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    Thanks for the suggestions. "Games with cool and funny monsters are always interesting, don't you think?" Yeah, those sprites remind me of Earthbound sprites they are really neat.
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    No the rules are still "in effect". However, there are exceptions just like the "no detractor talk" rules. For Phil: - Its Phil's stream and he'll talk about whatever he wants and the rules do not apply for him - Phil is self-admittedly not a politics guy and self-admittedly has uneducated opinions about things but they must be shared For Stream Chat you can talk about banned topics (politics, corona virus, detractors) if you: - highlight your message to support/decry a political candidate/political party or make general political statements - cheer about a banned topic so Phil can talk about it - do regular messages in chat about banned topics (moderators do not moderate banned topics) - are in a "chill stream" where people come to unwind and escape from certain things/topics - are in a chatting stream - are in a gameplay stream
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    Zelda BOTW is a drug, and should be illegal.
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    Inactive accounts =/= Banned accounts Bro you got practically everything wrong in this rant. I live in Los angeles for one, I'm moving to Utah. Barely anyone here talks about the cockroaches on kiwi or twitter, and they are still cowards hiding on their forum far away from Phil. That's just a fact no matter how hard you want to argue otherwise. We barely even talk about those folks. Just because there's only a handful of people chatting here all the time doesn't make it a dead forum. I don't know where your concept of death came from, because there's clearly living people posting here. Are you a skeleton man? I've never been banned from twitter, I stopped using it because it's full of liberal garbage and SJWs. I'm betting nobody over there gives him any attention. lmao Reality? Bro, everybody knows this forum is only used by a handful of people. Nobody cares. We still post about random bullshit. It doesn't matter so calm yourself. You're going to have a heart attack before 18 if you get mad so much. Drink some lemonade and just enjoy shit.
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    That's amazing, the irony. It's already being a nice day. Mhm. Well, see ya in a few days.
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    another souls clone...to skip
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    I'll probably buy a new PC at some point this year, my machine is going on 8 years now. Mods like this look pretty awesome: https://sites.google.com/view/moguri-mod/install
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    Hmm...I'm not sure why you tried to take it seriously to begin with. Its just a silly forum.
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    I told you I’d bug again...have learned how to kill God yet? Jeru agreed...“quarantine is not a productivity challenge, I’m gonna say I don’t agree with that, I think this is the time you should be your most productive, Idol hands devils workshop...that’s what they say so ima gonna say...” I humbly request you check 4:40 if you decide not to treat yourself to the full experience! Thankful I am.
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    Oh shoot, I have a lot of things I have to start reading and study... But not very fun when it's more about memorizing literal texts, rather than understanding.
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    This forum is a dull as paint drying when taken serious. Only entertainment is laughing at everybody.
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    http://www.casabonitadenver.com Color me shocked to find out this is a real place. Finally got full 100% completion of Fractured but hole tonight, completed the DLCs.
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    Seeing Peyton Manning talk shit to Tom Brady while playing Golf is great XD
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