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    The difference here is that I'm not trying to be offensive and use the term as a blanket insult at all (like calling someone a "Retard" would be, for example). It's quite literally how you would describe the actions of a group of people that do horrible things to me on a regular basis. -DDOsing me -DOXXing me -Prank calling my home at all hours of the day -Ordering food and having it sent to my home -Monitoring ALL forms of my social media including forum posts, tweets, posts ON OTHER WEBSITES outside of my own to keep tabs on my activities and stalk me at all hours -Stealing my own copyrighted content and presenting it in a skewed manner to make me look bad -Threatening to share exclusively timed content that I may have released to Patrons early, effectively destroying a method by which the majority of Patreon users use the service -Incredibly personal insults about myself, my family, my girlfriend among other things -Routinely spamming Machinima/YouTube/other major YouTubers with misinformation/complaints about myself being a racist/bigot/whatever to try and get them to either 1. disassociate themselves with me or 2. get an incorrectly skewed image of me -Routinely trying to spin ANYTHING I do in my personal or life, whether made public or not, as something negative And the list goes on. If I weren't an "internet personality" and instead I were an actor, musician etc. and these things happened to me in real life, I would EASILY be able to file charges/have restraining orders put into place. The only difference is that this is a new era of technology and, unfortunately, no safeguards of the sort have been put into place for the internet. HOWEVER that doesn't change the fact that my life and business ARE 100% reliant on the internet. I need to work here/be in existence here on a daily basis and have no defense against any of the above, because it's an emerging piece of culture that just became popular in the last 15 or so years. "Just ignoring it" doesn't work anymore, because I tried it for 2 years and all that happened was that my public image was massively slandered, and with myself not responding, it looked to the masses like I had no defense. Now again - if I were on TV/music/movies and this happened, the people doing this WOULD be classified as "Stalkers" and commonly diagnosed as "mentally ill." No logical person, in their right mind, would spend as much time/effort as these people have (and continue to do on a daily basis) to cause me personal injury and misery. I HAVE NEVER MET ANY OF THESE PEOPLE nor have done anything to hurt them, yet it's their personal agendas to ruin me. THAT is the definition of obsession, stalkerish behavior and is, in itself, mental illness. If you have a problem understanding, I guarantee you yourself have not been the victim of this kind of nonstop attack. And I recommend you don't continue to comment on the matter as you have no idea what I go through on a daily basis with these people who will not let up, and I have no way of getting away from.
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    I've been taking quite a bit of time to figure out how to best word my response and I would very much appreciate it if you would read all the way through before you pass judgement. I'm not the greatest at organizing my thoughts, so if you are confused about something I said, I do not mind clarifying at all. I think a good comparison to who you would want to watch on YouTube would be trying to pick out what game to play. Now I'm not sure about most of the people here, but I can't really afford to pay for a lot of the newest games that come out, I try to pick up as many as I can, but sometimes life can get in the way of that and it's just not possible. With all that said, I still like coming home after a day of work and playing a game, but considering that I don't have a lot of new games, I need to make a decision on what I want to play. The same can be said for watching YouTube. It's been a very long time since you were one of the only people doing it so you have much more competition than you used to and you need to treat it that way. When I go to pick out what game I'm going to play, what kinds of questions go through my mind? Do I go with an old favorite that will relax me after a long day, or will I go with the excitement of a game that I haven't played in a while, maybe I'll even spring for a game rental or borrow a game from a friend and give that a shot? These are the same types of questions that go through my head when I'm trying to pick out what to watch on YouTube. It's my personal opinion that this is the thing that you need to fix, and you have the perfect opportunity to do so. You've been around for so long, you have so much infamy, and you have so many people that don't like you that it should be fairly simple. Why not make yourself a person that interacts more with your fans and haters? Take the ideas that they've given you over the years and run with it. You titled the first live stream of Metal Gear Solid V as "This is How You Don't Play Metal Gear Solid V" didn't you? Why not do that for every play through? Take it as a joke of yourself and make that your thing. Podcasts: You already do those and it's a great way of interacting, but what if you did that in your pre-streams as well. A short question and answer segment before the gameplay starts, it would give people an incentive to show up to a live stream and will allow you to not stop the game play to do shout outs while still providing that interaction that people like. People appreciate knowing that they are a part of something, it was the whole idea of those streamers playing the sounds and such during gameplay. Maybe thinking of a name for your fans would be a good idea. I'm just spit balling here, but since you're the king of hate, why not go along with the rest of the medieval ranks. It may sound silly calling your fans knights or your patreon donors Dukes, but that kind of thing does appeal to some people and I believe that it shows that you care about them a little bit more. You could even give a funny name to the detractors and make it all one big joke that you're at war with them. Of course it's silly and cheesy, but it will make you more unique and memorable. Games: You should only play games that you want to play, not every single game that comes out that you can find the time to fit in. People nowadays don't really care about the games as much anymore. Of course it is still a factor, but not nearly enough to justify playing games that you don't want to. If you notice that a specific type of game gets good views for you and you enjoy playing the game, why not try out games that are similar to that one? Have no ideas? Go to the forums that we're on right now. Maybe make a big list of games that fans want to see you play and have them explain a little why, do a shout out to them at the beginning of the play through before it starts. Leave the list up forever and constantly add to it while crossing out games that you have completed with a strike through. Fan Interaction: I first came upon your videos when I was trying to get better at Street Fighter IV, and nowadays there are so many multiplayer games out that it would be perfect. What if you did a fan stream once a month where you played multiplayer games with fans. Patrons can get guaranteed access to games while everything else is on a first come first serve basis. I've seen other streamers do it that