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    I made a tally just to show a general idea of what games seem to be popular right now: Criteria: The games with "Possibly:" between parenthesis, means someone added a stipulation, but not everyone who nominated it. I counted as nominations when people answer to others with: "cool/nice one/I agree/would be amazing to see/similar". (*) Conditions mentioned for "Call of Duty": Non-Warzone; WWII; Modern Warfare (TDM). Text:
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    Links for the full context: https://www.reddit.com/r/DSPDiscussion/comments/ij9a1f/dsp_encouraged_me_to_stream_and_youtube_see/ https://archive.vn/nFN30 Happy streaming then.
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    Just seems like you want to fuck the game or something, bro. It's weird how obsessed you've been about it lately. Most people have already finished and shelved it. It's an ok game.
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    Free steam code for anyone who wants it I won it in a giveaway but I don't play games on PC Here are a couple more. They are a bit older but should still be valid
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    Castlevania 1 Castlevania 3 Ghosts n Goblins NES Super Monkey Ball 2 God Hand Elder Scrolls Online Code Vein Mortal Shell Doom Eternal Nightmare Difficulty F-Zero GX Battletoads Street Fighter V
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