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    For the next episode of Life is Strange.
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    I suggest making the prestream longer. I think some new viewers need to know that 11 years ago Phil started on Youtube as a hobby and he only started it full time after losing his helicopter job
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    I use a Twitch extension called "Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown." Not sure if he uses Streamlabs but even if not he could configure it just for this plug in. Pretty sure you can even have multiple times in a single day since he streams twice a day. I dig the look too.
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    that is a very creepy move you just did, searching for a post that was made 12 years ago, sounds like you're a stalker.
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    I made another slide for Phil. I know he didn't like the last ones I made so I tried to mimic the style of the ones he likes and uses on the stream now. Sorry I saved it as a jpg and lost some of the quality but I'm sure you won't mind.
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    Why even bother saying anything if you're not going to answer his question? There is a bug with the saving system that had saves being placed in the wrong location sometimes. No idea if its been fixed.
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    Nice, I remember Riku having a better story. Although I played the GBA version. Last few chapters of Death stranding really fly, since it's boss after boss. I'm at chapter 12 right now. :edit: and that's it, beat the game. Those last two chapters are pretty insane. I didn't even realize I was fighting the final boss. The very final two chapters are basically a huge text dump of plot for an hour or two...so I can already hear Phil bitching. You also can't skip the credits as they play over gameplay and then you get one last delivery mission. Might go back for optional missions and achievements at some point later.
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    AFAIK there is no remastered gothic, and it's a pain in the ass to get running on a modern system without patching it. Also it's not a good game for these marathons. It will take more than an hour or two for him to really get into it. It's a very long game and he couldn't do it justice without dedicating a full playthrough. I don't know why so many people expect him to get into these large RPGs during a marathon stream. He already expressed this sentiment himself when he played stalker earlier this year. Actually, he even says that in this very post. "2. The game should be something that's fun to play for about an hour. Picking a long, drawn-out RPG where I'm not even through the introduction isn't going to be very interesting to stream viewers!"
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    Furi Celeste Zone of the Enders God Hand Gal*Gun Double Peace(Just for the Lol)
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    Submitted for Pokémon. Hope it’s okay
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    Definitely, Celeste. You already have it on your X1. You downloaded it when it was free. In addition, I think you will like the platforming of the game. Also, there seems like there will be some platforming that will cause some rage but some people like that when watching your stuff. You will like the game even though there will be some difficult parts in it.
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    Yall excited for Pokimon? So do they have online trading so we can exchange pokes or what? I'm probably getting the Shield version since everyone seems to be getting Sword. Also Galarian Ponyta.
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    Good news everyone - Phil canceled his Netflix subscription! That's $8 a month he'll save from now on
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    He already said one time to someone, that the more they told him to do something, the less effect it would have, maybe even the opposite, so it may have some influence on him, but for important decisions, other important factors come into play. I agree, and even though he doesn't constantly talk about them, there are instances in which he should've just ignored them, & focus on the game. The Halloween-stream is a good example, or recently with some troll-tippers. However I'm not sure about this last one. From what I've seen, the chat seems to react when he calls out & bans a troll, there's even an emote for that. And they just come back in another account to give him more money, get some reaction from chat and start the cycle again. I'd say no one cares about these trolls or Phil acknowledging them for 2 seconds, but it's true about the negative aspects in general, he should leave it alone.
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    First episode is today, 2nd is Friday then the remaining 6 every Friday (I think S1 is ony 8 episodes
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    It doesn't really need any of that, it's already interesting. However you can build quite a lot of different structures from private rest areas to motorcycles and roads. I've been unlocking a lot of the guns so I'm having little trouble with the monsters now. I've been playing the game nonstop since release and I'm only around chapter 4 of 14 apparently.
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    Playing with Fire - Short Review (2019) The Good Kids will love this The Bad But I am no child so this will movie is ass enough said Final Thoughts: Just wait for this to come on DVD or something dont waste money to see this shit go support Doctor Sleep. Overall Grade: F-
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    Someone posting on a dead forum?
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    I think so. He said he would play it.
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    Why doesn't he put the schedule up as a slide, finally a slide that would be useful.
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    If you go to his Twitter, (@theycallmedsp), he has the weekly schedule with the game and start of both streams, (morning & (afternoon or "night"), pinned to the front page, as well as his day off. As for the duration of said streams, I believe the first one lasts around 5-6 hours, (including Prestreams, and break), and the second one lasts 2 hours. With these images you can get a rough idea of that particular day, (Nov 3). He tweets just before starting the Prestream, and just after finishing the gameplay, (I think). However gameplay-time is not always exact, and fluctuates, and if you really want to know, you just have to go to his Youtube channel, (DSPGaming), and add the duration of the videos. E.g: in this one, (third image), you can see that his recent "Luigi's Mansion" actual gameplay lasted for around 4 hours.
