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  1. Typing whole essays about DSP. Reading what you've said, I don't thing you're a real DSP fan. I think you know DSP hotbed for argument and you relish into having back in forth's for entertainment until you lose the argument. Like when I asked why do you follow obvious bots and you had no explanation.
  2. I like how he says he can never go late because he needs to be with his wife.. unless he's in jeopardy of being dragged by trolls. I forgot who said it, but whoever did was right. Phil's life is run by trolls.
  3. Hey man since you can still read my messages did you get to the part in Origami King where you briefly see Geno from Mario RPG?
  4. I apologized and he's even pissed about that lol. What happened to me being blocked lol.
  5. Alright hope you continue to enjoy to follow bots man.
  6. lol so mad because I quoted a tweet about a stupid game. Whats the point of blocking me if hes still going to cry about everything I say lol? I went to "Activity" and saw a dozen follows to brand new accounts and wondered why. If it's some type of mental tick that you're embarrassed to admit having, then i'm sorry for bringing it up @MoraMoria
  7. Looks great. Might jump into the folding phone era.
  8. "entire rationale"? Is it that deep of a reason lol? I assume its just like a mental tick for you to follow every account. I don't really care, i was just wondering, but if it's that big of a deal that you have to keep your reasons secretive then forget I asked.
  9. That's weird to just do something and not know why but okay, not to judge lol. BRZ?
  10. This guy blocked me but somehow is able to still read my messages and he says I have sock accounts. Lol.
  11. I'm negative for asking a question?? LOL
  12. I really would like to know why you follow so many random accounts lol.
  13. wtf is going on in Beirut? Lookd like a small nuke was dropped.
  14. I mean there must to be a reason for you to follow dozens of random accounts?
  15. The old forum got nuked, idiot. You can't say you've been here since before the TIHYDP videos when it took you 3 years to migrate from the old forum to here after it was created. And to add, I don't even care how long you've been a low effort troll. You're embarrassing yourself trying to pick and choose argument after argument that I wasn't even originally making only to get embarrassed in them too. The bottom line is this is you trolling in Twitch. I wouldn't even care if you didn't jump out the window and call me a "deranged cyber criminal" because I don't like his commentary all the time. You got exposed. Deal with it.
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