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  1. vuloxi

    That Site

    Apparently you weren't around for DSP saying "I have your IP, I have your name, I have your address. You fucked up." because someone trolled him on here. People don't get doxed for posting on Kiwi Farms. As a matter of fact there's a rule that if you dox someone for using the site you get banned and doxed yourself.
  2. DSP told the bankruptcy court he made $10K each month and he has admitted on stream he hasn't paid federal taxes for two years. He also claimed he spends $5K each month on his streaming somehow. God knows what that money is going into because it's not games, electricity, and Internet- that shit is less than a tenth of $5K.
  3. vuloxi

    That Site

    @Phil: You recently said neither Wings nor LTG are discussed on that Kiwi Farms. You are on the home page because there was so much discussion about you there became a need to split out discussion into multiple threads, hence the subforum dedicated to you. Wings and LTG don't generate enough discussion to have multiple threads, so there's no subforum dedicated to them. There are those that think you're not interesting enough to be a front-page topic, there are those that think you are. Everyone on that site has their own taste in who they like to mock, whether it's an individual, a c
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