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  1. Real question. Do you think the vest streak has created a culture of having few big tippers in your stream? When the vest streak was a thing there would be someone who would 'save the streak' with a large tip at some point in the stream. This hasn't really changed since the vest streak died. I noticed that you used to get a number of small consistent tippers a few years ago. Whereas now there is usually one or two big tippers and when the goal is reached the tips virtually stop.
  2. Yeah, getting a question answered by Phil is one of life's biggest pleasures. All kidding aside, I did enjoy the RP question and would be pretty interested to see Phil do some RP stuff. There seems to be a lot of troll preventative measures in place for RP servers, so Phil should be safe enough.
  3. Enjoy man. I finally got a ps5 last month :) LOL looks like this is my DSP might have lost his twitch partnership. What goes around comes around I guess
  4. Xcom 1 for obvious reasons the Witcher 2 the Witcher 3 catherine
  5. I got timed out in Phil’s chat today for saying “I wonder how many times Phil will say ‘behind the scenes’ today?”. Like wtf?! some of his stream mods are so sensitive. Also, if anyone here does attend Phil’s streams, does it annoy you how he uses mental illness as an insult? He calls anyone who is critical of him mentally ill or not right in the head. It’s just discredits actually issues people may have. ah well...rant over
  6. Ditto. This game has only ever received praise. I heard this is 100% voice acted where as the original release was only part voice acted.
  7. UK, baby! Scotland to be specific. Older People were getting the vaccine here from December but now I think it is opened up to more people. Although I'm being critical of the US, I see you guys are getting Stimulus cheques. That is not something we are getting :(
  8. Nice! All the best to her. Hopefully when the vaccine is more widespread then world can get back to normal again!
  9. The USA seems to be so behind with the covid vacine. I got mine weeks ago.
  10. What is your guys fave trilogy from the following: Captian American trilogy Iron Man trilogy Thor trilogy Dark Knight trilogy I really liked how dark and gritty the Dark Knight movies were but I'd go with Captian America as my most favourite
  11. I bought FIFA 21 yesterday. This is the first time I have bought a FIFA game in 5 years. it’s amazing how many animations are still the same. The game play seems to have been slowed down to a more realistic pace. It is still really enjoyable and I think it will be a good stress reliving game (like star dew valley has been for me). anyone else on the forums play or used to play fifa?
  12. I'm genuinely quite curious about this game. I know it has waifus etc.. which make Phil uncomfortable lol. Although I've heard a lot about the franchise and I'd like to see what it is all about. It was a same scenario with Fire Emblem. I was curious about the game and after seeing DSP play it for a couple streams it looked interesting, so I played it. And now it is one of my favourite games on switch.
  13. Oh shit! Danganrompa V3 might actually win it!
  14. I know right? He sometimes does a quick version after he completes a game but I prefer the old school long reviews.
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