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    Deathface was created by me in 2010 when I first made up the Project 7 concept and mini-series. Deathface's character was also created by me for the Project 7 reboot that aired in 2012. Most of the core ideas for the character were mine, but individual lines/jokes were written by all of us (myself, John and Howard) and there was a lot of improv during shooting. The physical body of Deathface in 2010 was played by me, and in 2012 by John, and I also did all of the voiceovers for the character. Anyone who says anything else is either an idiot, or a liar.
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    Fair enough, you don't want to take the risk with automation. But I am legit surprised that you think that the text looks tiny. Anyway I wasn't pulling your leg with the buttons, this is what it would look like: Ask your community either directly on stream or via twitter poll if they would prefer a simpler leaderboard/subcount layout. I think you will be surprised.
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    I'd be honored if Phil could use my artwork on one of his prestream slides.
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    Um, the marathon event was meant to be 4-5 games, with each game getting enough time to make a determination if it's good, and time to swap between stuff, plus the DSP Tries It premiere. As-is, with Silent Hill and The Conjuring House being duds, I finished exactly on time. I didn't "end early" with Silent Hill, I gave it a shot and determined it was crap. Sorry, the intro of the game is 30 boring-ass minutes with no explanation or anything of interest. Then the game throws you into motion control hell, and the motion controls weren't working, at all. So, what exactly did you expect? I was bored, the stream was bored, and we moved on. Sorry it was the game you wanted to see, but it panned out to be crap. That's just life, man. You should have expected as such when the now-dated motion control gimmick was the highlight of the game.
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    That's correct, but it actually happened earlier than that. When I play games such as Spider-Man I take reviews with a grain of salt. I suspected before playing the game that it was possibly reviewed in a VERY positive light because we haven't seen a good superhero game in years, and that the game wouldn't live up to that level of hype. After playing it, I stated that I felt the game was outstanding, but not flawless. I think it's on part with GOTY material but I'm not sure if I like it as much as, or more, than God of War. I won't know until I finish it. That being said, none of that equates to: "This fucking asshat literally called Spider-Man "overhyped" even though it outsold God of War " TalentedAtLife, like most of the people who dislike me, is an idiot. He hears whatever he wants to hear, or he only hears a partial part of a statement and takes that partial statement as a fact, instead of hearing the entire thing in context. That's the exact thing a moron does.
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    Man, I really hope they get this game translated quick. I want it so badly D:
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    Phil, this is what I was getting at when you were asking about the leaderboard bar being too big and intrusive
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    I like it! Could you maybe make a few versions using different colors (black/red etc) and maybe make the S colored instead of white? I may use this for an icon/avatar for twitter/youtube etc so some options would be nice to mess with and see what works best! Thanks!
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    You heard it here first folks. If you laugh at someone you must be a duplicate account!
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    Jeez man, you living in the past or something? Forum has been dead for years. Only some of us stuck around to shitpost. Everybody knows the forum has always been a troll heaven and people come here all the time to start shit, so the only people you'll ever see getting banned are the extremists that most of us just ignore these days. It's 2018 and people still think DSP drama is relevant.
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    So he mentioned on Twitter that if he pulls the plug on YouTube and goes full Twitch that he won't even leave the streams up as a highlight. Is this for real? If I can't make the streams everyday I won't be able to catch up? What is even the reason for that? It'll only piss people off. BTW uploading the two videos from the stream IS NOT WORK!
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    I truly think its time for Phil to realise his dream.. he told us what it was ... a restaurant. Ladies and Gentleman, how are you all doing... welcome, welcome, welcome tooo.. BURNELLIS - A homely authentic Italian in the heartland of Renton, WA - A DSP Restaurant. I have had a few thoughts , tell me what you think. --------------- MENU Appys Selection Of Cheese - Finest cheese obtained from the cheese section in Costco (maximise profit here) 12 Nonnas Homemade Meatballs - Our owners tried and tested meatballs in secret homemade sauce.. (small plate) 10 Olive Bowl - A selection of olives. - 8 Ravioli mushrooms - Hand picked mushrooms in a bowl of the finest Ravioli - 23 Traditional Marinara (store bought to save time and maximise profit - different from nonnas) - 12 Mains. Traditional Marinara served with Penne - As a main again maximise profit from Americans who dont understand true and honest italian cooking. 24 Eggplant Penne - A mix of Penne with eggplant - 28 Veal - Finest Washington state veal served with Penne 30 Italian Sausage - Served with Penne - 20 Nonnas Homemade Meatballs - Served with Penne and special secret "nothing i could do'' Sauce 35 ... Decorating the walls will be photos of Phil during his prime fighting days, photos of him shaking hands with all the big name FGC members back in the day. photos of him in action from twitch. Memorable kill shots in games.. the time he won in PUBG.. that sort of thing. Behind the bar will be his 4th place at Evo trophy. Pride of place. Next to it can be his sub button ornament that Youtube send out... and a signed twitch tshirt. I was thinking about what Phil could do. He would (obviously) be the owner, checking on guests shaking hands, reminiscing about his time on Youtube, how he butted heads with the biggest names in the FGC, making sure the food was good. Greeting and welcoming VIP guests and subs (ill get to that) Kat can be the pastry chef, you'll note i didnt include any in my menu.. ill let her design her own menu. .Tips are absolutely not included in the price. Everyone will have the opportunity to throw a quarter into a jar by the door, this allows 1 question of the Restaurant manager about his past. You can sub to the restaurant, this doesnt really do anything other then a welcome as you enter and we will give you a nice paper crown after every visit. once you hit 12 crowns we will provide you a plastic crown.. this allows for an extra meatball to come with your order of meatballs. Children not welcome, this is an adult only venue. I know its Phils ambition to make his restaurant a reality, ive just thrown some ideas together that i know could be a success. Not only will it secure his future, he can be his own boss and hire people creating jobs. Best part the whole thing have a camera showing the restaurant, kitchen so it can be an IRL stream on Twitch - maximize income. Let me know what you think.
