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    Dude, just ignore him okay. Trust me, I know from experience.
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    I'm not the one raging on Twitter, you're the one raging here, insulting people regarding their intelligence when you don't even understand what you read. You answered to a post I made about not taking either side's word, by saying that I took one side's word. You're the one who has nothing else to do.
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    So you say: But I just said: Conclusion: You do not understand what you read; - Evidence: Quoted posts. You also insulted people based on intelligence, after this display of ignorance, meaning that you also displayed zero self awareness; Evidence: Previous posts.
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    Report me you little bitch. You're an asshole anyway. This is you trying to cling to some power thinking I won't respond. Go fuck yourself.
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    I always felt like TIHYDP grew in popularity because a good amount of people already had a reason to dislike Phil. TIHYDP may have created some "detractors" but I think its far from the main reason that so many dislike him.
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    Indeed even though they did correct on Eddie and Venom I think Venom 2 will be better cause Andy Serkis is directing now and im sure his Visual effect company is doing the CGI and i heard it might be R Rated which it should with Carnage MCU Films Ranked (now with Sony's Universe included) 1. Avengers: Endgame 2. Avengers: Infinity War 3. Captain America: Civil War 4. The Avengers 5. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 6. Iron Man 7. Guardians of the Galaxy 8. Thor: Ragnarok 9. Spider-Man: Far From Home 10. Spider-Man: Homecoming 11. Black Panther 12. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 13. Avengers: Age of Ultron 14. Iron Man 3 15. Ant-Man 16. Doctor Strange 17. Captain America: The First Avenger 18. Thor 19. Captain Marvel 20. Ant-Man and the Wasp 21. Iron Man 2 22. The Incredible Hulk 23. Thor: The Dark World 24. Venom (Sony) (Shit)
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    You act like you know ANYTHING about what games I play or what platforms I use haha. I’m sorry that your life is so miserable right now, keep your head up, someday you’ll be happy!
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    And you're an undesirable muppet.
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    You both come off as dropped children tbh..
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    You came here to make a straw-man & prove you don't understand what you read, (see above), while insulting people to get attention in here, while telling others that they talk to get attention, while posting nonsense, while telling others they post nonsense. Zero self-awareness and ignorant. You answer is also a red-herring, a response to me displaying how flawed your argument is, is a screencap of a Tweet I made, unrelated to anything.
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    I mean it is but isnt Its like The Dark Knight trilogy I liked Aquaman cause i love that character and it was full Aquaman And Shazam! Is a great family movie and christmas movie lol
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    I liked both? Lol though i enjoyed Sonic more than BOP
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    A game from 2013 just made it to the switch? Embarrassing.
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    @babymngaming456 Just ignore him bro. It's not worth it constantly going toe to toe with a troll/asshole. Trust me, I know from experience.
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    Which makes people look completely different you retarded troll. If you weren't so retarded you would realize there's no point trying to prove something to 3 people on a dead forum.
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    What about a review of Code Vein since Phil is a well known Souls player? Code Vein has an anime style, but even Jim Sterling liked it. Jim is a beta cuck, so he hates everything with titties, but even him liked it. I will ask my good friend Bobby Kotick if he could gift the game to Phil.
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    If Phil himself doesn't remember who it was that used to be a big fan and chat mod then "turned detractor" how exactly would he know with absolute certainty that it wasn't gamerjlee? Especially given it's been proven Phil does know who Lee is and just doesn't remember him.
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    I don't know what cartoon that is, but the artwork looks like the one from the early GTA series, on the loading screens.
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    Here's a classic from Rampage having "fun" in Japan.
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    Happy Presidents' Day everyone.
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    Oh my god, they did?! Surely you're not a dishonest liar, so I'll tell you something... The person that sent you that link is obsessed with me, has been for several months by now, actually, that's also hilarious. They're so obsessed with me, that they'll try to get into an Internet fight for little to no reason, because they crave my attention. So they have to cling onto the fact that I made several informative/neutral posts in my Forum. I'm telling you, the day I stop using my accounts, they'll be so sad... If you're reading this, nameless person, here:
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    Yes, and that's one of the designs I left, when I was experimenting with some things on the Forum. I think there are a couple more, which are just a different palette, but I know the design can be overwhelming to some people. I was thinking of changing it when I got time, but not yet. The fact that some people would try to be nasty over this, is very funny to me.
