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    Hello everyone! Please post up your nominations for moments in my 11-year history as a content creator, that you'd like me to re-watch for the first time LIVE during the upcoming retrospective event marathon! Some ground rules: 1. Please post up a DIRECT LINK to the video in question; 2. Please include a timestamp if you feel there's a particular moment you'd like me to watch; 3. Please make sure it's a video that would abide by MODERN standards of YouTube and Twitch (i.e. Top 10 Racist moments isn't going to fly); 4. Please do not include any video content that involved my ex, for obvious common sense reasons. That's it! Gameplay/playthroughs, game reviews, vlogs, series, and more are all fair game so please, start nominating NOW!
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    I made a new slide for @Phil on my laptop today. I was thinking how the slideshow doesn't have any good slides about being a prestream. What do you think??? lol Hope you like it.
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    The best form is obviously the Chibi one, when he fought Lucci.
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    No, more like USPS where Norman loses packages along the way. Cities of America is the future.
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    i think when he said he's a different person now, means he flushed his memory lol
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    I never though I would ever own a Switch but now I do. Got it at best buy on Saturday and got super mario odyssey too at the same time. I have to say, that is a fun game lol.
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    Asked by @AtlasTelamon RANT: SFV is a Bad Game and the "Pro FGC" Are Dishonest (Timestamp: From 40:22 until 40:24 (Only 2 seconds sentence))
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    How considerate of you! You're the best, BlueEyes! Happy Birthday indeed!
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    I like your sense of humor. Some people are not going to get it and take it too seriously, which adds to it. Well done!
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    Lol, how did I still have this thread pinned?
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    Steven Universe the Movie was pretty amazing
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    The 7:30 mark Pretty legendary moment that I don't think you've talked about in years
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    @Phil "Will I play Astral Chain? Umm, it's not in the cards! If it comes out and it's critically acclaimed with everyone telling me to play, THEN I might consider it." How much “critically acclaimed” are we talking about here?
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    Action & platformer games, including Indie ones that would make chat "hand-holding" irrelevant, because it depends on his level of skill, they can be retro as well. (Preferably on hard mode if available). Such games that come to mind right now would be: Furi, Hotline Miami 2, Celeste, Nex Machina, Binding of Isaac, Ninja Gaiden (SNES), Super Ghouls n Ghosts (SNES), Super Hydorah, Risk of Rain (because of the difficulty it might be a great choice or a bad one, depends on Phil's skills and adaptability), and I'm sure there's more. I've seen some streams of some of these games at some point, and it was fun. I'd also limit the amount of breaks if possible, and do less games per marathon, so that for the next one he still has good choices. It would also help him concentrate in progressing in the game, because he's playing each one more time than he normally would.
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    Good action rpg that require skill and attention. 1-2 games per marathon tops. No walking sim, no chills. If not action then its strategy rpg.
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    Ultra Street Fighter 2: Sept. 10, 2017 pt20 - The Unbeatable, Perfect Cheating Akuma (All the video, only 2 minutes in length)
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    I think Morrowind was there because people wanted a full playthough of it, like @Another_Derich says, (same idea some people had for Fire Emblem); CTR because the online "rage", but since he wasn't doing a full playthrough or was pressured to finish it, (and apparently didn't remember the controls), that's what we got; World Of Warcraft because of the possible trolling, which translated in him running away and wasting time in menus, (Did anyone see this coming?); and Ninja Gaiden Black because it's supposedly very hard, (But all I heard was him complaining about the camera and lock system, in his words: "this game is garbage"). All the "rage" I saw was about the online-connection, lag, and the same thing about SFV being a guessing game. In my opinion the premise of the "Rage"-a-Thon isn't very good, because for one, it creates expectatives that are not met. People chose World Of Warcraft because the trolling would make him rage, look what happened. If he's going to do it, though, I'd suggest games that are action based & difficult right away, which is why I nominated Furi & Hotline Miami 2, Celeste was a good idea too. Phil should know what he expects from this event, he should lay out more specific criteria for the next one, or like someone else said, he could make a list with the best games for this.
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    Should be out in a couple hours, I need this game in my life right now.
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    This is definitely an issue. He has a habit of making some theory and then immediately selling it as fact. On both things related to the stream and other random subjects that he doesn't really know that much about. The stream/game related one that most people are familiar with is probably "I think the game is glitched. YEAH the game is glitched!" The suffer and rage thing seems to be coming up more often. I think people usually just get bored at games that don't really have any challenge to them. Playing those might be fun but watching someone breeze through an entire game just isn't really too great. At least certainly not for a game on 1st stream.
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    Still think you're faster than me?