way and it works fairly well. When you upload the video to YouTube later on, you could even post a little message thanking them for playing with you or whatever else you feel like sharing. I know if someone did that to me, I would feel amazing about it. I would always remember that little moment in the back of my mind whenever I saw anything related to you. One important thing you have to remember is that to your fans, every interaction with them matters. It could very well be the first time they've ever spoken directly to you, or the first time that they got the courage to attempt to talk to you. I know from experience that it's extremely difficult for some people to break out of their shell and interact, and if the first time that they do you insult them, they aren't going to want to do it again and will probably want even less to do with you. This is the first of possibly many posts that I will make on this forum and I really want you to think on this before you respond because I guarantee that your reaction will paint not only my view of you, but the view others have of you as well. You're in a position right now where every viewer matters, and even turning away a single one is not something you should strive to do. A lot of this is just me rambling on just throwing down ideas, but you never know where inspiration might reach you. Feel free to use or not use any of the things written here as you will, I just hope that maybe something I wrote gives you the idea that can help you, because it's really painful for me to watch. Thank you for reading this and I hope that you have a good day.
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    Here's a real suggestion, that I'll bulletpoint for your sake. Only using your forums to make lengthy, defensive posts about how whatever you do is absolutely correct and reply to pages of conversation with a blanket "no, you're wrong, stop it" rather than engaging with what little community survived this past week's purge certainly does not make anyone else want to join up or try to chat with you.
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    "I AM the Law" -Phil, sometime mid-january I don't know why, this made me giggle, like a line from a cop in an action movie
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    Went back on the stream archive, confirming what has been mentioned. Phil said not to worry about what is on the page. I am worried. I do not know how else to express this, so I'm just going to start. Phil, when you write in the third person, it comes off as disingenuous and awkward. This is nothing new, I've seen this in your video descriptions and year end series plenty of times before. You are essentially asking for donations, and the interpersonal skills are lacking big time.Regurgitating your spiel of who you are, what you've overcome and where you are now has become maddening. Any fan of yours who would even consider becoming a patron already knows this. If they don't...god bless. Mentioning your job loss back in 2010 and the glory days of street fighter won't bring you anywhere. It is not needed. I suggest you truncate the entire thing. It comes off as you being such a Prima Donna, sorry.Out of touch with what the funds raised are going for. Defraying the cost of the move should not be an advertised point. Please, don't feel the need to share such petty crap. I'm sorry, but that is what it is. Next, "free him from the burden of overall video views". Are you kidding me? It is your livelihood to play video games. You claim games are your passion, but it doesn't come off that way any more. You strive to deliver quality content. You should care about views, a lot! You don't have to mention them all the time, but that's another topic, and something I really don't care about. Without stress in the workplace, you will have no motivation to push forward. You should continue to challenge yourself as you have been. Overall video views shouldn't be a burden. It only is if there is an issue. Patreon isn't a solution to the issue. It bandages the issue, and opens the opportunity for you to brush things to the side. Thirdly, "allow him to embark on more creative projects that aren't just raw gameplay". This is explicitly saying, "If you don't support me with donations, I can't provide new kinds of content". Iv'e said this before and I'll say it again. Not a good look, bro. I know you didn't intend on this coming off as I describe, but I assure you that I am not the only one. Lastly, "it won't always be about putting out new gameplay videos to pay the bills". I do not know what to say other than this is a blatant lie. You make a living by providing content. I am fine with that, but do not conjure things into something it isn't. Sure, you weren't initially in it for the money, I know that too. However, that time has long since passed and is now irrelevant. My most important point applies to the text as a whole, including any volume of text you publish. Excuse me for being blunt, but I think it would be the most effective way in elaborating myself. Phil, your tone SUCKS. Okay? So many things you say come off so, so poorly. I attribute this observation to a number of your problems. You can't just fling things out there. Put some thought into what you write, like you did for an hour on a post during the coup detat on your old forums. I can't advise you on how not to come off as an a-hole. That is something you have to figure out yourself. Do I even need to mention the avatar? If I crossed a line, so be it. My post was not of ill intent, it was more passionate than anything else. Take it as you will. Delete the post, warn me, block me, or worst of all, be dismissive of me like you have been time and time again. 'Cause god forbid my word be heard. Love, FWC
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    Alright, I have a suggestion to improve the forums... Stop deleting threads. It is seriously impossible to reply to anyone and to have a conversation because the administrator decides to pop in and just delete a thread that portrays their actions in a negative light. I am talking about the "Evidence of Mods Abusing Their Power" (or something along those lines) thread. I decided to join in on the conversation and provide my reply and viewpoint on the matter. As soon as I hit that reply button, I get: "Sorry, you do not have permission to view this content." This is absolutely ridiculous and only confirms the "abuse of power" that the original poster had the intention of showing. I am sorry for being direct with what I am about to say, but I will say it anyway. Onyx, if you were willing to want to clear the air by going in a private conversation that mentioned you, why would you not do that in a public thread that directly mentioned your actions? You were so willing to discuss what was being brought up against you in that conversation, so why would you not bring that same attitude to respond to the thread topic? If you put your personal feelings first and act on knee-jerk reactions to people criticising your work, you cannot say that you are doing it for the sake of the forum/website. An administrator cannot let his or her personal feelings dictate for them. If someone criticises your actions like in that thread you deleted, you do not delete the thread. You have to take it with a grain of salt. This is where you could really "clear the air," because your actions as of late have been questionable. Even that private conversation you jumped into testifies to that.
