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    Hey Phil, I think you should dress up as pennywise the clown, to scare away all those damn kids that turn up to your streams lol.
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    Hi Phil any chance of streaming Dreamcast games in the future like illbleed or skies of arcadia?
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    Happy new year to the random thoughts community
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    I use a Twitch extension called "Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown." Not sure if he uses Streamlabs but even if not he could configure it just for this plug in. Pretty sure you can even have multiple times in a single day since he streams twice a day. I dig the look too.
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    Voted to metroid prime 2 but who cares.. it never wins these polls >_> sigh
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    DSP Cowboy Frog. This really made me smile to make. testing it on twitch as an emote...
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    No, but it does mean Phil should do some introspection for once instead of acting like he did nothing to contribute to these people leaving
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    I submit this image for the prestream. Link: https://www.deviantart.com/hermano-carl/art/Ukiyo-E-Darksydephil-783239159
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    Wow! 35 times to save Stan Lee? You would expect a person like him, who knows the marvel universe so well, to be able to easily avoid trouble and save himself.
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    Platforms: PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One Release Date: December 4th, 2018 PS4Pro enables: Atmospheric fog Point light cube map shadows A higher material quality UI resolution is 4k, the frame resolution is 80% of 4k "A tactical adventure game with turn-based combat and real-time exploration of a post-apocalyptic world, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden puts you in command of a unique squad of mutant soldiers as you scavenge through the remains of civilisation to survive. From the creators of Hitman and PayDay, experience a mix of story, exploration, stealth, and strategy in the brutal environment of a decimated planet Earth as your band of heroes embark on a quest to discover the legend of Eden." TACTICAL COMBAT: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is the ultimate fix for your tactical strategy addiction. Dive into a deep, turn-based, tactical combat system inspired by the XCOM game. EXPLORE A POST-HUMAN EARTH: Journey through a post-human world of abandoned cities, crumbling highways, and overgrown countryside. Check back at the Ark, a neon-bathed oasis of ill repute and questionable characters, to restock your supplies and plan out your next adventure. CONTROL A TEAM OF MUTANTS: A duck with an attitude problem and a boar with anger issues; these aren’t your typical heroes. Get to know Dux, Bormin, Selma, and many other characters each with their own unique personality and deranged perspective on the world and their situation. MASTER THE STEALTHY APPROACH: Sneak through shadows to avoid conflict or to catch enemies unaware. Real-time stealth allows you full control of approach: sneak into an enemy camp, position the team of Mutants to your advantage, and gain the element of surprise. UNLOCK MUTATIONS: Unlock new mutations and abilities for your Mutants, such as Selma’s Stoneskin, Bormin’s Charge, and Dux‘ uncanny ability to sneak into a camp full of enemies unnoticed, despite being a 4-foot tall walking, talking duck with a crossbow. DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT: Use the environment to your advantage. Stay out of floodlights, hide from line of sight, or just blast down fully destructible walls and buildings and wreak utter havoc. LOOT, LOOT EVERYWHERE: From makeshift slingshots to high-powered rifles and top hats to police vests, make sure you equip your Mutants for the dangers ahead. Nothing says post-human quite like a mutated boar in spiked metal armor charging at you with a blunderbuss in his hands. Cinematic Trailer: Gameplay trailer: It's a new release that won't be covered by a lot of content creators because it's not on AAA radar. Most likely you'll to be in the top of the twitch directory for the game (If people on twitch are interested in the game you'll be the number one stop for it) It's got turn based combat which I know you enjoy. It's got great looking characters and locations; nice art direction overall.
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    Now that you've explained it all in detail I hope that everyone else will understand what happened. Especially since you have the proof of the other emails. I'm happy you were open and honest with the community with this situation. Everything with this is out in the open now and we can see the truth because you showed us. Meanwhile these detractors hide away. Sad.
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    No, let's stop the bullshit now. I could afford everything fine until a straight 3-year avalanche of bullshit happened that was completely outside of my control. False copyright strikes, insanely plummeting ad revenue, losing multiple partnership opportunities, losing my YouTube partnership, not being offered things every single other content creator gets. And it's because of the negative element of toxic people who stalk me. My content has been on the RISE for almost 2 years now, particularly since I swapped to full-time streamer, but it's the negative nonsense that I don't control and don't influence that keeps me down. Saying I couldn't afford a house that was WELL within my budget when I moved into it 4 years ago is just factually incorrect. So, please stop with the nonsense.
