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    The best form is obviously the Chibi one, when he fought Lucci.
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    What do you mean?
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    His arms have atrophied a lot , we see during the T pose lmao. He starts his stream at 10 15, well after all the pre stream stuff its really like 12pm I dont see any reason why he shouldnt try to get swole in the morning
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    I have back issues also, and found that bicycling is a very comfortable form of exercise. Jogging can be too jarring on the spine, swimming is okay but getting access to a pool has it's own complications. But biking is a very efficient way of getting cardio without putting any strain on the back. And since he lives in a gated community, he can go for late night rides after streaming without worrying about the elements. And yes, it seems like everything he eats is meat-based. A little moderation would be welcome there.
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    walking and collecting clues a literal movie no Bloodstained or Remnant because everyone would hate those
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    You, my friend, don't get it. Portraying himself as 'The inept bumbler who goes off on rants' is his shtick. It has been since the beginning. He doesn't hide it. He openly admits it on stream and in Tweets. He has said that he patterned this persona after that of the AVGN, who he was a fan of. "Looking up tutorials and learn[ing] how to properly play the game" is counter productive to his business model of encouraging backseat gamers 'to help him' via their tips and cheers. The other part of his persona that he has long employed to garner views on YouTube, now is directed toward obtaining followers on Twitch who will in turn hopefully become subscribers because of his rants and 'excuses'. It's all part of the show. There are streamers who genuinely strive to play games to the best of their ability and do not allow handholding/backseat gaming in their chats. If that is what you're after, I suggest you watch their streams.
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    Couple of those look hopeful, I know I'll watch another Thor movie though nothing can top the last one. Went and saw Peanut butter Falcon tonight and it was great. Shia did really well in his role.
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    Andrew Luck retired from the NFL tonight apparently he was Mentally warm out (probably cause the Colts organization is toxic) And while they announced his retirement, Colts fans booed him
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    MCI's Phase 4 Films Black Widow - May 1st 2020 The Falcon And The Winter Soldier - August 2020 (Disney+) Eternals - November 6th, 2020 Loki - Early 2021 (Disney+) Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings - February 12th, 2021 Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness - May 7th, 2021 WandaVision - Early 2021 (Disney+) What If…? - Mid 2020 (Disney+Animated Series) Hawkeye - Fall 2021 (Disney+) Thor: Love And Thunder - November 5th, 2021 She-Hulk - TBC (Disney+) Ms Marvel - TBC (Disney+) Moon Knight - TBC (Disney+) Black Panther II - May 6th, 2022
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    That's just a prototype, isn't it? As long as it's efficient. If they end up making it like this, I know someone in this world, at some point, will put a beverage on that space.
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    Guys there's a reason why the plugs come just before shoutouts. Unless a lot of people (means people who donate) complain it's not going to change. So far I'm not aware those people complained. If a lot of people cheer and tip that they want the plugs go away then it will go away. But those people come to the prestreams to listen to the same stuff every day. They think it's funny, the plugs became a meme.
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    Wouldn't it be more efficient to lock events behind tip goals? Tips help him the most. All of the extra subs are gifted. That makes him lose 50% of the money.
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    The prestreams and the "clunky" way he does things in general are parts of his shtick that differentiates him from others and why these certain people stick to him and donate. Not going into details but that shtick makes those people feel better about themselves and that's why they support him.