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    ​If your spending on Supercard is none of our business then quit bragging about how much you spend on PUBLIC forums. Shut up about it and keep it private. That's just one of many problems with you "None of your business what I do in private" yet you tell everyone every damn "private" thing about you and what you do on the internet. It is our business since you claim you're in massive debt and you're wanting us to donate to you but somehow you're giving hundreds to a mobile game, paying hundreds for movies/TV shows, you eat out quite a lot, going to be paying hundreds for a hotel that's only 20-40 minutes away from your house, going to a Comic-Con this year and spending hundreds to thousands to fly halfway across the U.S. for a wedding. You have publicly said all of this whether it was on forums, in videos or on Twitter so none is private. Don't try to make people feel sorry about your debt when 1. You caused it by moving and overspending & 2. You're still constantly going to be blowing money that you claim to not have. To keep this on topic: You can improve yourself by keeping everything about your "personal private life" actually private.
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    Hey guys, BoSchitt here. For those of you who don't know me, I've been doing Garry's Mod animations for several years now on YouTube. I'm responsible for The GMod Idiot Box and of course, YouTube Ave. Contrary to the fact that Phil is satirized in my YouTube Ave series, his vlogging channel has indeed grown on me in an un-ironic way. I truly enjoy The Hateful Truth game reviews in particular. Phil's skill in talking continuously and un-scripted on camera about a game without stumbling over his words or awkwardly pausing is impressive and rare to see. I often leave his vlogging content on in the background while I work. I'll be the first to admit that I'm the more ironic fan when it comes to the gaming channel though, which is where the Phil character I have comes from. However, the exaggerated Phil character I satirize is going through gradual realizations and imrovements to his PR, which mirrors what I hope Phil will soon manage to do himself. Regardless of the fact that Phil most likely hates my guts over my satire, I absolutely do not wish for him to fail. I don't frequent forums often, so my presence here may be on the scarce side at times, but the community here, regardless of all the strife, seems very well built, one I can see myself visiting again from time to time.
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    It was slow at work last night so I got the chance to draw.
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    These are people that obsess over a guy that plays video games on the internet, make a huge deal out of moderation drama on a small forum, spend hours of their time each week discussing the drama on a podcast format and have twitter accounts dedicated to it 24/7. You tell me? ;)
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    ​I think you hit the nail on the head with this post, Phil. You DO have to work every day. Why? You are FORCED to work every day or the views/income would not be there. You don't have the LUXURY of taking a day or two off like other YouTubers because you can't put out a SINGLE video and get more than 20k views on it, not even on a montage of a popular past play-through. It took over a month to get past the 20k mark on the first Heavy Rain montage. So lets dig a bit deeper. Why don't you get more than 20k views on a single video? The answer is simple. You've stopped having what you had in 2008, fun. You, more than ANYONE else, have created negativity in your life and in your content. You've forgotten why you started doing this and made money the main focus. Now, I know what your response to this is; "You are STUPID! To say MONEY is not important when I do this for a LIVING is just plain DUMB". You know how I feel when I go to work everyday and do my job? I feel some sense of pride and want to do a good job. I know if I do well I will advance, and that's what's most important to me at work. Am I there to make money? Well, no shit, but while I'm there I want to feel as if I'm doing a GOOD job and want people to notice my work. I also try to have fun doing it, laughing and joking with co-workers as the day goes on. I don't look for fights, and I don't say/do things that would leave me open to negative comments. I work for the government and there are PLENTY of slackers in company. Right now, at this point in your "career", you could be compared to one of the guys that comes in, turns on his PC, logs in and sits there, all day, on the internet. He does the bare minimum of work each day to stay employed. Does he get paid everyday? Yes. Does he get negative comments said about him? Yes. Is he looked down upon? Yes. Does he advance in the company? No. Does he have any pride? No. That's you, Phil. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. You say you work hard, but the amount of work you do is only driven by the amount of views you need to stay employed. You still do the bare minimum and still live by "quantity over quality" because you feel if you do ANYTHING else you will be not be getting enough views for the added effort. You're the guy sitting at his desk, doing enough to get by. That's all YOU want to do. PS: I like capping random words too.
