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    I just wanted to answer @Phil 's comparison between plants & animals, and his reasoning for dismissing the vegan stance on why it’s more ethical to choose non-animal products for nutrition, in the modern day and age, (I’ll clarify that it’s very brief & only regarding ethics). First of all, the definition of veganism is, (I’ll give you the one from VeganSociety): "A way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose." Now, without going into extreme detail on the topic, the trait that vegans argue is the one for deciding which foods are more ethical/unethical to eat is sentience. In simple words, sentience is the capability to experience the world subjectively, and in the case of animals, they can, as well as feel pain, stress and will to live. In the case of plants, they’re not sentient and do not have a complex nervous system. Even then, one of the counter-arguments that some people bring up against vegans sometimes, is the fact that some plants generate different electrical impulses as a reaction to stimuli, in an attempt to dismiss the argument, however this is not sentience. If you’ve read the definition above, now you’re aware that veganism is all about causing the least amount of pain & suffering when needless, and because in this world in order for you to sustain your body, something inevitably will die, (because it’s pretty much imposible to avoid it with the current technology), the conclusion is that the most ethical stance when it comes to this, is veganism. You know pesticides are also used in agriculture, which result in the death of other living creatures like insects, (other attempts as counter-arguments), however the logic is still sound. It is also arguably a better way on improving the environmental impact, however I believe the debate on that is still open. I also wanted to clarify to you that (probably) most vegans believe in the right of self-defense, (obviously, but just in case), which means that if you’re attacked by an animal you have the right of protecting your life, something completely different from mass-exploitation & killing of sentient beings, so that you can go to the grocery store and buy their flesh for its taste. You’ll also agree, or let's hope, that slicing a carrot is more ethical than torturing and slicing a chicken’s throat while conscious, as a simple example. So, to answer your specific comments, the first ones about the “farms” & “taking a life” should be covered by the above. Next, you go into “emotion vs critical thinking”, I think you’ve misinterpreted their argument from the start, clearly. Next, is the one where you say that vegans will have no answer for what you’ve said… and, yes they do. I don’t know who you’ve talked with about this or where do you get this idea of them “getting the feels”, (as you’ve said), but if you get into an actual serious debate with those arguments, you’ll have a very, very hard time. There is a great amount of information & conversations on the topic, I’ll suggest you to check those out before involving yourself in such topic, because other people have used variations of your ideas and far more complex ones, and it didn’t go as well as they thought. [I also don't care what you or anyone eats, and won't involve myself with it, this is just an answer to your comments]
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    Thanks so much! I'll check them out later when I get some more free time.
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