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  1. Just to change from "The Boys", I remember years ago taking a look at a comic where Doc Samson, (I had to look it up, because I barely remember it), fights the Hulk & some others. Not sure how the fight was, but I remember him butting in, in the middle of something and taking some cheap shots at everyone before getting tackled. I like him.
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  2. Hello True Believers, Welcome to Day 17 of the 30 Day Superhero Challenge. Today's topic is: Most Epic Fight Scene Ever For this topic I will give you three. One from a movie, one from a tv show, and one from a comic. One of my favorite epic fights scenes from the movies is: Spider-Man vs Doc Ock on the train in Spider-Man 2. Without question, it is the greatest fight scene in Spider-Man movie history IMO. The only scene that rivals this IMO was Spidey's final fight with Mysterio in Far From Home. This fight scene IMO showcases just how good and uniq
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  3. @Another_Derich You already nominated "Among Us". There's also some other comments like that by the same user, these nominations were not counted. Still, you don't need to edit anything. Updated tally until now, (click image to expand, or see: Text Format below): Criteria: The games with "⊕:" between parenthesis, means someone added a stipulation, but not everyone who nominated it. I counted as nominations when people answer to others with: "cool/nice one/I agree/would be amazing to see/similar". Didn't add: "Online/MP" next to fighting games titles be
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  5. The Avengers are my pick. Yes, my interest in them skyrocketed because of the MCU. I have been reading that superhero team's comics more than any other. Anyways, @MDCFAN101 have you ever seen the 1940's Superman animated series? If not, I think you would enjoy them
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