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    Here's new animation for bits. I can probably make adjustments to size and length if needed. I may also make ones for subs and tips if I have time and ideas.
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    Outdated and out of context as well :3
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    well, looks like this thread become outdated.
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    You're right, it's not like I could personally enjoy something that I'm playing AND make money at the same time. /sarcasm
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    Since 2009, I have been following Phil. Through the thick and thin, I came to him to watch gameplay videos on YouTube. Ignore the negativity that he has gotten because I could care less about that crap. We can't just do this nasty bollocks online all day, everyday. We're better than this. I know Phil is. And for that, consider this a thanks for sticking around and still having the drive to move forward. Happy birthday, Phil.
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    Wasn't going to do Far Cry 5 fan art because there were so many pieces submitted lol You don't need to use it. This has just been fun practice!
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    As soon as phil revealed his girlfriend the detractors have already found her YouTube channel, Twitter, and Twitch. It seems like she stopped posting since she started seeing Phil (June) so it doesn't look like it will affect much. But this is seriously ridiculous. If you hate Phil then fine. But at least leave his friends and relatives out of it.
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    Video of a new lava fissure in my state. (Recorded yesterday)
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    Well Lebron made Raptors his bitch tonight
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    I decided to remake the art I made for the OG Bloodborne run. Hand drawn, hand inked, digitally painted, and a little chromatic aberration to give it that Bloodborne stank. My only regret is that I couldn't get started on it sooner so I wasn't able to make it a bit cleaner in places.
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    Edit: Image was wrong resolution. Updated link.
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    Are you saying insulting someone for their physical appearance is acceptable? That's the mentality of a bully right there. Even Phil admitted he was in the wrong.
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    Honestly IMO its not dumb to use it, as someone once said: “A man who can laugh at himself is truly blessed, for he will never lack for amusement.” I thought that the pig with the party hat from Far Cry 5 would be a funny way to get a positiv mood and positiv laughs for the birthday week. Thank you! Thats the purpose of putting it in.
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    Sorry, this was a little late! Edit: Link Broke. Will fix asap. Edit 2:
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    I hate the word interactive in the sense Phil uses it. Its like he's unable to entertain the stream chat if there isn't massive amounts of time between action in the game. If Angry Video Game Nerd can entertain his fanbase by playing shitty games from 20 years before and with no streaming available during his time and become a legend, then DSP should be able to do the same as an entertainer with all the tools available today that weren't available 10-13 years ago.
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    This is coming from a Nintendo fan, but the ONLY reason 90% of people bought a Wii-U was for Smash. I know that's what I spent 90% of my time on it with. Real talk the direct was decent until that smash announcement now I'm super hyped. Also the issue for Phil is that he's played these games because unlike most gamers , he played a bunch of the releases on the Wii-U. The reason Nintendo is re-releasing these is because they already have 3x the audience that the Wii-U had with the Switch so that's 3x more people who never played games like Bayonetta 2 or Mario Kart 8. The ports aren't gonna stop anytime soon. If you look at the old ports of what has come/is coming notice what consoles they are from? GCN and Wii-U, 2 consoles that by all reports with numbers, did not do well compared to other consoles in the Nintendo family. So for him they are literally non-announcements. For the 80% of the Switch community that never owned a Wii-U, most of this is great news. That being said I'm surprised that you're all surprised. Phil shits on everything. He owns a VR, he's shit on VR before. He own's the gimmicks, shits on those. Owns a Wii-U, Switch, shits on those. He has since he started putting out videos and since I've been watching him in 2008. Hence the "King of Hate." The dude doesn't really get excited for games anymore. Not a big deal but you just won't get the same jumping up and down reaction you get from other tubers right now. Also if you've watched Phil's stuff you'd know he hates Nintendo as a company but has a nostalgic love for the franchises. Hence his constant complaining about the Switches gimmicks but giving Mario GOTY and Zelda is in the top 10 for his GOTY awards. Its a love hate thing.
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    Sub goals and tips goals are always allowed, and can even be fully solicited in any way. It's only bits that have a limitation on how you can talk about them, which is odd, but it's apparently due to strict legal reasons. So tomorrow (Wednesday) I will have sub/tip goals on screen and be asking for that kind of support all day during my multiplayer event of PUBG/COD WWII.
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    I'd say this was a historic game. So many records broken tonight and it was a very clean game. Plus, the refs actually let the teams play with very few penalties and they didn't screw over the Eagles when they had 2 chances to on 2 TD passes.
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    Why did you make a second thread for this?
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    It didn't have a it's bad it's good vibe to me. And the whole video was completely unoriginal because he already did this before. I would have much rather preferred the 500 sub goal be the double episode DSP Tries it and the 550 sub goal be the new cooking series.