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    KG is just saying this because he fell for Switch's Cardboard VR.
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    I played and beat the Alpha and Beta for Nioh, but can't get a Nioh 2 Alpha demo. Fuck my life.
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    Who? This is cool, they made a bunch of new carts.
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    God do you ever just shut the fuck up lol like holy Jesus mother fucking christ its like the same shit with you go get a fucking life
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    Honestly, I'm fine with this outcome. Now the next death battle, oh wow I'm excited.
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    There hopefully everybody can see them now these two are my last two until i come up with something else
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    None actually, it goes far beyond knuckles memes. Look up the Nanachi community, that's what I've been a part of :P Although I did have a knuckles-esque avatar for a bit but an update deleted it XD
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    and it seems Nintendo hasnt learned anything from Virtual Boy.
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    Hell yeah, got the special edition. I want my Koromaru plush
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    @BlueEyesWhiteDragon He looks as if he's wearing contact lenses, or maybe he's just the right-hand of Voldemort. Nice editing, BlueEyes.
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    I'll preface this by saying that I fully expect this thread to be deleted and to be perma-banned...it's something that NEEDS to, should have been said a long time ago, so I'll stick my neck out and say it. The end-all-be-all of Triple A titles ended when Minecraft blew that fallacy out of the water once and for all. Time and again, this has proven to be true....while continually being ignored here. The newest example being that being 'A Plague Tale'.* One would have thought that after 'Days Gone' was so recently cast aside regardless of viewer advice for the word of Reviewers, who are constantly held in low regard/called shills was found to be a grand game upon actually playing it ( via a $100 Tip to do so ), viewer opinions were seen to be a bit more valid....as critics later went on to echo. Was anything learned from this? ....sadly no. Viewers repeatedly asked for 'A Plague Tale', a $40 game that was eschewed for the mediocre $60 Rage 2 that I cannot recall ANYONE asking to be played. This obsessive need to play all the triple A titles Day One in the age of early release copies to YouTubers and now Streamers while turning a blind eye to ALL the other games out there boggles the mind. Surely someone with a business/finance degree upon no longer having 'Day One Consumer Release' advantage due to the promotional early release of Triple A titles would by now realize a switch to being a Big fish in a Little pond would be far more advantageous than trying to catch up with the Big Fish who are days ahead. Personally, if my livelihood relied on it, I'd be burning the midnight oil seeking out the next game that could take the world by storm and propel me along with it...before everyone and their grandmother was playing it...as is the case with A Plague Tale now...but not, perhaps with the next opportunity. It will, however, require work seeking these opportunities out as by the time stream chat offers said games they have been playing up....it's already to late.
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    1) It would be beneficial to both the streamer and the stream chat to curtail moderators from inserting their personal bias toward alternate lifestyle choices into their moderation of the community up to and including openly espousing said bias in the stream chat, insulting, degrading or banning community members who fall into this personal bias. 2) It would make for a more welcoming atmosphere in the stream chat if moderators refrain from crowing about the number of Bans they had executed during a stream and/or commenting on their level of excitement regarding the prospect of the number of people they hope to have the opportunity to Ban during a stream. 3) It would better serve to grow the stream community if moderators refrain from instigating behaviors for the sole purpose of enacting Bans. 4) Stream chat Rules ( ...and 'detractor meme' chat names real or imagined* ) should be moderated equally regardless of attendance time logged in the chat, the presence or lack of 'badges' if the chat is to indeed not be seen as having 'A Good Old Boys Club'. * I'll go specific on this one as a new viewer was asked to change their name as it was perceived to be a 'detractor meme name' even though the new viewer stated it had been based off of a game. Moderators should not be immune to being asked to change their names if they have chosen to take on 'detractor meme' monikers.
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