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  1. QKVKZ-VHD9H-6D8W6 Free steam code for WARSAW if anyone fancies it
  2. Interest article about PS5 game upgrades and what additional features they may provide https://www.pushsquare.com/guides/ps4-to-ps5-all-games-with-confirmed-free-upgrades
  3. I vote for Ppp Culture Icon. Somone with a really unique style like Dr Disrespect or Post Malone
  4. Yeah, I am really looking forward to Black Panther and Thor too. I think once I have watched them all, I might do a ranking or tier list on the forum. I think that might be fun
  5. Oh OK. Nevermind. I was the MCU boxset that just arrived in the post. I'm so hyped!!
  6. Oh man... Look what came! I am so excited to experience this for the first time!!!!!!
  7. Really enjoyed this one. I can't believe I never knew there was a She-Hulk...
  8. Wow! This is great long read. Thanos' orgin story was so interesting. I would probably pick Orion. Thanos is tough but Orion has some really interesting equipment. I think the Mother Box would just tip it in Orion's favour in my opinion. Great job, I really enjoyed reading this. I'm looking forward to reading the past posts and future posts to come!
  9. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I only watch on netflix but was considering getting a Crunchy Roll sub. Although now I think I will just look up some anime sites to watch anything a specifically want to watch.
  10. If you thought DSP's channel was dead, look at Cinnamon Toast Kens channel. He collabs pretty much exclusively with Pewdiepie but can barley get 50k views.
  11. I've heard a lot of good things about Inuyasha, I should watch it if there is a sequal coming. There has been loads of Studio Ghibli movies released on the UK netflix, so I've been watching that recentl. Although I need to get back into watching series again. Do you guys mainly watch on netflix/Amazon or Crunchy Roll?
  12. Oh yeah, that would be super interesting! I can't wait for it to start!
  13. Yeah, that sounds interesting, what would that involve? Also on the topic of comics..... After watching DSP play Avengers and seeing how much MDCFAN101 loves Marvel. I ordered the complete boxeset of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am so excited for them to arrive so I can binge watch them all!!!
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