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    No, but it does mean Phil should do some introspection for once instead of acting like he did nothing to contribute to these people leaving
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    This is a thread where we post some pics of food and talk about what kind of stuff we like to eat. Pics can be of stuff you've made, stuff you just ate, or stuff you want to try out in the future. I made this delicious lemon bread earlier today and it was damn good. Maybe a little more tart than I wanted it to be so I'll probably use less lemon juice next time. Here's the recipe I used in case anybody wants it Lemon Bread: ½ cup butter 1 cup sugar 1 large lemon 2 eggs, beaten 1 ½ cups flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon salt ½ cup milk ¼ cup powdered sugar Cream together butter and sugar until fluffy. Grate peel from lemon and add to creamed mixture. Squeeze juice from lemon and set aside. Add eggs, flour, baking powder, salt and milk to creamed mixture and blend well. Turn batter into a greased 9X5 inch loaf pan and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 1 hour. Combine lemon juice and powdered sugar and mix well. Pour over hot loaf and allow syrup to sink into bread. Turn loaf out onto a rack and cool. http://thekingofhate.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2015_01/IMG_187.jpg.74f6a136542a123effe4051230a0faa7.jpg
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    Sebastian Stan isnt captivating, witty, funny, or versatile enough to play Captain America. Winter Soldier is perfect for him because Winter Soldier doesnt really have a personality from all the shit he's been through. Glad they chose Anthony Mackie.
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    Yep he's the main villain of the movie which really peaks my interest since there's gonna be no Hula chick in this one and its gonna be more grounded which makes me more excited for this
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    Rest in Peace :(
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    He's obviously trying to bait. But you can bet he is one of the mods who got exterminated and trying to recoup some confidence he lost from being fired. Another detractor slain.
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    That's #kiwilogic right there.
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    Exactly, was a poor effort by the young troll to try to deflect. Guess we know who he really is.
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    I look at a map of all the restaurants in my new area, and there's like 20 Japanese restaurants including revolving sushi.
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    That's true, and I think I've read and looked at some obscure comics and books from other countries, that would not be possible to find in the Internet anymore, or even get physical copies of them.
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    somethings very wrong here Can't put my finger on it Its tearing me apart
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    If you're going to talk about the movie without spoiling, use the "eye" icon to hide the content.
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    And just to add, being entertained/entertaining is entirely subjective. People enjoy what they want, it's not like people are on a universal list of funny/not funny
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    Sweet car man. I have a BM myself but this looks neat AF.
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    Its not. Also have to laugh at anyone thinking a screenshot accounts for "evidence". Not like anyone can edit html or use Paint to edit it right?
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    Isn't 'leaking' and showing text information that is supposed to be private upon agreement, without the consent of the concerned parties, considered betraying? This is not even rhetorical, is it or not?
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    Anyone who cares bought and is playing the game. They don't need Phil to read the tutorial for them.
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    Shouldnt mean you stab Phil in the back tho does it mate.
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    Five ppl being demoted is crazy, not saying they didnt deserve it or anything. Sounds like they got their jimmies rustled.
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    I actually like the idea of reorganizing my office, but 3 things don't work here: 1. the laptop and laptop desk would be directly between myself and the TV. Meaning they would directly block my line of sight to the game. The reason I have a skewed angle to my TV now, and the reason the laptop doesn't block my line of sight, is because of that angle. It would be a pain to figure out how to make that work. 2. For half of the year, this setup simply wouldn't work because of the air conditioner. It cannot be moved bc it has to be DIRECTLY next to the window, and in the new setup it would be blowing directly onto the laptop and myself ALL of the time. That would not work as it would damage the laptop and make me freeze when it's on. 3. Even if I wasn't bothered by the air conditioner, by moving the mic to that side of the room, you're completely negating the benefit of the soundproofing bc you're moving it RIGHT NEXT to the air conditioner. When it's on, I will constantly sound like I'm in a wind tunnel. Any further suggestions appreciated.
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    Had to read/study something, but ended up procrastinating so much that I'm out of time for it... Oh well, so much for being diligent.
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    Him and the Fantastic 4 would be great.
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    I just saw a video review of "F1 World Grand Prix" for the Dreamcast. It's cool because they have the profiles of the drivers and their information, including their marital status, but they did not include this on the second game, which is a disgrace. They certainly made a mistake on that aspect, shameful.
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    Tried making some apple hand-pies. The crust was a bit too tough and chewy but the filling was great.