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    Wow. Looks like there's this one guy who really wants Phil to play Bionicle: Heroes, with all those clone accounts...
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    Make tip/cheer based polls (people vote by cheering/tipping) on what games to play, what events to do... Have a tip/cheer/sub goal to play on hard difficulty. Have a tip poll/goal to do certain stuff and choices in a game. Have a tip/sub goal to play a certain game. Tip goals/polls to replay some fan favorite games. Have a high tip/sub goal for games you don't want to touch but people want to see, like WOW, MMORPGs, LOL, Starcraft, CSGO. If people are bored of a game, have a goal to switch to a popular game (like DS) on the fly. Trolls love giving you money, have high goals to play games (like WOW) where you can get easily trolled or stream sniped. Have events where donations determine what you do on stream, like you dab for every $5 :) Have a patreon perk that makes you play a game the patron chooses for at least one stream. A patreon perk that makes you play a game with the patron. Have patreon goals (based on how much money you receive from patreon) to play certain games, do events... Have patreon polls where the money they spend = votes they have. In short: give people something in return or something they want to see for the money When you had the sub goal for a new retrospective event someone instantly gifted the subs. When you had the $200 tip goal it wasn't so great, because there was no reward. What would be really cool: Some streamers have sub gifting events. Like when they win in Apex they'll gift some subs. It's just a nice cool thing to do and it attracts new viewers. It sucks how sub gifters gift subs to random people who never use the chat. So you could gift subs to people in chat. And people would like you more.
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    Yeah this seems really shady. Sort of turned off wanting to help out the cause with stuff like this. I can live with patreon money that was meant for specific equipment or Project 7 reboot going elsewhere even if that was a red flag but this is dishonest and borderline disrespectful to the audiences attention and intelligence to do this. Just sucks. Really feel that you have let your need for this 16K cloud better judgment. Whether through this or the response that ALL patron didn't want Stardew Valley and or Ruiner as if to make light of their vote or pledge to favor twitch streamers, I am sort of turned off from supporting Dsp. Absolutely unacceptable and this hurts the viewer trust that you've made a point of trying to earn with how open you are to talk about a lot of things. Really letdown by this Phil. Dont think I can sub to your twitch after something like this. And I am a near full year supporter of yours on Twitch.
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    Phil - Stop taking the bait This keeps on happening, to be honest it's getting irksome. Accept the proposal as is, don't elaborate and most certainly don't dictate terms and conditions. Here's my reply... Notice I accept, and leave emotions and demands out of the reply. This is a business deal - The marketing worked, time to close the deal. Dear Sir Many thanks for your kind offer of support, whatever works best for you. With Thanks (Phil) Damage Control Remove the TwitLonger - It's disingenuous by design and a dire attempt to regain the narrative. Best handled by saying nothing, doing nothing and more importantly adapting the new tactics. Standard response to a BAIT CHEER 'That was a private conversation, between myself and a fan, I don't want or need to comment on this. However thanks for your support' - Use the the FACTS to your advantage. Focus Your cornerstone is marketing, selling your product and building up the desired emotions for the hard sell on Twitch and YouTube. Real Talk Phil I'm not here for the AAA Games, however I'm here for the DSP persona, a man-child, who's obstinate, and a loveable blockhead who thrives on drama. I desperately want you to change and be truly successful. Thanks to you I have developed friendships with some of the people in the community. Some friends have been banned because they openly question the narrative. Good people, who still attend your streams, sit in silence and still watch your content and talk to me private. Please allow discussion without consequence. If someone disagrees with the narrative, let them be. If some of my friends were out of DSP Prison, I would gladly gift them subscriptions, and that's profit for you. Sales Offer more than you're currently giving, Subscriber Specials for clothing, Subscriber only streams and Subscriber Multiplayer Game Streams. 'Tier 3 Subscribers this Month get 10% of my clothing as I want to give something back to you the fans' 'Friday's we're going to have a Subscriber only chat, without your support this wouldn't be possible' 'Every second Friday of the Month, I'm going to have a fun stream with all Tier 2 Subscribers - I'll pick a Multiplayer Game, It's my way of thanking you the subscribers for that additional support' Grazydream.
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    Deathface was created by me in 2010 when I first made up the Project 7 concept and mini-series. Deathface's character was also created by me for the Project 7 reboot that aired in 2012. Most of the core ideas for the character were mine, but individual lines/jokes were written by all of us (myself, John and Howard) and there was a lot of improv during shooting. The physical body of Deathface in 2010 was played by me, and in 2012 by John, and I also did all of the voiceovers for the character. Anyone who says anything else is either an idiot, or a liar.
