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    It's funny bc in the USA, we regularly eat pancakes as a breakfast item. In other countries, they're seen as a rare-time dessert/delicacy bc they're so bad for you. Leave it to Americans to be shoveling desserts down their throats for breakfast on the regular lol. That first one you posted there @KGhaleon looks more like a breakfast crepe than a pancake.
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    No, but it does mean Phil should do some introspection for once instead of acting like he did nothing to contribute to these people leaving
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    I’ve heard about a conspiracy to boycott and take DSP down after his marriage to Kat Burnell. This is wrong, insulting and shows that you aren’t true fans. We’ve had a few mods walk out, all over him getting married. If you are one of these I have to say – shame on you! Can I just say, hopefully you can forfeit your rights to a more deserved member of the group eg. myself. You don’t have to agree with everything your heroes do, but if you have a difference of opinion then you should keep it at that and not get upset by throwing your toys out the pram. This is your own behaviour you should be controlling. I respect DSP. He was at the forefront of the “Let’s Play” movement. To get married, have children etc which will be the next step is in every human’s DNA. When he makes this step will you also get mad? For him having the need of every human? Please if you are not going to watch DSP any more fair play, but don’t go against common decency and join forces with the detractor group for no reason. Backstabbing and going against one who you looked up to, is absolutely the most detestable behaviour of a human being. To enjoy that is sub-human.
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    Why is this topic not at a million responses. Whenever I went to Japan I used to always buy this Royale toast. Warm bread with cut up chunks in the middle covered in caramel and ice cream. It all mixes together to be one of the best desserts I've ever tasted. Place I always visited every year shut down tho :(
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    Their really dragging out the Reverie arc
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    New place is coming along nicely. Still a lot of stuff to unpack. Got my internet and gaming consoles hooked up though.
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    Thank you. So far, most of the work in these images has been done by the 'App', but I also use 'Photoshop' for other things, along with some video editing softwares for some unrelated projects. This thread was just for fun, I didn't thought that people would react like this, and it's not like I'm forcing or demanding anything, I even made sure to get permission to start the thread.
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    First of all, I already figured out that no one, or almost no one would post here, except for me, however if for some reason you want to, there is a way to do it. Taking this into consideration, I factored in that maybe someone would try to post 'detractor' content or whatever you want to call it, so I put forward this rule/measure that would at least reduce the possibility of it. You obviously would send it to Phil, via email or PM, with an overview of them, (doesn't need to be one by one). Now for the second part: what is the point of it? The point of it, is not a serious thing, is just to post photos using the mentioned software, if you want. You might think that this thread is not as valuable as other in which you discuss/debate philosophical topics, for example, but there are currently 3376 that you can access to right now, and 4766 total threads that were created in the history of this website, some of which, are dedicated to ask a single question that was already answered, talk about the envelope/box of a pizza, talk about some food you ate, and post pictures of sharks. I hope that after reading this, you allow me to post this thread, that was presented to the Admin. so that is verified, even if its purpose is not what you'd expect. And again, you have the free will to post or not to, or to decide to make the images or not. When I said 'rate' the image, I didn't mean it like what you're implying. Just as if the person that appears in the image looks real or not, because in most cases the 'App' doesn't do the job properly. And like I said above, you can do it if you want. Why do I have to use Phil's face? I don't. I just did ones that involve Phil and decided to get permission to post them. As for the purpose of the thread, it's explained in the response to "ElectricSheepDreams", just above.
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    Yep he's the main villain of the movie which really peaks my interest since there's gonna be no Hula chick in this one and its gonna be more grounded which makes me more excited for this
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    Rest in Peace :(
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    That's #kiwilogic right there.
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    I look at a map of all the restaurants in my new area, and there's like 20 Japanese restaurants including revolving sushi.
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    When it comes on DVD I'm sure someone will edit all the parts to make Eggman the hero
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    That's true, and I think I've read and looked at some obscure comics and books from other countries, that would not be possible to find in the Internet anymore, or even get physical copies of them.
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    somethings very wrong here Can't put my finger on it Its tearing me apart
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    If you're going to talk about the movie without spoiling, use the "eye" icon to hide the content.
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    Holy shit, this topic is full of so much edge it's cringe.
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    Its not. Also have to laugh at anyone thinking a screenshot accounts for "evidence". Not like anyone can edit html or use Paint to edit it right?
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    Isn't 'leaking' and showing text information that is supposed to be private upon agreement, without the consent of the concerned parties, considered betraying? This is not even rhetorical, is it or not?
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    Avengers: Endgame - Review (2019) The Good The Russo Brothers once again deliver in such a satisfying 22 Movie arc. The cast as always is fantastic like Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man gets major character growth as he does in almost every film. Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America gets a lot more to do than Infinity War and he's a total bad ass as always. Chris Hemsworth as Thor gets some really great and surprising moments, especially with Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon. Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Hulk gets a lot of the comedy relief. Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow is really great as well. Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye/ Ronin is extremely badass and definitely the best we seen of Hawkeye. Paul Rudd as Scott Lang / Ant-Man also brings the comedy relief. Brie Larson as Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel is used sparce but with the scenes she is in she is fantastic thought she was used better in this because of the Russo Brothers are better directors. Don Cheadle as James "Rhodey" Rhodes / War Machine gets a lot to do which was really cool. Karen Gillan as Neblua gets a lot of character growth. Josh Brolin as Thanos doesn't get as much screen time like in Infinity War since that was basically his movie and this is the actual Avengers Movie, but he is still great non the less. The other cast members that show up are spoiler filled heavy details. The first act is a slow burn, but its a good slow burn and does a lot of stuff j wasn't expecting, but delivers in character growth. The trailers really didn't show anything from this movie and that's why a lot of surprises are even better. There's a lot of Amazing Fan service with surprises and callbacks to past films. The Emotional Weight is huge I teared up and cried a lot. The Last 45 minutes are just impossible to describe cause that's how truly epic it is. Alan Silvestri once again does the score and is fantastic. The visual effects are outstanding. There's no post credit scene but there is something at the end and what ever that truly means I guess we will have to find out in the future. The Bad Absolutely Nothing. Final Thoughts: As a final chapter to a 22 movie journey it delivers as a perfect ending and yet a perfect beginning for future MCU Movies and I'm curious to see what happens in Spider-Man: Far From Home and Phase Four. Overall Grade: A+
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    Five ppl being demoted is crazy, not saying they didnt deserve it or anything. Sounds like they got their jimmies rustled.
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    I actually like the idea of reorganizing my office, but 3 things don't work here: 1. the laptop and laptop desk would be directly between myself and the TV. Meaning they would directly block my line of sight to the game. The reason I have a skewed angle to my TV now, and the reason the laptop doesn't block my line of sight, is because of that angle. It would be a pain to figure out how to make that work. 2. For half of the year, this setup simply wouldn't work because of the air conditioner. It cannot be moved bc it has to be DIRECTLY next to the window, and in the new setup it would be blowing directly onto the laptop and myself ALL of the time. That would not work as it would damage the laptop and make me freeze when it's on. 3. Even if I wasn't bothered by the air conditioner, by moving the mic to that side of the room, you're completely negating the benefit of the soundproofing bc you're moving it RIGHT NEXT to the air conditioner. When it's on, I will constantly sound like I'm in a wind tunnel. Any further suggestions appreciated.
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    I just saw a video review of "F1 World Grand Prix" for the Dreamcast. It's cool because they have the profiles of the drivers and their information, including their marital status, but they did not include this on the second game, which is a disgrace. They certainly made a mistake on that aspect, shameful.
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    I recommend BlazBlue as well, but I also recommend Guilty Gear.