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    *blurs out any evidence of actual doxing* This stupid shit again. Maybe you should find something on me that's actually true. You're an SOK fanboy. But yes, you should be banned if you still believe the trash the SOK put out all those years ago. Hope you don't mind if I ignore you now.
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    What a creep, somebody should just remove this dude already. Btw, I'm about done with Surge 2. Finished most of the game today along with all the sidequests in the game. Just have the final boss left and I happened to get the Iron maus armor set that makes you nearly invincible so I doubt I'll have a hard time. Heading back to Astral chain after that to try and finish that game as well.
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    Phil needs to pay bills. 1800 is not enough to pay bills for the rest of his life. Granted, he could ask his wife some money, but Phil is a man and men support the wives financially and not the other way around, even if that means the man has to ask children to give him money to do so.
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    You see a lot of weird stuff when 12K people are there.
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    @PhiI I would like to know if you still use people's fan art to use on pre-stream or have you stopped because of copyright? because I've made some Shenmue 3 fan art for the upcoming playthrough this month. Please feel free to use them.
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    MHGU is discounted $24.99 on the eshop, 500 hours game. I still gotta get back to it at some point when I'm done with Iceborne. If you're going to play Chain of memories play the original GBA game. The PS3 remake was just poor.
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    i had that burned on a DVD-R and was able to play it on my Softmodded PS2 years ago, got mad at the game and took the Disk out and broke the disk.
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    Just give him your Switch. Stop being so selfish and thinking about yourself. /s
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    The outer worlds it too addicting. I had to cut myself off.
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    Listening to boring dialog or reading boring text with 5% of actual gameplay? So a walking sim, OK.
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    Every other word is f word, b word, s word, beastiality talk etc etc non stop on loop, I'm not looking for Cyndi Lauper but jeez simmer it down with the expletives.
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    Cutting back on all unnecessary expenses would be the most important thing and trying to pay down debts. The problem is the "bad people" tell Phil to do these things so he refuses, just like he did with direct capture, just like he did with streaming, just like he did with spamming inboxes with dozens of 10 minute long videos, just like when he bought a new condo, just like when he leased a BMW, just like when he couldn't afford to get married but did, just like when he couldn't afford a cat, but did... etc, etc etc.etc. You know the deal. It's really hard to see someone who has all the tools and resources struggle.
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    I think the worst one is where he goes into graphic detail about how he wants to have sex with Sonic the Hedgehog.
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    Can't say I've been grossed out by them. I just think they are really bad and extremely worn out at this point.
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    Thank You, i would Dislike this post but somebody disables that option years ago, so im going to give this post a like, think of it as a dislike.
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    Finished the Outer wilds just now, phenomenal amazing ending. Incredible story. I rate it a Darksphere92 12 out of 10.
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    Synopsis: The Musipa clan was cursed with the "DEATH BY CHIKWAMBO" curse, destined to die by the hand of the beast, but Mudiwa Musipa found a solution. A solution that would save his family from despair and alter the fate of the world, but one that his son Munatsi will have to carry out to save their entire clan. Read it here Bloody Mhika oneshot
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    You just don't understand how real life works. If you had at least one functioning brain cell left in you, which you don't by the way just saying, you would understand that he makes the mundane seem like such a big issue because he's a 37 year old man. As a 37 year old man, who isn't balding, whose hairline isn't receding, depending which stream you ask him on in a fifty bitch here, it might be receding a little bit. The bottom line is this *glances at obs* his scalp just has concentrated areas where hair doesn't grow as densely as in other places. It's very simple to understand stuff *sip* but these people, who slander him on a daily basis, are so eager to make him out to be this evil racist person who scams children out of their lunch money that they will fabricate anything and everything. They are literally gasping at the remaining straws on his head . Can you believe this ? Maybe when you're in your 30's you will understand how difficult life is, what a harsh grind it is. You think it's a picnic now because you're young and you're able to walk without looking like a penguin. Try living in Phil's shoes for even a day and you'll know what it means to be an adult with responsibilities; more importantly you will know what it is to be a man. A man who despite all odds is still providing the most entertaining content on twitch day in and day out. A man who suffers through a 12 hour work shift 6 days a week because each single stream is filled with disgusting morons who come in just to throw insults at him but you notice that he ackackacks all the same? Unbreakable spirit of a hard working, passionate and charismatic man . He knows the slander won't go away, because you know who breeds idiots during every restream, yet he shows up for those of us who see him for who he really is. He can't in good conscience abandon us the fans who have supported him over the years. I know what you're thinking of right there and then though, I know you detractor, you're thinking /mocking "yeah support is money and that's all Fill cares about!" Wrong, dead wrong and you should feel deeply ashamed for accusing this great man of being a greedy, dirty, finger sniffing, dead skin eating, ear wax extracting, scammer who has spun such an immense and dense web of lies that he himself cannot get out of. Why don't you go find a life? Stop harassing people who have done nothing wrong and only do things correctly. Are you flawed human for believing the slander? No, you're a piece of shit who needs to get leaned on.
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