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    This whole thing is just to stir up drama, because those who dislike me haven't been able to really get a rise out of me in a long time, and finally something worked. I DID address it before. IT was blatant trolling but because it was 2 years ago, people are either uninformed on the situation OR those that do know what actually happened purposefully had it brought up to re-kindle old flames of "teenage drama" that already died 2 fucking years ago. It was an incredibly overblown dramatic thing that happened in stream chat while I was trying to play/finish a difficult part of Kingdom Hearts - to the point it was so fucking distracting that I couldn't even focus on playing the game, so I turned off the damn chat. When I play games, IT'S NOT ABOUT THE PEOPLE IN CHAT. The chat is there supplementary to the actual things going on during the stream. If chat distracts from that, it WILL be moderated, which is what happened. In short summary: people in chat baited my girlfriend into an argument, which prompted HER to overreact and say that Kingdom Hearts sucked - which is exactly what they wanted, bc they then turned it into a witch hunt/bonfire of my girlfriend for weeks/months. Since then, she's never again attended a stream, I don't stream on TWitch anymore (making such kinds of arguments impossible to have) and it's a DEAD. FUCKING. ISSUE. If you can't handle something that happened two years ago, LEAVE. If you're entire purpose of joining my stream of MKX which is supposed to be fanservice is to ask about drama from 2 years ago, LEAVE. If you're too incredibly stupid/immature to know that something that happened 2 years ago, cannot happen again and hasn't been pertinent since then is a dead issue that doesn't ever need to be addressed again...............LEEEEAVE! LEAVE. ME. THE. FUCK. ALONE. YOU. STUPID. IMMATURE. BRAT. CHILDREN. FUCKS. If you don't like this answer? LEAVE. But you won't. You'll talk shit, get banned, share this response with your horde of drama-queen losers who stalk my every move and won't leave me alone, and then come back with new accounts to start the whole fucking process over again. Mark my words. I'll have no more of this bullshit. I'm 33 years old and I have IMPORTANT things to deal with. Don't bring it up again or open any new threads on these forums, period. I'm going to end this nonsense one way or another.
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    So Phil is only accountable for things he says on the same day? So if he does something we have issue with and we want to discuss it the next day we should just drop it because it might be perceived as negative?
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    Right there is your problem. If you're going to talk shit about things before you do any research on them, you're going to get negative reactions. Even if you did play the game and didn't like it, there's still no reason that you have to talk shit about other people for their gaming preferences.
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    Rather than goals, most of those ideas sound like things you should be doing anyway, like right now, to try and expand your viewership. Holding good video ideas and stream interactivity hostage for monthly goals, when you're just gonna go on and monetize them on youtube anyway, doesn't read as something good for fans. I also think the fighting game community would eat you alive, and you've shown how well you handle negativity as of late. You don't have thick enough skin these days to follow through with that goal.
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    ​We are, I tried to reach out to you on Twitter about the things I've seen you saying on here but it seems it has been deleted. I have repeatedly offered to have you on our podcast or on a private Skype call so that we can talk things out and settle our differences, at this point I don't think you want there to be a resolution. If you speak with us I personally guarantee you it will be civil. Getting back on topic: I truly believe the way things go with this forum will be remembered by fans and detractors alike. I can personally say that I have been given the opportunity to participate on this forum as of a few minutes ago. I plan to follow the rules so we will see how things go.
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    It doesn't matter. No normal users of the internet would use a proxy service to post on a bulletin board/forum. So if I see a proxy being used, I'll know it's them regardless.
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    Yeah, that's what I read. How else am I really supposed to see things when you say this? The point I was making originally was the fact that I did donate, proving I didn't believe the SoK's charity was bullshit, which you accused me of saying. Then you brought up the dollar amount and foisted your contribution over mine, as if that was pertinent to the point at all. You also didn't appear to read the rest of my post and assumed the only charity I've ever donated to was the SoK charity water project when I already told you, I've taken part in a different charity of my choosing to honor a friend. So once again, stop assuming you know me and get off this charity topic already. At no point in this conversation did I brag about my charity interaction one way or another. I threw caution to you about disclosing dollar amounts in such a haphazard fashion because once again, it is a personal matter, not one to use to try and prove an otherwise irrelevant point. I think I'm about done putting anymore into this vapid conversation. This whole topic started with my irritation with trolls trying to destroy someone's livelihood and the people and groups that continue to encourage this behavior. I've answered all your points and now you've gone off the deep end and keep straw manning me. This is my last contribution to this thread. If you and your SoK pals want to further this, do so on the podcast on Thursday. I just hope everyone else argues a hell of a lot better than you do, whoever you are.
