic depth that i dont remember him ever having. Jeff Fowler's Decent 2nd Directorial film you can tell he i guess is a fan of the games (i would like to know why they did that first awful design at first though). The Quicksilver like moments. The Visuals effects are insanely good especially in the opening showing the classic world and showing other races in the world of Sonic (i wonder what they would of looked like in the OG version of that awful Sonic). On the nose easter eggs and references. Alot of the action chase scenes are pretty great. If there is a sequel i dont wanna ever go back to earth stay in Sonic's world. The before Credit scene The Credits are awesome. The Awesome post credit scene. The Bad Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik isnt bad surprisingly, sometimes hes actually entertaining like the old Jim Carrey, but at times it does feel dated and a bit much at times and sometimes even feels like hes in a entirety different movie especially his wiere dance scene. James Marsden is basically the straightman of the movie which i didnt really care for his character. The wierd out of place Bar scene. The Plot is paint by numbers. Generic Movie Government are morons. Theres a bit too much "Fast" Jokes They kept the scene from the first trailer that wasnt funny. Fart Joke... Final Thoughts: While no where perfect, its not horrible, but you can tell it could be better if we didnt have to go to earth, so hopefully we get a sequel where they go back to Sonic's world, buf it does feel this feel like the first Sonic game, and the sequel could be Sonic 2 with hopefully the Chaos Emeralds. Overall Grade: B-
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    The Rhythm Section - Review (2020) The Good Blake Lively is great Jude Law is good and so is Sterling K. Brown Some cool scenes The Bad This is a obvious January movie Reed Morano's boring Directon Drawn out sequences Joan Sobel annoying editing Sean Bobbitt not good Cinematography Wierd joyful songs in a depressing movie and it just randomly cuts out. ALOT of stupid character decisions and you dont give a shit about her and she causes innocent people tp die which is fucking stupid And she TOUCHES EVERYTHING to leave fingerprints and blood. Final Thoughts: Skip it dont even waste your time its boring. Overall Grade: D+
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    Birds of Prey - Review (2020) The Good Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is amazing as always and shows that shes a full fledged developed character. Cathy Yan's Direction its very colorful and different than the other DCEU films. The action in certain scenes is fantastic being film on reshoots by John Wick 3 crewand you can tell, but on the other action sequences are bad. Its female empowerment without pushing it down your throat, yes they basically say fuck the Joker cause Harley dont need no man in this but tbh the actual comic relationship is toxic, but Leto is really a garbage Joker, and Black Mask in the movie is a narcissist. The R Rating helps not limit it like Suicide Squad wasted it own self by being PG-13. (Of course it looks like being Rated R hurt it in the Box Office) When the Birds of Prey finally team up at the end its great. Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Dinah Lance / Black Canary gets some development as well as Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya. Matthew Libatique's Cinematography The Music at least matches the scenes theor used with unlike Suicide Squad. Post Credit scene was pretty funny. The Bad The misleading title and even false marketing cause its not a Birds of Prey movie its just a Harely Quinn movie which if you look at as just a Harley Quinn movie then it works alot and alot of her scenes obviously work amazingly, but as a Birds of Prey it fails until the very end where it suceeds when the team is formed so with all that it very disappointing. The Forgettable Plot from writer Christina Hodson (looks like Bumblebee was a fluke), its just a basic plot of something being stole by Black Mask from Cass Cain which is just MacGuffin 101 storytelling and they have Harley explain the certain things in the movie which its just lazy, and we dont even know truly why Black Mask wants to kill Harley, maybe cause hes just an asshole? I dont know cause the movie doesnt care to take the time to explain to us. The 4th wall breaking seems forced and just a copy of Deadpool Mary Elizabeth Winstead is great as Helena Bertinelli / Huntress...... in the 3rd act......shes not even properly introduced until halfway through the movie and her backstory just feels forced. Chris Messina as Victor Zsasz is also under developed and wasted. Ewan McGregor as Roman Sionis / Black Mask is fantastic and makes the character fun as hell which is a highlight...... but he really doesnt fully show up until the 3rd act of the film cause thats when he fully does shit and he only wheres the mask gor less than 5 minutes and to be honest when you see the movie you will feel the same cause i felt he was ultimately wasted and to be be honest brings a few points down. Ella Jay Basco as Cassandra Cain is the reason why we have a movie cause she steals a diamond from Black Mask, but to be honest we seen that in movies before and its lazy, and i didnt give a shit about Cass Cain in this movie she was terrible and she does something in the end of the movie that makes me hate the movie version of this character cause no the CW DC TV Show Cass Cain played by Ruby Rose is 100% better. The Hyena is wasted. Somewhat not ignoring Suicide Squad like it should of, we need to ignore that trash of a movie. Wierd editing choices in some parts. Final Thoughts: I really do think people are overhyping the movie, but that being said its still enjoyable and fun while still frustrating on certain parts of the movie, people calling it the best DC Movie ever need to stop lol its not better than The Dark Knight or even Joker. Overall Grade: C+
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