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    How did you... Ok, am I really that transparent???!!!
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    The game looks good but thats what the story is about?
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    I actually don't think the harder difficulty that has normal parameters is unlocked on a fresh boot of the game I will have to check later on my home computer good thought though
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    So glad that I'm not alone. The TIHYDP of the first Metroid Prime is one of my personal favorites.
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    None of the people that nominated Max Payne 2 decided to add a difficulty setting for the game, you could've done that. He might just choose "Detective" level, but I guess it's fine if that's what you want.
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    Metroid Prime 2!! It is about time !!
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    He played the first two and there's no way he'd play these type of visual novels unless they are voted in. What's sad about that? He played Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City before direct capture so the quality looks bad. He's played games over because of it like the GTA series. I guess that's the thinking here. The problem is: Why skip Asylum and go straight to City? Especially when Asylum's story is HUGE for City's story? They are both outstanding games, I didn't get why people voted for the sequel to be replayed over the original.
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