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    Hell and demon summonings? Sign me up for those!
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    I don't have enough information about the Doc, so not sure. Maybe the Twitch staff decided that his behaviour outside his streams was against their TOS/CG, (because I know Twitch could do this), but I don't generally agree with that practice. They already proved they're selective and could or not ban someone on a whim. See: Girl with the vodka & flying cat.
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    What did he do to get banned from Twitch?
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    @JeffBezosRightNut Oh yeah totally, everyone that puts stuff online is going to have negative feedback, it’s just gonna happen. Yeah that’s what I meant. Laughing at negative videos is one thing but like Phil said in the past, it causes people who take it too far to do stuff like swatting @MoraMoria I guess I didn’t explain myself, what I was referring to mostly the people laughing at Phil crying. It’s one thing to laugh as he dies in a game over and over or something. I don’t think that’s particularly vicious but laughing at someone crying over a nice message they received is just horrible. But yeah you’re right, some people will always hate regardless. It just makes me laugh that people still bring up things that happened in like 2009. Oh right because I’m sure every detractor has never said anything they regret, ever. I like your ideas. @ShinraRecruit Well I suppose. I thought at least bringing it up would have made people happy.
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    Fun Fact: The guy that voices Bob in Bob's Burgers provides the voice of Archer in Archer. And he also does the Arby's commercials with Ving Rhames.
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