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  1. It's quite suspicious but I figured out its just people solely donating to piss off trolls. It really has nothing to do with the game, the streak, or even Phil.
  2. Uh huh. With statements like that its definitely me who's 'an ignorant' here. Anyways, speak of the devil. Look who showed up tonight.
  3. Condescending is not a good look for you. Especially when you don't know the definition of the words you use. Your point was people like Phil and Swagginz always treated you and a few others respectfully. My point was I've seen many many more people get thrown under the bus that they've treated "respectfully" in the past and I think you're an idiot if you think it won't happen to you. I apologize that you feel offended by me laughing at your gullibility, but oh well. If you're still bewildered about anything I am saying, I can't help you. I don't want to turn this thread
  4. I mean I think I laid it out clear? Re-read it a few times, you'll eventually understand what I mean. Hopefully.
  5. Nothing wrong with liking those games and if I come off as calling people weeaboos as an insult I apologize, it's just not for me. I enjoy the many Japanese RPG's and such. Can't wait for the second part of the new FFRemake, its the anime style games with no real gameplay and story I hard pass.
  6. I know. You were talking about yourself and I was talking about you and everybody that unfortunately thinks like you. But you can believe what you want. To be honest i've never seen you in the stream chat anyways. Can't risk being thrown under the bus if you're not near the street.
  7. No im not calling Phil a weeaboo. His weeaboo viewers force him to play those games for money. It isn't a game. I played it during a period where I was traveling a lot and could play it on my phone. You wake up, you go to school to "build relationships" (do nothing), wait until midnight or whatever until the tower opens, run up floors and battle the same shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.... *200 floors later* .... and over and over and over and over again until the game is over. Only remotely interesting thing about the game was combinin
  8. I really hate this argument anytime it comes to Phil, Swagginz or anyone in general. "He's always been cool with me!!" When are people going to use their brain and see when the person in question treats everyone else like shit, its just a matter of time before they do it to you?
  9. I know i'd be worn out laying video games everyday for 12 years straight. Do nothing but loaf around the house and have no other interest or hobbies. Sounds like purgatory no matter how much money you make.
  10. O its one of THOSE games. Listen, if you're not into weeaboo shit, those types of games are boring and repetitive as hell. Persona 3 was one of the worst "games" (I don't even think its much of a game) I ever played. Only reason those games have such an intense, die hard audience is because the regular gamer never heard and will never touch games like these. It's definitely aimed at a certain type of teenager. I mean look..
  11. IGN wasn't the only one... It's not my fault the game sucks dude.. It's 5 years old and was released on one of the worst consoles in decades. it was destined to suck.
  12. Welcome to the land of drama and autism. Here, everyone loses!
  13. I'll give Swagginz a break because he's an obvious trust fund teenager who is somehow still too dull of a person to get attention. StraightFaggotHomie and Eternal_Autism are the ones need to be thrown off the moderation team. They will ban and time people out for their own entertainment. There are only 2 requirements to be a mod. 1. Throw tons of money to Phil 2. Agree with everything he says and scold people who don't. With those requirements its no surprise his moderation team is what it is.
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