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    Just saw that the Resident Evil 2 remake is going to be $60. Whew! I don't know about that, man. I don't think the game is bad, but I am not paying that much for the remake. I will probably wait until it gets to the 20 - 30 price range.
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    Yeah. Classic indeed. And most of the stories in that series, were really interesting. I always liked seeing my fav girls, Rogue and Jubilee in that show. And anytime Magneto, or the Sentinels, appear in an episode, it would most likely be, an exciting one. That same series, is like the first time, where I learned about Sabertooth. And I ended up learning to play him, in the Marvel + Capcom, cross over fighting games. @sateler96 Another Lego movie? I still haven't seen, the first one. Lol!
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    Ah, the 1992 X-Men animated series. I was first introduced to him through that show as well. That show is a classic.
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    The purpose of this thread is to submit ideas for the upcoming next marathon. As Phil said on his Twitter account, it will last at least for 16 hours, so there is a lot of potential for trying new things, like finishing an entire game in one go, playing themed games, (like retro style, action, platformers, and so on.), covering ones that he would normally not play and make a series out of it, for various reasons, but that would make sense in a marathon... I'm personally inclined to the idea of something he mentioned, which is having like a "challenge" mode marathon, at least for some games. He would try to beat certain parts of the game in hard mode, for example, or in the least amount of time or the like. Because of this, three of my suggestions would be 'Cursed Castilla', (he did not played this, I think), 'Ninja Gaiden', (perfect for a challenge), and 'Furi'. I believe this format would be appropriate, since it's something new, but this is just my opinion, so feel free to post your own suggestions.
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    Yep. I know that he is a mutant. Because I remember him, from the old X-men cartoon. And he is also playable, in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. And yeah, I always found it strange, that he couldn't cut through, those two special metals.
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    I think you need to check out both Guardians of the Galaxies
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    I really want to know what everyone's favorite playthroughs are! With the next DSP "Retrospective" stream I think it would be cool to look back and discuss your favorite playthroughs. My personal favorite was Far Cry 3. Very underwater in my opinion
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    @Phil Celeste could be another game you try. It is free for the X1 January 1st - 31st .
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    @Phil you should definitely consider playing Risk of Rain.
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    No more sonic. No more mario. No more crash. U alrdy played it to death. It was mad boring.
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    I made another simple fan art, this time for black ops 4 multiplayer
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    That's cool. Glad you're enjoying them. I'll probably check them out in the near future.
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    Yeah. Alot of people, haven't heard of it either. But it is a really funny comic book series, with a goof ball warrior hero and his dog, who is his no.1 fan.
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    Two scary big dudes! Abomination it is.
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    Let's not forget Marshawn Lattimore's first interception off of Foles earlier in the ball game.
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    #17 Jeffery let the pass slip though his hands and then it gets intercepted and cost the Eagles. Man, he's gonna have to live through that during the offseason. Even after the Saints were down 14-0, I never felt like they were out of the game because there were still a little over 4 minutes in the 1st QTR. That fake punt helped them get back in the game. The trend of offense staying aggressive on 4th down continues.
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    I'm new at this so I don't know why the gif of you bopping around glitches out, maybe it's because of how fast it moves around, or maybe it's a compression thing. I made a new version. This one's also compressed a lot, but maybe it'll behave better since it's slower. I'll try to make something else if it still doesn't behave. I also redid the one with the gun so it shows your face from the start, which means the thumbnail on the bits page shouldn't be blank.
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    Posting this here as well, as I'm not sure if the other topic was correct. Apologies if it's not posted in the right spot- hope you enjoy!
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    Yea MDCFan is telling the truth. If you like games similar to X-men legends or marvel. You will like the game.
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    Now that truly is disgusting!