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    Make tip/cheer based polls (people vote by cheering/tipping) on what games to play, what events to do... Have a tip/cheer/sub goal to play on hard difficulty. Have a tip poll/goal to do certain stuff and choices in a game. Have a tip/sub goal to play a certain game. Tip goals/polls to replay some fan favorite games. Have a high tip/sub goal for games you don't want to touch but people want to see, like WOW, MMORPGs, LOL, Starcraft, CSGO. If people are bored of a game, have a goal to switch to a popular game (like DS) on the fly. Trolls love giving you money, have high goals to play games (like WOW) where you can get easily trolled or stream sniped. Have events where donations determine what you do on stream, like you dab for every $5 :) Have a patreon perk that makes you play a game the patron chooses for at least one stream. A patreon perk that makes you play a game with the patron. Have patreon goals (based on how much money you receive from patreon) to play certain games, do events... Have patreon polls where the money they spend = votes they have. In short: give people something in return or something they want to see for the money When you had the sub goal for a new retrospective event someone instantly gifted the subs. When you had the $200 tip goal it wasn't so great, because there was no reward. What would be really cool: Some streamers have sub gifting events. Like when they win in Apex they'll gift some subs. It's just a nice cool thing to do and it attracts new viewers. It sucks how sub gifters gift subs to random people who never use the chat. So you could gift subs to people in chat. And people would like you more.
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    They don't seem like chill streams, he always seems mad.
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    I think these are funny, but sucks everything looks like shit when it's only 28px.
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    Hello Phil, I am taking a college level art class and I drew a painting of you! My instructor loved it and told my class I have real skill. If you want to use it as an emote that would be great! Thank You, Genetic Gamer
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    Wooah! Those scores, are not sounding too good at all. I will admit, I never really trust/believe, game media reviewer scores at all. But in this case, out of curiousity, I think I gotta watch Phil play it and see this for myself.
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    Pretty much. We didn't make something exactly from scratch, but we changed/transformed the code into something. We didn't make anything original because of fear of Phil not playing it
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    I think that some of the RB streams were some of the best Phil has had. it was a great fun chill game stream,
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    Wow! Both of your choices, are on fire dude! Cool!
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    Take your time. Don't pressure nor rush yourself.
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    @musicboy What are you listening to now, musicboy?
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    Yea, I played the one of the Soul Reaver games on the dreamcast. I don't remember which one it was though. It may have been legacy of kain soul reaver 1? I didn't know what I was doing though.
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    Lol you should read all the test screening they have had about this movie that actual audience members not critics have seen and all 3 have bombed calling it the worst X-Men movie ever recreating scenes from The Last Stand and a scene so laughable bad This movie is basically the end of The Fox X-Men with a first time director Simon Kindberg who wrote The Last Stand and Shazams director David F. Samburg made Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation two really good horror movies. the budget is already teasing over $200 Million with it coming out the same day as The Secret Life of Pets 2 (the first made over $800 Million ) Marvel will get X-Men back soon and erase this pile of crap And no I like good looking comic book movies you must like terrible looking ones lol
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    People are pathetic
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    Pokemon Sword and Shield
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    Oh hey, there's a PS+ special on PSN right now. If you haven't played Hollow knight the Voidheart Edition is only $7 which includes all the DLCs. Best Metroidvania game I've ever played and the sequel is coming soon(hopefully).
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    I'm shocked Green book won but happy cause I love that movie
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    Captain Marvel Reviews: 11 Early Reactions You Must See 1. It Has Some Surprises 2. It's For The Comics Fans Too 3. She's A Bad-Ass 4. There Are Good Supporting Dynamics 5. It's Weird 6. It's Surprisingly Funny 7. Goose (The Cat) Steals Scenes (OBVIOUSLY) 8. It's Unlike Any Other MCU Film 9. Ben Mendelsohn Is Great 10. The Effects Work Exceptionally Well 11. Brie Larson Is Excellent
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    Are you an indie game dev?
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    Thanks for starting the thread! Excited to see people's suggestions! NOTE: My idea was a platforming marathon where I'd have to beat Mario or Sonic games with a certain number of lives in a certain amount of time, and trying to hit certain checkpoints in the games in a certain amount of time as well.
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    Posting this here as well, as I'm not sure if the other topic was correct. Apologies if it's not posted in the right spot- hope you enjoy!
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    Mileena! FATALITY!! x_X
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    What is T&H? What does it mean and what is it for?