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  1. Yeah but I can see why he wouldn't want to play it. On top of having overtly sexual content, he also genuinely hated the game back then. Hell, he still brings up how much he hated it to this day.
  2. Okay that makes sense. I think I was counting UpVotes too at first but stopped because I forgot or w/e. But aside from my count being off, I still have the same list of games you posted, and in (more or less) the same order.
  3. Just curious, how are you determining votes? Do you count UpVotes as a vote? I've got different numbers than you. However, I have the same games up there, so it's no big deal in that case.
  4. I forgot about Black Mesa! I second that. btw didn't Phil say at the end of that playthru he'd play it when they finished the Xen? They finished it last year, 8 years later lol
  5. Doom 3 Dishonored 1 (preferably on Hard, but not Very Hard) Also, I second @MoraMoria's suggestion
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