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    No because you shouldn't let the trolls get to you like phil does. If you let the trolls get to you then you might aswell say they won because you let you thin skin be exposed. All i can say is everyone needs Thicker skin so the trolls don't get to you. Very pointless to keep bringing them up if you guys don't want to continue hearing about it.
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    I'm a fan of Phil but Jesus some of you are really just so cringe worthy. Sam just stop this thread all it's going to do is create pointless drama. I really do feel that people like you are honestly worse then those "haters".
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    OK, so as this thread is getting rampantly out of hand, allow me to throw in my $0.02. Full disclosure: I wasn't on the forum when all of this happened. I sadly don't have as much time to be on here lately as I'd liked, but am working on being around more. Someone being immune from punishment because of their level of patronage would be terrible. An absolute shitty move that is completely unethical and would be a massive detriment to the forum and its community. I would absolutely not moderate a forum where double standards like that were normal practice. And I would like to think that over my time as a moderator, most of you will have grown to trust me when I say something like that. So I've gone over every single report from the past week and combed the entire staff forum, wherein there is precisely zero mention of KG - or anyone - being given special treatment for any reason, including their patreon pledges. Revan's demodding was related to his actions following his banning of KG, not because he punished someone who had pledged money to Phil. That is simply not how this forum is ran, and I would never let it be while I remain part of the moderation team.
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    I have to agree with the others Phil, you don't have any excuse to say you don't have time to learn to use a green screen. It's your business and you have to make sacrifices to keep it afloat or else your views are going to keep tanking more each month. Have Leanna help you out around the house to cut down on the number of chores if you're so stressed out about it. Also having being in the same mindset as you will not help at all, you need to take constructive criticism if you ever want to see any improvements for your channel and ignoring everyone's suggestions isn't helping at all.
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    ​II've given a pretty detailed bunch of positive suggestions to you on page 21 of the "RENAMED: How can Phil improve" thread. Not sure if you read it yet, but if not, give it a whirl.
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    I would suggest paying to fly John Rambo out and tailoring your schedule around his availability so that it is not just you and Panda Lee. I would also suggest if Panda Lee is involved to have her be the main villain.
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    Longer videos could definitely make a difference. I would say 20-30 minutes as the norm would be just right--that's enough to encompass a decent amount of gameplay, cutscenes, etc. in a single video--it'd be like an episode of a TV show. The video sections and playlists on your Phil's page probably would look a bit cleaner too, in my opinion, if there were fewer videos of greater length instead of more videos of shorter length. The only problem I can think of is that since they'd longer, there'd be a bigger file and it'll take more time to upload to YouTube and process (especially since it's coming from raw footage). I don't know exactly how the footage from the streams is separated to individual videos, but would it help if Phil used a program like HandBrake to re-encode the video files to a smaller size, while still retaining most of the video quality? Should Phil go for longer videos, I think editing would definitely be something to get into. It can be time-consuming (though it does become less so, once you get used to working on stuff and you know what you're looking for), but I think it'd be for the best in the long run. While I know Phil likes to keep his playthroughs raw and "real" and such, even those longplay videos need their fair share of edits here and there. It's making it easier for the viewers. And I don't think everyone enjoys seeing Phil get stuck on a part of a game for long periods of time. All it takes is a few cuts and crossfades. There'd certainly be fewer "This Is How You DON'T Play" montages if there were less "don'ts" to work with, y'know what I mean?