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    This is hilarious. Trying to get into a meaningless Internet fight over one of the designs in my Forum.
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    What are you going to do? Send them a fake message telling them they're banned? That would be pretty funny.
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    I remember "Dragonball Evolution" as well.
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    I'm more than likely gonna get this since its a sequel to Persona 5 Plus i like the Dynasty Warriors type games
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    Your trolling is getting more and more pathetic.
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    He was if you wanted to know
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    Are you drunk or just stupid? Would be nice in the future if they would at least announce when they are taking the site down. Lately it seems like it takes a couple of days before Phil or Onyx notice the website isn't working. Come on. This section is for announcements and literally nobody uses it.
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    1. You're absolutely right, it does get boring and monotonous. But I only play like 2 hours a day max so I don't have that problem for long. lol 2: Imagine somebody donating to Phil on stream in a mid Minecraft fishing session and telling him to build the first image. The look he'd give. "thanks for the 5$ but i'm not building that" lmfao
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    It's because is unrefined rage, (not scripted), and you know it comes from the depth of Phil's soul. You also know the rant is imminent, but its magnitude in the Richter-scale is incalculable, like a machine-gun of pure fire. Like once Phil said, we are tested at our worst, that's when you see what lies beneath the surface.
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    His batsuit looks so badass
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    Babymangaming you are a fucking retard period.
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    Ive yet to binge it but when i do i have a site to skip all the shitty filler Right now binging Fairy Tail which im quite enjoying I agree it sucks Sony wont be there again but still cool to see all the announcements and demo gameplays of new games
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    You just proved it by posting the picture. That was never an argument, I never said he did it you stupid troll. And you are insulted when people call you retarded. Go move the goal post more you stupid troll.
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    And im sure everyone can agree that's the definition of thin-skinned.
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    Watching that part of the stream was very difficult. Phil doesn't seem to realize that there are plenty of people who have different reasons for disliking or hating him. And its not that often that someone "suddenly" and "without a good reason" turns on someone they used to like. People can change their mind about things and people when they get new information. People can hate Phil for what he said or has done in the past as well as what he says and does in the present. That isn't ever going to change. That is just how life works.
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    I was just drinking water in the exact same glass as that one in the photo.
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    The bottom line is it's none of your business. Doesn't Twitter show it based on your local time?
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    Greetings. I open this thread by reason of me messing around with the "FaceApp" and "Photoshop", in regards to the editing of faces. I think it could be fun to see the extent of the application, (combined with the skill you choose to invest, after applying the filters), as long as there is no malicious intent by the uploader. I also asked Phil directly, in beforehand, to make sure there's no problem in me opening the thread, and there isn't. Just before posting anything here, whether comment or file, if you decide to do so, please make sure that you comply with the "Forum Rules & Regulations", and that you have permission by licence, and/or by the person/people who appear in the image, before uploading any content, including Phil. You must also send a preview of the images to him, so that he approves it/them, before you post it/them. (This measure was suggested by me.) So, I myself will be posting some edited pictures of Phil to start the thread, (I only have like a dozen or so), and to make it more interesting, if you want, you can rate them in terms of how natural and real they look, because, if you keep applying filters, then, it ends up looking unrecognizible, so I tried to make them scarce. If I'm not mistaken, this russian 'app' uses relatively current 'neural network computing' technology, which is far from perfect and has its limitations, which is why the images I'm uploading are the decent ones, and are different enough from each other. (This is just fun stuff, so please, do not leave offensive comments, do not post 'detractor' content, and do follow the aforementioned rules.)
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    Wait what..? I had to look the exact definition because I don't even know what's the purpose of it. You can't be that influenced by your hormones, can you..?
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    Damn. I wish Phil would put some effort into the future special events. I cancelled my sub because there was no incentive. Having said that, maybe log back into THEKINGOFHATEHD channel again and have a look around for options to make all 402 videos public again. There's probably an option somewhere, and I'm sure with the 300-400 people on stream we can put our heads together and figure out how to fix the YouTube Red 2015 problem.
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    Uh, can someone else explain to me what a waifu is?
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