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    It's a bunch of shit. Just like the first LABO that didn't sell and is still overstocked at every single store. But Nintendo was dumb as shit, and invested a ton of money into the project, so they'll keep making them (Which is cheap, it's just cardboard after all) and pretend like someone actually is buying them.
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    Make tip/cheer based polls (people vote by cheering/tipping) on what games to play, what events to do... Have a tip/cheer/sub goal to play on hard difficulty. Have a tip poll/goal to do certain stuff and choices in a game. Have a tip/sub goal to play a certain game. Tip goals/polls to replay some fan favorite games. Have a high tip/sub goal for games you don't want to touch but people want to see, like WOW, MMORPGs, LOL, Starcraft, CSGO. If people are bored of a game, have a goal to switch to a popular game (like DS) on the fly. Trolls love giving you money, have high goals to play games (like WOW) where you can get easily trolled or stream sniped. Have events where donations determine what you do on stream, like you dab for every $5 :) Have a patreon perk that makes you play a game the patron chooses for at least one stream. A patreon perk that makes you play a game with the patron. Have patreon goals (based on how much money you receive from patreon) to play certain games, do events... Have patreon polls where the money they spend = votes they have. In short: give people something in return or something they want to see for the money When you had the sub goal for a new retrospective event someone instantly gifted the subs. When you had the $200 tip goal it wasn't so great, because there was no reward. What would be really cool: Some streamers have sub gifting events. Like when they win in Apex they'll gift some subs. It's just a nice cool thing to do and it attracts new viewers. It sucks how sub gifters gift subs to random people who never use the chat. So you could gift subs to people in chat. And people would like you more.
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    I played those games a lot growing up as a kid especially with my older brother. We had a blast with those games.
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    They don't seem like chill streams, he always seems mad.
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    I think these are funny, but sucks everything looks like shit when it's only 28px.
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    Hello Phil, I am taking a college level art class and I drew a painting of you! My instructor loved it and told my class I have real skill. If you want to use it as an emote that would be great! Thank You, Genetic Gamer
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    Wooah! Those scores, are not sounding too good at all. I will admit, I never really trust/believe, game media reviewer scores at all. But in this case, out of curiousity, I think I gotta watch Phil play it and see this for myself.
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    Pretty much. We didn't make something exactly from scratch, but we changed/transformed the code into something. We didn't make anything original because of fear of Phil not playing it
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    I think that some of the RB streams were some of the best Phil has had. it was a great fun chill game stream,
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    The future is nooooow Waiting to see how pissed off this makes Vash. Don't disappoint my expectation.
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    So Rare made a ton of great games, throughout the 80's, 90's and beyond. And they're really famous, for making and working on, a ton of great games for the snes and N64 console. Eg. games like Donkey Kong, Star Fox etc. They worked on the famous, James Bond 007 Golden Eye FPS. And they even made their own games, like Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and many more etc. And the famous sci fi shooter game, alot of gamers want a sequel too, called Jet Force Gemini aka Star Twins. So my question is, which of your personal favourite franchises, created by Rare, would you definitely like to see, make a return, or have a sequel too etc?
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    The forum has got much better in recent months. SilentWarrior and the team have for the most part, managed to keep it troll-free, where fans of DSP can discuss without discrimination. There are no fake fans, only people who enjoy DSP's work and want to continue to support him! Cheers
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    It's thing we started back in 2015. I know it is silly and crazy.
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    Yep. You're actually right. Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 1, was on the dreamcast. So that must have been the one, that you played. I heard, that some of the bosses in that game were tough, especially the last boss Kain. PS: And thanks for replying, to my game question dude.
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    Hell yeah, gonna be playing RE1 on my long commutes soon.
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    Oh I agree Spike Lee is the man I love BlacKkKlansman Overall it was a Much better Oscars than I expected especially with no host and especially when they almost had no musical performances and were gonna cut out all the technical awards out
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    Oh yeah that I sadly I already knew that lol I say sadly cause its Bioware even though I did buy Mass Effect Andromeda just for the hell of it but I rather have a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster
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    Chun Li: "I'm the strongest woman in the world." "I want to be the girl, with the most bracelets."
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    Shao Kahn from MK2. "Feel the power,........of Shao Kahn!" "You will die mortal." "Prepare to die." "You,..............know nothing!" Epic final boss quotes dudes!!
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    Are you an indie game dev?
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    Thanks for starting the thread! Excited to see people's suggestions! NOTE: My idea was a platforming marathon where I'd have to beat Mario or Sonic games with a certain number of lives in a certain amount of time, and trying to hit certain checkpoints in the games in a certain amount of time as well.
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    Hey @PhiI , I had a small suggestion for you can better handle Subs and Patreon pledges so you're not inadvertently making people feel obligated to do both. For Twitch Subs I want to suggest something another streamer I watch does for his sub goal, 12 hour streams. The streamer I'm talking about has his sub goal event as a special 12 hour stream and it never changes. Doing this would give you a special event that Subs make happen without requiring Patrons to vote on anything, because it can be whatever you decide. If you must do a poll there are methods you can use to let only Subs vote on it. One is a Strawpoll-like service that you can set to require a Twitch log-in with a sub to your channel. ( https://streampoll.tv/index.php ) The other is an overlay that connects to stream chat; just boot it up, make the poll, set chat to sub-only for the poll and you're good. ( https://poll.ma.pe/ ) For Patrons, I suggest having Patreon goals again just smaller ones. The reward for hitting them can be either a Patron's choice playthrough or one of the marathons you like to do where the Patrons vote on what's played during it. For example, the current funding level shown on your Patreon is $614. Set the goal at $650 with one of those rewards and just let people know about it. Once it's hit up to $700 then $750 and so on in those smaller increments. Doing this would make them separate but still give good benefits to everyone no matter which way they choose to support you without feeling like they're missing out. It would require you to leave goals up for longer rather than require that they be hit within a month, but that's how you get natural growth.
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    I work fulltime as a closer for a restaurant while also going to university full time