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  1. Among Us (with viewers or randoms) Super meat boy Gta 5 online
  2. I watched this video recently, if anyone is interested
  3. Damn. Be careful out there. Try to work from home if possible... Better safe than sorry
  4. I really liked Chris Evans as Captain America too but my ultimate favourite would be The Hulk. Ruffalo did a great job with that role, I was always excited when he was on screen.
  5. I'm good thanks, how are you doing? I finally managed to finish the MCU collection recently. It was very enjoyable. I didn't really like the direction they took Thor's character towards the end (he relied too much on comic relief imo). Other than that it was amazing. What have you been up to lately?
  6. Free steam code for Call of Cluthu, if anyone wants it. X7AER-6320F-2P6L https://store.steampowered.com/app/399810/Call_of_Cthulhu/ I thought I would post it in this thread for a change.
  7. These are two superhero who I was not aware of until now. So going by the description you have provided, I would say Captain Atom. The Quantum Field Manipulation ability seems so op.
  8. I don't really have many games that I play on steam. I have Graveyard Keeper, Mass Effect Trilogy and Stardew Valley, which I play on Steam. As my Laptop is not that powerful, I tend to play most games on console. The games codes I post here are ones that I win in giveaways. What about you, @MDCFAN101, what do you play most of your games on?
  9. Steam code for Welcome To Basingstoke. If anyone wants it. IN7PG-G03HQ-TE405 https://store.steampowered.com/app/336940/Basingstoke/
  10. I'll go with the classic "with great power, comes great responsibility" by Uncle Ben. Or even "We are Groot" was really good
  11. For me it would be Suicide Squad. I haven't seen the movie but I like the idea of having a group of villains having to redeem themselves
  12. Hmmm...? I would probably say Ant-man. As I am quite slim and short! At work I am also considered to be "good with technology" like Hank Pym. Also as a kid I had a keen interest in insects
  13. When Agent Coulson died in Avengers, that really sucked for me. He was such a cool character
  14. LR99R-C6Y32-38B48 Steam code for Overload, if anyone fancies it https://store.steampowered.com/app/448850/Overload/
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