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  1. Whoa great choice! This is a fantastic game, and I'd love to see what'll happen if Phil tries to play it. I agree It'd be much better for a full playthrough but I'll go ahead and nominate it as well, just in case. How did I miss this??
  2. I'll add to the Binding of Isaac and Pony Island, forgot about those.
  3. the first one. makes no sense to play a sequel first
  4. I'm going to second the nomination for Costume Quest
  5. Zombies ate my Neighbors Carrion Among Us (with trusted viewers, perhaps?) Lisa the Painful A Night in the Woods Oneshot Risk of Rain Among the Sleep Katana Zero Anodyne Blasphemous
  6. I'd like to add Risk of Rain 1 and 2 to my list of nominations, if I still can.
  7. Lisa the Painful NES Battletoads Synthetik Katana Zero Celeste The Quiet Man Blaspehmous Hollow Knight Enter the Gungeon Nuclear Throne
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