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    Definitely, Celeste. You already have it on your X1. You downloaded it when it was free. In addition, I think you will like the platforming of the game. Also, there seems like there will be some platforming that will cause some rage but some people like that when watching your stuff. You will like the game even though there will be some difficult parts in it.
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    Cutting back on all unnecessary expenses would be the most important thing and trying to pay down debts. The problem is the "bad people" tell Phil to do these things so he refuses, just like he did with direct capture, just like he did with streaming, just like he did with spamming inboxes with dozens of 10 minute long videos, just like when he bought a new condo, just like when he leased a BMW, just like when he couldn't afford to get married but did, just like when he couldn't afford a cat, but did... etc, etc etc.etc. You know the deal. It's really hard to see someone who has all the tools and resources struggle.
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    The Man of Medan playthrough is kinda fun to watch. It's like watching a movie while Phil does live over reactions like Pewdiepie or Markiplier. It's something different from the usual playthroughs.
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    I mean yeah if you have Double Magic that is true but if you don't find all the fairies the first time then jesus christ lol
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    He said he'll play the Spongebob game when the remaster/whatever gets out. That one only got 2 nominations, (low compared to others), so it's clear that this is one of the top 2 from Patrons, as he said in the beginning of this thread. Right now "Furi" is the 2nd least voted, that's a shame. Would be better than some of the rest, in my opinion.
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    So is anyone here a fan of Silver Surfer? Personally, I find him cool. A silver looking space dude, surfing though space, on a magical looking silver surf board, is a really fantastic idea. How the heck, did they come up with that idea? Lol! And in some ways back in the 80's, he looked so cool, that he was even able to rival spider man, as the main iconic posterboy, marvel character. Now that's quite an achievement.
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    Ill never understand the hype behind playing Spongebob. It has to be a bunch of trolls or kids, but this is coming from a guy that still plays Pokemon, so whatever..
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    I don't think that's a great test, maybe it's good to see a very rough approximation, but I don't think the grid has a high level of accuracy. There's also a problem with the answers, (agree, disagree, strongly agree, strongly disagree), for some polar-questions, (yes or no), like: "All authority should be questioned". If you "agree" with this, are you saying that it is true, for the majority, of any authority, but not all, as opposed to "strongly agree" which would mean all authority? And if you only "agree", which one/s should be left not questioned, and how many? Then we have: "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". Is this question regarding the death penalty, amongst other issues, or to a less extreme degree? There's no way to answer this properly just with that. Then: "Good parents sometimes have to spank their children". This one could alter the result since it could go both ways. Someone might "agree/disagree" with this for completely different reasons. "It’s natural for children to keep some secrets from their parents". Again, there's problems with this. I might agree with it, because I think it's natural, but with proper education and diligence children should trust their parents that know what's best for them, and tell them. Or I might also agree, because children have the right to have their secrets and no one should demand them to tell about it. I could disagree because children are innocent enough to tell their parents, or I could also disagree, because since they're provided with resources, they should behave and obey to such basic things. I don't have much trust in this question. "Our race has many superior qualities, compared with other races". This makes little sense. There are intelligent people that are from whichever race, being from one 'race' doesn't mean that you'll have a particular quality. These are not blocks, it's a gradient, specially when we talk about humans with great variability because of all the possibilities in their genetic code, even within the same family. "There is now a worrying fusion of information and entertainment". You might get the same answers from completely different people just because it's technically asking about reality, not your opinion. I might agree because I see that it is true, and I'm opposed to it, or I might also agree, and be fine with it. "The death penalty should be an option for the most serious crimes". Which are the most serious crimes? I think driving too drunk is a very serious crime, as the consequences could be extreme. "Abstract art that doesn’t represent anything shouldn’t be considered art at all". This might just come down as personal preference, (unrelated to anything pertinent in this context). "Astrology accurately explains many things" & "Some people are naturally unlucky". I know people from both spectrums that could agree on this, and some from the same that would disagree with eachother, (and agree/disagree for the same/different reasons, without having an impact on their political ideology). There's more to this, but that's my opinion and analysis of it so far, I hope that I made some sense.
