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  1. So I guess there was nothing great about the story you could name. I love winning arguments by default. Can't believe people still play Fortnite. I tried it and just couldn't get into it.
  2. Phil says trolls come in from a restream and vote for the Platinum vest because it makes him look like a homosexual and he's tired of wearing it. He forgot that the trolls are on the restream in the first place because they are banned from the actual stream and can't vote. He should really be mad at his own fans.
  3. No. If I was what you wish I was I would deliberately tell you, "ShinraRecruit", that FF7 is garbage, but it's not. Its a great game. So there goes your shitty theory out the window.
  4. What was so great about the story? It was the typical AI turns against humans narrative but with a much stupider plot. Mankind makes robots shaped like dinosaurs (reason unknown) that fuel from biomass (nobody thought that wouldn't go bad huh?), glitch turns the robots against all life on the planet. The humans who somehow had the power to make lifelike AI robots but didn't have a killswitch or any access to space decide they will just die and build underground bunkers across the world where human DNA can be replicated and create babies later on. The robots wipe out the entire planet but lucki
  5. The game truly feels like a knockoff Witcher 3.
  6. no. the game is fucking bad. And the fact that the first thing you bring up about the game is graphics should be a testament on why people like you shouldn't review games. you didn't mention the story which shows me you were to googly-eyed on graphics to notice the story and the fact that you didn't mention gameplay is evidence. Btw in the PC world the graphics aren't that great. Sorry, I like playing games, not suck the dick of the developers they are made from.
  7. I like several games, I just don't like games that get hyped up to be nothing more than a selling point for a game system. Wait. This game got a 9.3 on release? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Or maybe playing video games for 10 years to make more money than the average american household and not have much to show his dedication to the community other than a sea of burnt Golden Gate bridges.
  9. This is why I rarely buy systems based on their exclusives. Most of the time, they are always a let down. Nintendo and Sony since Xbox usually has their exclusives come to PC like adults. Horizons Zero Dawn. One of the worst open world... action?....adventure?.... games I've ever played. The story is the oly thing that holds the game together, other than that it's like a Witcher 3 knockoff. It's like the developers had an idea and tried to invent the story around it afterwards. Combat. Trash. Characters. Trash. World. Garbage. Story. meh. Gameplay. Abysmal. I will easily forget about this gam
  10. I'm definitely skipping that terrible game.
  11. I like how he specifically names PewDiePie, Angry Joe, and Dr. Disrespects fan bases. Streamers he never watches but knows everything about them.
  12. ...... "I respect my viewers to much to give you guys a broad fan club name."
  13. It's not name-calling if thats what you are and its not lies if its the truth, thief.
  14. Sounds like Lean In Manual Ban material for Phil and the mods lol.
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