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  1. Not necessarily slower, but he should be inspecting everything and trying to talk to everyone and be as through as possible. From what I saw he had quite a scatter gun approach and didn't even loot some of the bodies he killed. To be fair, he hasn't played much of the actual game yet, so I should wait before commenting on his play style. For example I played for 20+ hours before leaving act 2 when I played it. I felt it was needed to get the most out of the game. Hopefully we will get more gameplay tomorrow (and less streamlabs distractions.....)
  2. Yes, I agree. He needs to slowly play this and loot EVERYTHING. I noticed he has not even properly looked at his stats and skills yet, which isn’t promising. I can wait until he gets to the oil voidling fight, he is going to be so under prepared XD
  3. Fire Emblem is great btw. I've got 70 hours into it so far and still have 30% more of the game to play. so much game for the price. I've recently been playing Tales of Berseria and Yakuza 7. I also bought 13 Sentinels on sale, but still need to start it. I do plan on getting P5 Strikes too, but I am keen to get through my backlog first and hopefully it falls in price.
  4. LOL OIC has been hinting at being a mod lately. I hope he does not get it, because he just craves attention. He also got another " illegal restreamer" account banned from DSPs chat out of spite. I also saw a screenshot where he was bragging that he has contributed more than King Tut and Emerald Seven. Dsp should just take his money and keep at arms length imo
  5. Just played the Project Triangle Strategy (awful name btw) demo on Switch. It's pretty fun. Like FF tactics but with an Octopath skin. It's quite difficult, I hope there is ample opportunity to grind for levels when the full game is released. The switch is slowly becoming a JRPG console for me. Not complaining tho XD
  6. @MoraMoria DSP said nomination will close at the end of February btw
  7. Octopath Traveler (I know it’s JRPG) Astral Chain Danganrompa V3 Stardew valley (complete community centre only, to keep things short) Nioh 2 DLC Supermeatboy 2
  8. Thank god it’s Friday, indeed! Not much plans. Hopefully I will finish Judgment on the PS4 and maybe start Immortals Fenyx Sounds fun. Stay safe and socially distanced if possible!
  9. I'm getting so many YouTube polls on mobile app latley. Supposedly there are rumours that the polls boost channel growth. LOL
  10. Good review. I should get round to playing this at some point. It is the only game in the trilogy that I didn’t play.
  11. I love going to Aisian supermarkets when I get the chance. One near me has Sake KitKats, which are really weird but good. The only issue I have with them is they can be quite overpriced, but I guess you should expect that with imported food. ramen is good too, I’ve had ramen that has real meat pieces in the sauce. It was fantastic
  12. Awesome, can't wait!
  13. Bitcoin would be a good way to get money without it being charged back
  14. Which ones did you buy? I like the Nintendo Joycons myself however they are too small, so when playing in handheld my hands will often cramp. I might get a 3rd party pair too.
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