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    1st off: Yes, YouTube has MILLIONS of videos uploaded daily, but there are not MILLIONS of copyright strikes/claims issued daily. Saying "it's impossible to have a human review these" is factually incorrect. It's VERY possible, but yes, it would cost Google money. Oh yeah - it would also employ hundreds of people, and insure that US law was actually being upheld properly. 2nd: You apologists seriously need to stop it with the sob story of: "How could you force YouTube to do the right/proper thing? They have FAR too much volume now to do it right!" Because guess what? That's GOOGLE's fault and nobody should be forced to bear that burden but them. THEY bought out a video-sharing website, massively increased its capacity and functionality, promoted it to the WORLD and said "COME ON IN! POST WHATEVER YOU WANT! It's the WILD WEST of the internet here!" Then, they got cockslapped with the harshness of reality when DMCA law came down on them. Their "quick fix" of an automated, easily fooled and ABUSED system is NOT sufficient, and they have nobody to blame but themselves. They've also done NOTHING to improve the system, instead putting in "dispute processes" to just bounce the ball back and forth between parties and, YET AGAIN, take any kind of responsibility off of them. It's utter, uncaring, immoral and irresponsible bullshit. Guess what? The VERY SECOND Google purchased YouTube, one of the FIRST things on their mind should have been how to properly enforce DMCA/copyright law. The emphasis should be on PROPERLY, as in, until an actual FUNCTIONALLY AUTOMATED system could be devised, they'd need informed humans to review copyright claim cases. THEN, ONCE YOU HAVE THAT IN PLACE, THEN you can start trying to mass-market your service to the world and find ways to make tons of money off of it. Sorry, just because the business is internet-based is NOT a valid excuse. ANYONE ELSE who provides a product or service has to properly abide by the laws around those fields, and so should YouTube. It's ONLY because there's no formal regulatory body around the internet for this kind of law that they haven't yet been taken to task. Bottom line: Google/YouTube DID NOT perform due diligence in regards to DMCA/copyright law when setting up the business. There's nobody to blame BUT them, because they're solely responsible. And they SHOULD be held accountable, NOT individual YouTubers having their entire businesses shut down because YouTube is SO fucking uncaring that they let easily-fooled robots completely destroy lives and businesses. If a theme park opens up its doors, floods with customers, and after 3 years a ride EXPLODES injuring tons of people, they don't get to just shrug their shoulders and say "OH WELL! We ran safety algorithms and everything SAID it was up to code, so we can't be held responsible!" Just because YouTube is hurting businesses instead of physically injuring people DOES NOT make it immune to responsibility. Just like that park, it needs to figure out where they went wrong, institute a fix to PREVENT future issues, and then get up and running again. YouTube has done NONE of that.
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    I was intending to post something on an existing thread but I feel that this issue has long gone ignored and requires independent representation. As many of you know, Phillip's interactions with people on the forums are largely twofold: requesting fan-art/Patreon suggestions/equipment suggestions or responding to an argument within a thread with a generalized retort, then promptly locking the thread to deny others the chance to respond to his argument. It seems to me that a change in his manner of interaction would promote healthy discussion and make Phillip more of a sociable, approachable member of this community. Let's take first of all the debate threads. One does not have to look far in order to see the plethora of locked threads with Phillip as the final poster. Although such threads are nowhere near as numerous as they once were, some exist. These threads, despite offering some genuinely fruitful discussion and interesting criticism/suggestions, are often overlooked. The civilized debate about DSP thread has not had Phillip posting on it since its inception. Now, your opinions may vary, but I believe the best way for a thread like that to work is for the person who is being discussed to add his own point of view into the mix and allow it to be scrutinized by other users. I do not condone the use of long walls of text only addressing certain points of argument then cutting off further discussion. It makes it seem as if Phillip's word is final and nobody shall argue with him. If he ever reads this, I would suggest making shorter, more directed posts and allow them to be responded to afterwards. Engaging in a discussion would make you and everyone else much the wiser. On a smaller note, it would also be pleasant to see him interact with people here not only in the interest of work and business. A post here and there in the general section would go a long way into making him seem friendlier and more like a person than a faceless authority figure. Of course, one could argue that he is far too busy to engage in conversations that don't help his business, but just taking a few minutes to talk about music or cinema or simply share his thoughts at the time wouldn't be a total waste of time. Now that you've heard my view on the matter, what do you all have to say about it? For the purpose of this thread's longevity, please try to stay civil and think before you posting! Just remember: suum cuique!
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    So here are my two cents about the first Persona 4 segment Phil has done yesterday. Keep in mind I only speak for myself and not for an entire group. The setup of the pre-stream was horrible, where Phil had to fix streaming issues on the fly and an explanation afterwards why he did that. Personally, I think it does not matter if he is a one man company or not. If you depend on a stream and on capture devices to make money then you better have the time to check them before you start the stream, not just doing some fixing live on stream. People were already waiting for him to start and then we get black screen and an excuse why he didnt check it in first place.Picking "beginner" as the game difficulty. I dont know if it is true but if the patrons told him to better go with the easiest game difficulty then what is the purpose of the whole playthrough? The game so far provides not much of gameplay and is more story driven, so with beginner's difficulty it seems to me people only want to see Phil commenting on what's happening. Next step would be someone playing a game for him and all he does is commentary. Notice this is not nit-picking - Phil has never chosen a different difficulty other than Normal (save for Resident Evil) but right here he goes with the easy way.The commentary itself. Seriously, how many sex jokes can you squeeze into Persona 4, where the main protagonists are fifteen to sixteen years old? It started with Phil commenting that Dojima seems to have a crush on the protagonist. Then we get Justin Bieber (really, Phil?), and gay jokes as well. While this may be entertaining for some people, I think this is below average quality. Just because it's an anime-style game it doesn't mean everything and everyone in it has to be sexualized. Unbelievabe.What I personally thought was funny was Phil having trouble to figure out the name entering with last name and first name.The aftermath. On twitter Phil worries that Persona4 might not get the views other games get, leaving him with Bloodborne and MKX for April. I thought having patrons donating and deciding what he plays in return was the whole idea behind Patreon? People donated to see him playing Persona4 so he doesn't have to worry about views?Overall, I have to say I am disappointed a little bit. But nothing is lost, and we will see if Phil ges a better grip on Persona 4 next time.