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    Fair enough, you don't want to take the risk with automation. But I am legit surprised that you think that the text looks tiny. Anyway I wasn't pulling your leg with the buttons, this is what it would look like: Ask your community either directly on stream or via twitter poll if they would prefer a simpler leaderboard/subcount layout. I think you will be surprised.
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    I'd be honored if Phil could use my artwork on one of his prestream slides.
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    My biggest complaint about @Phil as a streamer is, that he doesn't play with the games. I mean: He uses one weapon as long as possible. Doesn't use most of the game's items, weapons, techniques. Doesn't experiment with anything, doesn't test items and weapons. If he finally tries to test out an item, he does it wrong, he concludes the item doesn't work and never uses it again. Doesn't try different approaches: if he sees he could beat a boss with a weapon he just picked, he will continue to fight the boss 10 times over with the same weapon and tactic, until he succeeds. Doesn't check controls, skips tutorials. Tries to brute force his way just to get to the next story cutscene/mission and just get to the end. Playing the games from start to finish the same one way (as long it works to just get to the next part, even if it takes too long or multiple tries), makes the playthroughs kinda boring. Yes, it can be funny when Phil fails, but when he does the same exact thing 10 times over, it gets boring. Some quick examples: MGS series: doesn't use stun grenades or the box and other stuff; fights bosses with the same bad approach DS series: doesn't use fire bombs, pine resin; still didn't learn how to parry; fights bosses with the same bad approach Borderlands: keeps sniping the whole game (because it's easy and he didn't try learning how to fight enemies head on), he isn't sniper class, so it takes forever for him to kill enemies Apex: didn't try to test out abilities unless he meets an enemy, then he forgets about the abilities and only shoots his gun Subnautica: tries to rush the game, doesn't try to understand the game by himself and is completely dependent on what chat tells him Black Mesa: doesn't use grenades on the turrets, uses the hive-hand (wrong) when it's obviously too weak This behavior is the reason why TIHYDPs exist.
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    I decided to make my own thread for my DSP Fanart! Please feel free to give constructive criticism but don't be mean or negative! This portrait I drew tonight while watching the CHILL Minecraft stream. I tried my best to make it in a classic style but its a bit rough. What do you think?
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    Phil also used art posted in this thread that someone didn't own. I'm not sure how legally binding your fake legal contracts will be if you don't even check if the person posting has the legal rights to what they are posting. Its a really weird situation.
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    You didn't do it properly, that's because you did not distinguish between "Ninja Gaiden" & "Ninja Gaiden Black", (Maybe the people who only nominated "Ninja Gaiden Black" only would want this version because it has additional features, (it's a re-release): https://ninjagaiden.fandom.com/wiki/Ninja_Gaiden_Black). And you also messed up counting "CTR" or "Crash Team Racing", (They didn't specify, but presumably, all 5 of them refer to "Nitro-Fueled"). You also messed up with "Ghosts'n Goblins". There are 3 different nominations: "Ghosts 'n Goblins", "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts" and "Ghouls 'n Ghosts": https://capcom.fandom.com/wiki/Ghosts_'n_Goblins_(series) This is the tally of all games so far:
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    Hi Phil, I made this fanart for the chill streams, its poking a bit of fun of the streams, but its very light hearted, Hope you like it
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    furi celeste metal gear solid 1 on hard gears of war 1 on insane street fighter 5 bloody trapland
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    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4) Dead Cells (PS4) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch) My Friend Pedro (Switch) Luigi's Mansion (3DS) Monster Hunter World (PS4) Hollow Knight (PS4) The World Ends With You (Switch) Super Mario 64 (Wii U) Paper Mario: The 1000 Year Door (GameCube) Samurai Showdown (PS4) Trails of Cold Steel (PS4)
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    I wonder if anyone ever realized that people like toxicity. I am not calling anyone toxic, but just imagine this. Many things that people like on the internet is hated by others. You will never convince them to view it you way. Flavor is purely subjective and what you make out to be toxic may taste sweet to others. Good luck to anyone trying to convince people to acquire their personal beliefs and taste. Because of my personal experiences I find twitch to be the worst streaming service, and I hate it so much because of its policies I wish it would burn in eternal hellfire. They are greedy censorious black hole for money. Most people who use it have to self censor and is whores and e-beggars. But listen. If some people find happiness with that. Either from necessity or other reasons. I will not pursue you for doing so. Have fun with what you are doing. Right guys? YOU DONT WADE AROUND IN A TOXIC PIT 25/7 AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SMELL. Go support someone or something you like instead.
