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  1. yea thats what i was thinking ...some people are apparently still somehow able to do fake tips according to dsp but im not sure how he decides what tips are fake or not
  2. i used to tip under multiple names and i liked people thinking there was more different people contributing and i would rather not have Phil or anyone else knowing what usernames i tipped under i hope he changes it back
  3. if any of you have been around long as long as i have you will remember a time when Phil used to tell us on every prestream that you can donate anonymously via tips and not even he would know who you were ..i could go find old prestream clips of him saying this but laziness ofc (i will if people demand it). however recently he has changed this to require you to expose your real name and identity along with having your actually financial institution and contact details revealed whenever you donate ...point being this is something i am not comfortable with. i used to send tips under random
  4. whenever the next one of these marathons is being planned and he makes a thread for game nominations he really needs to put in the original post on the tread a list of all the games he refuses to play so people dont post the wrong game and get their nomination disqualified and then ridiculed by dsp
  5. classic mode would be too easy tho he should go on tactician
  6. will you reduce the length of the pre streams? or at least send out a tweet when its over so we don't have to keep checking back to see if your still talking about your ear infection for the hundredth time
  7. ignore what people want and play whatever you want regardless of voting and nominating has been the norm for as long as these marathons have even been a thing so i kind of feel like theres no point in even participating anymore edit: how is danganronpa not a good option? its murder mystery with some pretty creepy themes going on...people have wanted phil to play this game for YEARS and he always finds an excuse to avoid it and eliminate it from poles just stop pretending the viewers have the power to chose games at all
  8. hopefully we can go back to normal streams no more gimmicks so he talks about things relevant to the game and his viewers instead of harping on about donations all the time
  9. i've pretty much stopped watching night streams entirely because the last hour is him saying the word vest every 5 minutes not even exaggerating ..its not about games anymore and its pretty sad
  10. Code vein hollow knight lisa the painful celeste Ruiner street fighter 5 Mortal shell
  11. if he plays mario im pretty sure he will just savestate cheese like he did with the donky kongs and countless other games so thats why i didn't vote for that
  12. the one souls like game i would have voted for code vein has been blacklisted by phil and even though it had more than enough nominations he refuses to play it so you should be mad at him not people for voting for other genres of game
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