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    ​Patron or not, the way Phil handles his business is not automatically out of limits from criticism just because he's not a patron. There's always room for improvement.
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    Recently, a user made a thread asking Phil to a debate. It did not take long at all for this thread to be closed by Phil and written off as "nothing to debate about". If this were pre-2014, I would struggle to agree but be able to see where Phil was coming from. However, I'm going to be frank and say that the claim that Phil has nothing to debate about is a lie. I have never seen Phil this hostile before, and I've been following him since 2010. I only recently stopped watching him since I was fed up with how aggressive Phil has become lately and was really rubbed the wrong way by how he handled gamer gate. Phil has been able to laugh off haters and trolls in the past, but now any person that seems like anything but a loyal fan is an enemy in Phil's eyes and his ego is going off the rails (I would mention his twitter rant about how Spoony is apparently "insanely jealous" of Phil, but he's probably going to write it off as a non-issue despite the fact that it is a disturbing sign of how Phil views other gamers). Here's the thing. I don't "hate" Phil and I don't want to see him fail. I want to see him get back on the horse he was on content and quality wise in 2010 and 2011. I AM the kind of person that used to watch Phil to help with depression and I would feel excited whenever he read one of my questions on Ask the King. Are there people that hate Phil and want to see him fail? Absolutely, but Phil seriously needs to do a better job of recognizing that people that have issues with him and want to help him =\= haters. If people were making malicious threads called "DSP is a fucking sack of shit and should die", then Phil has every right to close the threads and call out the posters. The debate thread was not malicious at all and was by a former fan who genuinely wants to help Phil, yet he blew him off and said no one has proven themselves to be mature enough for a debate. In all honesty, what does it take for Phil to debate someone? Am I able to qualify for one? Phil let me create a "Civilized debate about Phil" thread and agreed with that thread's intentions. I wouldn't do it as a youtube video, I would just do it through private messaging. But am I now immature and living in the past for calling Phil out on closing 99% of the negative threads about him and ignoring people that genuinely want to help him? I don't know, and I wouldn't be surprised if this thread is closed by the time I wake up
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    ​Why are you whining so much? you always complain and try to take potshots at other youtubers because they dare edit their videos and talk about subjects outside of their comfort zone.
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    At the very basic level, saying you're up to your neck in debt while at the same time telling people you're leasing a BMW is a very bad idea. It sends some serious mixed signals and people will call you out on it. As Che said above, if you're going to ask people for money, the least they expect is that you live within your means. I know that the BMW is good for your back, but with the amount of driving you do, I'm sure a less expensive car would be just fine. I know it's a touchy subject, but the Supercard debacle is also a terrible mixed signal. You publicly admitted to spending "hundreds of dollars" on WWE Supercard, and while you might say that is "private and none of our business", it still matters when you're telling people you're ostensibly strapped for cash. How would you feel if John Rambo was in need of financial support, and he blew the 100$ you threw his way on virtual currency is various mobile games? It's the same thing; these are real people feeling that want to support you because they care about you. You're indirectly giving them the middle finger while laughing all the way to the bank, so to speak. You simply cannot send out the signal of being in financial woes and then publicly spend big on superfluous hobbies. It certainly doesn't help that your fanbase is quite young either, seeing as the $200 you spent on Supercard is a lot of money to them. These are the same people that you're asking to help financially support you. You cannot just sweep this stuff under the rug with a "This is private and none of your business" when you publicly admit/purposely tell your fans these things. You gave a tour of your leased BMW, you drink expensive bottled water on camera and so on. Yes, it is your personal business, but you're sharing that information with the public while at the same time asking people to sustain a lifestyle that is more than likely much more extravagant than their own. Most of your fanbase is teens, people whom wish for consoles for Christmas and games on their birthdays; you bought 4+ different headsets in the $150 range and 4+ different capture devices just to test them out. I can't even afford to do that; a single one of those headsets would've been a fairly sizable investment for me, and I'm certainly not in any position to ask people for financial help. It can feel like you're asking people to bail you out, but aren't willing to put in the effort yourself to better the situation.
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    This right here is one reason Phil is losing popularity. His customer service skills, so to speak, are lacking. There's no need to be rude because someone has a differing opinion. He seriously needs to work on how he interacts with people. For example, instead of what he said here he could've said something like. "I disagree, I didn't find FNaF scary at all. In fact I feel that it only got popular because of youtubers overreacting to the jumpscares. Of course, that's just my opinion.". But he didn't, he chose to be rude about it.
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    Was quite a feel good podcast to be a part of. It's still nuts how you can have up to 10 people in the chat and still manage to keep it from getting out of hand.
  38. 6 points
    He's the main one who gives DSP a bad fanbase imo
  39. 5 points
    The way Phil goes on about it? Absolutely. Two weeks ago he literally said he needs Pledges to survive. That's begging.