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    Not sure how much you know about the internet but streaming is a form of downloading. The data has to go into the cache for you to play it and still need a download speed to do so. Or you were trying to be willingly obtuse.
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    I'll tell you one thing about short videos. They're digestible. With Phil I don't want to waste my bandwidth downloading a three hour fucking video if I'm not feeling the first few minutes. So his shorter videos work for me. I can skip ahead easily and the videos are named, so if something catches my eye I can easily skip ahead to something I like the sound of.
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    I never did a single negative thing toward you. I didn't report you anywhere. I didn't throw you under any bus. What I did do, was repeatedly tell you NOT to go to Kiwifarms and keep stirring shit. And that's exactly what you did, over and over and over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER because you have absolutely no self control whatsoever. YES, the people at Kiwifarms have done horrible things to many people, but YOU were the one who constantly went over there and instigated shit on a regular basis. Everyone else was able to just ignore the nonsense, but not you. I have absolutely nothing to do with your Twitch ban and I don't know anything about it outside of what you publicly stated. The fact that you've twisted the situation into some insane conspiracy theory against me says one thing: you need help. And you should seriously seek it, because your life is not going to be a very good one if you continue to shirk all responsibility for the things that you do, and then literally MAKE UP STORIES afterward about what happened to make yourself feel better. Well, after a couple of weeks this thread has devolved into crap, so let's close it.
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    The problem here isn't video length, it's engagement. Yes, if I make videos 30 minutes long instead of ten, TECHNICALLY they should show up in YouTube search more often - except THAT DOES NOT WORK FOR RAW GAMEPLAY. Because with raw gameplay, people FREQUENTLY "click around" and as soon as you do that, the engagement statistic stops at the point where you clicked around. For example: if people on average watch 6 minutes of a 10-minute video before they "click around" then that's 60% engagement. If they watch 6 minutes of a 30-minute video and then "click around" that's only 20% engagement. YOUTUBE USES THE ENGAGEMENT STAT TO HAND OUT ADVERTISEMENTS. So if my videos are only showing 20% engagement, I get less ads and make less money. I have explained this concept about 12 times here on the forums, and everyone seems to ignore it. YES, my special IRL stream from 3 weeks ago did well and shows up in YouTube search, because it WAS NOT A RAW GAMEPLAY VIDEO THAT PEOPLE SKIPPED AROUND. Most people watched the whole thing in its entirety, making it rank exceptionally well both in video length AND engagement. If that video were 2 hours of gameplay, it would have been at like 5% engagement and actually TANKED my channel. Nothing said in this thread has proven a damn thing, at all.
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    For the record, you don't know shit about shit. You weren't on the conference call when I was told directly by the HEAD OF PARTNERSHIPS at the time that I should delete all of my pre-stream videos, because YouTube had JUST THEN advised them that even videos set to private can get struck down with copyright strikes (And indeed, one did). You are 100% wrong and don't know anything about the situation, and when you state shit like this, it just proves you're one of the people drinking the Kool-Aid.
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    Top 20 Games I can't wait to See or be Announced at E3 1. The Last of Us Part II 2. Kingdom Hearts III 3. Spider-Man 4. Cyberpunk 2077 5. Elder Scrolls VI 6. Red Dead Redemption II 7. Superman: World's Finest 8. Final Fantasy VII (Remake) 9. Ghost of Tsushima 10. Beyond Good and Evil 2 11. Shadow of the Tomb Raider 12. Metroid Prime 4 13. Death Stranding 14. Telltale's The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 15. Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season 16. Hitman 2 17. Super Smash Bros. (Switch) 18. Avengers: Ultimate Alliance 19. Square Enix's Guardians of the Galaxy 20. Resident Evil 2 (Remake)
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    I noticed you cracking up over the penne meme so I think you won't take this the wrong way
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    Since he's planning on Playing Persona 5 this week I'm going to say this. Persona 5 is long. It's already at 300 parts and is annoying to navigate. Another 100-200 will make it even worse. Long segments such as Persona fusion or dungeon grinding takes up multiple parts with your current format. This is the perfect time to start this change. If you don't want to do full stream videos then at the very least I would prefer that if videos were long enough to cover a segment (Mementos grinding, Persona fusing, story developments). Also, I'll post this to prove my point. This video ranks #1 when searching for DSPGaming (Only counting his own videos) over all of the short gameplay videos he does. It has 11K views. It even ranks number 3 in "IRL" search. As you can see it has multiple mid-roll ads though they could be spaced out more evenly. That means that people who continue watching give extra ad revenue the same as they would if they clicked on the next part. This is a direct correlation with the length of the video. So to recap: Less micromanaging of videos (Less work) Less spam for subscribes (More views) Less clutter on the channel page (More views) High chance for vlogs to be seen (More variety) Higher search ranking (More views) More "complete" videos (Better quality) Less overall views (Means absolutely nothing) In short. Still no negatives.