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    I'm announcing that I'm putting my T&H on hiatus for a month or two because I'm currently dealing with a shitty depression and I'm also trying to look for a job, which I have been unsuccessful for a very long time. If I wasn't depressed, I would be able to do some T&H all the while still looking for the job but I can't right now. I won't be able to do the Yakuza 4[game I own] and Batman AK Threads any time soon. If anyone wants to take charge of this, then by all means go right ahead and send me all the information on a PM and I will set it all up for you but personally I can't take the time to do it all by scratch. Please understand and thank you.
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    My biggest complaint about @Phil as a streamer is, that he doesn't play with the games. I mean: He uses one weapon as long as possible. Doesn't use most of the game's items, weapons, techniques. Doesn't experiment with anything, doesn't test items and weapons. If he finally tries to test out an item, he does it wrong, he concludes the item doesn't work and never uses it again. Doesn't try different approaches: if he sees he could beat a boss with a weapon he just picked, he will continue to fight the boss 10 times over with the same weapon and tactic, until he succeeds. Doesn't check controls, skips tutorials. Tries to brute force his way just to get to the next story cutscene/mission and just get to the end. Playing the games from start to finish the same one way (as long it works to just get to the next part, even if it takes too long or multiple tries), makes the playthroughs kinda boring. Yes, it can be funny when Phil fails, but when he does the same exact thing 10 times over, it gets boring. Some quick examples: MGS series: doesn't use stun grenades or the box and other stuff; fights bosses with the same bad approach DS series: doesn't use fire bombs, pine resin; still didn't learn how to parry; fights bosses with the same bad approach Borderlands: keeps sniping the whole game (because it's easy and he didn't try learning how to fight enemies head on), he isn't sniper class, so it takes forever for him to kill enemies Apex: didn't try to test out abilities unless he meets an enemy, then he forgets about the abilities and only shoots his gun Subnautica: tries to rush the game, doesn't try to understand the game by himself and is completely dependent on what chat tells him Black Mesa: doesn't use grenades on the turrets, uses the hive-hand (wrong) when it's obviously too weak This behavior is the reason why TIHYDPs exist.
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    Post any economci news articles or commentary here. These are things to keeep abreast of, for those of us awake enough to do so. Would also help liven up the forums Any articles to share or should i start some...
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    So after many years, I finally played the famous Puyo Puyo Fever. And it is alot of fun. I ended up beating the RunRun course, and then the WakuWaku course twice, on normal mode with Amitie. My second run of the WakuWaku course, was much tougher. That stinky annoying cat boss (no spoilers) was tough. She plays cheap and literally cheats alot. I thought this was supposed to be normal mode? Lol! But luckily, I ended up defeating her again. Now I'm planning to play, the HaraHara course, with Amitie's rival Raffine, which is a bit tougher and see her side of this cool story. I definitely rate, this dreamcast game highly. It is alot of fun.
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    So, are there any Fighters History players here? And if so, who do guys like playing? Note: For those who want to know, Fighters History is a fighting game, made by Data East. They are known for making, lots of classic famous games. Eg. Bad Dudes, Fighters History and Fighters History Dynamite etc. Fighters History, moreso Fighters History Dynamite aka Karnov's Revenge, is still played in tournaments in Japan, even to this day. And you can play it, on Fightcade too. But me, I like the first Fighters History game, a bit more.
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    Best superhero movie I ever saw, was The Incredibles. I haven't seen the second movie yet though.
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    Another question, Phil. With your recent retrospective streams, would you consider viewing Evil AJ's original MGS3 TIHYDP for one of those events? I understand, if you don't/wouldn't.
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    Just wanted to post you can get some cool emotes and badges made on fiverr and etsy. They are $13-20 per emote. Works for T-shirt designs too. https://www.fiverr.com/search/gigs?query=twitch emotes https://www.etsy.com/market/twitch_emote
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    The example games you used are really old, he played Borderlands and MGS like ten years ago? Why bring these up? Subnautica doesn't explain itself very well, so I kinda get it. Apex, no interest so can't comment.
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    Hey dudes. More fun questions. A) So what are your favourite Jrpg's? B) What Jrpg's are you currently playing? C) And what Jrpg, did you always want to play, but unfortunately, haven't played it yet? D) What in your opinion, is the worst Jrpg, you've ever played? E) And what Jrpg's are you planning to play soon? PS: For those who don't know, Jrpg's are games like..... Legend of Mana Final Fantasy Evolution 2: Far off promise Lost Kingdoms
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    Hey. It's amazing that after 20 years, people still talk about Chrono Trigger. And still want a sequel to it. It's a game that always gets brought up, anytime there is a jrpg discussion. I never played it yet though. And I heard about the fan game fiasco, with square enix, a few years ago. Yeah, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are really good games. That's a nice bunch of Jrpg games you mentioned there dude. Also, I'm glad that someone else besides myself, remembers Evolution 2. I'm still hoping for an Evolution 3 game. I want to see how the story continues, and see if Mag Launcher will ever find his missing parents. And if he and his friends, will ever find out, the other amazing mysteries, surrounding their pal Linear Cannon. Even I was surprised, of the epic story that game had. It even puts, alot of famous jrpg stories, to shame too.
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    Some years ago I tried playing a bunch of old games on an emulator, and they were for the 'Gameboy Color', I think. Three of them were RPGs. They were "Robopon", "Azure Dreams" and the "Pokémon Jade/Diamond", (which apparently are the bootleg version of "Keitai Denjuu Telefang"/携帯電獣テレファング). I never completed them, though, maybe someday I'll play them again. Games with cool and funny monsters are always interesting, don't you think?
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    Okay dudes. So what are your favourite, First Person Shooter games? My favourite two, are Metroid Prime 1 and Half-Life.
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    This looks really nice dude. Great work!
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    Hello Phil, I forgot to add this emote to my last post! Thank You, Genetic Gamer
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    Hello Phil, I am taking a college level art class and I drew a painting of you! My instructor loved it and told my class I have real skill. If you want to use it as an emote that would be great! Thank You, Genetic Gamer
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    dspWassup, dspThumbsup, dspAmazing and dspCosy
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    dspPhone you check your phone a lot, whether for personal stuff or for guides. I think chat could have fun with this one
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    One more attempt. This time I managed to to get the buggy cheermotes below maximum size in the initial render, so I didn't have to run them through the compressor that might've been making them flicker. The cowboy one actually only needed to be shrunken by a fraction of a kilobyte, lol.
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    Thanks for starting the thread! Excited to see people's suggestions! NOTE: My idea was a platforming marathon where I'd have to beat Mario or Sonic games with a certain number of lives in a certain amount of time, and trying to hit certain checkpoints in the games in a certain amount of time as well.
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    Posting this here as well, as I'm not sure if the other topic was correct. Apologies if it's not posted in the right spot- hope you enjoy!
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    Uh, can someone else explain to me what a waifu is?
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    What is T&H? What does it mean and what is it for?
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    Don't worry about it, life comes before games. This forum ain't going anywhere so come back when you're bored.