  40. 5 points
    It's sad to learn that someone died from a form of cancer. May she rest in peace.
  41. 5 points
    That's complete bollocks. The viewer has no contractual obligation to watch anything they don't want to. The viewer doesn't agree to anything by navigating to a URL and watching the multimedia that said URL allows them to download. Youtube is a public website, you don't sign up to anything to use it. The viewer is perfectly within their right to utilise any software they like to extract the media that they are interested in and nothing more. If you have an issue with the fact people are able to do this then you have a problem with Youtube not coding their advertisement/DRM software well enough, not viewers exercising their rights. This is a question of morals, don't try and spin it into anything more. In my opinion, using adblock on Youtube is morally wrong depending on your perception of the Content Creator. I would not feel guilty using adblock on anyone who has turned their channel into a brand or is already an existing brand, think people like Syndicate, Jack Frags, PewdiePie, IGN, Rooster Teeth. They don't rely on ad revenue anymore. I would feel guilty using it whose main product and source of income is clearly the videos that I am watching, like DSPs, JayEx23, Many a True Nerd, etc. Because manually adding blocking URLs for specific youtubers videos is almost impossible, I just have all of Youtube whitelisted.
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    Leaving Twitch and Project 7. I dont watch streams on youtube so i usually watch the videos after they go live on his channel. He is the only one i follow who streams on youtube at all i don't really see the upside. Leaving twitch just made his viewer base smaller and stagnated. It really made no sense to me why you would leave for stream quality alone. People don't care about that type of thing if they did no one would use twitch its one of the worst in that area.
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    I'll just creep in here and then leave it be: If you're questioning my skill level at Street Fighter, you're out of your mind. IF I wanted to be a top tournament-level player, I could be. I did it in SF2, repeatedly, in multiple conversions/ports/adaptations of the game. And I did it against all odds, frequently going to tournaments alone and still winning when everyone was against me. I COULD be a tourney player of SF4, except that 1. I didn't find it nearly as fun as SF2 and 2. I was busy with YouTube and didn't have the time to dedicate to constantly playing the game offline, which IS needed to become a top-level player. Any other game, if you want to say I suck, you can say whatever you want. But facts are facts no matter how much slander people want to lay down. I'm good at Street Fighter and always will be. That is all.
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    Agreed with the concerns over the obvious rushing of games. It's really frustrating to watch someone who clearly isn't enjoying themselves and is just racing through games for a deadline. Along those same lines, Phil, your channel is a mess at the moment. At a quick count, you've published 40+ videos in the past 2 days, totaling more time than someone would spend at a full time job. That's bonkers. I understand that you're trying to get through everything, but you're practically forcing everyone to watch the first and last part of a playthrough and ignore the middle because they simply don't have time to watch. For months now you've had successful first parts, a rapidly declining to 10-20% retention rate for the middle portion, and then maybe 50% catch up on the final part of a playthrough. People show up for the beginning of games no matter what. You need to reevaluate what you're doing for all those parts in between. For how often you've claimed that your fans show up for you and not the game, it's beginning to seem like exactly the opposite; they get their "Quick Look" and then they're gone. Embrace it. Make your first hour of gameplay important. Don't faff around in menus for 10 minutes and then get salty if servers are acting weird. Be informative. Do research. Make every part 1 a first impressions video. Every introduction to a playthrough is an amazing chance for you to introduce yourself to a new audience, but way, way too often, it's just a bunch of complaints, misinformation, and aimless dicking around. Play the game for a little while before hand, maybe plan out some jokes and learn the controls. Viewers really, really appreciate putting in some effort. 5700 people have watched BO3 part one. 600 have watched part 12. Either make part one really fucking compelling, or give them a reason to watch part 12. Recently, you haven't been doing either one.
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    ​No. As long as it and the discussion falls within the rules of the forum, this thread has a right to exist for people to voice their criticisms of Phil. Threads should not be censored just because they don't blindly praise Phil.
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    This one thread is perfectly fine. We wouldn't need multiple topics about the same discussion if more people came straight to this thread instead. We'd be able to keep these discussions civil for more than one page of posts at a time if it weren't for overzealous outliers like you getting under people's skin and derailing the thread. If people want to discuss their opinions on Phil, this is probably the best place to do so. You don't like/agree with what someone has to say? Give your two cents. Discuss. Debate. That's the whole point. Is there a point at all? Maybe. Maybe not. I'd say the closest thing to a "goal" here is to find a mutual understanding of things that people like or dislike about Phil and why. In a civilized manner, obviously.
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    Just saw one of your goals, Minecraft for $500. Really? First off, you trashed anybody who even plays the game and that people only play it because it's the in thing. Secondly, I thought you personally hated it yourself. This hypocrisy makes this come off as a cash grab, if your going to say something make sure you stick to it.
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    I just think phil should read the dialoges and hints the game is giving to him, because often he says "the game never told me that" when there was a giant text box a couple minutes earlier xD
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