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    Had a fun trip to Disneyland from 08/18/19 to 08/22/19 which was for my birthday. Took southwest airlines to Disneyland which is my favorite airline for short distance. Got a picture with Peter Quill and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy which I wore my sora jacket from KH3 which was fun and funny. I also got a lot of pictures with favorite monster Sulley from Monsters inc. in my same jacket lol. Coming home was bit annoying because our flight was delay twice and our gate got changed three time.
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    walking and collecting clues a literal movie no Bloodstained or Remnant because everyone would hate those
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    You, my friend, don't get it. Portraying himself as 'The inept bumbler who goes off on rants' is his shtick. It has been since the beginning. He doesn't hide it. He openly admits it on stream and in Tweets. He has said that he patterned this persona after that of the AVGN, who he was a fan of. "Looking up tutorials and learn[ing] how to properly play the game" is counter productive to his business model of encouraging backseat gamers 'to help him' via their tips and cheers. The other part of his persona that he has long employed to garner views on YouTube, now is directed toward obtaining followers on Twitch who will in turn hopefully become subscribers because of his rants and 'excuses'. It's all part of the show. There are streamers who genuinely strive to play games to the best of their ability and do not allow handholding/backseat gaming in their chats. If that is what you're after, I suggest you watch their streams.
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    Couple of those look hopeful, I know I'll watch another Thor movie though nothing can top the last one. Went and saw Peanut butter Falcon tonight and it was great. Shia did really well in his role.
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    MCI's Phase 4 Films Black Widow - May 1st 2020 The Falcon And The Winter Soldier - August 2020 (Disney+) Eternals - November 6th, 2020 Loki - Early 2021 (Disney+) Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings - February 12th, 2021 Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness - May 7th, 2021 WandaVision - Early 2021 (Disney+) What If…? - Mid 2020 (Disney+Animated Series) Hawkeye - Fall 2021 (Disney+) Thor: Love And Thunder - November 5th, 2021 She-Hulk - TBC (Disney+) Ms Marvel - TBC (Disney+) Moon Knight - TBC (Disney+) Black Panther II - May 6th, 2022
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    That's just a prototype, isn't it? As long as it's efficient. If they end up making it like this, I know someone in this world, at some point, will put a beverage on that space.
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    Guys there's a reason why the plugs come just before shoutouts. Unless a lot of people (means people who donate) complain it's not going to change. So far I'm not aware those people complained. If a lot of people cheer and tip that they want the plugs go away then it will go away. But those people come to the prestreams to listen to the same stuff every day. They think it's funny, the plugs became a meme.
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    The prestreams and the "clunky" way he does things in general are parts of his shtick that differentiates him from others and why these certain people stick to him and donate. Not going into details but that shtick makes those people feel better about themselves and that's why they support him.
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    It gotten worse btw. Now he started the segment with “10 years ago...”. Hes telling his life story history everyday the same way. He still do shoutouts during gameplay anyway, theres no point prolonging prestream for shoutouts.
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    I forgot to post this here. This was my attempt to do a Digital-Art drawing of Brandon Lee, but since I'm out of practice, I think it could be improved. It was fun making it, though.
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    im still a bit disappointed that he did an executive decision and refused to play UFC online or mario tennis aces online...those games made him incredibly mad when he played those and the rage a thon entire point is to make Phil play games he doesn't want to play . i saw him saying on one of those late night prestreams that he doesn't upload that people who voted for those games are idiots who dont understand the criteria for what would make good rage a thon but there is very little information about what he actually means and what games are acceptable ...the only criteria he specified on the nominations thread was it has to be readily available to purchase digitally mario tennis and UFC were games he already owned so he really needs to make it clear next time he does a rage athon and have a list of games he would refuse to accept so people dont end up wasting their time
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    What is this? I think you rushed through, because this is not enforceable in the slightest. So it's probably a joke. First of all, and the minor thing, who is "Blue Eyes, THE White Dragon", certainly not you, unless we assume it. The name is different, and even if it was the same, you should clarify who it is since it's just a forum username. Second, "ANY and ALL Artwork posted within this thread is property in all rights and titles of..." is not enforceable. You didn't add that the user agrees to upload content that they legally own. You didn't post a limitation of liability either. Third, "and as such the posting of said artwork within the confines of this thread does not rescind any legal rights or uses for other parties including but not limited to commercial application and site owner Philip Burnell.", doesn't make sense. You didn't really specify who "other parties", (is it any party, Phil, the one that uploads the content...), are and you made it confusing. How is posting in this thread not "rescind" any rights, when the previous part of the sentence tries to obtain the legal ownership of the content, & I don't think you use "rescind" with "uses" like that. It's incomplete and ambiguous. Not to mention this is barely a browsewrap agreement, the ideal thing would be a clickwrap agreement. I think this is even worse than the one in the Fan-Art thread. You don't have to add any "legal" statement in here, Phil said that he wouldn't use the artwork in this thread unless you give him permission, so if you want him to use it, simply post it on the main one. If you want to protect your rights, just submit it to DeviantArt for example, to have a better protection in case anyone uses it without your consent, however registration may be required in some cases if you want to sue someone for this.
