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    Spider-Man 2 - Review The Positives: The story. The story IMO was excellent. It was well written, structured and detailed. I also liked the fact that it implements some comic accuracies. Sam Raimi's direction. Once again, Sam Raimi does an excellent job in directing. He once again honors the character of Spider-Man in this movie. The CGI, visuals, special effects, sound effects, and animations are once again top notch quality. The acting throughout the film is spectacular. You have Rosemary Harris as Aunt May, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, Bill Nunn as Joseph Robert "Robbie" Robertson, Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant, Bruce Campbell as the snooty usher, Dylan Baker as Dr. Curt Connors, James Franco as Harry Osborn, and J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. However, I must say that the stars of the film were Alfred Molina as Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus and Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I'll start with Alfred Molina. He did an absolute masterful job portraying Doc Ock. Aside from William Salyers' Doc Ock from the PS4 game, Marvel's Spider-Man, I have to say that Alfred Molina's Doc Ock is the best interpretation of Doc I've ever seen. As for Mr. Tobey Maguire, he once again delivers an excellent performance. As a matter of fact, I'd say he delivered his performance as Spider-Man, especially as Peter Parker. Danny Elfman's score. Just like in the first film, Danny Elfman delivers a beautiful soundtrack. The action/fight sequences. The action and fight sequences are awesome. I have to say the best fight scene in the movie is the fight between Spidey and Doc Ock on the train. IMO that fight is one of the best superhero movie history. Just like the first film, this film possesses an overall bright and colorful tone. The Negatives: The problems I have with Spider-Man 2 are mostly just little things. However, my "biggest" negative you can say is the scene of Peter losing his powers due to love sickness. I sort of have mixed feelings about that. While part one part of me understands the whole love sick thing, the other half doesn't like the fact that he had to lose his powers because of it. Other than that, this movie IMO is a masterpiece. Overall: Spider-Man 2, much like the first film, is a classic and one of the best superhero movies of all time IMO. More importantly though, Spider-Man 2 is one of my top 5 favorite superhero movies of all time & my favorite Spider-Man movie. Don't get wrong fellow Spidey fans, I love Far from Home,. Into the Spider-Verse, and Homecoming. They are all amazing Spider-Man movies. However, Spider-Man 2 in my eyes still takes the top spot among them. Why you may ask? Because Spider-Man 2 still gives me the biggest emotional attachment to the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. One of the biggest aspects of Spider-Man's character is his constant struggle to balance his superhero career with his normal life. This movie not only showcased that beautifully, but the best IMO. What makes Spidey a special character to so many people is his ability to relate to readers and audiences more so than other characters. Spider-Man 2 does that beautifully as well. Grade: A+ Stay tuned for the finale where I review Spider-Man 3. PEACE!
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    No, it turns out Phil had a silly mistake and counted wrong. @Phil These are the people who nominated those games in the thread, and the three games amount to 4 nominations each, the same number as other in the poll.
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    It is sort of clownish, but so is wearing a vest and a cowboy hat.
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    What's your Twitch name? If you did nothing and were banned because of a rogue ex-mod, you should have no trouble to go back. If you want, I can try and ask him or another mod myself. So then, everyone should forget about any future event of this type. If there's time to rig it, it will be done, & if it's done quickly via Twitch/Strawpoll-links, from what people in this thread have said, would be overwhelmed by trolls. My point was that regardless of who votes, the issue should be about mitigating multiple-voting, (I.e: By the same person), since you're never going to separate trolls from regular viewers/fans choices.
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    You can send an apology email or make a backup account like pwdubz to ask for unbans, seems to works as well as emails.
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    To be fair, it's the streamer's job to entertain and interact, not on the chat to entertain the streamer. If people aren't talking it's because phil is not making a good enough effort.
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    Phil should just stop doing Viewer's Choice, honestly. More often than not he doesn't play what wins the poll anyway. People have been begging him for Code Vein since it came out, he should've made that the sub goal.
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    Yes, but is also undeniable that there are sock-accounts, and a lot of them. To believe that Deux Ex wasn't touched by them, is more than wishful thinking. At this point you should treat this poll as being rigged from every angle, and the Admins should look into it. Doing otherwise would be turning a blind eye on this, and these events should not be called "Viewers choice" events in any way, shape or form anymore.
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    ok , no, let's honest here. The game gives you a grenade launcher exactly where you need it, in the sewers, to beat those big white things. Then it gives you mines ammo, 6 zombies, and then the boss fight starts. You don't need to be a genius to understand how a proximity mine works, and even if you don't , a few tries are more than enough to grasp the concept. Anyway, back to the boss fight: you shoot the guy , he starts wallrunning, and if you insist enough times with the same fruitless strategi, Jill tells what to do. The rest is dodge/shoot. Also, it's Resident Evil. You shouldn't be wasting ammo on zombies, especially those placed in a "short corridor" you can pretty much tell you won't go back to.
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    Yeah, that wasn't pretty to see. It's not like the streamchat made the game. :D Most people beat hardcore before he even uploaded his videos on youtube, and we had no guides to tell us what to do. Heck, JILL HERSELF tells you what to do, full new Tomb Raider style. All Phil needed to do was shoot the thing, and that would have at least triggered Jill's internal monologue. If you beat Nightmare, there's one more difficulty level. Inferno. Or , as I like to call it, the actual Resident Evil 3 Remake: 5 typewriters, no autosaves, even larger healbars, different item locations and zombies spawn by falling from the fucking sky.