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    Yep, nailed that job interview. Got an offer today and accepted with a 12% increase in my salary. Damn good shit.
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    It's funny bc in the USA, we regularly eat pancakes as a breakfast item. In other countries, they're seen as a rare-time dessert/delicacy bc they're so bad for you. Leave it to Americans to be shoveling desserts down their throats for breakfast on the regular lol. That first one you posted there @KGhaleon looks more like a breakfast crepe than a pancake.
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    @KGhaleon That sounds cool, have fun!
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    Hi Phil any chance of streaming Dreamcast games in the future like illbleed or skies of arcadia?
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    It's a bunch of shit. Just like the first LABO that didn't sell and is still overstocked at every single store. But Nintendo was dumb as shit, and invested a ton of money into the project, so they'll keep making them (Which is cheap, it's just cardboard after all) and pretend like someone actually is buying them.
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    Happy new year to the random thoughts community
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    1. God of War vs. 17. The Messenger 25. Guacamelee! 2 vs. 9. Dragon Ball FighterZ 4. Monster Hunter: World vs. 13. Tetris Effect 5. Marvel's Spider-Man vs. 12. Into The Breach 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 vs. 18. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age 7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate vs. 23. SoulCalibur VI 3. Celeste vs. 19. Beat Saber 27. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life vs. 22. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
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    I suspect this is a troll account baiting you into actually providing proof of other emails, which he’s not entitled to do nor does it actually matter. The point stands clear, Phil doesn’t owe anyone anything. If you show up and actually want to have a good time you show your support and if not then that’s fine. Whether or not Phil discloses any of his income is no one’s business but his own. Phil is NOT forcing you to donate. If he says he needs $16,000, and he has $30,000 already, that doesn’t change what you would have wanted to donate for in the first place. This is common sense. If he ends up exceeding his goal then that’s wonderful, and your support is going to be appreciated just the same. What we we are witnessing right now is a guy who has dedicated 10 years of his life to something he is passionate about, and take it or leave it, needs your support now more than ever. If you dont think Phil deserves it, then honestly don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Detractors have gotten him to this point and they will continue to bring him down.
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    You say they "definitely" would, but how in the world are they going to find someone's info if you just say "A fan who wishes to remain anonymous has made a large donation which is going towards my taxes"? Getting personal information on someone because their Twitch or Twitter handle is known is one thing, but finding out who sent an anon donation via an unspecified, secure channel is a whole other affair. OK, they could hack you. Sure, that's possible. However, if they did that, lots of people would be exposed as they'd most likely be able to get access to your PayPal, Patreon, etc. Also, you could just delete the emails from whoever did the exchange. The only 100% guaranteed way to avoid getting Dox'd would be to not donate the money at all. I've read both the emails and honestly the worst part isn't your response where you state "I'd like to keep this 100% behind the scenes." While it is suspect, even within the context of both emails, the worst part is how you've tried to twist the situation. You act like any honest person who read both emails would OBVIOUSLY see it's totally out of context and painted anyone who viewed it otherwise as a troll or idiot. Context matters, but it absolutely would not be unusual or a stretch to read both of those emails and take away that you wanted to keep this a secret for your own benefit. As a matter of fact, in your response email you state you want to keep it private because it would make YOUR life hell. The author said he wanted to stay anonymous; your email indicated you wanted to keep the entire transaction secret. Do you see the significant difference here? Secondly, if you think that it's so obvious that it's taken out of context, why would you not post both of the unedited emails? Saying that the context would prove you innocent carries no weight if you won't follow it up with the full context. There's more but you get the gist. I get that often people will take things out of context and look for even the slightest thing to make you look bad. However, you need to check your tendency to take these situations and twist them to make yourself look good (or at least less bad, like the shill incident) and paint everyone who dares to disagree with what you say as a detractor and/or an idiot. What the person who wrote the email did was shitty but don't make the situation worse by not being fully honest.
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    Good question, but they definitely would. The fact of the matter is, if the person wants to 100% protect their identity, then the best way to do that would be to NOT tell anyone there was a donation in the first place. Because making that fact public WOULD set off the army of lifeless do-nothings whose only use of time is trying to find out shit like that. Case in point: today, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my accounts was attempted to be hacked into today, while I was off from streaming. Every email address, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and the like. Luckily I have 2-and 3-step verification on all of them. But what's to say something insanely dumb doesn't happen (like a 15-year-old forum getting hacked and a password I'd had on older accounts being linked, per se) and somehow that led to them getting into my stuff? Then the FIRST thing they'd do, is look for the guy who donated $9k to go after him.