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    Played a bunch of VR games this weekend. The two of note were No Man's sky Beyond and Xing. No man's sky supposedly got some huge improvements but I honestly spent most of my time just randomly exploring a few of the planets that were near me. In VR it's hard to describe space flight... felt almost real looking back and seeing this impossibly huge planet below when leaving a planets gravity. Without warp speed it would take you literally days to reach far off planets. Just floating around in endless space was an odd feeling. I'm going to play some more when I get a chance and actually check out the story. I did find a ruined building with some weird eggs near it. When I touched the eggs like a dozen scorpion-spider like creatures appeared from underground and kicked my ass. Xing is a pretty cool exploration game with puzzles, nothing too hard yet on the first island. Lots of eye candy from floating islands to tropical beaches.
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    Yeah, I don't understand why anyone would vote for this again.
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    Finally made a forum account.. anyway, I don't get half of the poll options. So people say a few of them were his choice? Like Morrowind? Fair enough, I suppose. Taking from the games on this list that are actually designed to test the limits of the player... I'm gonna go with Furi. It's a great game, with a great soundtrack.. but moreso will put Phil over the edge, which might contribute to an interesting stream. It won't win, of course - it'll be beaten by games some of us can agree aren't exactly rage-inducing. Street Fighter V is a decent choice as well, I hope that wins. I think Gears of War is too dull to watch. I've never played Ninja Gaiden Black but I've heard how hard it is. This is a voting thread and you're just going around ranting about Nintendo. Nintendo is for all audiences. Their consoles have games for all audiences. The "children" factor.. we can say the same about that regarding certain PC titles. You can look past this by learning that there is actually more than one age group. You're going off on a tangent nobody cares about and you can't even spell right, which I went back and fixed a little for you. You don't think you're a troll after all this as well as telling other people to grow up? Haha, that's gold.
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    I'm insulted that Phil felt the need to terminate my previous account for simply sharing original fan art that I graciously and lovingly made to honor his new cat Jasper. The notion that Phil has complete legal rights to my work by hosting it here is bogus, and will not hold up in court. I am re-posting my work here again, and I warn you to not remove it or suggest you own it. Also, I feel some respect should be given to me considering I am putting myself in harm's way by providing the webmaster my personal details, which may be used by nefarious trolls. Phil has proven that his mod team can go rogue, then why not his webmaster? Please do not ban me again for stating the facts. I am actually a big fan of your stuff, but this is a forum and thusly a place for free speech to be voiced. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE IT ON THE PRE-STREAMS I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT ON A T-SHIRT This is my creation and I hold all the rights to it. Do not under any circumstances use it to make money. I am simply sharing it here as a kind gesture for people to enjoy.
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    Phil also used art posted in this thread that someone didn't own. I'm not sure how legally binding your fake legal contracts will be if you don't even check if the person posting has the legal rights to what they are posting. Its a really weird situation.
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    Why are there "secret" emotes that people email to Phil in private? I thought the point of this thread was because it has "legal" language in the first post it was used for stream content to protect Phil from any issues?
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    Make tip/cheer based polls (people vote by cheering/tipping) on what games to play, what events to do... Have a tip/cheer/sub goal to play on hard difficulty. Have a tip poll/goal to do certain stuff and choices in a game. Have a tip/sub goal to play a certain game. Tip goals/polls to replay some fan favorite games. Have a high tip/sub goal for games you don't want to touch but people want to see, like WOW, MMORPGs, LOL, Starcraft, CSGO. If people are bored of a game, have a goal to switch to a popular game (like DS) on the fly. Trolls love giving you money, have high goals to play games (like WOW) where you can get easily trolled or stream sniped. Have events where donations determine what you do on stream, like you dab for every $5 :) Have a patreon perk that makes you play a game the patron chooses for at least one stream. A patreon perk that makes you play a game with the patron. Have patreon goals (based on how much money you receive from patreon) to play certain games, do events... Have patreon polls where the money they spend = votes they have. In short: give people something in return or something they want to see for the money When you had the sub goal for a new retrospective event someone instantly gifted the subs. When you had the $200 tip goal it wasn't so great, because there was no reward. What would be really cool: Some streamers have sub gifting events. Like when they win in Apex they'll gift some subs. It's just a nice cool thing to do and it attracts new viewers. It sucks how sub gifters gift subs to random people who never use the chat. So you could gift subs to people in chat. And people would like you more.
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