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    Wow, I just watched Vice’s new documentary on the Chris Benoit murders called the Dark side of the Ring. One hell of a documentary, I highly recommend even for non wrestling fans.
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    I've been playing "Shadowrun returns" and I'm noticing some massive plot holes on the default campaign. I've fought 1 battle with these guys and suddenly they're acting like we have history, lol
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    Yes, and that's how if not careful most of their time dedicated to creating alts will be wasted, however an Admin must care enough to do this. Absolutely ridiculous & unfair to everyone else, but they don't care, and when & if it turns out Phil does something about it at the end, guess who'll accuse him of rigging the poll & not caring about the legit votes.
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    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, & Wii Version) - Review The Positives: The story IMO is interesting, unique, and original compared to previous Spider-Man games. The graphics, character design, character models, and animations are beautiful. I have no idea what the critics were thinking when they said the graphics were ugly. To me, they were awesome. The overall voice acting in the game is excellent. You have Tricia Helfer providing the voice of Black Cat, Robert Wisdom providing the voice of Luke Cage, Robin Atkin Downers providing the voice of Moon Knight, Steve Blum providing the voice of Wolverine, Fred Tatasciore providing the voice of Rhino, and Gregg Berger providing the voice of Kingpin. Much like Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 3, the game is open world. You can switch between the Red Suit and the Black Suit on the fly. The moral choice system. Some people had issues with it. Me, on the other hand, did not. I personally loved the game's moral choice system because I like the fact that it gives the player to influence and impact the outcome of the story. You can either choose the path of heroism through the Red Suit or choose the path of ultimate power through the Black Suit. The game play is fantastic. The web swinging, web zipping, wall crawling, and the combat are awesome. IMO, the best part of the game play was the Web-Strike mechanic because IMO it makes Spider-Man look like and feel even more badass of a fighter. The Negatives: The game can be pretty buggy and glitchy from time to time. The camera is horrible most of the time. While the voice acting is great, there is one exception, Spider-Man. Spider-Man's voice in the game is awful. Mike Vaughn, the man who provides the voice of Spider-Man in this game, does a putrid job in voicing the character. Spidey's voice in this game sounded too whiny and too high pitched. Overall: Despite Spidey's voice, Web of Shadows is one of the best Spider-Man games out there IMO. The combat and moral choice system will give you a fun gaming experience. Grade: A
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