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    If you are waking up to headaches it is possible you have a head cold, I am prone to getting them myself, but I found a simple solution to the problem, like yourself I like wearing beanie hats and I found that wearing one when I sleep keeps my head snug and warm, so I don't wake up with a headache, also I suggest you drink/eat hot/spicy beverages/food it will help sweat out the cold, which will remove the headache, another bit of advice don't try to pick things up while you have a head cold.
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    I'd say hardest thing for me was Original Donkey Kong took me so many tries for that Banana and then when I had to get the N64 Coin which is supposed to be harder to get..... only 2 tries like wtf
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    Posting that amazing FF7 trailer from earlier.
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    Microsoft hasn't had much going for them in a long time. I'm more interested in the Sony and Nintendo Directs that will likely happen around E3.
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    and it seems Nintendo hasnt learned anything from Virtual Boy.
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    I like it, but now, can you maybe boost up the size of the text a bit? So that it fills out the screen/frame more. Outside of that, I should be able to start using it as soon as it's a bit bigger! Thanks for all of the work!
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    Now, it's time for some other filters. As you can see, in these ones, I just altered the age and hair, several times. I was reluctant of posting the 'blonde-hair' one, because it wasn't properly integrated in the image, but I figured I might as well post it. I believe I also used 'Photoshop', but only a little, and to correct a couple of things.
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    this is what i was exactly thinking XD Nintendo once again is living in the past, it seems like they will never learn.
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    I just saw a video review of "F1 World Grand Prix" for the Dreamcast. It's cool because they have the profiles of the drivers and their information, including their marital status, but they did not include this on the second game, which is a disgrace. They certainly made a mistake on that aspect, shameful.
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    Dude,.....what da heck?! Three rockets? Now that is super ridiculous. That has to be a super saiyan bear.
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    Nintendo had their Nindie event today, and it was followed by a sale on Indie games on their eshop. Some pretty good stuff in there, I grabbed Blaster master 2 and the Ancestrial edition of Darkest dungeon(I'm doomed).
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    Hey dudes. What's up? I have two questions, for anyone who makes music. 1) What's your favourite, 1st/3rd party vst synth plugins? Mine is Synth 1 and OranZe. 2) And what 3rd party vst's, do you like using, in your music projects? In my case, I like using: Synth 1 DSK OranZe ZynAddSubFX Delay Lama Oatmeal T-Force Alpha Plus DSK Asian DreamZ DSK Odisea
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    Phil could be doing cooking with DSP during prestreams.
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    eh, the forum doesn't need to be popular. That's honestly on Phil if he wants to build his forum up. Some folks like me are just here for the random bullshit and gaming talk.
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    Just beat Far cry new dawn, overall it's a pretty good game. The last couple of bosses were insanely tough though, like you better go into that fight with legendary equipment. That said, it was a nice end to the FC5 storyline with the Seed family. I might go back to finish up any remaining collectables.
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    Hell yeah, gonna be playing RE1 on my long commutes soon.
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    That website gave me some good laughs back in the day. They would make a lot of empty claims, saying they doxxed Fred fuchs even though there was never any proof. Claimed to dox this forums members yet barely released any relevant information that couldn't be found through google. Made fake claims that Phil hired prostitutes or something. That whole website was autistic as hell. I don't really pay attention to them anymore but I'm not at all surprised that they haven't changed. I'm going to guess our friend Vash is from there. If so you might as well say so, it's not like it matters. Nobody cares about Phil's detractor base anymore. Most of the big shots are long gone and it's just shit posters left.
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    Yeah, Lyra is an interesting character and much different than that of the She-Hulk we all know and love in Jen Walters.
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    Venom was a big disappointment. Tom Hardy was good and the symbiote was a good IMO, but the plot and mostly everything else was not very good.
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    Have you not seen Batman & Robin Steel Fantastic Four (2015) Catwoman Superman IV X-Men Origins Wolverine
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    Yep I reported him and he got banned. He thought no one would notice him on Twitter as a detractor.
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    This lineup is fucked. God of War Marvel's Spider-Man Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Celeste Just saying, but if Red dead 2 ends up winning this then that officially makes TKOH worse than the Game Awards show.
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    First film is still better but its close First is a A+ 2nd is a A
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    Hi guys, I went and cleaned up those Twitch panels properly:
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