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  1. I can totally imagine him responding like this! XD lol
  2. An idea for Phil’s Streams for every £100 DSP gets in tips he has to go an hour overtime on his stream. I think this might encourage people to contribute more than the same vests we have seen 100 times. also do you think that Phil’s Noel rule of verified PayPal accounts only is reducing the amount of legit contributions he is getting? I can see that tip has been low lately and I think it’s down to the new rules.
  3. I can see the appeal of Disney trying to replicate the Mandalorian success. However I tend to prefer to binge watch my shows. I do remember the weekly hype for Breaking Bad back in the day, and it did may each episode feel special. So I can see why a weekly show could be awesome
  4. Divinity Original Sin 2. It was a viewers choice pick, but DSP seems to be dragging his heels to play it. Hopefully it's coming soon as Yakuza and AC Valhalla are coming to an end....but who knows!
  5. Would you ever consider doing tier list videos? Like street fighter character tier lists for certain games? it could be interesting as it is one topic you actually have some insight to.
  6. I was just being overly dramatic as it was the main talking point of the stream. Its harmless at the end of the day
  7. Background on Derich Derich is a really friendly person in Phil’s chat, who Phil often interacts with on his stream. He seems to be rather naive. I read someone in chat say he was 19 and still in high school, and works in ToysRUS for free (don’t know if that is true tho), but you probably get the type of character he is. The incident However some people seem to have found his Twitter account. Where he is liking, responding and retweeting pornstars and E-thot accounts. Today in chat there were some silly (albeit really funny) jokes and emotes. DSP refused to acknowledge any of it
  8. Anyone else watching the Derich saga going on in DSP’s stream just now? that shit is cracking me up, so stupid, yet so funny
  9. i posted this on here a few days ago btw. great video that talks about more than just the bugs. the song at the end is still stuck in my head XD
  10. Thanks, Sateler96! I just bought it, play 1 hour and it seems fun. I might get into the Yakuza series if I have a good time with this.
  11. Is Judgment on sale on the PSN store? If so, I might snap that up too! Games looks real gritty and interesting.
  12. Nice, reminds me of the G Max Shining Charizard from a recent pokemon collection
  13. Haha. I think that DSP will usually delve into RPGs and do most of the side quests. However with CP2077 he seem to have dismissed everything without even attempting to understand it. Like how he ignored the skill tree and just dump points into whatever cos he thought there was too much options. Idk maybe he does this all the time lol
  14. The playthrough, seemed doomed from the start. DSP was so dismissive of everything from the get go, which was a shame as there are some really interesting side quests (if you look for them). I hope he does not treat Divinity Original Sin 2 in this way. Or it will definitely be a rage quit after the first area ...
  15. This is a great video about Cyberpunk. I personally really enjoyed the game, but it is hard to refute a lot of these points.
  16. Awesome! The Rotisserie Chickens and bakery items are so good. Try not to get too fat XD XD XD
  17. Merry Christmas to everyone ❤
  18. Lol. At least the mysterious whale has a good taste in music. Alexisonfire were one of my favourite bands growing up ×D
  19. Quite right! I have had two joy-cons start to drift. And it's annoying to send them to Nintendo to get fixed. They should be drifting in the first place. If Best Buy is willingly to give you a replacement you should definitely go for it.
  20. That is probably the most sensible thing to do. Make daily Bits goal or daily Sub goal and incentives people to interact with the stream. Or Phil could just have a buffer of like $2k in his PayPal. So he is not constantly in the red. Its kind of sad that he doesn't have the self control to save any amount of money
  21. Another funny meme about Cyberpunk
  22. "you got me, but who has got you ?!"
  23. Damn....that was epic. Henry Cavill was great, I completely forgot that he played Superman! I really liked it when they were brawling amongst the skyscrapers. If I has to nit pick I would say that some of the CGI was a bit funky, but this seems great. Definitely going to check this out when I can.
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