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    I made another new stream slide, this one is good to let people know that the stream is starting soon I used some retro gaming sprites to make it more fun just like the other fanart that Phil loves Edit: I showed my brother and he suggested some changes to make it more fun.
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    Furi, (from the sniper). That's right, Phil, it has been nominated again.
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    Why even bother saying anything if you're not going to answer his question? There is a bug with the saving system that had saves being placed in the wrong location sometimes. No idea if its been fixed.
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    Nice, I remember Riku having a better story. Although I played the GBA version. Last few chapters of Death stranding really fly, since it's boss after boss. I'm at chapter 12 right now. :edit: and that's it, beat the game. Those last two chapters are pretty insane. I didn't even realize I was fighting the final boss. The very final two chapters are basically a huge text dump of plot for an hour or two...so I can already hear Phil bitching. You also can't skip the credits as they play over gameplay and then you get one last delivery mission. Might go back for optional missions and achievements at some point later.
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    AFAIK there is no remastered gothic, and it's a pain in the ass to get running on a modern system without patching it. Also it's not a good game for these marathons. It will take more than an hour or two for him to really get into it. It's a very long game and he couldn't do it justice without dedicating a full playthrough. I don't know why so many people expect him to get into these large RPGs during a marathon stream. He already expressed this sentiment himself when he played stalker earlier this year. Actually, he even says that in this very post. "2. The game should be something that's fun to play for about an hour. Picking a long, drawn-out RPG where I'm not even through the introduction isn't going to be very interesting to stream viewers!"
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    Furi Celeste Zone of the Enders God Hand Gal*Gun Double Peace(Just for the Lol)
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    Submitted for Pokémon. Hope it’s okay
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    That person edited their post after I posted. I believe they originally said just Myst also. My vote is for "Myst: Masterpiece Edition" which is just a modern port of the original game I believe and not random updated graphics
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    Ford v Ferrari - Review (2019) The Good Matt Damon and Christian Bale's Terrific performances. Christian Bale who plays Brit race car driver Ken Miles who just plays a very likeable real character. Matt Damon's American engineer Carroll Shelby is the perfect counterpoint. James Mangold's Thrilling Direction who knocks the loaded dialogues out of the park, of course, but really comes into his own when helming the white-knuckle, gorgeously smooth racing set-pieces, of which there are many. Amazing ensemble cast from Tracy Letts, who as Ford CEO Henry Ford II, Jon Bernthal is also very good as Ford VP Lee Iacocca, Noah Jupe is a delight as Miles' son, and shares several of the movie's most poignant scenes opposite Bale, while Caitriona Balfe is typically solid as Miles' frustrated wife Mollie, and Remo Girone, who does a wonderful job playing an old Enzo Ferrari. Incredible sound design The tone is perfect. The Bad It can be a little long with some scenes dragging, but that's about it. Final Thoughts: If you are a racing fan you are gonna love this movie, even if your arent your still gonna love it, Ford v. Ferrari is a incredible fun film from James Mansgold with 2 amazing performances from both Bale and Damon. Overall Grade: A
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    Definitely, Celeste. You already have it on your X1. You downloaded it when it was free. In addition, I think you will like the platforming of the game. Also, there seems like there will be some platforming that will cause some rage but some people like that when watching your stuff. You will like the game even though there will be some difficult parts in it.
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    Yall excited for Pokimon? So do they have online trading so we can exchange pokes or what? I'm probably getting the Shield version since everyone seems to be getting Sword. Also Galarian Ponyta.
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    Good news everyone - Phil canceled his Netflix subscription! That's $8 a month he'll save from now on
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