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    I've been playing more "shadowrun returns" and honestly the campaign feels really unfinished. If I had paid any more than the dollar I paid, I would be pretty upset with this product. The gameplay is mostly fine and the visuals are nice to look at, but there seems to be few side quests. There are more side objectives that you can complete within a larger quest but those have been limited to "pick up this item" so far. And why is everyone acting like they know me? I've only just met these people in the story. I read that one of the later shadowrun games has a mod that ports over this campaign and adds an extra 4 hours of content. Maybe I'll give that a try after I finish this.
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    has anyone heard of the 35th Anniversary of Mario, which is rumored to have Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1 (and 2 i think), and Super Mario 3D World, and later on a new Paper Mario, i do hope this is true because it would be amazing.
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    So far i am enjoying Animal Crossing, got 2 bridges built and 1 incline.
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    At least they're making it easier so that the Admins know quicker which ones are the alts, ang get purged once this ends.
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    Wow, I just watched Vice’s new documentary on the Chris Benoit murders called the Dark side of the Ring. One hell of a documentary, I highly recommend even for non wrestling fans.
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    I've been playing "Shadowrun returns" and I'm noticing some massive plot holes on the default campaign. I've fought 1 battle with these guys and suddenly they're acting like we have history, lol
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    Yes, and that's how if not careful most of their time dedicated to creating alts will be wasted, however an Admin must care enough to do this. Absolutely ridiculous & unfair to everyone else, but they don't care, and when & if it turns out Phil does something about it at the end, guess who'll accuse him of rigging the poll & not caring about the legit votes.
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    How does Lisa go from less votes to most? Somebody spamming with alts.
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    Yeah, his voice was not a good fit for me. Mike Vaughn may be a good voice actor, but he was not a good Spider-Man.
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    Seems like you're not the only one, I've just seen a video of a cutscene of this game, and everyone is pointing out the voice-acting. And in a forum as well: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/945883-spider-man-web-of-shadows/46384452?page=1
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    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, & Wii Version) - Review The Positives: The story IMO is interesting, unique, and original compared to previous Spider-Man games. The graphics, character design, character models, and animations are beautiful. I have no idea what the critics were thinking when they said the graphics were ugly. To me, they were awesome. The overall voice acting in the game is excellent. You have Tricia Helfer providing the voice of Black Cat, Robert Wisdom providing the voice of Luke Cage, Robin Atkin Downers providing the voice of Moon Knight, Steve Blum providing the voice of Wolverine, Fred Tatasciore providing the voice of Rhino, and Gregg Berger providing the voice of Kingpin. Much like Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 3, the game is open world. You can switch between the Red Suit and the Black Suit on the fly. The moral choice system. Some people had issues with it. Me, on the other hand, did not. I personally loved the game's moral choice system because I like the fact that it gives the player to influence and impact the outcome of the story. You can either choose the path of heroism through the Red Suit or choose the path of ultimate power through the Black Suit. The game play is fantastic. The web swinging, web zipping, wall crawling, and the combat are awesome. IMO, the best part of the game play was the Web-Strike mechanic because IMO it makes Spider-Man look like and feel even more badass of a fighter. The Negatives: The game can be pretty buggy and glitchy from time to time. The camera is horrible most of the time. While the voice acting is great, there is one exception, Spider-Man. Spider-Man's voice in the game is awful. Mike Vaughn, the man who provides the voice of Spider-Man in this game, does a putrid job in voicing the character. Spidey's voice in this game sounded too whiny and too high pitched. Overall: Despite Spidey's voice, Web of Shadows is one of the best Spider-Man games out there IMO. The combat and moral choice system will give you a fun gaming experience. Grade: A
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    April event that runs through the 12th, which is when the big festival kicks off. 12th is a sunday so Phil will 100% not see it since he won't stream it that day. Preloading Resident evil 3 for tonight, damn I'm hyped for Nemesis.
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    210 people voted. I'm willing to bet at least 60 of those are alts
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    In the end, does it matter? People care more about the special vest than the games. A literal menu simulator is among the top places. A special person made a bunch of sock accounts just to bump his favorite games even though they would be a snorefest to watch. You have to be that special to put this much effort just to vote for something so boring.
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    If it wasn't obvious to anyone before, this website is one of the worst places to do a poll. And the event is a bit of a sham. 1) Viewers choice restrictions only mentioned after hitting first goal 2) Several games dropped from the poll even though they qualified 3) Plenty of fake voting 4) Phil tells @MoraMoria on stream yesterday that its pretty much an "oh well" situation due to human error about the games getting dropped cause there have been 3 days of voting already This is among the worst instances of Viewers Choice that there has been and it really does not inspire confidence in the future of the event. Even though that was already pretty bad given past issues with this type of event. Time for Phil to work on finding a solution or just ending these events
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    Easter Egg hunt, for unique furniture and gifts.
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    Phil has the Animal Crossing stream advertised as "Bunny Day", what happens there?
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    Yep, rigged poll but it's not like many of these are good options to begin with.
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    That is so cool, I like how you drew Jasper.
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    Deus EX? Talking about boring options.
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