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    RIP Read Dead. I'm still cool with Spider-Man winning.
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    @GuessWhat@Litterial@KGhaleon@SilentWarrior25@brandonbeans@8circuitsiddhistare you going to vote in this final matchup? You have until the end of tomorrow.
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    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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    Yea, merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. Don't drink all the eggnog.
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    WOW!!!! God of War lost to my man Spider-Man. If that P.O.S. troll Hadoken was still here, he would be salty as fuck. God of War
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    1. God of War vs. 5. Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 vs. 3. Celeste
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    Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a pleasure doing another of these tourneys, but we have reached the end! Behold your new champ! MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN 2018 ULTIMATE VIDEO GAME OF THE YEAR! Finals Results: 5. Marvel's Spider-Man (5) vs. 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 (2) Final Bracket: https://challonge.com/1wtbs8ns
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    Red Dead, but it doesn't look like a miracle is coming.
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    Doing great, Phil. I have some tips on a few things, first is making a branch mine, which I think I will make make in to multiple posts. I made an example in Minecraft itself. For me, this what I would consider the most efficient branch mine, carving out the least amount of rock, which would be faster and use less durability on your tools and expose the most surface area. This is going to be a dissected birds eye view, you wouldn't normally see, cause it would be buried inside of rock. Here's what the tunnels would look like. It looks kind of like a pinwheel. This is a view from high above. Each tiny light block represents a block you would mine out. I feel this method, you will likely not miss any ore veins inside your branch mine. If the vein is only a single block, you might only miss a few, but chances are you will see it. The chances improve to find every ore if you dig out every vein you see and if you dig out pockets of dirt and gravel. You don't know what you'll find, sometimes it opens up a whole new cave system, of you can find valuable ore you'd normally miss. First you dig a center to the branch mine. This would be the hub. I recommend a 5x5 area and 2 blocks tall, that would be make it high enough to walk through and the low ceiling serves another purpose later. And this would make sort of a room and you can use the space to store chests. Next, in one direction from the center, dig out the middle of the wall to make a 1x2 tunnel out about 50 blocks. Feel free to dig out any ores you find along the way. Do the same in all directions. These are the parent tunnels, next start the daughter tunnels, which I'll go in the next post. I think there's a limit to uploading size in a certain period, so I'll have to post later.
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    This lineup is fucked. God of War Marvel's Spider-Man Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Celeste Just saying, but if Red dead 2 ends up winning this then that officially makes TKOH worse than the Game Awards show.
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    God of War 4 Marvel's Spider-Man Red Dead Redemption 2 Celeste
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    yes, I Was my usual scatterbrained self lol
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    Dude, I like this pic. You really do alot of good art. And I like how the chick with red hair and magic sword looks.
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    Now that truly is disgusting!