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    This is how I feel, if you feel ashamed or embarrassed about doing something then you have no business doing it. If he knows that people dislike the plugs segment, or when he says the sarcastic "gratuitous plugs" to me that means he is at least embarrassed about saying it, then don't do it. Prestreams should be 15-30 max, if there is contributions then say it when the gameplay starts, like others said before I dont need to hear about the 11 year legacy every day, sure it might be ok maybe once a month but every day? I like Phil but this part of his content is so odd and weird. Hopefully he can take this advice and use it
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    They already asked a variation of this question several times over the months. At some point he said that the length of the Prestream was up to the ones who contribute, it could be very short/long depending on them, and that they should be used to it. He does this because now he's interactive, so the Shoutout section is a must; the Initial one is also necessary to him, because he talks about the games, maybe some news, (briefly), & schedule. Now for the Plug segment, he thinks, (from what I've heard him say), that they do not take any considerable amount of time, and that it'll remind people what are the ways, and the best ones for contribution, (for new people & not-regulars). Phil thinks that he needs to do this, which is why he made the sarcastic comment: "gratuitous plug-segment", as if it's not in his hands. As for your suggestion, pre-recording this segment wouldn't be ideal. Most people don't like it already, doing this will surely make some leave the stream, or make it feel cheap. If they're tolerating this, they must feel that at least the streamer is making some sort of effort, or else it will be a joke.
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    I mean yeah if you have Double Magic that is true but if you don't find all the fairies the first time then jesus christ lol
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    I drew this during GTA and NFL but I'm not sure if I like it enough to submit it for Phil to use on stream. and yes. That's MISTER Jasper!
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    I forgot to post this here. This was my attempt to do a Digital-Art drawing of Brandon Lee, but since I'm out of practice, I think it could be improved. It was fun making it, though.
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    im still a bit disappointed that he did an executive decision and refused to play UFC online or mario tennis aces online...those games made him incredibly mad when he played those and the rage a thon entire point is to make Phil play games he doesn't want to play . i saw him saying on one of those late night prestreams that he doesn't upload that people who voted for those games are idiots who dont understand the criteria for what would make good rage a thon but there is very little information about what he actually means and what games are acceptable ...the only criteria he specified on the nominations thread was it has to be readily available to purchase digitally mario tennis and UFC were games he already owned so he really needs to make it clear next time he does a rage athon and have a list of games he would refuse to accept so people dont end up wasting their time
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    Played a bunch of VR games this weekend. The two of note were No Man's sky Beyond and Xing. No man's sky supposedly got some huge improvements but I honestly spent most of my time just randomly exploring a few of the planets that were near me. In VR it's hard to describe space flight... felt almost real looking back and seeing this impossibly huge planet below when leaving a planets gravity. Without warp speed it would take you literally days to reach far off planets. Just floating around in endless space was an odd feeling. I'm going to play some more when I get a chance and actually check out the story. I did find a ruined building with some weird eggs near it. When I touched the eggs like a dozen scorpion-spider like creatures appeared from underground and kicked my ass. Xing is a pretty cool exploration game with puzzles, nothing too hard yet on the first island. Lots of eye candy from floating islands to tropical beaches.
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    Yeah he has 2 versions so far of that form
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    Make tip/cheer based polls (people vote by cheering/tipping) on what games to play, what events to do... Have a tip/cheer/sub goal to play on hard difficulty. Have a tip poll/goal to do certain stuff and choices in a game. Have a tip/sub goal to play a certain game. Tip goals/polls to replay some fan favorite games. Have a high tip/sub goal for games you don't want to touch but people want to see, like WOW, MMORPGs, LOL, Starcraft, CSGO. If people are bored of a game, have a goal to switch to a popular game (like DS) on the fly. Trolls love giving you money, have high goals to play games (like WOW) where you can get easily trolled or stream sniped. Have events where donations determine what you do on stream, like you dab for every $5 :) Have a patreon perk that makes you play a game the patron chooses for at least one stream. A patreon perk that makes you play a game with the patron. Have patreon goals (based on how much money you receive from patreon) to play certain games, do events... Have patreon polls where the money they spend = votes they have. In short: give people something in return or something they want to see for the money When you had the sub goal for a new retrospective event someone instantly gifted the subs. When you had the $200 tip goal it wasn't so great, because there was no reward. What would be really cool: Some streamers have sub gifting events. Like when they win in Apex they'll gift some subs. It's just a nice cool thing to do and it attracts new viewers. It sucks how sub gifters gift subs to random people who never use the chat. So you could gift subs to people in chat. And people would like you more.
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