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    I'm tired of the shenanigans though. It is always something. Like, I have one twitch prime sub for the longest time and have given it to Dsp for all the laughs over the yeara, even if they were unintentional. I get one of those subs a month and shit like this makes me want to give it to someone else. Phil puts out a video pleading for support through these times and then decides to conduct this behind everyone's back. Howard was right in saying Phils worst enemy is his inability to do damage control because it boggles my mind how it got this far. I've given my hard earned money to Phil but it's drama after drama and even when you try not to get involved in this, Phil mentions this during his presteeams. There is always drama associated with everything Phil does and eventually you have to call it like it is and say that is is caused by Phil himself for much if not most of it. And sometimes even his main video game streams where it is unavoidable to hear about this. Phil had told us all this was the best year for him from a mood standpoint but I fail to see that. Every time it is something new and it is insulting my intelligence and want to support him when shit like this comes out in the open. It is always everyone's fault, what happened to being greatful for what you already have?
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    This really has been an eventful week for DSP, the Ninja shit and now this. DSP isn't allergic to the drama, he's addicted to it. Whether it's his own doing or someone elses, one thing is for sure it's never a dull moment with Phillip
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    The patron perk is useless. Why vote when ur game can be skipped regardless of the poll rank. The only condition that is reliable for patrons right now is ‘phil gets the money and u feel happy to help him pay his bills and taxes’. The marathon has nothing to do with patreon.
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    Not exactly sure why you guys take the troll bait so often, lol.
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    Um, the marathon event was meant to be 4-5 games, with each game getting enough time to make a determination if it's good, and time to swap between stuff, plus the DSP Tries It premiere. As-is, with Silent Hill and The Conjuring House being duds, I finished exactly on time. I didn't "end early" with Silent Hill, I gave it a shot and determined it was crap. Sorry, the intro of the game is 30 boring-ass minutes with no explanation or anything of interest. Then the game throws you into motion control hell, and the motion controls weren't working, at all. So, what exactly did you expect? I was bored, the stream was bored, and we moved on. Sorry it was the game you wanted to see, but it panned out to be crap. That's just life, man. You should have expected as such when the now-dated motion control gimmick was the highlight of the game.
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    That's correct, but it actually happened earlier than that. When I play games such as Spider-Man I take reviews with a grain of salt. I suspected before playing the game that it was possibly reviewed in a VERY positive light because we haven't seen a good superhero game in years, and that the game wouldn't live up to that level of hype. After playing it, I stated that I felt the game was outstanding, but not flawless. I think it's on part with GOTY material but I'm not sure if I like it as much as, or more, than God of War. I won't know until I finish it. That being said, none of that equates to: "This fucking asshat literally called Spider-Man "overhyped" even though it outsold God of War " TalentedAtLife, like most of the people who dislike me, is an idiot. He hears whatever he wants to hear, or he only hears a partial part of a statement and takes that partial statement as a fact, instead of hearing the entire thing in context. That's the exact thing a moron does.
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    Man, I really hope they get this game translated quick. I want it so badly D:
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    Phil, this is what I was getting at when you were asking about the leaderboard bar being too big and intrusive
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    Red dead 2 online (stranger missions) Kotor
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    Spider-Man: Far From Home is now the highest grossing SM movie and will be hitting $1 Billion in a few days and will be the first SM movie to ever do that
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    Its the Nintendo way to make something gimmicky and stupid instead of just making a decent console with more than 3 good games.
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    I was one of the people who voted for Phil to play this game, I definitely would like to see it.
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    Translation: "I pledged to Patreon to see a particular game on stream. Phil played said game and didn't like it, and because I'm a huge fanboy of said game, I got butthurt and now I'm going to take my ball and go home." Entitlement 101. I appreciate your support, but not the hissyfit you throw afterward when you don't get your way. Your pledge got the game you wanted to see played, but doesn't guarantee I'll enjoy it. That's life, and the sooner you mature up and realize that's how it works, the better for you. Patreon is supposed to be throwing support my way because you like the overall content, and want to see me continue to make said content and be successful. The Patron perks are just extras and a way to "give back" to those who pledge, but are not meant to be a "transaction" in the same manner as, say, Kickstarter. If you placed irrational expectations against your pledge, that's your own fault. You've now posted big, whining diatribes about this in the Halloween thread, and now here. Do yourself a favor: take your own advice, take time away to calm down and relax. If you find yourself growing up a bit, and then finding your way back, great! But if I see another giant paragraph of rambling complaints like this one, you'll find yourself banned on these forums. Now, by all means folks, carry on and sorry for the pollution here.
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